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Gran Turismo™ Sport Spec II £9.99 @ Playstation Store
Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
Included are the top 10 performing cars from the 2018 FIA-certified GT championships and 2.5 million in-game credits. • Get behind the wheel of over 280 of the world’s most sought… Read more

Rule of thumb for all PS4 games on the PS5 is if they had a PS4 Pro enhancment then that is what you get on the PS5, but unless they are patched to take advantages of the PS5 hardware then they run just like on a PS4 or Pro, only thing that will be different without any patching will be some loading times due to the PS5 SSD....and for the recored the Pro runs this game at 60FPS in checkboard 4k, so that is the version the PS5 runs at. ;)


I've only ever used arcade machines and the Logitech wheel which came with GT3 years ago so I don't know either tbh but I know the Logitech will be good but just how good in comparison to the belt driven ones and yeah it would give you a decent workout like lol I want the rigidity of a rig setup personally so I can get a feel of the car and be rough with no flex, it's a combination of things for me I need the precision so I can keep picking away at times and get faster and faster, it's definitely a modulation thing for sure there's ranges of feel you'll just never get with a controller in your hand What you're going for sounds pretty decent if it works out how you want to, at worst it's going to be better isn't it so the only downside really is cost and supporting local businesses is always a good thing, I'm surprised Logitech never dome an overhaul of their wheel tbh and some of the Thrustmasters seem good but I've never used them, I really want to see how good this Fanatec is because it may be worth the £500 I'm hearing you mate I know what you're getting at lol it's trying to replicate hydraulic pressure isn't it and that's where your feel comes from naturally, are load cells digitally adjusted by real time feedback or do they just give a general spectrum of feel


I've not tried it myself nor have I tried direct drive wheels so ignorance is bliss so far. I've read alot of hype about it and direct drive wheels and it seems very good! For me it was an excuse to have a better 'work out machine in lockdown', but I need another lockdown to justify my purchase, ha! I think the key thing on the rig setup is ability to modulate braking, currently my setup is alright, but I feel there's less resistive force than I like, I tend to overshoot the initial brake phase very easily then reel it back in. Its hard to modulate the trail braking to get the right amount of rotation. Load cell pedals are supposed to help with modulation- I'm eyeing up load pedal for the brake currently - There is a local guy who's doing a similar mod based on what looks like valve springs and a linear pot - Though not sure opinions what this feels like vs load cell. If it is "close enough" it would be nice to support local businesses. #geek mode Technically, it acts in the same function, giving you progressively resistive force to provide digital readout, it is what a load cell does, but load cell is purely from differences of resistive tension in material rather than a mechanical spring. Does that replicate fully how hydraulics work on a braking system? Does that matter to the layperson? No idea... Similarly I've done the rubber brake mod already which gives some sense of incremental force vs travel distance, but its not "enough". Sorry, its probably blah blah blah very irrelevant for you at the moment... :D


I'm interested in that new Fanatec wheel is it any good? Lol no way I can afford a proper one I'm not rich lol I bet that was awesome I love DIY rigs I used to use a footstool and a small old pine table with my Logitech wheel the came with GT3 (lol) that poor table survive GT3/GT4 it earnt its keep that thing (lol) (y)


Ta mate that's just a bit of brisk pace really you know how it is, had far better/competitive races than just wanted to show what the game has to offer it's incredible imo, just had a race at Bathurst then in the dailys and it was awesome Yeah true mate there's only so much adjusting you can do with a controller isn't there I need a good rig so I can man handle/get on top of the car more, I like the rear to move about so I can trail brake into corners and adjust angles with my throttle (as you do) and I'm lacking that bit of feel and precision you only get with a wheel as you know, I can't properly flick the cars into corners I'm having to induce more oversteer to rotate and play with the gears more to shift the cars weight, the racing lines I'm not too aňãl on though as I can find speed in places others can't with late braking and track width etc so the general line is just a rough guide to me, you know how it is you find your own way and style don't you lol I was in S/S for a bit and I've won FIA races all using a controller so there's something there, I want to be in S/S all the time and I need a wheel to do that as you know lol (add me mate or anyone my add is enyawrenrag) Yeah it's not cheap is it lol, I was thinking of a the new Logitech wheel with a Playseat Challenge but I'm not sure if it's rigid enough to be competitive with? Seen a GT omega or something rig for £300 the other day with a proper bucket seat and everything so if you factor in the wheel that's like £500 isn't it so not much really considering a Fanatec wheel costs a grand plus on its own lol

Double Discounts - God of War / Uncharted 4 / Uncharted: Lost Legacy / Bloodborne / GT Sport / Mafia 2 £7.99 each + More @ PlayStation Store
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Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
#Funtime - £5.39 (55% off) / £4.19 Plus (65% off) .hack//G.U. Last Recode - £7.19 (84% off) Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion - £16.24 (35% off) / £7.49 Plus (70% off)… Read more

Isn't that the point?


Could have done with the standard edition of RE2, and Mafia 1 :(


No, the additional stuff is 2.5 million credits and a load of FIA GT cars that have to be bought after earning credits.


Why is gt sport and gt sport spec 2 charged at different prices? I thought it was the same game, just spec 2 includes some of the additional content as standard, which you could download anyway for free if you have the original version? (confused)


Nope you need the Gold Edition for that.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy / Ratchet & Clank / God of War 3 Remastered / Gran Turismo Sport £7.99 each [PS4] - Click & Collect @ Smyths Toys
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy / Ratchet & Clank / God of War 3 Remastered / Gran Turismo Sport £7.99 each [PS4] - Click & Collect @ Smyths Toys£7.99£8.9911% offSmyths Toys Deals
Some good reductions on PlayStation Hits titles and more, price matching Currys PCWorld, Amazon, Argos and the like etc.. Ratchet & Clank… Read more
The Last of Us Remastered £7.97 Uncharted 4 £7.97 Gran Turismo Sport £7.97 Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Ed. £7.97 delivered @ Currys PC World
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
The Last of Us Remastered £7.97 Uncharted 4 £7.97 Gran Turismo Sport £7.97 Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Ed. £7.97 delivered @ Currys PC World£7.97£8.9911% off Free P&P FreeCurrys PC World Deals
Note - Add games to trolley to see updated prices on Currys PC World website. Some good reductions on PlayStation Hits titles and more, price matching Smyths, Argos and the like e… Read more
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PlayStation Hits - £7 Delivered @ AO i.e. Uncharted, Last of US, GT Sport & More (UK Mainland)
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
PlayStation Hits - £7 Delivered @ AO i.e. Uncharted, Last of US, GT Sport & More (UK Mainland)£7 Free P&P Freeao Deals
Update 1
Uncharted Games + GT Sport back in stock
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection GT Sport The Last Of Us Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Do everything you can to survive in the critically acclaimed action gam… Read more

Hot TLOU U.K. Deals


A great game at a great price


Online mode: factions is still very much alive


Heat! Great price for a very good games. Looks like AO beats all retailers today (y)


I got the games on disk , maybe upgrades down the road it's easy money for them. They would look awesome. Still not finish last of us 2 holding of to see if it gets an upgrade this year . no doubt it will be coming along with factions maybe they are going to include 1&2 as a complete game. The Snyder cut of videogames (lol)

[PS4 Hits - £7.99 each] i.e. Last of Us / Gran Turismo Sport / Uncharted £7.99 (Click &Collect) @ Argos
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
[PS4 Hits - £7.99 each] i.e. Last of Us / Gran Turismo Sport / Uncharted £7.99 (Click &Collect) @ Argos£7.99Argos Deals
Add to basket for this price. Gran Turismo Sport PS4 The Last of Us PS4 Uncharted Collection PS4 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End PS4 Winner of over 200 Game of the Ye… Read more

Don't waste your money on GT Sport if you don't have a decent internet connection. Without internet you get four tracks and can't save your progress. With internet you need to download a 50gb+ update and need a constant connection to save.


Great game! Great price


Nope, they literally took the payment and refunded me this morning.


Is the payment not just pending?


damn, Argos took money from my bank card but it shows payment failed on the website... What is wrong with them?