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Produced by Nvidia, the GTX 1070 is one of the most advanced graphics cards available. Based upon Nvidia's Pascal technology and part of the GeForce collection, the GTX 1070 will enhance the graphic capabilities of gaming computers and provide extra oomph for professional systems as well. Find the best possible deal for the most advanced technology around by checking out the HotUKDeals GTX 1070 listings.

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Refurbished ex-mining MSI GTX 1070 Ti ARMOR Edition 8GB £269 - £238.65 with code @ compdocyeovil eBay (selected users only)
Found 6th DecFound 6th Dec
Refurbished MSI GTX 1070 Ti ARMOR Edition 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card Five available at time of posting. Seller has a bunch of positive feedback.

Yep, covered by eBay for 30 days and Paypal for up to 180 days after too. While I personally couldn't care less how a GPU looks as I don't have a windowed case, or even the PC on the desk top, I must admit it is a really nice looking card. Still think the 2000 series is badly overpriced but if you must buy one that is probably a good one to get...


I tried to post this yesterday but the mods wouldn't allow it: It was £500, now £485. There have been a few lower priced 2070s recently but the Aorus Xtreme range are arguably the best looking graphics cards ever! (If you haven't seen it yet, look it up on YouTube.) This particular model usually retails for around £580 so is quite a bargain at this price. Almost seems to good to be true and I know the seller has 98.4% feedback out of 121 but won't you be covered by PayPal if anything?


Picked up a mined EVGA 1070 few weeks off ebay for £208 (still had 2 years warranty and was in great condition) - no issues what so ever. Great deal, voted hot.


Yes. Most cards on eBay have been used for mining anyway. The card came out on November 2017, so at most 1 year old and MSI should usually do a 2 years of warranty. Maybe still 12 months remaining?


The reason why these are available cheaply is not because they're knackered, but because the fall in price of cryptocurrencies has made it unprofitable to mine.

Asus Cerberus GTX 1070 Ti 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card £369.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Comes with Monster Hunter World and the Fortnite Gear (if thats what your into!) Slightly more expensive than the Zotac Mini (£359.99) but comes with the freebies! Features … Read more
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Only thing putting me off is the g sync monitor prices, got an rx480 and freesync monitor atm. Is screen tearing a problem if say I got this and a 1440p monitor without g sync


Got this card and coupled with at least a 6th gen quad it's 60fps on ultra all day every day for most stuff. Never gets above 65c and is as quiet as a mouse's 21st birthday party. great card.


Machine Learning I would guess.


There's 35,000 unsold 1070s on ebay so the price will come down



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Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB MINI ZT-P10710G-10P £354.98 + £5.48 delivery @ Scan
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB MINI Graphics Card ZT-P10710G-10P Raise the playing field with ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Ti MINI graphics card. A super compact 1070 Ti model th… Read more

If you don't game that much, I personally feel you should have gone for a 1440p screen and a 1060 gpu. Having gone for the 4k monitor, if you want to play with good graphics I would be tempted to go for the Ti. Depends on if money is a real issue or not!


Opinions on whether this is worth the extra dollar over the 1070? It's a year and a half newer. For reference I have a 4k display, don't game that much, and probably won't upgrade for another 4 years. Thoughts?


Tough one. This or the non-Ti from Ebuyer for £299. I heard this card suffers from coil whine. Is that a problem with the non-Ti too? If not, I might just save myself the 55 quid


Voted hot. Got the EVGA 1070 NON-TI during Black Friday "week" for £299.99 - if the performance difference is worth the extra cash then good deal I say. Mini version too if space is tight. Edit: And an extra game too. The EVGA only had Monster Hunter.


I know it's but even I had to vote hot

Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 Mini 8GB Graphics Card + fortnite promotion Key + Free Monster Hunter World £297.49 @ Ebuyer
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
1.5 % cashback GTX 1070 Mini 8GB GDDR5 1708MHz Boost 5 Years Extended Waranty* GPU GeForce® GTX 1070 CUDA cores 1920 Video Memory 8GB GDDR5 Memory Bus 256-bit Engine Clock Base:… Read more

Well Amazon replaced it at first, the second one was the same before I gave up and went to EVGA.


OK, to make it clear, either your card was faulty or not manufactured to normal standards, or there was something wrong with your methodology in either cooling your PC or measuring the temps. 80C is not the norm for this card.


It won't be cooling, I can assure you, especially given how low my overclocked 4670K runs.


I'd suggest your card was an outlier in that case, or as I said, your cooling was insufficient.


My Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 Mini ran at 80 degrees playing PUBG. Not really the case of having not enough cooling when the EVGA card runs so much cooler is it? Especially when the TDP is higher on the Ti version. Besides, the whole point of a "Mini" card is to use it in smaller form factor builds such as mITX cases where space and airflow is especially limited.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Ti GAMING 8GB Graphics Card cyber monday deal £369.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Pretty good price for the triple fan version

I see it at 399.96 too, so I would assume yes.


I see the price as £399.96. Has it gone up?


The graphic cards sale for this year has been laughable. Increasing prices days before the sale and then offering some percentage of sale. This is nothing but scam.


I waited for this but am happy with went with the Overclockers Vega deal, offering a Vega 64 or Vega 56 with 3 games, the 56 at £299, seeing as I would buy The Division 2 for up to £50 makes it £250 for me, plus this card is only a year or so old compared to the 1070/1080 series, I've got the card now and its unreal, the quality is amazing! For me it was either a 1070ti or the AMD's , I might have gone for this at this price, but am so glad I chose the AMD card now, it's just as fast if not more in some games, and it's only getting better having the newer tech. So if your in two minds check Overclockers, they did run out of Stock but if you look on their forums they did say they would be issuing the deal again when stock comes back in. The 56 is backup to £349 & the 64 £449 still comes with free games though, but it might be worth holding on to see what Christmas offers they do. BTW I'm not saying this isn't a great deal just an alternative if it helps..


Does anyone know much about this card - Can't find much information about this model in terms of where its placed. I understand that they are all very similar but wondered if anyone had heard anything about it.

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EVGA GTX 1070 SuperClocked - £299.97 (incl. tax+del) @ Amazon US
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
This card is 390 on eBuyer right now, so this looks to be a better deal :) EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC Gaming ACX 3.0 8GB GDDR5 DVI-D HDMI 3x DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card Pro… Read more

Get a Vega 56 for slightly more, undervolt it and you have stock 1080 performance. An overclocked 1070 wont reach a stock 1080 either.


Totally agree with you. I bought this card when it was on offer last month and I didn't pay anything extra,only the price stated on Amazon.


15% faster roughly ---> £70 sound a bit much, I'd get the 1070.


This card or is it worth spending the extra £70 for the gigabyte 1070ti gaming ?


It was $298 before tax/duties etc $357.60 with tax/duties on Oct 14th, for EVGA SC but the op advertised £272 with whatever exchange rate they got at the time with their fee free card. Since then we've had more fiasco with Theresa May's crap Brexit negotiations so could be more to do with the falling £ and the fact the original OP quoted a fee free credit card conversion rate.

EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 SC 8GB ACX 3.0 Black Edition £319.98 @ Scan
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
EVGA Superclocked GTX 1070 Black Edition If you are looking to get the most of your new GeForce GTX 1070 then the Superclocked version could be for you. This version of the Superc… Read more
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More than double what they pay in the US. Lovely


Back to full price


Roughly £195 converted. Criminal


why cold for scan?


As long as suckers will be willing to pay current prices as if the current state of affairs were normal, manufacturers won’t lower their prices.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5  Graphics Card £299.99 @ Scan free delivery
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC ACX 3.0 Black Edition 8GB GDDR5 VR Ready Graphics Card, 1920 Core, 1594MHz GPU, 1784MHz Boost

That's the best price by some distance, but I still dunno if its worth spending £230 (assuming my card sells for 200) for a 20-25% upgrade over my 1070. Really was hoping for a bigger jump.


Damn. Just missed it. Back to 419 now :(


Yes I agree, I think prices for graphics cards should be linked to how much extra power they have over the lesser model, the 1070 is roughly 35% more powerful than the 1060 6gb so should really be around £270


LOL really?


I have bad news for you 1080's have being selling like hot cakes. After the 2080 release and the slight price drop for the 1080 and 1080TI a lot of people starting buying. Global stocks are reported low so dont expect the price to drop on them.

Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB MINI Graphics Card - £349.99 Delivered @ Scan
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Cheapest price for a 1070ti in a while!

Sorry, not following your question? Do you mean since when have Newegg factored in the supplier-to-door price, or something else?


Fair enough, since when has that been the case? There is still a disclaimer on the basket page and the price does increase slightly during checkout (£331 iirc).


Zotac have UK service centre.


What is it like for returns as sending it back sounds a pain in the ass if it becomes faulty? I am tempted by this deal.


No it's not, priced paid is price to your door, just like Amazon.

Asus Cerberus GTX 1070 Ti 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card, £369.98 at Ebuyer(+free game)
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Please note the gamecode will be sent out in an email up to 5 working days after the invoice date Graphics Engine NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 TI Bus Standard PCI Express 3.0 OpenGL… Read more

There was no drop in price. Please correct your feelings.


this is £15 more but comes with Farcry 5 & Monster hunt. It has a slightly lower clock speed tho.


i can feel the drop in price coming on these tomorrow oh boy


New monster hunter apparently


what game?

Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 Mini 8GB Graphics Card 5 Year warranty £299.99 @ Ebuyer
Refreshed 29th NovRefreshed 29th Nov
Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 Mini 8GB Graphics Card Features New Pascal Architecture 8GB 256-bit GDDR5 Virtual Reality Ready 1 x Dual-link DVI, 3 x DisplayPort (version 1.4), 1… Read more
RichG_90 That's one example, just check the voucher code works as it won't let me check as I have already used mine. Just bear in mind that the max discount is £50. This was the one I purchased on an auction bid and the code still worked




Mind telling us from where please?


Agreed, I just picked up a Strix 1070 for £269


Good price but do look out for these on eBay. I was able to get a 1070 for £224 with the previous 10% code they did.

MSI GeForce GTX 1070 ARMOR 8G OC Graphics Card £329.99 @ eBuyer
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
MSI GeForce GTX 1070 ARMOR 8G OC Dual-Link DVI-D HDMI 3x DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card Armour up with this MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Armor graphics card. The highly efficient black f… Read more

Dont forget import fees


i do not but from you saying that i can assume it’s probably that they will not accept returns of the doa parts i’ve not heard any horror stories of doa parts tho?


Hi lewylew, Do you know how the newegg return policy works for DOA parts?


Where from?


you can get the evga ftw edition on newegg for £309.59 if your not in a hurry and can wait on delivery

MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Graphics Card - £398.99 (+£10 Delivery) @ OcUK
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
GTX 1070 Ti GAMING 8G Core Clock: 1607MHz Boost Clock: 1683MHz Memory: 8192MB 8000MHz GDDR5 Stream Processors: 2432 SLI Ready VR Ready PhysX/CUDA Enabled 3 Years Warranty. Read more
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ru serious lol this is still more than its rerlease price


Great price for a great card with excellent power usage profile. No idea why this is cold, cheapest I could find


Get the Saphire Vega64 Nitro+ that's currently £398 on OCUk. Will easily grant you an extra 10-20fps ontop of a 1070ti See: And: Edit: How could I forget - you get 3 free games with the Vega64 too as apart of a current AMD promo: Devil May Cry 4, The Division 2, Resident Evil 2. No brainer really.


rofl just get a vega 64 if you're even contemplating this - £400 today.


Done. Thanks for letting me know.


If you need Nvidia for something (gsync, CUDA, Physx, or a specific game), then this. Also if you have a budget PSU, as while the power draw isn't that different on average, Vega has power draw spikes which are significantly higher and will stress your PSU more. I came from an overclocked Vega 56 to this (sold for profit to a miner), and honestly it's slightly slower generally, except for GTA V, AC Origins, and other Nvidia favouring games. I'm moving back to AMD because of Freesync, currently deciding between the black Friday deals or waiting for 7nm next year. That £299 Vega56 is unbeatable value.


Unless you need G-sync you'd be insane to buy this over the Vega 56/64 + games bundles today.


Great card for great price. I'm a Zotac user and can't complain..super silent.


Thanks for correcting :) So, this or the Vega 64 for £20 more....


That review is the Amp! Extreme model. This OP is for the Amp! model. I have the one in the OP - it has 100mm fans and is genuinely almost silent up to around 50-60% fan speed, and quiet enough for regular gaming with speakers (not headphones) all the way up to about 78%. I try and keep the fans below 80% and I'm never concerned about the fan noise.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC GAMING ACX 3.0 Black Edition, 8GB GDDR5, LED, DX12 OSD Support (PXOC) - £349.19 @ Amazon
Found 12th NovFound 12th Nov
Been looking into my own build recently and though this was a good price for the 1070.

no loss, both heavily overpriced


Both prices gone back up, dam it.


Assuming the main aim is gaming and you're not chasing clockspeed, then the ti over the x all day long. Maybe we'll see some decent deals but unless the x gets down to within £10-£15 difference it's a tough sell for us casuals imho.


Id also spend a little more for a 1070ti. I got the £270 1070 deal from posted here about a month ago so would be hard pressed recommending it at this price point.


Just ab to post it. 30 more for far superior card

EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW ULTRA SILENT GAMING - £394.53 @ Amazon
Found 24th OctFound 24th Oct
I just brought one for my new PC Gaming rig. I believe it to be a good price. Hope it helps someone.
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price now £380.39 and in stock


I keep checking but unfortunately it's been out of stock for a while now - since the day after it was posted. Otherwise a good deal:)


Still haven't bought it mind - I only need a 1080 spec card but noise levels are important to me and I just want this to drop a little more, hopefully soon!


Hmm, I recently got an EVGA 1070ti FTW2 FOR 340.. 30 days up on the 14th. Can't decide if I should return and wait for 2070 deals or just keep it.


I had this card in my watch list, and it made this price a couple of times. Main driver for this card, for me, was the 'silent' spec, if it is as quiet as the reviews say then I can find nothing to compare it to. A faster spec card for similiar money is not a comparison if sound levels are taken into account - and that's the unique selling point of this card.

MSI GTX 1070 Ti ARMOR 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card - £384.98 Ebuyer
Found 22nd OctFound 22nd Oct
Another day, another 1070 TI under £400. Though as I wrote about the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 TI, I don't know how good this exact model is but thought worth posting anyway. Free … Read more
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Yeah, also with free copy of Monster Hunter World. Nvidia are giving away a code for that game with a lot of the 1070+ GPUs at the moment.


now down to £379.97


Holding off for Xmas deals!!


Pretty bad in this case means ‘worst’! There aren’t any worse performing coolers out there. That said it’ll still keep it within operating temps but seems to run around 70-75C if left to its own devices and this is a good price for this particular chipset.


The cooler on this card is quite notorious for being pretty bad, how bad exactly I'm not sure. Worth looking into before buying for sure.

Zotac GTX 1070 Ti Mini: £370 with delivery @ Overclockers
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
A decent price for the 1070 Ti. £10 delivery from Overclockers. 5 year warranty if registered with Zotac. The 'mini' version gets decent write-ups, even if you don't need the sma… Read more

Agreed. If you can wait to buy a GPU, you should. But my PC died in February, just at the height of stupid GPU prices due to mining. I've had to wait until now for these GPUs to drop below RRP. They should be at least £80-100 less than what they are, especially with the 20xx coming out. But, even now, AMD aren't offering anything better that beats the inflated prices. So if a GPU is a must, like it is for me, this is the nonsense we have to deal with.


Now you also get free: Monster Hunter: World - Game Bundle Download


Also not to mention the fact that due to Nvidia has such a huge lead in performance, they pulled a bait and switch and from GeForce 600 series onward they started calling what used to be 60/60Ti the 70/80, and 70/80 the 80Ti/Titan. This is also one of the key reason why Nvidia cards now always started out with the 70/80 in the lead, and always fall behind later in the life cycle.


^^ But it's a pretty genius business strategy. They've managed to move a ton of RTX cards at inflated prices AND continue to sell their old overstocked Pascal cards at basically the same prices and people are happy with getting a "good deal" on them, because an overclocked 1070ti or 1080 will be largely or nearly indistinguishable from an RTX2070 currently. They all fall within about an approx. 10% performance range generally. And those who just want to spend money on the latest hardware can get their exclusive cards with Ray Tracing technology that is currently useless but feeds the epeen, and those who are incensed with the pricing of the new cards can look at the performance of a £360 1070ti and get 90% of the performance of a £500 2070 and that looks like good value ... Unless you remember that the XX70 cards are supposed to be sub £400 anyway, and that (based on previous SKUs) a 2060 should release at the £250 ish price point with 1070-1080 like performance (*Note - I don't think that it will release at that price/performance, just that it should) ... except that apparently the generational gains expectation has now been lowered (the 2070 matches the 1080 instead of the 1080ti as was the case the previous 2 generations, along with the 2080 now matching 1080ti instead of being decidedly in front as it was last time) and yet despite this lowering of performance increase expectations, prices have increased across the board anyway. The scam is obvious, and they're getting away with it regardless. Just watch with the Turing refresh launch whenever that happens, and the new pricing structure will be solidified, unless AMD manage to knock it outta the park with Navi. All our hopes for a reasonable GPU future lie with TSMC's high performance 7nm being as good as it's allegedly testing ...


It's all according to Nvidia's grand plan...they delibrately price the RTX cards high to push people that were orginially holding off buying the 10 series waiting for the 20 series into reluntantly buying their old, excessive amount of 10 series GPUs left from overproduction for the mining craze. Ngreedia indeed. Us gamers are paying for the mistake of their lost on gambling.

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