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Launched in October 2018, the Google Pixel 3 has quickly gained a reputation as the best camera phone ever made. Designed for the age of Facebook and Instagram, this advanced smartphone blends AI technology with Google's flair for innovation. Anyone who loves snapping gorgeous selfies can find the latest deals at the hotukdeals Pixel 3 listings. Read more
Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB Used Grade C £107.99 @ stockmustgo / eBay
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Good seller Good warranty 12 Months Good phone Use code PRICEWINS. ***** At checkout for above price

Still 10% off though so price should be amended to show this as it's still a decent deal


code expired


Just arrived see lower in thread for pics


Mines arrived next day. Delighted with it ! 12 Month warranty reassuring


Sorry, it was my browser not showing the voucher box, all good now!

Refurbished Google Pixel 3, 64gb, clearly white, grade B good - £123.99 @ handtec eBay
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Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Refurbished Good: This device is in a good condition, will show moderate signs of wear & tear but Product has been fully tested and in full working order Factory settings are… Read more

Looks like Handtec added an extra tenner on overnight, but they have another ad with the same phone at the price in my post! Link above.



Great price for a phone that gets regular updates from Google. The Samsung S6 I had was bettered by the Pixel 2 in terms of speed and updates for a similar prices second hand. Might be tempted to get my dad to upgrade to this and I'll take his Pixel 2....


We've had A11 for a long time already on Pixel phones and I'm not aware this has been happening Samsung has turned around its record regarding updates and now was able to install A11 on many of its phones before the end of 2020; monthly security also super-fast now. Real progress by Samsung on that front; some midrangers will be supported as long as flagships now, 4 years, impressive


I have a Pixel3 and think it's a great little phone. Battery life is fine - not outstanding, but it's on a parr with the Samsung S7 edge I had before. I much prefer the plain vanilla Android to the Samsung version too. Plus updates arrive almost as soon as they are available. Samsung used to take most part of a year to release new Android versions.

Google Pixel 3 XL Smartphone White / Black 64GB - Refurbished Very Good Condition - £132.99 Delivered @ Limetropic / Ebay
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Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
£30 less than my last Post for "good" condition, 12 month warranty. Pixel camera- Get everyone in the picture with Group Selfies-no selfie stick required. And save all your fa… Read more

Just stopped using one of these, used it for a month and it’s still absolutely brilliant. Well worth this kind of money


I've had the 3a XL since January and absolutely love it. The camera is excellent, which was my main consideration. Battery lasts two days and it's super quick. Mind you, I've only ever owned budget phones so can't compare to the big boys. 😁


I bought a Pixel 2 from EBay, good condition, but battery was WOEFUL!! (horror)


No worries


sorry my bad it was 250.

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Google Pixel 3 XL Refurbished - Good - Unlocked (3 Colours) £164.99 @ Envirofone
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Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Google Pixel 3 XL Refurbished - Good - Unlocked (3 Colours) £164.99 @ Envirofone£164.99 Free P&P Deals
Good price for the 3XL - Matching the 4gadgets price posted by @MrSwitch last month for anyone that missed it. 3 colours available at this price, with an excellent condition bla… Read more

Do you still have manufacturers warranty?


5 XL was called 4a 5G, excellent too. However some clarity in screen gets lost when you downgrade to FHD+ obviously. I'd pick a 4 XL for that reason, secure face rec & premium build. In October when my Pixel upgrade is due I might pick that or Pixel 5, which is kind of downgraded P4 successor, same form factor but massive battery for the size - midrange chip also helps to superb battery life


Sadly there is no video out so you can't just plug in a HDMI cable and view on your TV. That being said is enough of your screen visible to enable screen mirroring? If you can screen mirror to a TV you're good to go. If your screen isn't responding to touch you can plug in a mouse with a USB C to USB A adapter. I agree with not backing things up to Google Cloud, not worth the privacy invasion more so know they use AI to scan images for search indexing. Definitely worth doing a quarterly manual backup if you aren't trusting of cloud services, I set a calendar reminder 4 times a year to do this so if I do break the device I don't end up losing too much (also a great excuse to clear junk from people sending crap on WhatsApp out at the same time)


Google support should help @Flyer01


Interesting but at what cost :/

Google Pixel 3 XL Black / White 64GB Smartphone (Refurbished - Good Condition) - £164.99 Delivered @ 4Gadgets
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Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Google Pixel 3 XL Black / White 64GB Smartphone (Refurbished - Good Condition) - £164.99 Delivered @ 4Gadgets£164.99 Free P&P Free4gadgets Deals
good price for that camera software, ideal backup camera phone, or even a main phone still, as compared to a recently released mid ranger, if camera is a main focal point for you … Read more

Hey, don't worry I will be Pixel perfect with my approach


Original Pixel XL owner. Still running very smooth and camera still better than some of the latest phones. I also prefer the Amoled screen on the original pixel than the P-OLED. I don't think a need to upgrade now but this deal is very hot.


Open the phone and get a heat gun and heat up the solder points ( primary target the SOC) it most likely the same fault that killed LG's reputation. The raging heat has melted the termination of components, if not they it's totally fried the components . Running at 2.0 if memory serves me its no surprise,that's why if I pick up an SD888( which I can't see ) it will be gone we'll inside a year.


Bit of both as when i press the power button the led flashes red a few times and when it does turn on it keeps rebooting until the screen goes blank. Do you know the fix for that?


Loved my Google Pixel XL till I dropped it off the top of a ladder and smashed it to smithereens, one of the best phones I ever had Currently rocking a OP7pro but would definately buy this if I was in the market for a phone