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PS4 Slim 1TB, 2 Controllers, GT Sport, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy £269.99 - GAME
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
The 1TB PS4 slim bundles with 1 controller didn't drop below £230 even on Black Friday, so I thought this was a fair price considering the extra controller. WHAT’S IN THE BOX Pl… Read more

303 at Tesco direct


Im a little gutted at not having jumped in over xmas and black friday. Money was tight but now there's nothing available. Spose there's always Easter, maybe something will show up then.


Where can you get a decent Ps4 pro without the use of a time machine?


When you are paying this much you may as well get the Pro I think. Not voting but you can get more for your coin I think.

Ps4 pro black with two games Gt sport Dishonored death of the outsider £303 @ Tesco
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Add the following items seperately in this order Ps4 pro black Gt sport Dishonored death of the outsider Price comes down to 303 May only work on mobile/tablet You could also … Read more

Out of stock not working now :(


works great. got mine yesterday :) . thanks poster.


Thanks very much for confirming - appreciate it.


I just went to buy it - all in my basket and discounts showing....and the Dishonored is out of stock...pushing my basket price back up again :-( Absolutely gutted :-(


Thanks for the advice Spinach_pie, i think you are right. It's looking very likely that's what i will do. Cheers.

PlayStation VR - GT Sport Bundle £259.43 from Amazon Global inc Shipping
Found 30th Dec 2017Found 30th Dec 2017
PlayStation VR (v1 I believe) GT Sport Bundle, priced using Amazon’s currency conversion tool so charged in sterling. Price includes customs deposit and shipping.
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You'r trolling son, how sad. ps vr is on the up every week. and yes the games are just starting to get out of "experiences", its only been 1 year lol


Dont argue with dumb (lol)


EstorilBlue: Judging by the severe lack of games and that most of the available games are just “experiences” then yes. Check out some online articles and Youtube videos about the subject, not just my thoughts. If you think “big” sales numbers mean its a surefire hit, please feel free to research the Sega Dreamcast which sold a total of 10.6 million units worldwide. It had a generally bad selection of games and was dropped overnight by Sega like the proverbial Hot Potato. Alternatively lets talk the “next big thing” and remember the X-Box kinect... Numbers mean nothing, if the company dont want to support it, they wont. Ironically big sales numbers just show they already have your money so they dont need to keep pandering to your future needs or requirements. There's over 2 million psvr units already sold and the platform is supported, to me it's about cross platform gaming with Hive and Oculas Rift users where everybody wins and this is the direction it's headed, on the store there are 161 games and 24 experiences which clearly shows that there are more games than experiences. Sony has been making and marketing head mounted displays for years with three version of their HMZ head mounted TV displays before the PSVR so to say Sony wont support it when they have a known track record is a bit of a mute point. Let's agree to disagree.


You said "Shame the technology uptake failed" The actual data shows otherwise. It was number one until they ran out of stock. The lower price was obviously the sweet spot for a lot of people. The same happens with pretty much any 'new' technology. Maybe you regard 2 million sales in a year as failing, I don't, though I'd like to see a link to the numerous reputable sources that state this. How do you know the 'PS VR-X' is out in June 2018?


There's no such thing as a PSVR-X, even if it was a real thing it wouldn't come out in 6 months time.


Deal now out of date need closing


Shopto., 3 play link games. Either horizon or gt sport with Extra controller £299





It’s true, I wouldn’t be surprised if they soon stopped including a controller with consoles, just to rip us off even more!

Gran Turismo Sport & Ebay Shopto for £17.99 (Spend £20 and £14.39 with 20% Voucher Code)
Found 28th Dec 2017Found 28th Dec 2017
Thought I would post this as an add on to my big purchase on ebay, just to get closer to the £375 figure (to max out the max £75 discount with the current ebay code). Sub £15 so a… Read more
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Why would anyone have a PS4 and NOT have it online? It would be like having a car with no engine!


Can you not buy homeplugs with the 20% ebay voucher Will make the connection more stable


Oh, well this is unfortunate. Wi-Fi is my only option for where my Playstation is and it receiving a connection is hit and miss. Hmm, well I have 55 minutes to think about it. Still, a nice price. Heat added.


You can play certain modes such as arcade & scapes, however you will be unable to save progress unless online.

DS4 PS4 Controller v2 (blue/red/white/Gt Sport edition etc) £29.48 @ shopto eBay using 20% off code between 12pm and 6pm (CODE IS : PNY2018)
Found 28th Dec 2017Found 28th Dec 2017
DS4 PS4 Controller v2 (blue/red/white/Gt Sport edition etc) £29.48 @shopto eBay using 20% off code between 12pm and 6pm CODE IS : PNY2018 Link above will take you to the PS4 GT … Read more
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I'm in N.Ireland, didn't expect mine either as it was only sent last night....Thanks for posting,good deal.


Same... I got mine today even though it said it would come on the 10th January


Purchase history on EBay and Shopto confirmation emails show full price....PayPal shows £29.48 payment made to shopto. Got my Gt one today..looks good.


No, it should only take the discounted amount. Has it definitely taken it all? The invoice is a bit weird in that it suggests it does take the full amount, but then adjusts it a little lower down. Mine arrived today anyway - cheers.


My paypal has been debited for the full amount. Does the discount get refunded later?

Xbox One X 1TB + Forza Motorsport 7 + Playerunknown Battleground £375 (Now OOS) / PS4 Pro + Fifa 18 £240 / Nintendo Switch £224 / GT Sport PS4 Controller £29.49 (Using code from 12pm) @ Shopto eBay
Found 28th Dec 2017Found 28th Dec 2017
Some very good prices from 12pm :) Use code PNY2018 PS4 Pro: Nintendo Switch: https://ww… Read more
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Lol I'll look into it, although I'm over my hatred of deer! I bought the Uncharted series yesterday, just need some time to actually play them!


I highly recommend Skyrim! To finally get rid of the deer twitching if nothing else (lol)


Received my One X yesterday!


Good to see people getting their consoles. Still not got mine though or recieved any dispatch email, which was expected to be delivered yesterday. (annoyed)


Got my 1tb pro yesterday . Noticed that the seal was very loose, actually no effort to peel away. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and just assumed it was one of those things. I then started putting it together when I noticed a scratch and a bit of dust at the back of machine. I then called them and they said that all their machines are brand new, I then mentioned the scratch and the their credit they said that is not right. They are now gonna collect it and send a replacement out next week. It's a shame this has happened but hopefully it will be sorted soon. Makes me a little weary or purchasing a large item from them again although I must say software purchases have always been good.

PS4 Pro White 1TB Console + DS4, GT Sport, That's You, Knowledge is Power, Hidden Agenda + Singstar Cel (Select FREE Items ) £299.86 @ Shopto
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
Gran Turismo Sport Save £17.86 FREE Hidden Agenda Save £9.85 FREE Knowledge is Power Save £9.85 FREE Singstar Celebration Save £9.85 FREE That's You Sa… Read more
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Got It! Zero dawn looks absolutely beautiful <3


Status changed to “your parcel had left the UK” :)


WOW! Looks like you got a great deal there! worth the wait. Happy New Year ! (highfive)


Wow that's so cool haha, nice one! Can't believe they honoured this - can't wait for mine to come, although DPD still hasn't received it! (skeptical)


Mine arrived today, and they even sent Knowledge is Power anyway even though I hadn't ordered it lol (y) Not bad for £299

SONY PlayStation 4 Pro,  Gran Turismo Sport & extra Wireless Controller Bundle £299.99 @ Currys
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
4K Ultra HD graphics & HDR technology 1 TB hard drive & 8 GB GDDR5 memory Blu-ray drive Dual-band WiFi with Ethernet & Bluetooth

Also Argos and Tesco do the same deal but with horizon. Would much rather have that.


If this deal was £199.99 Then it would be a proper Deal..


Already posted



Nothing new

PS4 PRO white with GT Sport £269.99 with New Customer code @ very
Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017
New ps4 pro in white with gran turismo sport and extra controller 269.99 @ very with code. LXJLX
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Def worth arguing that it says controller included on the order I didn't order one as I hate very but def worth complaining if you didn't get dualshock


Anyone else here that ordered this bundle not receive the extra controller? I'm having problems with there customer service, the main issue is that the customer service really is bad with Very.


Nice one, just picked this up with 12 months BNPL. Be great if we get an extra controller with it :)


Who cares. I got a free one from currys but they aren't giving them away for free anymore and Tesco aren't doing them for 205 so its irrelevant.


I’m afraid you’re wrong Borat. Got the PS4 Pro plus controller and two games for £205 too. Thanks Tesco

PS4 Pro White 1TB Console + DualShock 4 Controller Magma Red V2 + GT Sport, That's You, Knowledge is Power, Hidden Agenda + Singstar Celebration + Fallout 4 + Doom + Dishonored 2 Limited Edition  SHOPTO
LocalLocalFound 24th Dec 2017Found 24th Dec 2017
Deal LIVE again now with DualShock 4 Controller Magma Red V2 instead of white one Base bundle comes with 5 Free Games + Free DualShock 4 Controller Magma Red V2 For £299.86 but … Read more

Great post Op, but I was under pressure to have it arrive today, so already ordered eslewhere !!. This is a cracking deal though.


There were a few posts for the Currys misprices, here's one:


Where do you add the extra controller? It's not among the free selections in the first step, and it doesn't appear in the basket afterwards.

jona77 there you go mate that’s the Tesco one !


I missed these... do you have a link? Even if expired (horror)

GT Sport PS4 £17.86 @ Shopto
Found 24th Dec 2017Found 24th Dec 2017
Bought this for my little boy. Seemed to be the cheapest around at the moment.
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This just isnt Gran Turismo. Cars have to be compliant before you can race online. You just cant jump in. You cant start the game with a banger and race it, win coins, upgrade it and buy decent motors. Im so sad to be playing this today. Its got nothing more than remnants of the old GT. This is definitely the last Gran Turismo game I will ever buy. What a fall from grace. Please don't waste your money on this abomination. Wait till it's free on PS+


Avoid. Game is a mess and even Servers have been down for sometime. But it's okay when sony does it


(lol) (lol) (lol)


Bah humbug


What's it got to do with beer?

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 - £17.86 @ Shopto
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
Gran Turismo Sport PS4 - £17.86 @ Shopto. Seems like a good price for it as I couldn't find it cheaper elsewhere. Free delivery too.
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There are so many copies of this floating around since the pre-Christmas Tesco PS4 Pro deal stack, I'm surprised it's even selling for this much. Traded mine in at CEX last week for £21 credit (£15 cash but I saw a game I wanted)


Why is this game so cheap? P Cars 2 is between £24-40... is it retaining its price because of how good it is? I wanted to like GT Sport but have not heard many good things about it other than how good it looks.


I got it for £14 when eBay had 20% off and ive enjoyed it but to hear more tracks cars makes it better and more improvements love it


I played a bit of the GT league mode and was slightly disappointed. You don't get any award car after winning a race series, which you can win them in older franchise. You get the prize money instead.


Where did you get it for that? Showing £70 on shopto now. Id get it with the controller for that price anytime, could probably get most if not all back on the controller and have virtually free gt sport...

GT Sport (PS4) 'Gran Turismo Sport' Is the Final PlayStation®Store '12 Deals of Christmas' Title
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
'Gran Turismo Sport' Is the Final PlayStation®Store '12 Deals of Christmas' Title £24.99 Standard £34.99 Digital Deluxe Edition 48 hours only! Although if you want standard… Read more
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This was £17 on PSN a few weeks ago..


What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold


Do these people at Playstation really think this is a good deal?


Took one for the team posting this one up!


I feel completly deflated,.

PS4 Pro White 1TB + GT sport + Singstar + PS4 Dualshock Controller + NOW TV - £299 @ GAME
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
Yes, another PS4 Pro deal, this time from Game......... See what you all think, looks good to me with the extra controller and two games, plus the 2 months Ents pass from Now TV.
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I bought two PS4 Pro bundles from Currys at black Friday. One for £229 which was dispatched. The other for £203 which was originally cancelled but then replaced by a £298 voucher to spend on anything at currys as an apology. So, in actual fact Currys paid me £69 and gave me a PS4 Pro bundle (lol)


Mines on its way, pick up on Wednesday 😁🤘


Got mine shipped


Looks like the £200 PS4 pros with 2 games and extra controller have been shipped (popcorn) Multiple confirmations. You'll be seeing all these on eBay very shortly

PlayStation Pro PS4 White with extra controller and GT Sport £299.98 @ Currys
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
Ps pro white with extra controller and gt sport @ currys

Is this still valid in store? Does anyone know please?


The White Pro I got from Tesco is CUH 7116B as oppossed to CUH-7016 The fan is quiter here is a vid.


What about the black?


Chassis A apparently being replaced with quieter fan model for the white. Other than that not much changes. Check the PS4 PlayStation forums


How did u get one? Did u wake up really early.?

PS4 Pro White 1TB  + GT Sport + Hidden Agenda + Extra Dualshock Controller £205.01 @ Tesco Direct
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
Interesting deal - Add all items to basket to get this price - am on desktop, may need to change browser Add PS4 Pro white console Add Hidden Agenda Add GT Sport Add d… Read more
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My PS4 Pro arrived last week I complained due to the delay and got £20, not for £40 like some. I then took the games and pads to local tesco, showed them a screenshot of the receipt with the pertinent details and got a £93 refund So i believe that means i've paid £92 for a PS4 pro, which is supposed to cost £350 on its own. Thank you chanchi! I would say that one part of the box was ripped, but not the other side, and I can't see how they could extract or insert the console through this hole. I haven't tested the console yet, it looks new though.


In store really. Say it's a gift but the wrong colour, may have to quote your order number but shouldn't be a problem and also may have to exchange in games to get the same games back. Depends who you get on the desk and what mood they're in tbh


Tinder XD


I got my white PS4 but want to exchange for a black one. What would be the best way?


Sold them all in one go for £320 each inc VAT

Sony PlayStation VR V2  + Camera + VR Worlds + Skyrim or GT Sport or Doom  VFR £299.99 @ smyths
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
Updated version of playstation Vr, includes camera and Vr Worls Plus choice of 3 other games.

Yes S/H values seem to be good. I initally purchased V1 from Amazon on BF but have returned it and got V2 for about £30-40 more. I find V2 alot simpler in terms of dangling wires but in the end they both do the same thing. Dont have a 4K telly yet. I also upgraded to a PS4 Pro and although no great difference its worth it for a smoother gameplay and faster loading experience. Tried the Kitchen demo free off PS Plus and man was that terrifying!!


Good stuff and heat added. (cam be collected before Christmas) other shops may not be able to deliver now. Looking to sell my old one today and get the v2. So fed up with changing the cables. Not interested in splitters as I don't trust the reduction, no hdr etc. Works out cheaper to sell my old one and get this.


What's the very deal then?


I eventually pursuaded myself to get the Very Skyrim deal.... never cared for the fantasy type genre though. Bought Farpoint and Doom too. There seems to be a reasonable amount of games now and entering into the virtual world means I don't need to watch the soaps, so that's a good excuse as any to buy one!


Tempting 🤔

Sony PlayStation VR V2 (PS VR) + Camera + VR Worlds + Skyrim or GT Sport £297.85 @ Shopto
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
Sony PlayStation VR V2 + Camera + VR Worlds + Skyrim or Gran Turismo Sport or Doom *Whilst stock last Only £297.85 First post!

How essential are the Move controllers when using Playstation VR? It seems strange that none of the currently available V2 bundles in the UK have the Move controllers, which makes me think they aren't essential, but at the same time I don't want to buy one of these bundles and choose a game and find out that it requires them? Anyone who has PSVR care to comment on how important the Move controllers are? Is it worth waiting for the V2 versions of those too? (are they still only available in the States?)


Waiting for 4k version


It's not, there is no v2 yet! It's just a revision, like how the ps4 had multiple revisions before the pro even came out, just because you have a revised model of a ps4 (i.e. not the launch version), it doesn't mean you have a ps5.


Ok i didnt know that it was a v2 :) thank you


HDR pass-through and some aesthetic tweaks to the headset.

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