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Bosch GluePen Cordless Glue Gun with Integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery - £16 (Prime) £20.49 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Lithium-ion technology - no memory effect, no self-discharge - always ready to use Hot-melt technology - no agglutination of nozzle, no drying out of glue and unlimited storage ti… Read more
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I use my microwave and tap more myself.


Now £29.99.. Good find


Standards are 11mm. (y)


I wonder if Amazon sell plutonium?


Got one of these from Amazon in 2014 for £4.99. Still going strong although you can get through a fair few glue sticks on larger projects.

Bosch cordless glue gun 3.6v £16 (Prime) / £20.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Bosch Cordless Lithium-Ion Glue Pen with 3.6 V Battery, 1.5 Ah The Bosch GluePen is ideal for everyday gluing tasks. Thanks to its Lithium-Ion battery, the GluePen heats up in just… Read more

Staple gun?


I've done that... it doesn't work as well as you may think... If i had to do again, i would buy a staple gun, and go across the strip, about every foot or so. Just my opinion - please don't cane me, i'm just trying to help (cheeky)


Will give you Airbus !! Not sure about lotus


Airbus and Lotus!


Yes, think groom and stag night and Glue....

Loctite Glue Gun and 2 Glue Sticks - £5 + Free C&C @ Wilko
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
5 Stars Reviews Seems a great price for a glue gun With built-in stand and heat insulated nozzle Provides maximum strength in 2 minutes Ideal for a variety of DIY, craft and … Read more

Been looking for one of these, and a good brand - thank you (y)


Have some heat though it pains me. I’ll not use one again after incompetence in use got me the worst finger burns I’ve known. Great price for a brand name btw.




Got one of these last time it was posted. It's pretty good. The glue doesn't get stuck and is dispensed evenly.


I picked one of these up around six months ago.. must admit, I’ve yet to use it

Wilko Loctite Glue Gun and 2 Glue Sticks £5
Found 14th Nov 2018Found 14th Nov 2018
Wilko Loctite Glue Gun and 2 Glue Sticks £5
The Loctite Adhesive Hot Melt Glue Gun is a modern bonding solution, for easy and safe bonding on many surfaces such as wood, paper, cardboard, leather, textiles, cork, glass, meta… Read more

Back in stock






Thanks heat added


Great deal and a bargain at just £5. these are very good quality and durable.

Workzone Glue Gun £1.99 @ Aldi instore
LocalLocalFound 1st Oct 2018Found 1st Oct 2018
Workzone Glue Gun, clearance price 1.99 in store at Workington & Whitehaven Aldi, don't know if its store specific.
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I know, but I bought the glue gun after reading this is such a great thing, so I thought it is universal :)


There are hundreds of different glues depending on various factors like what material is being stuck, what temperature your using it at, what temperature the "fixed" product is going to live, what it is going to be in contact in eg oils. There is no one size fits all glue.


You need a strong plastics glue for stuff like that. Glue guns are more for arts and crafts, where you don't need a superstrong bond. The glue after drying is pretty easy to remove so won't withstand too much force. Think of it more like school glue.




It was a joke and it went way over your head (shock) XD

Loctite Glue Gun @ Wilko + 2 Glue Sticks £5
Found 18th Aug 2018Found 18th Aug 2018
Loctite Glue Gun @ Wilko + 2 Glue Sticks £5
Not sure about Watts? Description With built-in stand and heat insulated nozzle Provides maximum strength in 2 minutes Ideal for a variety of DIY, craft and repair jobs

Availble instore. picked up one yesterday at Barking


Oos online

Glue gun with 2 glue sticks instore at Poundland for £2
LocalLocalFound 23rd Jul 2018Found 23rd Jul 2018
Glue gun with 2 glue sticks instore at Poundland for £2
Just picked this nifty glue gun up from my local poundland for £2. It comes complete with 2 glue sticks. The quality seems decent and it's priced barely higher than a Pritt Stick… Read more
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OP .. cheap and cheerful, not bad. :-) And not bad too. :-D


If you can't find this in poundland, home bargains has similar for £2.49 with 2 sticks.


That's a very bad joke. Time for you to attend joker school me thinks.


I used epoxy resin to secure loose bolts drilled into my parking bay to support a 25kg metal parking bollard. Its amazingly strong stuff. Try something like this for your kitchen cabinet skirting board


Wouldn't trust the quality of this. Especially if you're sticking something which is heavy.. Kindest regards

Workzone Glue Gun £3.99 @Aldi
Found 22nd Jul 2018Found 22nd Jul 2018
Workzone Glue Gun £3.99 @Aldi
Available from Sunday 29th July 24 Glue sticks also available for £3.99 Great for binding wood, plas… Read more

Absolute garbage, I and my friend bought one of these must avoid deals,, if you watch Youtube where you can see a good glue gun in operation. Then put all that expectation behind you with this one and be prepared for at most a dribble of glue after applying so much pressure your finger hurts after about. It operates as though the nozzel is blocked. I could go on abouit the problems with this but im sick of thinking about it,,,,Only half positive is that fact they only ripped me off by £3.99 I note that all the reviews are by people saying they are a bargaing, yet not tried using one....LOL


Yeah, I learned first hand. But so far, it's fun to learn these things. Glue guns seem like a quick and easy way of solving an issue, but I may actually use mighty putty for my future build


It might be ok for wood and plastic but I wouldn't use it for brass. Try it out on scraps if you have any. I only use a glue gun for crafting purposes. I don't know if they can be used for heavier things. You might need a hotter industrial type glue gun. :)


I'd imagine textiles to solids then, but not plastic to wood or brass to PVC.


I guess it depends on what you're gluing together. I used this one to glue fabric onto ceramics and it was good. I've not used it for anything heavyweight though.

EVER RICH ® HOT GLUE STICKS OF11MM x 100MM HOT MELT GLUE GUN STICKS FOR - 60W GLUE GUN (50 PACK) £2.99 Sold and despatched by Ever Rich via Amazon
Found 20th May 2018Found 20th May 2018
EVER RICH ® HOT GLUE STICKS OF11MM x 100MM HOT MELT GLUE GUN STICKS FOR - 60W GLUE GUN (50 PACK) £2.99 Sold and despatched by Ever Rich via Amazon
 ★ High Quality Transparent Glue Sticks  ★ Strong Adhesive, It Melts Quickly For Ease Of Use  ★ Can Be Used For Ceramics, Glass, Light Gauge Metals, Wood,… Read more
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Still available, I've just purchased.


These are quite short... I'd say "half stick" myself.


Well i just got last 1 10 secs ago


Hi guys. Does it work with this


Out of stock now unfortunately

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Parkside cordless Hot Glue Gun £7.99 @ Lidl
Found 9th Apr 2018Found 9th Apr 2018
In stores from Thursday 12th April. Glue sticks also available for £2.99. A must-have tool for DIY or ar… Read more

I had this parkside glue gun, it only lasted few month, for me it didn't work. However I would recommend ronsel Brand, mini glue gun , costs around £5 or less.


I've been using the Weylon glue sticks from Amazon and they stick very well to the car paint, just make sure you remove any car polish before using or they won't stick as well (acetone or isopropyl alcohol works well)


Very right, Can you recommend strong glue sticks for paintless dents ,i got paintless dent tools but glue gun is crap and perhaps the glue sticks too.I will try this cordless glue gun.


I got a cheap rolson one with barely any instructions and wasn't sure what difference the temperature switch made. From what I now understand, it's to make the glue runnier so you have longer to reposition the item you are sticking. Is that right? Do they all start dripping a bit when you leave it to heat up? My one does it quite a bit


Damn it! I don't need one, but I've just got to have one! :D

Hot Glue Sticks Φ 7.0mm, Pack 125 7mm x 100mm Beeway® Mini Melt Glue Gun Sticks, Premium A+, SGS Approved £5.99 (Prime) / £9.98 (non Prime)  Sold by MagicQ and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 28th Feb 2018Found 28th Feb 2018
Hot Glue Sticks Φ 7.0mm, Pack 125 7mm x 100mm Beeway® Mini Melt Glue Gun Sticks, Premium A+, SGS Approved £5.99 (Prime) / £9.98 (non Prime) Sold by MagicQ and Fulfilled by Amazon.
free delivery if you have got prime account - £5.99& FREE UK Delivery on orders dispatched by Amazon over £20 The Beeway® Glue Sticks are created with safe and reliable mat… Read more

Bosch make a cordless one, I got one as a gift for someone, think it was about £25. (was last August & can't find my ebay email) EDIT here it is at Amazon If you just want to try out a basic one, home bargains sell one, think it's £3.99


Been after a glue gun for a while. Can anyone recommend one please? (y)

R2Dom2 ...these seem OK...


That's Phi, not Diameter.


Any deals going on the 11mm sticks?

Glue Gun only £2 @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 21st Jan 2018Found 21st Jan 2018
Ok, another 'not a pound' deal from Poundland but I thought that this was a good price for a glue gun. Packs of glue sticks available separately (£1) (Two glue sticks are included … Read more
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These are back in stock. I just bought one today




You should get a glue gun to mend your glasses and stop yourself falling into a time warp.


bad eyesight ,.


I would assume so?

Bosch glue gun 3.6v with micro usb charger £19.99 / £24.94 delivered @ Clas ohlson
Found 21st Jan 2018Found 21st Jan 2018
Bosch glue gun 3.6v with micro usb charger £19.99 / £24.94 delivered @ Clas ohlson
£19.99£26.6725%Clas Ohlson Deals
Includes glue sticks Also in store

Yes, a little, but not as bad as a traditional glue gun. It's pretty ok for general gluing tasks, but the adhesive doesn't seem to be as strong as traditional glue guns (maybe it's the glue stick I bought?).


Sounds like a great idea. Micro usb charging is very useful. This I will get one.


Do these leak glue once you release the button? I have a cheap one for circuit board jobs but you have no control and end up with glue everywhere, Thanks and heat added.


What would you use this for except hammering your mrs? Lol 🙈🙈🙈


I've got one of these. Great little device for quick repairs. Heats up quickly. Keep it handy in your toolbox. :¬}

Mini glue gun £2.49 @ Home bargains Loads in store at Huddersfield (Leeds Road)
Found 20th Jan 2018Found 20th Jan 2018
Mini glue gun £2.49 @ Home bargains Loads in store at Huddersfield (Leeds Road)
Mini glue gun Mains powered With 2 free glue sticks Available in store @home bargains Loads in store at Huddersfield (Leeds Road) Can't find it on their site. They must keep get… Read more

That's why I said thanks, Sorry if it came across abrupt.


I only saw RahulVinayak's comment from 22 minutes ago, and assumed this was an ongoing thread. I was trying to be helpful. Thanks :)


See my comment above, 10 days ago, thanks.


Here's the £2 Poundland offering: get two glue sticks in the pack).


Seen it in the stores. Not sure of the online link

Loctite Hot Glue Gun £7.75 @ Wilko
Found 20th Jan 2018Found 20th Jan 2018
Seems a good price for this. Staples is the next cheapest but B&Q have for around £12

Thank you, will be looking into getting one


I bought all the glue guns i had from Homebase. Here is the one I currently own: Like I've said I haven't had any issues at all with it, in the 4 years I've had it. The loctite one on the other hand, broke almost exactly after a month of use each time.


Would you mind telling me which Stanley Glue Gun you have, am on the look out for a good one for craft projects and want one that is going to last


Broke on me 3 times. Ended up buying a stanley one which has worked for over 4 years of good use


Thanks, that makes it a goer! (y)

Heavy Duty Glue Gun 60W + 30 Glue Sticks for Construction or Arts&Crafts £10.99 prime / £15.74 non prime @ Amazon by VEUK
Found 8th Nov 2017Found 8th Nov 2017
Heavy Duty Glue Gun 60W + 30 Glue Sticks for Construction or Arts&Crafts £10.99 prime / £15.74 non prime @ Amazon by VEUK
If you are still chasing the goose in B&M store for the £1 deal, and you have been let down, this maybe for you! Use code 5Y7GOMD3 at checkout for £4 off RRP to bring the pr… Read more
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Not a bad price, bought ours from lidls yesterday, plus extra pack of glue sticks for £2.99 mainly because it's over the road and have a long warranty, but if they didn't have them in, would have probably gone for something like this :)


£7.82 from Rapid. 25W version too.


Only 15W. which will take a long time to heat the glue stick up. only certain types of glue stick you can buy, ones that melt in low temperature. You cant use heavy duty glue stick. It does not take standard size glue stick, so can be hard in future to buy more gluestick.


how does this one compare? £10.99 Nayka Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks Bundle (55-Pack) - 15W Glue Gun Heats Up Quickly - Ultra Clear Hot Melt Craft Glue - Hobbyists, Crafters, Crafting, Fabrics, Ceramics & More - Glue Sticks (7.4mm x 100mm)


BTW, the Lidl one is actually 500w (initially), dropping to about 25w once at temperature...

Rolson Glue Gun 240V + 30 pack Glue Sticks £1 @ B&M In store deal
Found 1st Nov 2017Found 1st Nov 2017
Posted on their website and so have a look at your local store. Wouldn't make a special trip but if you are going to check out the Sharpie deal, check for this as well. Rolson Gl… Read more

That seemed to silence the non believers (lol)


wooohooo well done. 8)



Sorry to be pedantic but would there be any chance of proof of this? I think if you could offer some we'd all feel a little better that these deals are actually real.


yay nice one. 8)

Workzone Electric Glue Gun  £3.99 @ Aldi
Found 27th Jul 2017Found 27th Jul 2017
Workzone Electric Glue Gun £3.99 @ Aldi
Available to pre-order now online or sold in-store from Sunday 30th July Get the job done quickly and easily with our Electric Glue Gun. It's suitable for gluing wood, plastic, t… Read more

Stuck on this deal OP. Cheers pal


Fab price thank you


Did i need it? No! Did i order it? Yes! Thanks!8)


I bought the cordless Lidl one last time it came, and damn, going cordless is so damn useful! Also the case and stand were cool, but for a bare bones 11mm gun this is decent...


They have packs of the sticks too

Glue Gun (Gas Powered from standard butane lighter fuel)  - £19.99 LIDL (Parkside) - Glue Sticks 18 Pack £2.99
Found 29th Jun 2017Found 29th Jun 2017
Glue Gun (Gas Powered from standard butane lighter fuel) - £19.99 LIDL (Parkside) - Glue Sticks 18 Pack £2.99
£19.99LIDL Deals
Available from Lidl on Sunday July 9th Practical Piezo Ignition Short heat up time For 11mm glue sticks Easily refilled with Standard Butane Lighter Fuel Includes 2 Glue Sticks and… Read more

Is it cordless/battery or mains plug in type?


electric one for £8 frm b and m with 10+ sticks


Standard with many tools to only offer a starter pack, just like printer have starter size ink I've a few parkside tools (and Aldis Workzone range ) for your average DIY use they are fine, nothing special , not heavy duty but perfectly fine useable tools as they go for most household jobs, chances are the innards are made in the same factory as many other house brands, just a different casing colour put on them at final assembly..


​ XD


makes you wonder why they would sell it with only 2 glue sticks-when you can buy an extra 18 pack for £2.99 -seems to me it wont last long before it fails

Parkside Hot Glue Gun £7.99 @ Lidl
Found 4th May 2017Found 4th May 2017
In stores on Thursday 11th May. Heating via charger station allows for cordless operation for small gluing tasks. Includes 3 nozzles and 3 glue sticks. Supplied in a handy stor… Read more

Good reviews, in pink as well! nice.


just grabbed mine - plenty of stock in lidl bordesly green, and lots of glue sticks too, but no glitter or coloured ones if those are what you're after....


Hi, I have one that I bought last time it came out but I've not used it yet. Lol. However, I just had a look at mine for you and can confirm that there is no on/off switch. You'd have to switch off the plug when not in use.


​This isn't dual temp.


The original wasn't and can't see any evidence that this is...just third degree burn hot, the glue goes really thin and stays that way long enough to do something with.

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