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PlayStation VR + Camera + Gran Turismo Sport + VR Worlds £142.78 Like New from Amazon Warehouse Italy inc. shipping
Updated 16 h, 14 m agoLast updated 16 h, 14 m ago by copperspock
LIMITED STOCK! £142.78 using fee free card eg. Clarity, Monzo, Revolut or Starling (choose to pay in Euros, if you allow Amazon to do the currency exchange you will pay marginally… Read more
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My bad. I guess it'd be pretty immersive with the tracking alone and I overestimated the importance of stereoscopic 3D as a part of the overall VR experience.


You don't. I mean I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to have both eyes but I also only have vision in one eye and I tried this out on the playstation road trip thing a few years back and it worked just fine for me. Played far point and almost forgot about my lack of vision in one eye.


You'd need vision in both eyes to be able to experience the VR unfortunately.


I wear glasses too but the effect is still incredible to me. It does make me feel hot and queasy after a while though sadly


lol well I've so far resisted as I wear glasses when using PC/playing console, not quite sure how well that would work with a VR headset

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 - £13.85 Delivered @ Shopto
Updated 9th JanLast updated 9th Jan by maoiaddiction
Welcome to the future of motorsports - the definitive motor racing experience is back and better than ever on PlayStation 4. Get instant access to only the fastest, most desirable… Read more
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I think I was that impressed with the upgrade in graphics from the PS3/Xbox I didn't notice! The weather effects were exceptional.


I agree when you say that the ps4 doesn't have any decent driving games. Regarding GT, sure they release content but I really think everyone expected much more from GT, in my opinion a current gen racing game that lacks features such as a decent career mode like GT2 in 1999 or tuning that we had nearly 20 years ago..... but then again that's just my opinion.


And price is now £29.86


Out of stock as of 20:19


Not saying you're wrong, just trying to understand where you're coming from. I have an Xbox One X and love Forza Motorsport and Horizon, and do believe that Horizon is the best open world driving game made to date. But I don't understand why you say GT is terrible. I have had it since launch and the amount of effort made by the developers post release is amazing. Yes, at launch it was sparse, but since then they have added so much content, and all for FREE. Forza Motorsport has so much going for it, it's almost impossible to compare GT Sport to it in its current form, especially as there is no real tuning, but, that said, GT Sport was never meant to be a full fat driving game. It was to whet the appetite. As far as driving games go on the PS4, this is by far the best, and provides the most authentic driving experience with a superb tutorial system and well presented menus. Nothing else comes close. At £14 I fail to see how this is a terrible game, especially when you consider that no other game on the PS4 comes close for pure driving.

Gran Turismo Sport, PS4 now £12 instore @ John Lewis & Partners (£2 C+C / £3.50 Delivery)
Updated 19th Dec 2018Last updated 19th Dec 2018 by Wolfenstain
Possibly another reason to visit John Lewis. Great racing game, best available price Experience the thrill of racing in some of the world's most amazing cars. This stunningly … Read more
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Well done ;)


You're describing Forza Horizon.


How often do you not have an internet connection in 2018? I've recently bought it and I'm loving it. Spent a good few hours mastering the tracks and completing the driving school and the online racing is second to non. I'd probably avoid it if you're more into drifting a ford escort through a farmers field at 90mph though.


Superhot is a VR experience I can wholeheartedly recommend as something that demonstrates the amazing sense of immersion that's possible


Thank you :)

Gran Turismo: Sport Collector's Edition (PS4)
Refreshed 14th Dec 2018Refreshed 14th Dec 2018Updated 14th Dec 2018Last updated 14th Dec 2018 by nigel23aug
Product Description The definitive version for all discerning Gran Turismo collectors; not only is it filled with digital content including; credits to spend on your dream car coll… Read more
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This might be a good deal in some people's opinion but it is by far the Worse GT game ever, you can't even save your game if you don't have internet connection, the VR portion of the game is a tiny sideshow, no qualifying just placed somewhere near the back (every time) very very little upgrading parts (just power boost and weight reduction) Can't play in online events unless you have paid online(PS plus I think) It's total Pants IMO!!!!! ;(


This is a great deal. I bought this at MSRP. As I am a great GT fan. I love the diecast cars in each collectors edition. I have all my cars on display on my desk


Bought this for £35 from an amazon warehouse deal some months ago. Its a really great set for the money. A good game, steelbook, online bits and bobs and a nice little car!


£10 and i might bite, oh wait, i don't have PS plus, oh well. lol

Gran Turismo Sport, PS4 £12 + £2 c+c @ John Lewis & Partners
Updated 12th Dec 2018Last updated 12th Dec 2018 by ozmino
Experience the thrill of racing in some of the world's most amazing cars. This stunningly detailed and expertly crafted driving experience puts you right in the middle of the actio… Read more

This deal has now expired, showing as £19.99 on the website


Decent price for a game, but this game is bs


This was sort of posted but they got the item price and c&c price wrong and it still went hot.


Argos 12.99 also.

Sony PlayStation VR Starter Kit + Astro Bot + Gran Turismo Sport + Wipeout Omega Collection £199.99 at Monster-Shop
Refreshed 26th Nov 2018Refreshed 26th Nov 2018Updated 27th Nov 2018Last updated 27th Nov 2018 by smashed
£199.99 with free 48 hour delivery.
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Thanks. I have been reading more and may give this a miss. I wanted to play standard ps4 games / watch sky via the headset but people say that the image quality is pretty poor (eg 480p) and blurry / poor detail :(



Deedas88 You'll need that too mate



Thank you buddy

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Console, 1TB, with DUALSHOCK 4 Controller, Jet Black and Gran Turismo Sport £309.95 @ John Lewis & Partners
Updated 26th Nov 2018Last updated 26th Nov 2018 by SnoopZ
At John Lewis with 2 year warranty included. Comes with free Gran Turismo game. Seems a decent way to get a Pro if you are not fussed about the game you want (like me who is upgr… Read more

From what I've read running the Pro in 1080p with better frame rate doesn't cause a noise issue. You better get a 4K telly while there are deals, just don't get a super cheap one, make sure it has atleast a 10bit panel which will support a minimum of HDR10 format giving great HDR where it is supported, as you really are missing out. (y)


There will be more deals coming


I don’t have a 4K tv... yet


Awesome so it looks like the newer version is starting to filter through, let us know how it sounds when using it on a 4K TV please.


I got the 7216b model 😁

PlayStation VR Headset with Camera, PlayStation VR Worlds and GT Sport £195.99 @ Very
Updated 22nd Nov 2018Last updated 22nd Nov 2018 by Frank30uk
This VR set is down to just £195.99 now, looks like a decent bundle for this price :)

Appreciate your input there (y)


Although more expensive than most of the other VR deals on the site, if you don't have a Very account you can either get £30.00 or 20% off your first credit order taking the above total to either 165.99 or 156.80 . The code for £30.00 is N9MDV(showing as November code so should work) . The 20% is via quidco. There are better deals on Very too with Astro Bot for 180(150 with code or 144 with quidco). I went through quidco and Very a couple years ago when the ps4 pro was released and ended up getting it for 250 in total. Was very happy with it. Apologies for the long first post. NB read the terms and conditions for Very Quidco deals eg must be completed online only etc.


John Lewis - 169.95 with astro bot which is one of the best games i have ever played.


Not bad but there certainly have been better deals recently!

GT Sport PS4 now £12 @ Asda (also at George)
Updated 22nd Nov 2018Last updated 22nd Nov 2018 by jeffjparsons
Price drop at Asda and George (Free C&C) Welcome to the future of motorsports - the definitive motor racing experience is back and better than ever on PlayStation 4with… Read more
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Just saw this at my local Asda and thought to see if it was on hotukdeals already. Looks a good price and having just bought the psvr I might pick it up. Have some heat (y)


Cheaper elsewhere + second hand. Not a good game if you like the GT Sport series - avoid. Or, buy second hand if you're really keen.


This normally goes in sale for about £6 digitally when the PSN has a sale. Setup an email notification through to be alerted


Great price,but after being a fan of the GT series for many years mine was sold. very poor track content and poor feel with the G29,quickly became boring,racing against the AI is ridiculous and online enjoy the dive bombers XD massive updates trying to catch up will soon fill up your ps4. was at 100 gig long while ago :o Got pcars 2 for £14.99 brilliant game racing the AI and feels great with the wheel,great car and track content,never seem to get bored. Hope the next GT Series is vastly improved and ready on launch...


Fantastic driving game. Still playing it a year later.

Gran turismo sport PS4 game £12.99 at Argos
Updated 19th Nov 2018Last updated 19th Nov 2018 by menacedude
Racing PS4 game

Any know what the VR is like on this? I already have drive club, just wondering if its worth bothering with this.


Great game with the constant updates.


Reserved one probably won't buy it though. Ugh.


Thanks didn't think of that :)


Got £2.50 bonus through quidco as well.

GT sport ps4 and black DualShock controller £24.99 C+C @ Very
Updated 9th Nov 2018Last updated 9th Nov 2018 by N7SciFiNerd
Seems a good price with controller included

Whacked it on Facebook someone came and collected it last night


How did you sell it for £20?


I managed to get £15 for it, but I also got another £19 trading in my knackered old controller to CeX. So it feels like I've got a new controller and £9 in my pocket.


Sold the game for £20 controller now only cost me £4.99 winner winner chicken dinner 😃😃


Wolfenstein II / Gran Turismo Sport / CoD WW2 PS4 Ex-rental £9.99 Inc P&P @ Boomerang rentals
Updated 12th Oct 2018Last updated 12th Oct 2018 by GigahurtzUK
Having a quick butchers and noticed that these 3 are back in stock, Wolfenstein has actually dropped back down to £9.99 from £10.89 the other day. Not sure how many are in stock so… Read more

Yeah but thanks for posting mate

nationalgodman £9.44 at music magpie with 10% off


Thought that might not last long


Wolfenstein OOS

Updated 2nd Oct 2018Last updated 2nd Oct 2018 by The_KELRaTH
I recall this being £60 on launch (cheeky) oops. But anyway, seems like a deal. If you are into steelbooks and special editions.

Huge disappointment - there isnt even the option to modify each wheel for oval racing etc. Much prefer GT5/ GT6 over this poor GT shadow.


PC2 - really do need a wheel to get the most out of it. Forza just feels like an arcade racer, not really a sim at all GT Sport - agree, updates just keep coming. New track nearly every month it seems. Superb online.


With respect are you on medication,if not,you should be !!!!!!


Somewhat agree, Project Cars 2 was horrible with a controller and the sound was clearly enhanced to ridiculous levels. Forza 7, I couldn't enjoy the car physics or models. It felt like the cars were gliding along. I think GT Sport is the best balanced now, it certainly has the most fun racing element and feels more authentic. The updates have helped it alot.


With respect to console racers: Best single player: Project Cars 2 Best multiplayer: GT Sport Best for kids for ramming: Forza

Gran Turismo: Sport Collector's Edition (PS4) £25.87 Delivered (Used-Acceptable/Used-Good) @ Amazon Warehouse
Updated 29th Sep 2018Last updated 29th Sep 2018 by mixmixi
I just thought this is a bargain and since it is Amazon Warehouse, if anything goes wrong, return is easy. I have the CE myself and I know/heard most of the boxes of this CE are de… Read more

There is a £32 one mate that seems OK. That is £1.70 more thou. :D


DLC May be missing or expired it say in the description for project cars 2 (annoyed) oh and also game disc is missing (shock)


They also have The Project Cars 2 CE for £30 and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life After Hours Premium Edition (PS4) for £44.

Playstation PSVR Starter Pack with 2 Extra Full Games (GT Sport, Wipeout, SuperHot VR + Resident Evil 7) and a Now TV voucher for £199.99 (£249.99 with 2 Move controllers) from 8th June @ Game Stores
Refreshed 16th Jun 2018Refreshed 16th Jun 2018Updated 15th Sep 2018Last updated 15th Sep 2018 by DQ111111
Playstation PSVR Starter Pack with 2 Extra Full Games (GT Sport, Wipeout, SuperHot VR + Resident Evil 7) and a Now TV voucher for £199.99 (£249.99 with 2 Move controllers) from 8th June @ Game Stores
£199.99GAME Deals
Back in Stock on-line now and will include the V2 Move controllers. LINK FOR WIPEOUT BUNDLE HERE LINK FOR GT SPORT BUNDLE I've added the news that 2 Move controllers can be a… Read more

There's some decent Spiderman bundles kicking off so best to grab one :D


No lol, We're all Xbox in the household (x5), so no idea , not followed the PS scene at all, currently scouring the likes of FB for a cheap 2nd hand one haha


You really didn't realise that? (shock)


can you believe Ive only just opened the delivery box from game........1st thing that greets me on the box is PS4 required....DOH


Yes, it looks like prices have gone back up now. Maybe wait until Black Friday if you're still interested in getting a PSVR.

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