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Shadow of the Colossus PS4 £15.29 (New) - Battlefield 1: Revolution PS4 £14.39 (New) -  Nier: Automata £14.39 (New) - Gran Turismo Sport PS4 £16.09 (New) - more in OP @ Music Magpie
Updated 34 m agoLast updated 34 m ago by rimz790
Further price drops for New sealed games at Music Magpie - take to checkout to see quoted prices Shadow of the Colossus PS4 £15.29 - New Battlefield 1: Revolution P… Read more

Persona 5>Nier Automata (y)


Thanks added shadow to the back log.




Dying Light: The Following: Enhanced Edition (PS4) is just £12.59 new after discount as well.


Persona 5 or nier automata

Gran Turismo Sport Collector's Edition - £37.48 Sold by Amazon
Updated 19th MayLast updated 19th May by JonathanMills
Currently £37.48 at the time of posting, as you know Amazon adjusts it's prices all the time so probably won't be this price for long.

If you like racing then it is great. Online races are close and intense and mostly fair. Worth every penny.


I wanna buy this, albeit I'm still not sold on the whole online focus of the game.




It has, albeit it 38p.


I doubt it'll fall any further after being posted on HUKD. Increased demand will probably drive the price back up!

Gran Turismo: Sport - Collector's Edition (PS4) £39.85 @ ShopTo
Updated 15th MayLast updated 15th May by MaxwellBlackburn
Further £5 drop since it last posted, I think it’s very good price for collectors edition. Welcome to the future of motorsports - the definitive motor racing experience is back an… Read more



Yes. My CE of Ni No Kuni also came in same condition. It was all good. I guess the issue is from whoever designed this CE. They didn’t even bother to seal them and instead cut the corners this way. No blame on Amazon, it’s a poor design. Having said that I think sub £40 is great price for this. It’s well worth it if you want to get a copy.


I see. I got lucky my Ni no Kuni 2 CE from Amazon came well packed. The package had its own carboard box which was exact same size as the collectors box (maybe all Ni no Kuni 2 CE came in such boxes) and the the box istelf was packed into Amazon parcel box. So it came in absolute best condition with not a sinlge bent or bruise as if it was straight from factory :)


Well... I did buy it... and I am collecting. :D I was only upset with the way these has been handled. What you get from Amazon comes with dentet corners and some times the art book on the top is damaged as well.


So assuming no point in buying for collection as its not sealed :/

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Gran Turismo Sport Brand New PS4 - £16.99 @ monsterbid / eBay
Updated 7th MayLast updated 7th May by _taurus_
Not sure what the rules are regarding eBay sellers here - but this may be of use to someone. GT Sport, brand new for £16.99 delivered seems like a good deal for a seller with 1000… Read more
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Thanks deal gone :(


It means you can play it with or without vr (y)


VR compatible mean this game is only for VR or no?


Thanks guys, appreciate the info.


So basically it does require a plus subscription, well no a big loss, i only bought the ps4 for exclusives and the psvr so this will just be one that i don't touch, still enjoying GOW, and then it will be Uncharted 4, then Horizon, and then i will see what takes my fancy, and all other gaming, multiplates and online done on the XBX, and i can wait until they drop GT7. ;)

PSVR v1 and Gran Turismo Sport £198 @ EglobalCentral
Updated 4th MayLast updated 4th May by Liquidsky
This is the discontinued version 1. Save you googling it, version 2 of this head runs identically, same screen, same head tracking; all the important bits. Version 2, however, runs… Read more

Yep. Took my V1 back because i couldn’t stand having a HDR capable console and TV with a dongle in the middle which disabled it.


It's HDR passthrough that's the difference, not 4K.

PS4 Slim 500GB Black (or white) Console with Gran Turismo Sport Collectors Edition, Doom, Fallout 4, Dishonored 2, Hidden Agenda, Singstar Celebration & That's You - £249.95 - Shopto (Add GoW for £29.86)
Updated 3rd MayLast updated 3rd May by becton
Thought this was a cracking price considering GT Sport Collector's Edition went hot at £44.86 last night :) You're getting a PS4 slim with that and three games plus the thro… Read more
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Down to four games now.


I was looking to buy a ps4 for the exclusives. Anyone know where I can get the cheapest PS4 new or refurbished?


Pretty decent deal, I have a launch ps4 so I think I might just upgrade for this.


Working the street corners! (skeptical) :o


also bare in mind you need a smartphone for those PlayLink games

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Secret of Mana (PS4) £14.47 /  Gran Turismo: Sport (PS4) £11.89 / Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (PS4) £11.99 / Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) £17.99 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang via eBay/Amazon
Updated 30th AprLast updated 30th Apr by loopylloyd
Only few of each. Secret of Mana (PS4) £14.47 Gran Turismo: Sport (PS4) £11.89 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (PS4) £11.99 Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) £17.99 C… Read more

Happy days and it will be minty new from Boomers


Thanks OP! I got Shadow of Colossus for £9.22!


Cheers pal, managed to get it in the end (y)


Thanks, just made it in time. Think I just got the last copy of Shadow of the Colossus for £9.22. :D


Check this thread bud:

Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edn Dualshock 4 PS4 Game Bundle. From Argos ebay - £52.99
Updated 26th AprLast updated 26th Apr by LukeyWolf
A Good price i think :S
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That was launch


Since they updated it (and continue to do so) it's leaps and bounds ahead of its launch panning


really? considering a quick google search of gran turismo sport is boring, there are more than a few who share my train of thought.




It literally is you

PS4 Slim 500GB Black Console + Gran Turismo Sport Collectors Edition + (Singstar Celebration or Hidden Agenda or That's You) £249.99 Delivered @ Shopto
Updated 25th AprLast updated 25th Apr by coffeehair
Good price. Also, God of War can be added for £30 more.

Thanks, I think I will :)


Definitely get a Pro if you have a 4k TV.


Yes get a pro for God of War. It's a beauty.


If you can manage to sell the games for their prospective worth this is a good deal for the console.


I'm so tempted, Im thinking of saving another month for the pro though as I have a 4k TV... Decisions decisions...

[PS4] Gran Turismo: Sport - £15.25 (As New) - Amazon/Boomerang
Updated 13th AprLast updated 13th Apr by chrisjordan666
26p more than their recent eBay offering but a decent price for a pristine copy of GT Sport. You'll also notice sellers of a similar price range if you want to take the punt :) … Read more
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Nice one, got the last one for £13.25


£13.25 now mate and a few more left. (ninja)


It still lacks content compared to previous games, but yeah there is an offline campaign to get stuck into now and I'd say it's worth it at this price


I would say so, there is a campaign now, that's all I play really and all the dlc has been free


is it worth now for those with little interest with online?

Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition Dualshock 4 + Game Bundle - £49.99 - Smyths
Updated 13th AprLast updated 13th Apr by blugardian
Cracking price for this given that the controller is around £44.99 at most places. The usual low for the controller when on offer is around £38, making the game around £12 :) … Read more
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Pity it's a 90% online racing game with single-player an afterthought! First GT i've not bought since the beginning. ;(


2 left in Wolverhampton after I got mine


Is the controller V2 ? No matter , out of stock .


Limited edition: 50k units!


How many of these controllers did they make?

PSVR and Gran Turismo Sport £289.99 @ Currys
Updated 13th AprLast updated 13th Apr by Andrew_Greer
EDIT Its went up £20 in price, but still a decent price for the PSVR and Gran Turismo Sport which has some VR content And it's a version 2 PSVR, basically the buttons and headphone… Read more

I have short headphones. No box on the cable, the volume controls are underneath the visor on the right as your wearing it. I'd hazard a guess it's version 2


Version 2 has the short headphones that sit behind your head on the headset AND earpiece holders on the temple bit of the headset, and the mic on/off button/volume control/power on off button is on the 'face' part of the headset rather than a little grey box thing in the cable


I picked one up yesterday. How do I tell what version it is?


Yes would like to know this too


Just sounds funny when you say it out loud. :p

Gran Turismo: Sport (PS4) £14.99 delivered (used) @ Boomerang on ebay
Updated 12th AprLast updated 12th Apr by sidmyster
Free 1st Class UK delivery. Perfect case with a 'good condition' disc. Contains "That's You!" - free download code is included inside the box.
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Definitely worth it at this price!! Plenty of content to get through... Heat added!


Definitely worth it at this price with all the new content, not quite the game project cars 2 is but I've been enjoying it somewhat, especially the one make online races, everyone in the exact same car duking it out.


OOS now, not surprised at this price, great game.


I find this game good... But theres just something not right about it, I think its the lack of movement in outside the cars - I feel like Im just moving around the screen sometimes! They need some effects going on at the side, some fans maybe, a bird flying past, some trees moving! The city tracks are the worst, just a dead environment! When they try to do something like this its really bad too, a plane will fly over your head at the same part of the track every lap, like come on?! Is this the same plane just going in circles? Or a new plane? Because the laps aren't that long, I really find it hard to believe that the air traffic controllers are allowing planes to fly on the same route so close to each other! If they just added rain it could help? The rain in driveclub was amazing, and because it would sometimes start off sunny and then start raining you felt like something had changed and you weren't just doing the same thing over and over again! Still, its worth buying Ive put in enough hours to make it easy worth £15


Really good find! Smart game in hdr 4k or vr just wish more modes in vr! Heat added!

PlayStation 4 Pro Pro Console with Gran Turismo Sport plus Optional Extra DualShock Controller and/or 12 Months PlayStation Network - £349.99 @ Very
Updated 4th AprLast updated 4th Apr by scorez
I don't think I've seen this on here yet. When you factor in the cost of the additional controller (£35.99 best price?) and GT Sport (£20 best price?) it's finally like a sub £300 … Read more

I get the impression there's actually a lack of stock. I think Sony either hasn't made enough, or just hasn't shipped enough to the UK.


I can't believe the lack of deals on the Pro now.... I know its in the past and we don't have a time machine but on BF I got a Pro and £70 worth of games for £274 with 12 months interest free on Very...


Pity all out of stock..


Thanks for sharing op. Any discount codes available....


All out of stock

Sony PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle - £199.99 @ Eglobalcentral
Updated 30th MarLast updated 30th Mar by Dookie1985
Free shipping
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All the reviews make it so confusing, as they all mention different FOV. I prefer the Lenovo due to the fact it apparently has less light leak and is lighter. The HP does look cool, with the possibility of looking like Robocop, just the FOV of 95 puts me off. This has just made my mind up to go for the Lenovo now. Especially as it does say 110 on the box too. Not sure if you have seen this, but apparently, you can get a higher FOV by nodding the headset.


Yer when I was looking at what headset to buy one or 2 websites seemed to think the Lenovo FOV was 105. But Lenovo website says 110. That is the main reason I went with CEX. Sure they are classed as a second hand retailer. But I knew about laptop/PC buyers receiving the headset for free. So a lot of them simply sold it to CEX to make some money back. The one I got was a grade A the box has been opened. But the headset and the controllers where brand new in box with a brand new pair of unopened battery. Also 24 months warranty with CEX.


IIRC, Lenovo has a FOV of 105 whereas the Dell is 110. I have been looking at the grade A ones from CEX as they are mostly brand new that came bundled with systems. If they did support MR on the X, it would be a great incentive for people to make the upgrade. I bought the Scorpio edition so would make a great addition to it. It has also been hinted that VR will come to the Xbox, but no insight whether it comes in the shape of a brand new headset, or uses something that already exists.


I think the Lenovo is the better WMR headset in the UK at the moment. Same specifications as the Dell but it's a bit lighter. I got mine from CEX it was brand new and comes with 24 months warranty. I doubt the Xbox will ever support WMR due to the OG XB1 and Xbox One S being to weak for the 1440p screen. Sure the XB1X will but would Microsoft really start making games for 2% of the XB1 owners.


Use a credit card and your are protected by section 75. No need to faff about with chargeback.

New Reduced price PSVR with Gran Turismo Sport Bundle - £193.99 with voucher (£199.99 before voucher) @ Toby Deals
Updated 29th MarLast updated 29th Mar by Fic
Great price. To get extra 6 pounds off click on the website and wait. A popup will appear requesting your email for a voucher which is sent on to your account. Standard shippin… Read more

It will be free in a box of corn flakes soon.


Mine turned up today, works perfectly with my Pro, Two Pin plug with adaptor supplied for UK use. Comes with GT Sport and Demo Disc 2. Order Saturday and came from a UK logistics warehouse. V2 Camera and everything else is V1.


ordered mine at £205. got it in.less than a week . all good


yeah there are many comments about things going wrong with Toby deals. Shame not a single one of the complainants from HUKD has shown any proof.


I don't speak for everyone but assume that people are cautious for the reason of warranty. If something goes wrong and you have to send it back how much will that cost?? Plus what are the customer services of them like? one post above states it was non existant. so only route is chargeback or paypal dispute. All the hassle and risk for a few pounds is not worth it for some. But maybe for others. There was a switch deal earlier this week with the same comments from Toby Deals.

Gran Turismo Sport: Collector's Edition (PS4) @ Amazon - £41.47
Updated 27th MarLast updated 27th Mar by dwor
Absurdly low price for the full GT Sport monty. Around £75-100+ everywhere else. Yes, a new boxed copy. Includes lots of extra stuff: - Game (which helps) - All three head start… Read more

Thanks guys - no guessing how the HUKD temperature coin toss will go! Hope you got a good price, and enjoy the game!


Hot from me OP, not sure why this is going cold. Bought the game on release kind of wish i waited so I could have the little model car, nevermind!


Seems like a decent price, isn't it? Bought anyway, despite the cooling temps :/


The price is hovering around £41-42. You might be a few pennies up or down on the price above. Such is life.

Gran Turismo: Sport Collector's Edition (PS4) £43.92 @
Updated 23rd MarLast updated 23rd Mar by DaRockwilder1
Fantastic value for this - has a great presentation box, cool toy car, heavy detailed book, steelbook, game and loads of DLC. Also availible used for £28.78 whilst the 20% off cod… Read more
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Got my used very good condition copy today for £32.21, all is sealed and perfect inside but terrible outside. However received used very good condition Sonic Mania (£19) in perfect condition, Xbox code was also unsed :)


You should really try it now after all the updates. I wasn’t overly keen when it first came out as I have always been into the career mode and it wasn’t until January that I picked it up again. The career mode has expanded hugely the car updates have brought some interesting changes and the livery editor is exceptional with the user made content that is now available. The handling is far better than its apparent rival on Xbox and the drift setups can be so rewarding when you get them just right. I can honestly say it has become my favourite sim racer this gen by a long way. To call it a flop is just misinformed I urge you to have another go and see what you think. You really are missing out


Any chance that £15 sonic collectors edition is still up somewhere?


Check out forza 7 sales before becoming a fanboy...


Per the internet it is the fifth biggest first party game in terms of sales (after uncharted 4, TLOU remaster, uncharted collection and horizon zero Dawn) so not that bad...

Sony PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle - £216.99 @ Toby Deals
Updated 23rd MarLast updated 23rd Mar by gerrygh
PSVR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle £216.99. Someone posted at £229.99 earlier this week, but now has reduced further.

Ordered last Friday morning for £200 and arrived on Thursday no added tax or customs. Brand new in box and comes with the V2 camera but not newer headset. Also came with 2 pin power adapter that the breakout box needs no big deal. I will sell turismo sport for a tenner as I have a copy already bringing total price to £190. Was a bit wary due to other comments but has worked out smashing.



No way!!!!


Price is now £205.99 or £199.99 with code Welcome6


Still too much for a gimmicky piece of plastic.

Gran Turismo Sport Collectors Edition (PS4) - Amazon - £49.25
Updated 15th MarLast updated 15th Mar by DeanMiles
Includes an art book, 1:43 scale model of the Mercedes-AMG GTS, and 18 in-game cars. Usually retails for £104.99.

Scroll down. Click newest first and 3 out of the first 6 say it.


Where are the reviews that say this?


From amazon direct? dont think so


Some mothers do 'ave 'em.


Brought last week for 48.26 from amazon arrived in perfect condition

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