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Brand New Pixel 3 XL 64GB - £473.99 Delivered @ Studio
Made hot 31st AugMade hot 31st Aug
Thanks to gazm1990 in this thread… Read more
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Yeah, I thought this too, turns out the Pixel 3 64GB (Black) on the official Google Store is showing as out of stock too. I don't know how long it has been showing as such but it has been since I checked on Tuesday. Still weird that Google's flagship phone is out of stock in this country direct from the manufacturer.


I don't understand how it can be out of stock if it is dispatched direct from manufacturer as it says on confirmation email.


Ordered the Pixel 3 in black on the 2nd, no word by the 17th, so emailed them. Had a reply yesterday that said I should receive it by the 22nd, then another later on that said to expect it by the 28th, as they were awaiting more stock. Awful service, but as I ordered it on a credit card, I'm waiting it out for now!


Im still waiting from the 31st (lol)


You'll never guess what a DPD man has just handed me a couple hours after this call.. not sure what to think about it now.

Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB Just Black - Refurbished Like New £449 giffgaff
Made hot 28th AugMade hot 28th Aug
Also available in 128GB version for £549 12 month warranty Seems like a good saving vs new from the Google store. Have had good experience with refurb phones from Giffgaff Fu… Read more
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Good saving but it comes with risks. I just ordered a Refurb Pixel 3 64GB Like New from Giffgaff and although it's supposed to be brand new only returned within the 30 day grace period, this phone had an asymmetrical camera, slightly bent in, which meant the phone was clearly opened. I am returning it now, I ain't taking any risk with these kind of devices.


OLD Snapdragon 845 at expensive price. Cold, not even new.

New Google Pixel 3 64GB Smartphone £499 | Google Pixel 3 XL - £549 Pink + Powerbank @ Laptops Direct
Made hot 6th AugMade hot 6th Aug
Price drop for the 3 and 3 XL, next best prices are just ridiculous I can see, so laptops is pretty good value, though only in the pink colour for these particular prices! Key … Read more

Depends where you live. Very good in Central London


What is a 5G coverage right now? 😜 Vodafone have a problem to provide me 4G at my home and work. I'm not bothered about 5G at this stage. I'll wait for better coverage.


The 3a xl?


Don’t think this is that good of a price... A few weeks ago Currys had the Pixel 3A XL for £469



Google Pixel 3 XL Grade B | Sim Free Unlocked | White/Black & Pink Available £399.97 @ Laptops Direct
201° Expired
Made hot 18th JulMade hot 18th Jul… Read more

Love the Camera on this and super fluid but for £399 it's too much for 64gb with No SD Card. When you have no internet connection you won't have any photos making it pointless.


We'll have to disagree here N_Face. Not enough RAM makes everything you do laggy. Personally I use my Camera about once a week. It's not about chasing specs, (or RAM in my case,) more a case of making sure there is enough not to get slowed down.


Some people just chase specs instead of enjoying their phones. Most people won't even notice the difference. Now lets talk camera, something most of the people will use on a daily basis. Oh what's the RAM on the latest iPhone? yes 4GB, phone companies love putting big numbers and shout about it, same like megapixels means nothing.


We know that, some people not price-sensitive, those are in the minority I believe


Hmmm... Pixel 4 will be more than double this price at first

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Google Pixel 3 XL Smartphone £619 John Lewis & Partners £250 off plus trade in available plus free 2 year gurantee
107° Expired
Made hot 8th JulMade hot 8th Jul
Just saw this deal on John Lewis. They have deals on the whole pixel 3 range. Plus offering trade in and free 2 year guarantee

Getting 160 for s8+ not bad considering I paid 300 for it the last time eBay had 20% off site wide, plus 5% Quidco, approx 2 years back 😁


Good deal if they had accepted my Note 4


The 3 XL is only £569 at carphone warehouse if people prefer.

Google Pixel 3XL - £569 delivered @ Google Store UK (Pixel 3 - £539)
277° Expired
Made hot 5th JulMade hot 5th Jul
Seems to be a good £300 discount on the XL model...if you can put up with the notch. Not so good a discount on the smaller model unfortunately, only £200.

Well if you use nacho than the reception bar and other icons will burn in, if you use the developer options method than you basically have pixel 2 xl, can I just add that I did purchase one when they came out, hid the notch and then tried to sell it recently, restored to factory only to find the notch hide was imprinted in a yellowish hue


Why would hiding the notch cause burn-in?


Dont think you can, the phone is back up to full price unfortunately


I think you can still get it on o2 for £315 by asking for a £75 discount then paying the handset off in full and canceling the contract


John Lewis,, 2 year warranty also

Google Pixel 3 XL (GRADE A CONDITION) £389.99 @ ebay / uk_best4tech
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Made hot 30th JunMade hot 30th Jun
Found this deal whilst searching for an upgrade, almost half price!

No reviews on the product, yet, but 93 or 98% sold


The Master must have caught something...


So many deals that day, a lot slipped through the net :)


Totally fine, still a good deal


Flip! I hadn't realised either! Could have got that at £350!

Google pixel 3 XL 24 x £24 p/month £9.99 upfront. 5gb data untimited mins unlimited text on Vodafone via e2save
235° Expired
Made hot 29th JunMade hot 29th Jun
Decent price for a great phone. Possible cashback via Top cashback or Quidco at around £40 Could be worth trying code EPICTEN this gives £10 off upfront cost but as this deal is … Read more

£229.99 upfront now :(


Dammit, expired?


The notch looks no worse than the one on my P20 Pro I reckon that this is a great deal, despite the pixel 4 being not long away. If I wasn't early into a contract, I'd go for it. Heat added


That notch means the phone should be free at the very least. Ghastly.


Thanks for that I didn't know it was only if over RPI.

Pixel 3 xl 64gb £24 per month £25 upfront 5gb data on Vodafone  at (possible £40 topcashback)
237° Expired
Made hot 27th JunMade hot 27th Jun
Upfront price for the 3 xl has dropped to £25 making this a great deal. Plan details: Vodafone 5gb data Unlimited minutes unlimited texts £24 x 24 months £25 Upfront Total co… Read more
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Great deal. You should post it


I went for this deal... slightly cheaper upfront cost of £9.99[0]=google


Surprised this isn't hotter tbh. Great price for the XL.


According to mine HDR+ is always on and it works without lag. In fact I see no way of changing it to HDR. Are you sure you have all the updates.


I have this device and hdr + there is a huge delay, using regular hdr seems to be ok.

5GB Vodafone Red Extra Data Google Pixel 3 XL | £65 Upfront | £24pm + £50 At Topcashback £641 @
239° Expired
Made hot 9th JunMade hot 9th Jun
5GB Vodafone Red Extra Data Google Pixel 3 XL | £65 Upfront | £24pm + £50 At Topcashback £641 @
£641£ Deals
Good deal, £641 for the 3XL,with 5GB Data, plus an exclusive £50 possible topcashback , seems like a win to me, considering this phone (currently) is £819. Use the code VC10OFF … Read more

Three reception where I live is hopeless I bought my daughter a phone on three from cpw not knowing the had a secret signal booster in store so yeah great signal ..until you went 30 feet out of the door then dropped to one bar , it was so poor I binned it and got her a bt mobile sim ,which is an option for me as my broadband is bt so I would get double data ...never thought of that till now !! Yup sim only it will be then just pay £5.99 per month for the sky sports mobile app Sorted !!! Thanks Switchy how could I not realize that DOH (y) BT works out @ £15 per month for 24 GB data and £22 for 40 GB Hmm probably better then Voda red entertainment at £28 sim only with 50Gb Nope just checked that's £32 per month now ...oh well it's a long time until October lol (lol)


If you need good data, why don't you just got for three unlimited sim only for £20pm for unlimited data etc. Then buy a decent phone (big screen) with a decent screen, like the mi9 etc. 20 over 24 months is 280 + £400 ish for the mi 9 £680 total cost for two years.


Ok so here's my dilemma MRSWITCH ...contract with EE runs out in October I'm paying £37 pm 15GB data not great now I know but suited 2 years ago , I have an unlocked pixel 2 which I've had about 10 months , So I really would like sky sports mobile and a decent size screen as you can't stream it , was looking at Vodafone red entertainment deals and the 50GB would be enough as I use wifi quite a bit , however it's £50 per month which okay gets me a mi9 or about £5 more for a 5G mi mix3 but looking at metrofone deals I can get better value ( plus no having to deal with vodafail) and maybe just pay for sky sports mobile separately as I'm already a now tv customer but as I'm away In my truck mon- Thursday/Friday the phone sports app seems better option ? I don't mind even going sim only and buy my own phone what's your honest opinion buddy ??


At last, good contract deal on this (no similar deal on direct-rival Note 9 to my knowledge)


Leaks have started happening, and they usually release in sept/October time, the 4 looks good, but it has a ridiculous hole punch from leaks, and still looks horrendous. Though can't be any worse than the 3 XL (embarrassed)

Google Pixel 3 XL (White) 5GB data on Vodafone £674 total cost (£50 upfront and £26 pm) @
194° Expired
Made hot 7th JunMade hot 7th Jun
Google Pixel 3 XL (White) 5GB data on Vodafone £674 total cost (£50 upfront and £26 pm) @
Just spotted this on Slightly cheaper for the white version (£50 upfront) than the black (£75 upfront) at the minute Looks like £40 TCB too Supersize your Google e… Read more
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Humongous notch is a dealbreaker. That, and the fact that I now have my shiny new P20 pro for £451 (Deal regrettably expired)


I got one from eBay. 25 mint with box etc. Get the one with the three straps. The extra being over the top of your head. It has the best lenses apparently, same as Oculus rift.


Good price, heat given, but that letterbox notch is practically cavernous...


Trying to buy a 2nd hand headset now!


Of u got this phone. Go buy the daydream for vr. It's Ace. You'll love it. Loads of free games and things.

Google Pixel 3 £377 or Pixel 3 XL £472 O2 Refresh deal
331° Expired
Made hot 7th JunMade hot 7th Jun
Google Pixel 3 £377 or Pixel 3 XL £472 O2 Refresh deal
£377£58936%O2 Shop Deals
Save £400 on the pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL, great deal. Steps: Take out a new O2 refresh deal - I advise paying device plan upfront. Wait for phone to arrive. Cancel airtime portion… Read more

Can’t see this price on the website. I guess deal is over. Any similar deals for the Pixel 3? Need it mainly for the camera, so any other phone with decent camera will do.


Great deal, unfortunately looks like it's now ended


I got pixel 3 xl for £397. Cannot complain


Lucky you! I tried 3 people none of them would give that. I'm not going to complain 302 + possibly 29 for one months rental is way cheaper than the 400 i was going to spend on the 3a. Although a headphone jack would be nice


UPDATE: happy to confirm this works. Picked up the phone today and rang customer services to cancel the airtime. Because I'm keeping the phone they said I have to give 30 days notice so I'll.probs have to pay 26 quid. Frankly I don't care - 425 quid for a brand new Pixel 3 XL is the best deal on the market by far. Very pleased with this, cheers OP for sharing!

Pixel 3 XL on Vodafone - Unlimited Minutes & Texts, 5GB for £24pm with £99 Upfront using code (24mo - £675 total) @
248° Expired
Made hot 24th MayMade hot 24th May
Pixel 3 XL on Vodafone - Unlimited Minutes & Texts, 5GB for £24pm with £99 Upfront using code (24mo - £675 total) @
Not a bad offering if you are in the market for a Google Pixel 3 XL. Unlimited Minutes and Texts with 5GB of 4G data for £24pm on a 24 month contract. Upfront is normally £139, bu… Read more

For me 64GB isn't enough and cloud doesn't work for my situation. Good to know so thanka both


No it doesn't but I never use 64gb of memory and you have unlimited cloud storage.


No expandable storage in the Pixels unfortunately. 64mb or 128mb memory on the phone and that's it....


looks like the code PIX3XL40 has expired. Although Topcashback is saying £45.00 cashback today only....


Out of curiosity, because I've been hearing different things in reviews about this, but does it come with an SD card slot?

Grade B Google Pixel 3 XL Black/White/Not Pink 64GB Unlocked £399.97 @ AppliancesDirect
182° Expired
Made hot 9th MayMade hot 9th May
Grade B Google Pixel 3 XL Black/White/Not Pink 64GB Unlocked £399.97 @ AppliancesDirect
£399.97£459.9913%Appliances Direct Deals
A lot of deals being posted around the 3a and 3a XL. This is now under £400 from a decent seller. Was just doing my usual browse and saw this has dropped about £100 sometime recen… Read more
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Cheers buddy. I will get looking!


Also, should probably expire this. It's jumped up to 429 now. At that price you may as well add the extra and get Grade A for 449 and be pretty much dead certain of pristine condition etc.


Yea I use office 365 on it when needed. The Note9 may be worth a look at if he may use the Samsung Pen if the spreadsheets are big. The pixel 3xl is not far off the same size as the Note9, for a reference point! I'm personally sticking with this one for a long long time now. And I'd probably only change to a new Pixel phone as they are released. :)


Thank you for all the information. My dads Samsung Mega has just broke and I am trying to get him a decent plus size phone. I think this might fit the bill. Can you look at XL spreadsheets on it? He is using it for work stuff (construction industry to review quotes and documents whilst on the fly.. And his eyesight at 75 is bobbins!).


Yep, I went for grade B. I'd rate is as nearly new. No marks on the body and there were the lightest of light marks on one area of the screen. I'm super fussy normally but they're impossible to notice! It was fully boxed with unused accessories. Box a bit scuffed. My phone's in the last year were and why I moved on: iPhone 7 Plus - got bored of iOS Huawei P20 Pro - photos too hit and miss Samsung Note 9 - Selfie camera was bloody awful for taking photos with my toddler Pixel 3 - almost perfect but my usage would run the battery out by 5-6pm! Now the Pixel 3 XL - no battery issues at all. The notch is a bit meh but I use Nacho Notch and hardly see it as an issue now. After that erratic journey I realised my priority was a solid camera and great detail in the selfies. So I should have got the Pixel 3 XL after the iPhone and saved myself the hassle (lol) (lol)

Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB 4GB RAM Single SIM (Unlocked) - Just Black £365 with 2 years official Google UK warranty @ Wowcamera
974° Expired
Made hot 25th AprMade hot 25th Apr
Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB 4GB RAM Single SIM (Unlocked) - Just Black £365 with 2 years official Google UK warranty @ Wowcamera
£365£61941%Wowcamera Deals
One of the best point & shoot cameras , running clean Google software Enjoy the quickest updates with this Google phone. Almost half price compared to its release date. Have p… Read more
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Ha don't feel bad! Always love the opportunity to get a great deal on a misprice!


Glad you got your money back. Was feeling a little bad for posting this.


Update from me. I didn't receive any email about the misprice. Left it for a week on the off chance my order slipped through. Ended up emailing them, they emailed back same day confirming the misprice and the offer to buy or cancel. I opted for cancel and they processed the refund through PayPal straight away. All in all not bad from them but unfortunate I didn't just get the cancellation email straight away. At least they refunded straight away when asked. CS seemed very polite and they had excellent English so I'm assuming their CS is based here.


I did that and have got the email from PayPal that its all cancelled, so all good.


I am still waiting for a refund from wow cameras cancelled order. Been 3 weeks now:-(

100gb data boost on Google Pixel 3 & XL  from £21.99 per month @ IDmobile
189° Expired
Made hot 18th AprMade hot 18th Apr
100gb data boost on Google Pixel 3 & XL from £21.99 per month @ IDmobile
Use code "IDMOFF10" for £10 off upfront cost. google pixel 3 from £21.99 you will get 500minutes/ unlimited texts / 100gb. £49.99 upfront = total £577.75 also available on Pixel 3… Read more
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Is it an unlocked phone?


not a good deal I would use that up in 6months lol



£49.99 Upfront + £21.99 for 500MB, 500 Mins and Unlimited Texts for each month. The 100GB is added to the whole plan for 24 months, can be used whenever and not 100GB for each month.


Me too. Too good to be true at £21

5GB Vodafone Red Extra Data Google Pixel 3 XL 64gb £24PM £125 Upfront (+ Possible £50 Cashback) @
313° Expired
Made hot 16th AprMade hot 16th Apr
5GB Vodafone Red Extra Data Google Pixel 3 XL 64gb £24PM £125 Upfront (+ Possible £50 Cashback) @
£701£ Deals
Excellent little deal this, I did post this a while ago that went down well for more than this, plus topcashback are now offering £50 on all new Vodafone contracts, taking total co… Read more

Worlds largest notch


Amazing how they undercut prices in the us of trump.. vs the the ok network prices in the uk of may. Oh well..


Of course (strong)


Mrs Witch' knickers...


Can't wait XD

Google Pixel 3 XL Smartphone £619 @ John Lewis & Partners
954° Expired
Refreshed 26th AprRefreshed 26th Apr
Google Pixel 3 XL Smartphone £619 @ John Lewis & Partners
Seems to be a really good saving on this and £100 below elsewhere Google’s Pixel 3 XL Smartphone has a battery that will provide a day’s usage – as well as featuring fast and wire… Read more
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Haha yes exactly. Initially slated for 2 years support, then extended to 3 because of project treble. Now extended again 😄😄😄


That's good to hear. I thought the original wasn't getting Android Q. I was always going off the EoL chart - A quick Google shows it's likely it will stay in support. Awesome! Don't need to worry about upgrading until 2020 (unless it breaks :))


If its the pixel range then no, it definitely doesn't slow down. Previous Samsung phones slowed down considerably . However from the Samsung S8 they have improved their software a lot and i don't notice any considerable lag on my mums s8 till this day. Ages very well now.


Also run a og Pixel XL alongside a OnePlus 6. Been a year since i got the OnePlus 6 and hands down the Pixel may have been released 3 years ago but I prefer it over the OnePlus 6 any day. Pixel is butter smooth, as much as my op6, and lacks niggly software bugs which the op6 has. The Pixel first gen is also getting Android Q. 4 years support is just outstanding for Android.


I couldn't agree more, a decidedly bang average laggy phone.

Brand new Google Pixel 3 XL Unlocked, 2 years official Google UK warranty, 14 day money back guarantee £588 @ WowCamera
1303° Expired
Refreshed 11th AprRefreshed 11th Apr
Amazing price for one of the best camera phones with pure Google software. Some people have reservations about buying from wowcamera. I have posted several times from then & re… Read more
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Would like to see your ScrapPhone performance on macro..Thanks


Think it's expired now, shame because a great price. Let's see what the 3a and 3a XL bring


Guys let's not fight. Its, us (Android users) versus IOS users. Android FTW.


Most people considering the Pixel 3 will be looking for a pure Android One type experience and will likely value the quality of the software/updates over raw hardware specs. As such the Pocophone would be a rather poor choice!


Almost did - was about to buy a One Plus 6. Got the Mrs one but price increased on Amazon so decided to wait and while I was waiting got the Note 9 on a price match & cashback deal £599 from £850. Too good to refuse.

5GB Vodafone Red Extra Data Google Pixel 3 XL 64gb £24pm £90 upfront With Code £666 @
281° Expired
Made hot 27th MarMade hot 27th Mar
5GB Vodafone Red Extra Data Google Pixel 3 XL 64gb £24pm £90 upfront With Code £666 @
Another cracking deal here, £819 sim free bare in mind. Try topcashback for further £30-40 128gb £847 USING SAME CODE

Don't get what you mean sorry (confused)


yes pissible..prices are around 40..80quid




£10 a month extra for another 2GB according to the other pixel thread .


Does anyone know if it's possible to upgrade the data allowance once on contract with Voda, and how much?

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