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Updated 15th Apr 2020Last updated 15th Apr 2020 by Mark_Hance
Gran Turismo Sport and Persona 5 Royal listed for Windows PC
Not sure what to expect from this (apart from the obvious) but have both Gran Turismo Sport and Persona 5 Royal listed for Windows PC (confused) Gran Turismo Sport… Read more

Confirmed fake by Sony


Amazon also listed PS5 as coming to PC, and Mario Odyssey too (lol)


Also to add to this conversation, we are not too long away from what would have been E32020, these leaks could have been from something to be mentioned at the PC Conference perhaps? Wouldn’t surprise me. I remember it was around this time 2 years ago Walmart Canada leaked Rage 2 with a placeholder listing. So still a possibility PC guys. You all deserve to play Persona 5, it’s living proof that turn based combat in a AAA RPG if far from dead.


It’s funny because they can come out and say “this is an error” but now that the carrot has been dangled it’s tough to believe what they say even if they are telling the truth.


Sega says Persona 5 listing for PC on Amazon France is 'an error'

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Gran Turismo Sport on PS Store
Hi there, just after a bit of help. There are 2 versions of Gran Turismo Sport on the PS Store. One is the normal version and the other is Spec II. Are both versions the same, is S… Read more

Hence why I posted both images. Everyone says "you're welcome".


Ok thanks , didn't know you got the extra credits and more cars. Cheers everyone


It literally tells you everything you’ve asked in the screen shot


[ ] ...Versus...

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Updated 29th Sep 2019Last updated 29th Sep 2019 by rits2015
God of War, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and GT Sport join the PlayStation Hits line up
Super cheap God of War deals incoming (party) Just a quick heads up that Sony have just announced that God of War, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and GT Sport will all be graced wit… Read more

God of war really surprised me...loved the story line and the variety of the puzzles!!! Was sad when I finished the game. Really good price!!! (y)


Consider me surprised, how have you not got around to these? Especially when you are an avid playstation deal poster , really urge you to find the time I mostly play games now for a good story and the PlayStation exclusives mentioned have been some of the best I've ever played in that category


I have a PS4 and I haven't played most of those (embarrassed) . I'll get around to them eventually though. Maybe 2040.


Feel for people who only play either PC or Xbox and never got to experience God of War & the entire uncharted series , along with The last of us and Spiderman Absolutely no surprise Sony smashed it this generation 🔥