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Dell G5 Gaming Desktop - i5 10400F, 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe, GTX 1660 SUPER 6GB GDDR6, keyboard/mouse/WiFi - £679.20 with code @ Dell
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Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Thanks to @igno for the voucher code. Processor 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-10400F processor(6-Core, 12M Cache, 2.9GHz to 4.3GHz) Operating System Windows 10 Home 64bit, English, D… Read more

Enjoy your overheating GPU buyers


Love the line "your paying to get ripped off"


2nd part of review


Video wasn't a big surprise, Dell's always been the same, very quick to adopt Intel standards, I remember when they switched over to BTX motherboards and cases, nightmare telling customers the motherboard is gone so its a new PC. One big surprise it has 4 dim slots, usually stuck with 2.


Do not buy this hunk of junk , Gamers Nexus shredded it

GRADE A1 - Punch Technology Cougar RGB Core i7-10700F 16GB 1TB HDD + 240GB SSD GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB No OS PC £802.01 @ Laptops Direct
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
This a nice fair system for the cost. • Intel Core i7-10700F 2.9Ghz 8 Core 16 Threads CPU £230 • 16GB DDR4 2933Mhz RAM £65 • 240GB SSD Boot Drive £25 • 1TB (1,000GB) SATA III HDD … Read more

Thanks man, and ill also be the bigger guy too and apologies that u read it that way. ive admitted in the past im not the best when it comes to english, (yes im english) im autisic, in this case its small words i think it more down to sometimes u can carry on a theme, i.e i do a post regarding a certain way, then then next one ill go another way, then sometimes u get that person coming on which comes on to the later one very rude n agressive (which u didnt) "u should not do it this way u bloody &&&*&" my reply: no ive gone both, and ive gone this way as folks on the other was asking, - ive just had someone moaning on the newer 4650g cos i tagged one of my 4650g cos a bloke mention 16gb, it dont matter if its one or urs, that 3060 u done, we have had better strips but there gone, so yeah ill pointing folks to that one, it does have some limitations if we move it to much but thats not bad u covered the deal extremely well. sometimes ive got to take my head out the sand too, cos pre's this year have done extreme well but they are going up, and things ive challenge which no long exist maybe best go back to the challenged one, i.e that 3500x/2060 i did after this, challenged deal = best 2060 right now as the other gone...


I got really intense over all of this because your first comment that I replied to appeared to be ripping on gamers. I misread what else you wrote about gamers so I will apologise for that and I should have made sure I re read it properly. I'm sorry about that. I got very heated over this and it's been dragged out far too much by me. I won't keep going on any longer. Good luck with your deals and maybe I'll see you around the site. I try not to jump in with both feet like they're tied in concrete next time.


Who said i was frustrated about gaming deals? never once did i say i was; i said others who come to me are so i show ALT deals. i said others that people should vote this or that, but explaining that the MASS folks dont vote CPU over GPU here. sadly ur taking every word by words as a pinch of salt n suggestion something else, ive never said i was frustrated, that u wrongly again suggestion i am, as per u wrong said i said im sick of gaming which i didnt say i was but i said others were. i listen to the community hence why alot of deals exist.


I never said you didn't make deals for gamers. It doesn't matter in this instance because this isn't about your deals or how much you help gamers because I couldn't care less about that. No one is questioning your deals or what you've done so I don't understand why you need to point it out or shout about it as if that's going to change anything. In fact the way you're pointing out makes the comments you made even more strange. If you're frustrated about gaming deals don't post them. It's that simple.


i wrote this: but i get many who ask for the "alt way" and i get tons of inbox im sick of seeing post just for gamers i get inboxes of folks who say im sick of just seeing gaming PC's ^^ not me.. and with everything else u stated regarding the market: i complete agree. hence why i do multiple deals of all types. --> now cos i said that u mention I dont like post about gaming i should skip past? ur total confused, im the one bringing them lol. it was a punt reflecting on other peoples comments over time...... jesus, and its true, its no biggie. i do all types n help loads, what u are suggesting is that i dont like gamers? when ive helped thousands? do u read my 500+deals? there aimed at gamers, but this time i made a punt that there is alt ways and passing on the share'd info standing up for the alt guy because i know the market, scan though my deals man. if it wasnt for some of the price challenge's ive done for the community u would not have half the deals on this site, u lot will never understand the challenge ive put to the firms. u think i just see a deal, oh that looks good ill share all the time? so u diss me cos of a little punt others made as i mention, u dont read it correctly, to the very person who is giving u the best gaming deals for the past 18 months on this site? FOR GAMERS!. but i also listen to others.

3XS Gaming Bundle - Ryzen 5, GTX 1660, AOC 24” Gaming Monitor, Corsair K55 Keyboard, Harpoon Mouse £650 @ ElekDirect
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Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Link One:… Read more

Mine arrived yesterday, Tuesday after placing the order Saturday morning. It was extremely well packaged and when I eventually got to the computer it appeared to be brand new. It's obviously no longer in stock so won't go on about the specs but wanted to share my experience with ElekDirect. Highly recommended and thanks to OP for posting again (y)


OK will remove


This is a great deal...shame it’s oos.


Don't vote cold if out of stock, mate. Not really the poster's fault if that happens. Was still a good deal.


AMD Ryzen 5 2600

Punch Technology MG120 Core i5-9400F 8GB 500GB SSD GeForce GTX1660 Super No OS Desktop Gaming PC £592.97 @ Laptops Direct
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Punch Technology MG120 Core i5-9400F 8GB 500GB SSD GeForce GTX1660 Super No OS Desktop Gaming PC £592.97 @ Laptops Direct£592.97Laptops Direct Deals
Punch Technology MG120 Core i5-9400F 8GB 500GB SSD GeForce GTX1660 Super No OS Back instock. 9400F 1660super 8GB Ram Case 500GB NVME Wifi H Board 400W PSU Valuation on … Read more

Defo set to AHCI in BIOS and tried SSD Hard drive driver files, still nothing :( Edit, all sorted, used an older Win 10 flash drive and all good, must have been some GPT\FAT32\MBR\NTFS problem maxmix


Mine arrived safe, will not install Win 10, need a driver download I think on USB to select, anyone know which driver I need ? maxmix


Anyone got theirs that they ordered? Must have thrown my one together, was missing 1 of the glass grommets, only 2 were attached, other fell out of the box on opening. No POST display using both the onboard HDMI, or the Zotech that is in there, tried on 2 different monitors.Don't they test these things before boxing? Edit: I shouldn't have had to do this, but I did.. removed the cards and mem, re-seated them all, which managed to get POST and things going. Let's hope it stays stable. (skeptical)


Amazon doesn't have enforce nothing, just recently added per customer


only issue is 8gb. i've had some people say stuttering on 8gb... so I'm building 16gb rigs for people now for COD... but otherwise the gpu and processor are great! seems only 1 x dimm slot is used "• 2 x DIMM sockets (1 Used)" so you can get another 8gb stick for around £22 from CEX - maybe from those guys direct too.. they're using 2666mhz so found it on CEX (though you'll have to come back to us to get the speeds matched up as they default at 2400)

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RTX 3070 Desktop PC for Gaming - £1164 @ AWD-IT
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Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
RTX 3070 Desktop PC for Gaming - £1164 @ AWD-IT£1,256AWD-IT Deals
Do not expire just change the case item is in stock! Ram: https ://… Read more

Let’s hope you don’t have to wait too long to get a very specific card, which will make little to no difference.


theyve offered me the 3070 eagle as a replacement, going to politely decline and wait for manufacttere to send replaceemt


Seems like a faff for a slightly different card. I wouldn’t have been too bothered and booted it up and got gaming. But your call


They're picking it up tomorrow and taking it back. I told them I don't want that graphics card and as stated, we will wait for the card we ordered. He reckons they'll have some in within 4 weeks. Dunno if that's right, we'd already prepared for a longer wait anyway. Normally I'd have done an 'I want my money back!' but the cards are like rocking horse poo and it would probs end up biting us on the backside. Not fair to let my stubbornness ruin things for my son.


Classic AWD. Ventura’s might not be the best, but take it. I would still complain, they don’t want it back.

Punch Technology MG120 Core i5-9400F 8GB 500GB SSD GeForce GTX1660 Super No OS Desktop Gaming - £592.97 delivered @ Laptop Direct
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Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Punch Technology MG120 Core i5-9400F 8GB 500GB SSD GeForce GTX1660 Super No OS Desktop Gaming - £592.97 delivered @ Laptop Direct£592.97 Free P&P FreeLaptops Direct Deals
BACK INSTOCK.. THIS SOLD OUT VERY QUICK LAST TIME, SNOOZE U LOOSE. 9400F £115 6 core 6Thread. £1660super £250 8GB Ram £30 Case £30 500GB NVME £60 Wifi £15 H Board £60 400W PSU £3… Read more

OOS :(


From where???


Fully agree, 1660 super is £240 MSRP, but if the cheapest you can get shop bought is £340, this only serves to make your deal look better. Maybe I came across wrong, but the point I wanted to make was your deal is probably better value than you are making out, all things considered….?


I paid £295 other day


Worth noting that the i5 9400F does not have integrated graphics should someone decide to remove their graphics card for any reason you won't get a display off the motherboard. Not a major issue but if you've bought this cpu for a new build project and cant get hold of GC stock atm you won't be able to setup an OS without a GC. Also with these prebuild devices i would confirm if the graphics card has a dedicated 6pin connector direct from the PSU and not a SATA to 6 pin adapter slapped into it as makeshift. The sata adapter cannot handle the same voltages as the dedicated connection so whilst it may work fine initially, power hungry games will cause reboots or the GC to shut off randomly.