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Graze Cocoa Vanilla & Oats Vegan Protein Bites 30g (Pack of 15) - £5.63 (Add on) £5.35 (S&S) @ Amazon
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
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Already posted. In fact all 3 varieties are the same price.


But it’s a “Protein bite” not a flapjack ;)


When I see the word flapjack it doesn’t immediately spring into mind that it would be the kcal equivalent to a cucumber 🥒


Margarine being the second most abundant ingredient too (annoyed) no thanks too


7.4g of sugar vs. 5g of protein. no thanks.

Graze Honey & Oats Protein Bites 30g (Pack of 15) £5.63 (Add On Item)  £4.79 with 15% S&S discount @ Amazon Other varieties available
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Also available Graze Cocoa Vanilla & Oats Vegan Protein Bites 30 grams (Pack of 15) Graze Cocoa Vanilla & Oats Vegan Protein Bites 30 grams (Pack of 15) Lowest price… Read more
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That seems way too much. Brad Pilon (who is hardly skinny) recommends around 100g. I've seen various values bandied about, typically 1.5x I believe, which for a 90g man would be 135g. He sent a pertinent newsletter on that recently: --------- There is an obvious difference between RESEARCH and HEADLINES ABOUT RESEARCH, and to be honest, neither one is particularly helpful unless you're looking at the total body of evidence available... Especially when it comes to protein.As an example... “Protein builds muscle." But not really, because you have to actually CONSUME the protein, so... “Consuming protein builds muscle.” But again not exactly, since research suggests you need to eat a certain amount of protein for it to actually cause a muscle building affect, so... “Consuming a certain amount of protein builds muscle.” Of course, it's not as if the protein actually builds the muscle, but rather an intake of protein is associated with the muscle building process... "Consuming a certain amount of protein helps with the muscle building process." However, this amount may vary depending on your age, gender and training status, so... “Consuming a certain amount of protein is associated with the muscle building process for some people.” But then, timing also plays a role in this... “Consuming a certain amount of protein at certain times helps with the muscle building process for some people.” Then of course, you have the arguments that some proteins are more anabolic than others… “Consuming a certain amount of specific types of protein at certain times helps with the muscle building process for some people.” And finally, it’s not as if every study finds a beneficial affect of protein… “Sometimes, but not always, consuming a certain amount of specific types of protein at certain times helps with the muscle building process for some people.” Or, you could just eat… Yes, it is clear that consuming protein has some ability to aid in your goals of gaining or maintaining muscle mass. So it does make sense to make sure you eat enough protein (90-120 grams per day is fine for most people as a rolling average), maybe have a post-workout shake or meal, and then don’t worry so much about it. Eat protein, yes, stress about the intricacies of protein research? Please no. --------- Fasting is great. Check out if you're interested. That's a heavy lifting approach. Brad Pilon comes at it from a health and well being focus, and takes a relaxed, no fuss approach. Found his book rather boring though to be honest Jason Fung is meant to be a very good authority on it. And personally I liked Ori Hofmekler's warrior diet and ideas. Although haven't read his book, and much is opinion rather than backed by citations etc. Still works though I think.


Oh, I don't disagree there. Western diets are usually chocker with protein. But, depending on source, a 90kg man is recommended somewhere between ~70g and ~160g a day. It's pretty vague. If you're lifting with even moderate intensity you should be at the top end, if not higher. But the value of sleep is huge, yeah. Fasting's an interesting one. I've been reading more about it lately and it seems to have lots of potential benefits.


It depends on how much protein you're taking and how much you're working out. But the actual training is far more important. Most people in developed countries have plenty of protein, and those working out typically have extra protein. You don't need to go overboard. Getting sufficient rest, or fasting before exercise etc. could well have a bigger effect than having e.g. 10g more protein.


I think labeling for all that you mentioned should be the norm but I disagree on the protein/growth point. It's well established that protein intake directly impacts muscle growth, and newer studies suggest it has a greater impact on weight loss than originally thought, too. (y)


While I appreciate the sentiment, I don't think legislating for protein food labelling is the most important thing at the moment. If more food labelling legislation is added, I'd much prefer that to be for artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated fats (or better yet just ban hydrogenated fats), to overturn the big food company lobby that allowed "chocolate" made with vegetables fats to still be allowed to be called chocolate etc. The need for additional protein for muscle building is also grossly exaggerated. I believe the idea that you eat to gain muscle, rather than work out to gain muscle, is pushed by the fitness industry because those people are already paying for gym memberships and working out etc, so it's how they can increase expenditure and consumption. So you get people that want to lose weight being told to exercise (when they could just fast and eat healthier), and those that want to gain muscle being told to eat (when they could just do resistance training). It's propagated to such an extent that people state building muscle is mostly about what you eat, which is just BS. Hence the protein fad marketing. Even if these had a decent amount of protein in them it wouldn't matter. Even if you want to consume lots of extra protein, supplemented protein, bars etc. are never going to be the best form. The protein to calorie ratio and protein to cost ratio is generally very poor - all for some supposed convenience benefit.

Various Graze Share Bags - £9.00 @ Amazon Prime for 6 x 104g or (£7.65 S&S) + £4.49 P&P Non-Prime
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
Various Graze share bags - link goes to BBQ but others available. £7.65 for 15% off S&S. Usually around £2.98 a bag in the supermarket.
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If you don't want to bulk buy these are half price at the moment in Waitrose. £3.00 down to £1.50 a bag.


The OP didnt explain too well, you need to buy 5 seperate lots to get 15% off £9 = £7.65 only the flavours left in stock are available for Sub/Save.


Can’t get the £7.65 price (skeptical)

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Graze Veggie Protein Power 74p instore @ Boots Ramsgate
LocalLocalFound 10th FebFound 10th Feb
GRAZE veggie protein power 128g in BOOTS , Ramsgate
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Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
A £5 voucher for use at the graze shop. 1 voucher per account. Orders under £10 subject to delivery fee.
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Thanks for posting (y)


Absolutely Cold! Prices are shocking, the Bites are nearly £7.50 for 3 boxes yet go to asda and there on offer for £1.50 a box X 3 = £4.50 for the same, also Heron always have Graze stuff in due to them not selling, usually £1 for a box of oats instead of £2.50


Maybe add that detail to the description?


It looks like they have stopped doing bags of chilli and lime cashews 😩. Can't find them


It's not. This voucher is for their shop. Not their subscription boxes. The shop is designed for one off purchases.

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Graze Flapjacks/Nuts - 60p (Half Price) @ Asda (Online and instore)
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Lots of Graze varieties half price at Asda I love the Cocoa Protein flapjacks as a nice top up throughout the day. More available here The 4 pack of 30g bites (cocoa and vanil… Read more

True. It is all linked in post but will add your info too.


The 4 pack of 30g bites (cocoa and vanilla, banana and oat) are also discounted from £2.50 to £1.50, which is technically a better deal. I started buying these a few weeks ago and they're awesome.


Heat for the price but not for me, give me a pack of cheesy doritos instead anyday - perhaps that's why I'm fat :p

Graze Cocoa Vanilla & Oats Vegan Protein Bites 30 grams (Pack of 15) at Amazon for £6.23 Prime / £10.72 non Prime
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Graze Cocoa Vanilla & Oats Vegan Protein Bites 30 grams (Pack of 15) or cheaper with s&s
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Looks like they are usually about 4 for £2.50 in the supermarkets. But Asda and Ocado have them for £1.50, which works out cheaper than Amazon anyway.


Nah theres are normally packs of 4


I'm sure the regular price for the 5 packs of these in supermarkets for £1.50? Which would make it £4.50 for 15. I could be wrong though.

Graze Boxes half price - 74p @ Londis
LocalLocalFound 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Graze Flapjack Cocoa & Vanilla Protein, Veggie Protein Power, Smoky Barbecue Crunch - 28g-53g I believe you can get these cheaper in bulk at Amazon but I know some folks might… Read more
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Graze Protein Bites - Banana & Oats pack of 15 Amazon Add on item  £5.63
Found 3rd Dec 2018Found 3rd Dec 2018
Graze Protein Bites - Banana & Oats pack of 15 Amazon Add on item £5.63
£4.79£5.6315%Amazon Deals
Rustic rolled oats banana flapjack with mixed seeds and soy protein. Suitable for vegans. Protein Bites 30g pack of 15 - banana and oats. Available as an add on for £5.63 or subscr… Read more

Almond ones are very nice


Local Heron stores have had these 5 for £1 there not very nice




4g of protein in each. Bit rich calling them 'protein bites'!


the ingredients aren't great!

Graze Black Friday sale 30% off snacks
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Graze Black Friday sale 30% off snacks
Y30Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
*T&Cs: Offer valid on a single order placed on the graze shop at for a limited time only. Purchases on the subscription site are not eligibl… Read more
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Graze Smoky Barbecue Crunch 31g (Pack of 9) @ Amazon - £4.49 Prime / £8.98 non-Prime
Found 16th Oct 2018Found 16th Oct 2018
Graze Smoky Barbecue Crunch 31g (Pack of 9) @ Amazon - £4.49 Prime / £8.98 non-Prime
£4.4 Sweet & smoky BBQ flavoured peas, chilli corn and crunchy corn chips High in fibre Under 150 calories Suitable for vegans and vegetarians No artificial colours, flavo… Read more
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OK so this deal is cheaper and delivered to my house?


Noticed the Protein power 5.40 also today


Possible other snack to report on soon :D but waiting for it to arrive to confirm amount of packets at my doorstep just in case....


Lidl's do a virtually identical product, they are only 69p each and can typically be found on the tills.



Graze Cocoa Vanilla Protein Flapjack 53g (Pack of 9) only £4.59 on (+ £4.49 delivery non prime)
Found 13th Oct 2018Found 13th Oct 2018
Graze Cocoa Vanilla Protein Flapjack 53g (Pack of 9) only £4.59 on (+ £4.49 delivery non prime)
This flapjack is handmade by a bakery in the Cotswolds. Made with oats combined with soya protein crispies, fine cocoa powder and a touch of vanilla - a tasty way to get more prote… Read more
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All gone (fierce)


Works out 50p a punnet which is decent. I usually stock up on these when Supermarkets have them on offer for around the same price.


Cheers, that'll do me for work


You could say that yes, 3 slices per pack. Graze usually sells 4 of theses boxes for £3.99. Boots and other places tend to sell each box for £1 ish.


I assume this is 27 Flapjacks for £4.59?

Graze Berry Protein Flapjack 53g 4 For £1 Or 30p Each @ Heron Foods
LocalLocalFound 8th Oct 2018Found 8th Oct 2018
Graze Berry Protein Flapjack 53g 4 For £1 Or 30p Each @ Heron Foods
£0.30£170%Heron Foods Deals
Flapjack with fruity cranberries with whole rolled oats and mixed seeds.
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Not all Herons have these in stock. 2 I've checked currently don't have any Graze products in store. I think they may only get a box or two in some stores to see if they sell.


I wish I had one of these near me (y)




thought it was 53grams of protein for a second there (:I


Good deal! Heat added :)

Graze Veggie Protein Power 128G £1 at Fenchurch Co-op
LocalLocalFound 2nd Oct 2018Found 2nd Oct 2018
Graze Veggie Protein Power 128G £1 at Fenchurch Co-op
Yummy and healthy snacks. Tescos have these at £3 currently so £1 at Co op is a good price in my opinion. 3 different mixes available but I don't remember the names of the other… Read more
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Update: Not sure if this is expired. I saw them yesterday in a stand near the self-checkouts with a reduced price tag. I checked again today and could only find the snacks in their original shelf and showing at full price. I did not try to scan them so cannot tell whether they will be reduced at checkout or not.


£3 is a rediculus pric


Hope they're this price at mine as I love them. Should be this price all the time.


Great find op, this is a great price for these :D


I struggle to justify when they are half price at £1.50, but would definitely buy them at £1.

Free graze box with code
Found 22nd Sep 2018Found 22nd Sep 2018
Free graze box with code
CPFGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Free graze box
Read More

I don't know how people pay for it. You can buy packs of this stuff and it works out cheaper than 3 or 4 boxes. Would last you for months.


Looks to be USA only, at least after the free box ($1 shipping).


These things must be the biggest rip off around when paying the full price

Graze snack boxes @ Tesco £0.59
Found 12th Sep 2018Found 12th Sep 2018
Graze snack boxes @ Tesco £0.59
£0.59£1.1950%Tesco Deals
Graze snack packs, both sweet and savoury half price in Tesco. Cheaper, with more nutrition then a chocolate bar or crisps 👌🏽
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Loves these thanks for posting, I have a lot of allergies so when I’m out I like to pop these in my bag I don’t think I seen then this cheap before. Thanks again xxx


Great price. Heat given


They are just nuts, buy a jumbo pack from Aldi...It's i a bit like Walkers Crisps, but to be fair they are the King of the crisp for me, but i can buy Lays for half the price and they are made by Walkers


Asda normally have them 2 for £1 at the checkout. Heat added


Couldn’t be more right. All this cheap processed snack food is terrible.

Graze flapjack choice of 2 flavours 60p @ asda / national
Found 7th Sep 2018Found 7th Sep 2018
Graze flapjack choice of 2 flavours 60p @ asda / national
£0.60£0.8328%Asda Deals
On asda website so assuming national.. Next best price is 83p...alright for 60p imo would never pay £1 + for one
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I like something that's a bit tart.... Sorry couldn't resist


Lemon one is gorgeous <3

Graze Cinnamon Cashew Butter Protein Balls 31g 3 For £1 @ Heron Foods.
LocalLocalFound 24th Aug 2018Found 24th Aug 2018
Graze Cinnamon Cashew Butter Protein Balls 31g 3 For £1 @ Heron Foods.
119 calories High in fibre 5g protein.
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Ohhhhhh interesting


15g protein for £1, lol no.


Which store?

Graze -sweet spicy-beetroot boost- 92g @ Tesco  .10p
LocalLocalFound 12th Aug 2018Found 12th Aug 2018
Graze -sweet spicy-beetroot boost- 92g @ Tesco .10p
£0.10£3.9997%Tesco Deals
Spotted in Tesco Crewe Product Expiry date: 25/08/2018
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Damn man, I feel ripped off, paid 11p for single pack 31g at Tesco yesterday. Lol (annoyed)


Store specific.


Could just eat some now.

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