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Could anyone give a valuation for these golf clubs and bag? I’ve been asked to sell them for a friend, but have never played golf and have no idea of their value. Thanks in advance… Read more

Skip (y)


A couple of pints


chuck the makes and models on here and we can look stuff up for you if you like :) dont mind at all


Oh dear, no probs thank yiu


Thank you!

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Any VW Golf GTE owners here that can share feedback
Currently looking into a VW Golf GTE (2016 plate) to avoid the extra road rax. Has anyone here or know anyone who owns/owned a GTE and what was the overal feedback and experience?… Read more

I second speak ev!


Depending on what you GTi you are putting it up against your going to save £140 - £150 per year right? Hardly bank breaking, you might well end up paying over the odds for the GTE. Personally only had a few on the fleet and users thought they were more jerky than the normal DSG gearboxes. Besides the above, what i would say is the "SPEAKEV" forum has a lot of info specific to GTE models so its a good place to look, not to much fanboying either. If it were me, i would take the GTI in manual and pay up the £150 in road tax!


You should go on to the vw owners club websites and check there. More likely to get the feedback you are looking for. Very few people actually use the discussions on here, so you might get 2 or 3 people at best who could answer.

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Golf MK6 1.6 TDI Tuning Box
Hi, Has anyone had any experiences using a tuning box rather than a remap and what are the pros and cons. I want the car to be a little faster but wouldn’t want to remap the car. … Read more

Go to the UK forums sites for VWs they are certain to have long and detailed threads about these - certainly there are for my car (Honda Civic) and certain boxes do get major thumbs up. Remember at least with a box you can unplug and go back to std if you want AND you can sell the box on...... Don't deny that a remap is probably a better option head to head performance wise but a box maybe a bit more flexible should you change your mind or even change your car


For Volkswagen Audi Group cars I'd head towards Revo or Celtic tuning. Both have agents up and down the country, and have been in the business for years (I'm sure Revo are approaching 20 years in the business).


Pumaspeed are local to you, they do some great 'stage 1' packages you can install at home or have them install. Definitely don't go down the tuning box route.


These boys really know their stuff.


They might not find out at all. But when you ring your insurance company stating you have had an accident & they ask you if you have modified your vehicle & you say no then you must remember they have software on the call to identify people that are lying.

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Golf club question
So 18 year old son is starting to get interested in golf. He regularly goes to a driving range and wants to play properly from spring next year. We thought it would be nice to get … Read more

Does your lad want to play at a course or just muck about at range? Not going to directly call people out but if he want's to play properly at a course then some of the advice here is bad and worth avoiding. You cannot go round a full size golf course hitting 5 iron of every tee! He will loathe it and turn him off the game. Also a couple of lessons would be worth a shout (unless he's like Bubba and naturally has the knack for it). Some people do enjoy the grind of teaching themselves (I've never personally had a lesson) so it is horses for courses. If do want to get lessons then Groupon often offers good deals from local instructors. To make it worth while I would advise teasing this info out him as it will make your gift giving far more productive.


Also, it might be worth going for a fitting. Most of them are free, or not very expensive. That way at least he will know if he needs regular / stiff / senior shafted clubs and what particular length and lie too, as it can make a huge difference, and having the wrong setup can grind in a problematic swing that could take a long time to put right.


I would suggest you'd be better off spending the money on lessons if he is serious about it


I wouldn’t buy him a driver or any woods yet. I’d recommend buying 3 quality irons (a 5, 7 and 9) with graphite shafts which will give him a bit more flex in the club than standard irons. The cheaper starter irons such as Dunlop brand are OK, but I think try and buy 2nd hand from eBay better brands such as TaylorMade or Callaway that are used by better players. A set of irons consists of 6 clubs nos. 3-9 each of a differing length and angle of club head, the higher the no. - the ball will travel shorter but higher. The 7 iron is the standard beginner iron as that’s midrange in the set. Along side a 5,7, and 9, I would also buy a pitching wedge (P) which is for short shots around the edge of the green. He’ll also need a Sand Wedge (SW) for any bunker shots. Buying a full set of brand new in a box clubs will contain the 8 clubs. Lastly I would go for a putter, but this is really personal choice (a bit like a ladies handbag or men’s wallet). Perhaps save that expense for his birthday and let him try a few out in store. He needs to practice just with the 5,7 and 9 and learn to hit them straight. If he doesn’t spend time doing that, then when he progresses to a driver he’ll just be hitting the ball further - but in the wrong direction, which is the last thing he wants to do on a course. And don’t forget a nice stand bag (not a cart bag), these are expensive for what they really are - but again go branded as above (with golf it’s all about the look, especially at that age). Expect to pay £100+ for a new one or look for a good hardly used one. eBay example


You can get decent balls for a third of that price so I’d take that with a pinch of salt Have a look on Facebook or gumtree and you should be able to pick up some clubs cheap I have my old ones away as they become virtually worthless if they are old

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Updated 24th Nov 2020Last updated 24th Nov 2020 by barnehurst
Win a luxurious break for two, at Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa @ Sunday Times
ENTER The winner and a guest will stay for two nights, B&B, at the five-star Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf and Spa, part of the Elite Hotels group. Set in 1,000 acres of Bedfordshire… Read more



Thank you.


Thank you :)


luxury and luton lol, never thought i would see those 2 words in the same sentance..

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Golf Break (England)
Hi All, Looking for some advice with regards to a cheap but decent golf break somewhere in England for the end of this month. Our party had planned to go to Düsseldorf (booked be… Read more

Gonna wait until after Monday as it’s likely we won’t be allowed to travel if Johnson, Hancock and Cummins get their way.


You need to head down south. You’ll get nowhere to drink in the city’s pubs and bar from Nottingham up. We did weekend golf in Sheffield 2 weeks ago and only get in anyway with prebooking. Hope you find somewhere. Good luck


Glyn neath . Fantastic views


Rock cliff hall darlo haha ..


Newcastle to Slaley Hall - just checked ~ £35. Close House is much nearer Newcastle, though.