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[PS4/VR] Gran Turismo Sport Day One Edition - £39.85 - Simply Games
Found 20th Oct 2017Found 20th Oct 2017
Day One Edition Includes: $250,000 credit Livery sticker packs Chrome racing helmet Set of Playstation 4 avatars In 1997, Gran Turismo (GT) introduced to the … Read more
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WTH does Battlefront 2 have in common with Overwatch? You really just want to argue for no reason. Battlefront 2 has lots of content, but an appalling loot crate system (so I am not buying that either). Overwatch has lots of content and great free content support, with ONLY cosmetic loot crates. A great model for a game IMO. As I said Gran Turismo is a travesty. Unfinished, yet full price. I have bought almost all previous games, but will not buy this one until it hits the bargain bins.


Maybe the 30%drop in sales will get GT pm Yamauchi the sack. Now basically an online racer from a team or artists not gamers. Like all GT games the cars are beautiful but after years in development it's half a game and still feels unfinished. What a waste


Let’s not move goalposts. Even with big GT’s people trolled constantly without backing themselves up. Numbered GT games are hardly normal sized games. I would agree with the lower price to an extent(skip or price cuts are options too) but it’s still larger than many games and very replayable for racing audiences. Single player even gives a real life benefit here. Going to be interesting to see if people follow this thinking through with other games such as Battlefront 2, Overwatch, NFS etc. Not to mention ignore tons of paid dlc with actual short/ non existentsingle player games etc.


Ordered last weekend, got an email to say it's shipped, still nothing received......


And many of us won't buy the game. Fair enough to release a prologue version, but ONLY if at a LOWER price. This is a full price game .

PS4 Pro 1TB Console + Gran Turismo Sport + 3 FREE games out of 6 £349.85 @ Shopto
Found 19th Oct 2017Found 19th Oct 2017
So seriously good bundles about at the min, this one is similar to the other FIFA 18 one, but with Gran Turismo sports & 3 games from a choice of the 6 below. PS4 Pro … Read more
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I have ordered this package for delivery today to replace my dated original PS4. I may regret buying so close to Black Friday but can't wait to see the difference it makes on my Sony 4K HDR TV. Thanks op. :)


My work here is done.


You let me down :(


Ah, sorry. Updated already.


Settings -> System -> System InformationUnder System Software

[PS4] Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition - £44.85 - Simply Games
Found 17th Oct 2017Found 17th Oct 2017
I thought this was a Game exclusive...hold on, it is :/ Ah well, £5 cheaper than those guys at the minute . Releases tomorrow. Welcome to the future of motorsports - the … Read more
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Can anyone comment please?


Nadgers, OOS.


Having played the demo, I felt the games handling was good using my wheel/pedals. Not totally convinced by the sound but it's certainly better than past GT games...


Sony 'for the gamers' take how long to release a half baked Prologue? Meanwhile MS have delivered three Forza this gen each one an improvement on the last. Sony have lost the plot, the console launched in 2013!!! It's supposed to be a flagship title.


This is what I am also wondering, can these cars be unlocked if you put in the hours on the standard edition?

Gran Turismo Sport Controller Bundle £69.99 @ Grainger Games
Found 13th Oct 2017Found 13th Oct 2017
Gran Turismo Sport and limited edition Dualshock 4 controller, good for those who missed out on the base and very deal.
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Only GAME do an edition with the sleeve


does tbis bundle.come with the game in its correct case or in a sleeve? thanks.


Anyone had this dispatched yet?


Seems like it's back down.


Still the same for me? :/

Gran turismo sport with controller bundle £74.86 @ ShopTo
Found 12th Oct 2017Found 12th Oct 2017
Includes Grand Turismo Sport and a special GT Dualshock 4 controller!
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I'd rather give Grainger Games a go if I had to because the two orders I've made from shopto in the last 18 months or so never showed up! I'm not disputing Postman Pat most likely palmed them off to Jess to stash somewhere but not my problem and I shouldn't have had to wait as long as I did to get my dough back.


Base and Very sold out so this is still a good deal for anyone that missed out. I would personally rather pay a little extra than take a chance with Grainger Games!


Grainger games is priced at 69.99


To be fair this isn’t very and shop to are great on delivery


Thanks for posting Alex.Fernandes but this may be getting cold votes due to this earlier thread

Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition PlayStation 4 1TB Console - £259.99 Only at GAME
Found 11th Oct 2017Found 11th Oct 2017
Releases on 18/10/2017. 6 Days left to Preorder! Experience the thrill of racing the world’s fastest and most beautiful cars with stunning HDR* visuals in Gran Turismo™ Sport – t… Read more
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Did you really set up this monkey account just to post that bizarre contribution? What do you expect from some weirdo that can't even decide what gender it is though? And let us not overlook the fact it shows Mario up to be one seriously desperado wrong'un too!


Aww kisses to you too x


It’s more like Peach always friendzoning Mario, continuously leaving him for Bowser and Mario always crashing the party. In Odyssey Mario is now trying to crash a Peach Bowser wedding!


Of course and pre op too, proper weirdo that one :/ what's it say about that Bowser always wanting to get in it's drawers eh?


Is Princess Peach really a Ladyboy

PS4 Gran Turismo Sport and Limited Edition GT Dualshock 4 Twin Pack £69.99 VERY (pre-order) + free C+C
Found 8th Oct 2017Found 8th Oct 2017
Pre-order for Game and Dualshock Twin Pack One off payment available, so no vouchers or codes required, no need to worry or comment about Very customer service.
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Mine was delivered on release day. I used the £30 off code I got through the door so it only cost me £39.99. I've just made a payment (even though I had longer to pay) so I'm happy.


Thanks got mine - great deal


I just did


You can check online


Hmmmm I will be quite happy to take credit if they offer a fiver more to be honest

Gran Turismo sport - £38.99 @ Smyths via click & collect
Found 6th Oct 2017Found 6th Oct 2017
May be some use to someone. Choosing to buy Gran Turismo Sport via click and collect at Smyths takes £5 off the total, bringing it down to £38.99.
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Also, with all the different versions, how would someone with the basic edition get all the cars of ultimate edition?


I'd forgotten how different GT is compared to Forza (which I'm enjoying a lot). The Demo is more than enough to secure my money - especially at under £40. Nice find dbibby.


Cheers OP ordered. Maybe it’ll be faster with top end cars according to YouTube.


What do people think then? Servers seemed to be very wobbly last night, and when they were down you couldn't even play arcade mode offline. The game also froze and then completely crashed my PS4 Pro once. When I actually got to race it was good, although typically the usual "driving on ice" feeling of Gran Turismo. You go into a corner at what feels like walking pace and shoot off into the barriers. Do it again the next lap and realise that you were actually doing 90mph. No sense of speed. That said, I found myself repeating the same races, just to fight my way up the pack and get first. I did notice that, despite being set to "expert" I was getting most of my overtakes on the straights by just driving straight past people, despite getting a horrible corner exit. It felt a bit depressing to be out-dragging a Veyron in an unmodified Charger Hellcat - like they were just letting me win. Weirdly, I still want to play more though. Did anybody figure out how to skip tracks on the in-game music as well? There are some good tunes, but others are absolute trash!


My 4 day free trial is downloaded ready for Monday :)

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Limited Time Demo, Progress Carries Over to Full Game
Found 3rd Oct 2017Found 3rd Oct 2017
Preload available on the 7th, will run from 9th - 12th October.

Has everyone's saved data transferred ok to the main game? Our driving missions etc. have not carried over, but cars in garage have. Clicked on 'yes' when prompted whilst the game was loading....


Been playing it now. Thought the demo would have ended


Here Just realised it says "could" Guess its better then a straight no... (annoyed)


Citation needed And really are we buying into this Early Access development model now? Very disappointed in this game. Polyphony Digital seem to have forgotten what made them popular and it isn't online racing. Campaign is just ruined, poured hours into that through the previous GTs as did any friends. Pretending this is a sim in 2017 is starting to look a little silly too. When you can clear the Speedway in 1st place by holding the throttle open, wall riding and ploughing through cars something is wrong.


Been playing the demo and there are the typical glaring issues with deliberate shunting with online races that you would have thought would have been sorted out by now. Even old games like Grid or Toca Race driver 2 and 3 did a far better job. Enviromental graphics looks no better that GT6, cars look better when viewed close up but not so much on track. Theres no tire skid marks even when doing a doughnut. Audio has been much improved even since the last beta!!! I was really looking forward to all this community driven racing but theres no live chat system where you can set up a race easily - I suppose it was too much to expect an IRC style chat system with race event links for others to join. Yes I miss the lack of a career mode and driving old cars, nascar etc etc but I do like the arcade racing format. In GT 5 and 6 it was really just useful as a quick test - I hardly ever used it but now you earn all the various currencies / rewards (of which there are many) it becomes a much more fun mode. There are lots of configurations you can create to make it quite interesting - the emphasis being the harder it is the more rewards you get. The AI cars have been much improved - they dont seem to slow down to a crawl when going round a bend anymore! If you decide not to drive any cars theres still plenty to do as it seems half the game is made up for budding artists lol. Update: When creating your own race room there is no option to include AI drivers for the race so it can be rather boring with just a few on track - was much the same issue in GT6 unfortunately. Even in this demo there do not appear to be enough players to create some online Sports mode races (and this is while it's free to play!!) Overall it's a very nice visual car demo for the manufacturers - I'm surprised there's not a button to "BUY NOW" lol But as a "game for fun" I just don't see it having much of a life

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 - Steelbook £49.99 @ Amazon
Found 28th Sep 2017Found 28th Sep 2017
Just noticed on my pre-order that this has came down from £57.99 to £49.99 for the steelbook edition . Couple more quid off if prime member also. Not much more then standard editio… Read more
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@KevInChester to be fair to them i sent an email to CS and they gave me a gift card for £30 and the game is getting delivered today so didn't work out to bad means I got the game for £18.00 a day late happy days I reckon :)




Is it me or is it OOS at Amazon? Also, with all the different versions, how would someone with the basic edition get all the cars of ultimate edition?


Amazon took my preorder then sent me an email stating they cant fulfill it shocking company!!!!!


Amazon are doing the usual £2 off with this which is nice.

[PS4] Gran Turismo Sport with Limited Edition DualShock - £68.85 - Base
Found 21st Sep 2017Found 21st Sep 2017
Payment on dispatch. Cheers @F.D for the heads up :) Welcome to the future of motorsports - the definitive motor racing experience is back and better than ever on PlayStation … Read more
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Great game love it got mine for £62 from very for this bundle


"Take them so long" Because software engineering is complex and releasing a minor version between majors gives them valuable user and technical data about how to perfect the next iteration.


Who the hell has time to race over 1000 cars? That seems like Product Owner saying YAGNI.


so this is full version of game? sell it for 30-35 quid :)


It is OOS again.

Gran Turismo Sport + Limited Edition GT Sport DualShock 4 Controller - £74.86 Delivered @ ShopTo
Found 17th Sep 2017Found 17th Sep 2017
So this deal may only appeal to those who need an extra/replacement controller...but even if you don't, I think the package is good value for money. You get a standard copy of GT … Read more

This, took advantage of it last week. Due to arrive tomorrow. 30 in voucher 40 had to pay. If I sell controller for 40 turns out to have a free game! HEAT


This is £69 at Very. And if youre a new customer (like me), you get £30 credit put back on your account if you spend over £60! So i just got this bundle for £39 :)


Who trades in Gran Turismo?




I really like the sound of the single player, as license tests were always my favourite part of the game and I think friend leaderboards will make it pretty compelling for me. I usually find the main campaign a bit of a chore.

Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition PlayStation 4 1TB Console @ GAME for £299.99
Found 22nd Aug 2017Found 22nd Aug 2017
Coming October 18, the bundle includes the limited edition, two tone silver and black 1TB slim console, and customized controller. A Day 1 edition of Gran Turismo Sport is also be … Read more

And it should be £50 cheaper


As above.. not a pro, pointless.


Looks very nice, been waiting for a new Gran Turismo since I bought my PS4.


Each to their own I suppose. This looks a bit cheap in my opinion whereas the one x Scorpio edition looks very cool


very pretty, shame the xbox one x special edition doesn't look half as good as this. Does seem oddly overpriced though, weren't they selling ps4s for under £200 not so long ago. I paid less than this for my pro.

Gran Turismo Sport Day One Edition for £41 with code TDX-HMFR @ Tesco direct
Found 21st Aug 2017Found 21st Aug 2017
Gran Turismo Day One Edition for £41 with code TDX-HMFR, £3 cheaper than amazon, this edition is also exlusive to Tesco.
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Good Price for the Day 1 Edition, Game's Limited Edition has risen to £49.99 so this in comparison is the next best thing If you're after the Standard Edition of the game.


probably the only negative, though their refunds are extremely quick from my experiences should you need to cancel.


Pretty good price. Shame Tesco take payment immediately though.

Gran Turismo Sport - £35.86 @ the Game Collection
Found 20th Jul 2017Found 20th Jul 2017
Use FIREFLOWER code to get at this price
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Has anyone received their game today? Still waiting, doubt it'll turn up today now




Hmm... Going to have to query this!


Looks like a Paypal issue. 12 Aug 2017 10:50:02Just to let you know that we will be charging your order containing 'Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)' in full in the next 48 hours. While we usually take payment for pre-orders on dispatch, one or more items on this order has a release date more than 29 days after the order was placed and the PayPal transaction is due to expire. <br/><br/>If there's any problem please get in touch as soon as possible. <br/><br/>Thanks for pre-ordering with us.


Hi, I've been charged too. Supposed to be within 28 days of game being released for Paypal pre-orders. As far as I'm aware it isn't released until October 17th Mike

Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition - £44.99 at
Found 14th Jul 2017Found 14th Jul 2017
Releases on 18/10/2017. Gran Turismo Sport places you straight into the driving seat of some of the fastest, most aspirational cars on the planet. These include the very latest ro… Read more
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GT Sport is GT7,


The price shows as 49.99 for me


£38.99 @ Smyths but no pre-order bonuses.


Worked fine. However it took me a while to realise that if you lost connection and then reconnected, accolades wouldn't top up. Lost me many an hour.


The trophies were rarely popping legitimately via normal gameplay without taking measures to try and force them to pop, it's mostly why they have such a low obtained percentage on PSN (mainly the 'unbeatable' trophy, which is below 1%)

Gran Turismo: Sport Steelbook Edition £52.99 Prime (Amazon Exclusive) (PS4) @ Amazon
Found 4th Jun 2017Found 4th Jun 2017
Pre Order Release Date Unknown I pre ordered this a while back and noticed the price drop in my orders. Welcome to the future of motorsports - the definitive motor racing experie… Read more

GT Sport November release date listed in Official PlayStation Magazine UK


If it's anything similar to GT6 then it will look awesome but fail on many others. Billed for years as a racing simulator but last time i checked real racing cars don't hit a wall/other cars at 200mph and you hear a dull thud with no damage apart from a melted number plate! lol When asked why GT had no punctures, race ending crashes with mechanical/bodywork damage (apart from car puling to one side ) Yamauchi said the cars are so beautiful he didn't want to wreck them! Yet he says it's a complete simulation of motor racing While Project Cars won't compete with GT in the realistic cars, graphics dept it will i fear have the realistic motorsport excitement and at the very least the chance your race will end if you make a mistake instead of bouncing off a wall at full speed with no damage!


God Damn


​Shame you couldn't spell correlate though... (_;)


M My anger does not coralate to ignorance nor to the point he was trying to make.... Intellectually I am beyond anything you could ever hope to be!

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 £39 with code and FREE delivery @ Tesco
Found 4th May 2017Found 4th May 2017
Great deal from Tesco Direct. Pre-Order Gran Turismo Sport for £39 using code: TD-JHMW (Code let's you save £5 when spending £40 or more on computing/gaming) Includes FREE home … Read more

Content wise there will be much more! Closer to GT3 in size.


why is this so cold


I've played the beta a bit and the actual racing is quite good but I can't help feeling that it's a bit too little, too late... It could just be that the beta is massively cut-down in terms of features but their decision not to release GT6 on PS4 has built up my expectations for something killer.


Since there's a beta out, is this a regular GT game or is it purely online races and hot laps, because that's the impression all the PR has given me?


code not working here either

Gran Turismo Sport - PS4 - £35.47 Delivered @ The Game Collection (using BIRTHDAY11 code) Ends Midnight 27/07!
Found 26th Jul 2016Found 26th Jul 2016
Not a bad price to get the game on release day. Out 18/11/2016 A possible further 2% off if you use Quidco as well.

Looking at this for my other half, he bought the thrustmaster wheel/pedals and gamer seat etc just for this game! Wasn't sure if I'm best to hold on or pre order????


look like sony is selling half a game at full price and selling the other half as dlc at 60 quid


Too tempting, pre ordered! Even if it's rubbish I can trade it in and possibly make a profit at that price... (_;)


Tempted. Should really wait though. 8)

Gran Turismo Sport (PS4) - £35.95 Game Collection using E3HANGOVER code
Found 26th Jun 2016Found 26th Jun 2016
Cheapest price I have seen so far.
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Yeah, I'm also a mug, can't help it. I'm also buying it digitally, so I must be some sort of Super Mug.


Yeah it was more of a vent than anything else. I get the feeling this game won't be that popular and they'll learn- but I need my racing game fix :(


The game cannot maintain a 60fps period, they already admitted that, but not because the PS4 cannot do it at 1080p/60 fps, the game would have look glorious on the PS4 had they just stuck to making the next GT game for everybody, but no, they took the stupid decision to make it VR, painted themselves into a corner with the game by having to sacrificed so much simply for bloody VR and it limited tech, and then go and throw some band aids over the rest to try and sell it to normal PS4 owners. I am scracthing my head at whoever thought this wa the way to go, when what they should have done was make the game for the PS4 full blown for that hardware, then took that and downgraded it for VR support, i am sure the VR owners would be happy just to get a VR game for GT.


No, they thought it wasn't fitting for the game. They actually said there's enough content to call it GT7 but they chose not to. And who judges a games frame rate at 50% completion. You can read far more insightful comments than mine on GTplanet and by all accounts, sim veterans are saying that it improves on previous GT games in every way. I don't care how many sales the game manages, so long as I enjoy it. And for those complaining about graphics, lets compare it to Assetto Corsa and Project Cars. GT Sport is already looking better


Funny thing is they were planning on calling this GT7 but dropped it because they thought the lack of content and underwelming graphics and sound would hurt sales. Also it isn't even a stable 60fps as it regualy drops to even 30fps. Its very rarely 60fps.

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