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Samsung Galaxy S9 - Vodafone, unlimited mins/texts, 16GB data, £30/month x 24 + £250 upfront. £970 in total. **Possible £25 cash back too**
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Personally, I've been looking for a Galaxy S8 deal but have found nothing amazing just yet. Came across this one for an S9 at £30 a month on a 24 month contract. Unlimited minutes … Read more
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Actually... The S9 on Uswitch is now available for £160 up front and with 16GB of data! So £880 over the duration of contract, £90 cheaper than the original deal!


Great find! I still haven't ordered a new phone yet, tempted by my own deal now! The cheapest deal for a new S8 on USwitch with 16GB data is only £25 cheaper over the duration of the contract!


There is 50 off upfron on uswitch


Yes true I fell out of love with Samsung as a company their customer service is shocking


WITH a 24 month 16Gb contract - not just 'for a Samsung' But then you knew that didn't you and were just being naughty

ASUS G11CD Core I5-6400 8GB 1TB GTX 970 DVD-RW Windows 10 Gaming Desktop at Laptops Direct for £557.98
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Key Specification Processor manufacturer Intel Processor Model Intel Core i5 Processor Number 6400 Graphics GeForce GTX 970 RAM Memory 8GB Hard drive capacity 1TB Operating System… Read more
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Not really a deal. You can buy a better pc on ebay and just build it up yourself. 970 is not a great card not now days


The games I mentioned are ones that I would consider playing for the foreseeable future, until I could afford to trade in the GPU for an upgrade. Having checked out Game Debate, the predicted recommended specs for TW3K: So a little under the recommended specs, however you may get good gameplay with lowered graphical settings. Do remember that the game isn't released so the specs are subject to change.


How long would the GTX 970 last in terms of future games being released? I'm looking for something that will cover me for the next few Total War games (especially the Three Kingdoms one :D)


With the GTX 970, this PC is LITERALLY the recommended specs for PubG, according to It can also run Skyrim: SE at recommended specs, but the CPU bottlenecks on Fallout 4 (Recommended specs). This means that the minimum settings will be easily manageble from this system. For under £500 I'd be pretty happy with this rig, with the intention of upgrading as and when I could afford the parts. And it's already posted here:


Blast from the past this one

ASUS G11CD Core i5-6400 8GB 1TB GTX 970 Desktop, £519.97 from laptopsdirect
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Medium to high gaming and everyday use pc. Key Specification Processor manufacturerIntelProcessor ModelIntel Core i5Processor Number6400GraphicsGeForce GTX 970RAM Memory8GBHard dri… Read more

They have an 'A1' grade machine for £483.97


cheaper with 2.1% TCB


It’s a very decent deal and ideal for getting into pc gaming. If your budget all Was it then stretch, as you will get better return and less likely to require upgrades in the future


From what I have read it is the difference between running modern, demanding games at 1080P med/high on the GTX970 or 1080P max on the GTX1070. So I think the GTX970 will serve you well at 1080P but just won't be able to max out all the graphical settings. Of course on older games and less demanding (most non AAA games) you could probably max the settings with either card...


Is the extra 200 worth it for the gpu upgrade if playing at 1080? Im no expert but it seems like a decent deal given the features and the graphics card could always bee upgraded if/when the prices drop. Would this be a bottleneck?

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ASUS G11CD Core i5-6400 8GB 1TB GTX 970 £499.97  Laptops Direct
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
Very capable Processor, 6th Gen i5 with a graphics card that can rival the 1050 ti easily. Yes i know there is no SSD.

Again, off topic to the G11CD but hopefully a help to KemlynUltra, here, and to others who got the G20 deal. I found a video on Youtube "G20CB WITH SIDE PANEL OFF GPU COOLING TEST - FURMARK" where a user removed the side panel and had the graphics card running under load, in his case a GTX1070 founders edition using the same blower method of cooling. Removal of the side panel bought the GPU temperature down by around 5 degrees. I would have hoped for more than that but it's welcome. He didn't mention the CPU temp. I think leaving off the side panel and the top panel that sits directly above the CPU's heatsink fins would help keep temperatures and fan noise under load down a bit but it would speed up the process where the internals become matted with dust, which would further impact temperatures. If you're not averse to disassembly of the metal shroud a couple of times a year and, with the power brick(s) unplugged, blasting the internals with compressed air (Costco has a good deal for six large canisters of compressed air) that would help prolong the life of the PC/keep temps and noise down a bit. You might some years down the line want to renew the dried up thermal paste but that's a lot more involved, a lot of tutorials on Youtube about that. Important to say again, do make sure you unplug the power bricks from the back of the computer if intending to blast the internals with compressed air, to avoid a short; holding the can at an angle can result in a frosty-cold fluidic discharge. To avoid static, don't use a brush or vacuum cleaner head with a brush on it. Keep a finger on whichever fan you vacuum, to stop the fan's blades spinning at a speed that they might not have been designed to cope with, or at least not long term if cleaning semi frequently. Try to avoid direct contact between vacuum cleaner nozzle and motherboard components. I prefer to use compressed air to clean motherboards, with power supply disconnected. I don't think removing the top and side panel would void the warranty, though don't quote me on that, I might be wrong, but I think taking it further and removing the metal shroud to upgrade components or blast with compressed air would void your warranty, especially if ASUS bridged warranty void stickers over the joints (though I couldn't seen any in photographs). ASUS has a good forum for the G20, including some good reads on notionally water cooling and upgrades, here:


I appreciate it's a bit off topic to the original post, so thank you to people for tolerating that. The ASUS G11CD appears better for airflow! From what I could find, the ASUS G20 uses a custom motherboard; it appears square, until you remove the hard drive, and then you see that it's sort of a fat L-shape. The CPU socket sits fairly near the top of the case, with two thick horizontal copper heat pipes, parallel to the motherboard, going up from the CPU to long and horizontal heatsink fins at the top of the case. Though I like making modifying other computer cases to rehouse components in, it would be a challenge, here. So, what to do, preferably without cutting that beautiful case? If you go to the G20's homepage, you can see that the case has an inner metal shell. The sloping side panels, wide at the base, sees air drawn in from the bottom and cleverly channelled over the side of that shell, drawn in by the graphics card fan's hole and by the two slot fans at the top that feed the heatsink. As far as I can see, to remove the side panels you first have to remove the perforated top of the case, which then exposes the heatsink fins. If you left that top off, I think that would lower the CPU temperature by a few degrees when under load. It would, though, of course, mean that dust could get in and the case would also look less pretty. The top doubles as a dust filter. If you didn't mind periodically dismantling the computer enough to blast it with canister air, that might be an option but it's not ideal. I would avoid using a vacuum cleaner nozzle because it could result in static discharge, possibly. I remember watching a video of someone using a vacuum nozzle with a brush head on it and wincing at the thought of possible static discharge from the artificial fibres. Anyway! Other possible options. It would be a pity to do this but I can imagine cutting holes in the side panel to line up with the GPU fan hole and the two CPU holes, though that would change the case's carefully channeled airflow in a way that might or might not help the motherboard's other components. It would also very much take away from the chassis clean aesthetic, wouldn't it. Perhaps, then, fan assist at the bottom of the case would be an option, similar to putting a laptop on a laptop cooler fan base. You could make a rectangular cooler base, mount a couple of fans in it and have a fan speed adjuster knob, to turn it up a bit when gaming. That base would have to sit on raised feet to allow air to draw in from underneath. You would have to keep your desk well dusted and remember to periodically dust the under side of the case. If it was me, I would modify the desk the computer sits on. I would cut a couple of holes in the desktop and slot in a couple of fans. I would power them from a power brick and wire in fan speed adjusters. That way, you don't cut the chassis but assist air intake a little; I'm not suggesting blasting air upwards, that might put a strain on the computer's fans, just having a two or three slow-spinning fans, moving fairly quietly, assisting. I'll have another think, see if I can find a DIY for a laptop cooler and link it, here.


You’re a gentleman for sharing that knowledge with me. I really appreciate it. I’ve copied and pasted your comments for future reference and if you do find any more information that would be really welcomed. Like you say, the bios / fan profiles may hopefully help in the first instance which is a great price of advice.


Not owning one puts me in anecdote and speculation territory, which isn't worth the paper it's written on. I would live with it for a year until the warranty has expired, at least and only then open it up if you have experience system building and modding. If it was me, for now, I would make sure the motherboard has the latest bios. I read some comments about overbearing fan noise being improved by the latest bios when using Windows 10. I don't know if that throttles the components or there were some early compatibility problems with an earlier bios that had the fans spinning at full tilt. Looking at pictures and unhelpfully speculating, it looks to me as though the Asus uses shrouds and gaskets to channel air. I can see myself, perhaps, removing the hardware and putting it in a case with better airflow, if the motherboard has standard screw placement fittings for the standoffs and standard fittings for a third party CPU cooler. I would want to find an ifixit type teardown and follow it very carefully, though even there you have some risk. For instance, I repaired a 2010 iMac and one of the ribbon cables was gummy-glued down, which in the tutorial it wasn't; obviously you don't mess around with ribbon cables. If you really want to mod, you have to weigh up the risks. My curiosity is perked enough to have a look, though! It could be that it is practical to carefully drill out some of the vent holes to make them larger, if you are extremely careful and keep conductive metal dust/filings away from the interior electronics; I don't have an insect problem or kids with small probing fingers to be concerned about, at least, so drilling out small vent holes is an option. Perhaps. I imagine some people have drilled out fan holes or a circular hole or two holes in the side panel, though things like adding new holes to a closed system can change the air pressure flow in a case in ways that are not always desirable; I would be surprised if Asus's engineers hadn't thought it all through, carefully. I'll see what I can find but definitely make sure the motherboard is using the latest bios revision, try and keep the room's dust levels down. I will get back to you and share what I find. Hopefully bios settings/custom fan profiles achieve a good-enough balance.


Thanks for that advice. Out of interest what mods were you thinking of to improve the airflow and reduce throttling?

10% off Acer Predator 15 G9-592 - 15.6" - Core i5 6300HQ - GTX 970m 6GB - 8GB DDR4 RAM - 128GB SSD + 1000GB 7200RPM HDD £764.97 @ Save On Laptops
Found 14th Aug 2017Found 14th Aug 2017
Decent deal on this Acer Predator. 10% discount added to the basket. Deal ends 18th August or until stock lasts. Processor - Intel Core i5-6300HQ Quad Core (2.3GHz, 6MB Cache, Int… Read more
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Gigabyte Aero 14.


Out of interest, what laptop do you have?


Ugly, but great price for the spec. I have a 970M in my laptop and have often been surprised how well games run at 1080p compared to my GTX 1070-equipped desktop running at 1440p. Also, my GTX 970M overclocks by +350MHz (capped at that) and surprisingly runs at the same temp under load as when it is not overclocked (69C); getting close to GTX to 980M performance for no penalty other than perhaps slightly more power draw.


I don't mind it, tbh. It's kinda brutal looking


If only it didn't look so hideous!

DJI Mavic Pro Drone and Accessories Bundle £970 prime exclusive / Amazon
Found 10th Jul 2017Found 10th Jul 2017
Cheapest yet.

Ummed and Aaaahed about this for too long. Back up to near enough £1100


There are ways round it. It's been well documented over the last 2 weeks


Focus issues and very soft images. Got rid of a phantom 4 to get a mavic because I loved the portability of it.... Wish I hadn't. I borrowed a mavic from a friend for a weekend and loved it, got my own and have had nothing but grief.


What sort of camera faults?


Been thinking of buying one for the past few weeks. So many people upset with this new update and the NFZs.

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MSI 970 GAMING Socket AM3+ 7.1-Channel HD Audio ATX Motherboard w/ FREE Saturday Delivery £69.98 @ eBuyer
Found 23rd Jun 2017Found 23rd Jun 2017
Nice looking AM3+ socket motherboard from msi, is today's eBuyer daily deal. Better yet, you can get FREE Saturday Delivery. Features Supports AMD FX / Phenom™ II / Athlo… Read more
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I'd like to ask for the 1090 as well, I was using mine to play LOTRO, a 10 year old online game that seems to work better with older cpus. New i5 and i7 cpus have all sorts of issues with this old game, although ancient 771/775 Xeons and socket 775 based Intel iron works quite well.


can i bother you by asking that you give it to me? i'm trying to put together a cheap pc since i'm working in the middle of nowhere and live in tied accomodation so i can't spend a lot if i ever want to get out of here. sorry if im being an ****. cheers


Oh for a micro ATX version at this price!


​I've still got a 1090t in the garage after I ripped it from the cpu socket during an upgrade :) unfortunately it's cheaper to swap out my old G2020 for an i5 than buy another motherboard for it.


990FX is the top chipset for AM3+; I had an MSI 990FXA until a few weeks ago, when the ZIF cpu socket broke while trying to remove a cpu. Board and cpu now both dead; yeah it was an old chip, but the board was barely a year old. If you can afford it, get the Asus M5S99FX Pro R2.0; better for overclocking than the MSI, and more SATA ports. The board layout is also slightly better, so easier to route all the power/fan cables.

Erazer X7841 Gaming Laptop - i7 6700HQ, GTX 970M, 16 GB RAM, 256 SSD £1019 @ Medion
Found 16th Mar 2017Found 16th Mar 2017
I've been looking for a while for a gaming laptop. One of my German friends suggested this, apparently they are a big company over there? What do you think? CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-6… Read more

Thew 970m performs slightly better than the 1050ti mobile version.


Where ?


Where ?


Considering you can get a gtx1060 laptop for this price, you can understand why it went cold. But I also agree with you, generally gaming laptops deals tend to go cold unless it's cheap (<£1000)


Did I mention this one? In general, virtually all laptops go cold - it's a fact and it's the same with desktops which bring out the 'build your own' brigade.

Acer Predator Gaming Desktop - 6th Gen i5 and GTX 970 £570 @ Laptops Direct
Found 11th Feb 2017Found 11th Feb 2017
Seems to be a few units available on laptopsdirect and partner sites. For £570 the system is quite a good buy for a prebuilt gaming PC. Graphics card still holds up strong about a … Read more

Horrible case, the outside looks fine but inside there is 1 fan no room for any more and no ventilation, not sure what they were thinking using it for a gaming pc


Cold. Should have return in title for sure, misleading.


Thought this was hot until I saw it was a refurb. Might want to add that to the title.


​Right you seem to be blind to your own deal so I'll explain why this deal is going cold. not future proof because as far as I can see it doesn't tell you what mobo this is so buying a k series CPU would be pointless cause you probably won't be able to overclock. the gtx 970 at £200??? get a better/newer card for that. power supply is rated as what? probably couldn't handle a future more powerful g/card. does this case support USB 3.1 or USB type c? this PC is basically used as there's only 3MONTH warranty. so stop treating these parts as new.


Not sure what the he'll is going in with that case, but if you're sticking it under a desk, then it's not an issue. I think this is a decent deal if you want a pre-built pc that you can game on. I can't put the build together for any less.

Asus 17 inch i7 GTX 970m gaming Laptop - £999.97 @ Amazon
Found 3rd Dec 2016Found 3rd Dec 2016
Amazon has 100 pounds of the Asus ROG Strix gaming laptop i7 Intel gtx 970m 16 gigs ram

​it's got the USB type c..


Yeah, would have been nicer with something more subtle! I really dislike these machines that look like they are aimed at 13-year old boys. I forked out for a Gigabyte Aero 14 sometime ago as it looks respectable for work etc while ticking all my gaming-on-the-move needs.


Well you're getting severely short changed in terms of gpu performance. It costs an extra 20% but you get 80% more gpu horsepower. Oh and you're missing out on Gysnc too. Then again it is your money, all I can do is provide my 2 cents.


So you mean at a completely different price point then?


...but at a couple of hundred pounds more that would mean the GTX 970m version be cheaper at this price point. It's so confusing.

Refurbished Acer Predator G3-710 Intel Core i5-6400 2.7GHz 8GB 2TB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4 GB Windows 10 Desktop £358.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 27th Nov 2016Found 27th Nov 2016
Intel® Core™ i5-6400 processor Quad-core 2.70 GHz Nvidia® GeForce® GTX 970 - 4GB VRAM 8 GB, 2133MHz DDR4 SDRAM Storage : 2 TB HDD OS: Windows 10 I purchased the same computer… Read more

No problem, enjoy your PC! Absolutely cheap price imo :)


just want to thank whoever posted the deal, its all legit, system is basically brand new i dont even think it was opened checked the specs match, great bargain


Yes it came, took it out of the box looks virtually new will have a play around on weekend as I'm working


Any luck with your delivery Elim? Hope you get it looks because that looks like a nice Christmas present :)


Mine just got dispatched from laptopsdirect will update tommorow

PNY XLR8 GeForce GTX 970 OC XLR8 Gaming Edition 4 GB Graphics Card £170.03 - 1 only in Amazon Warehouse (with 20% discount)
Found 27th Nov 2016Found 27th Nov 2016
Chance for one person to buy this cheaper than I've ever seen. Click on buy used and it shows at 212, but it's Amazon Warehouse so 20% off for Black Friday weekend. Benches are onl… Read more
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You will be the first and last. It's GB.


so, who's gonna be the first to say 3.5Ghz and not 4, Ho, That was me.


He was wrong. You can buy a 1060 for even cheaper. 184 quid, normal price. New. Honestly, I doubt you looked before calling him out.


Post a link before you runaway.


I got an gigabyte extreme 6gb 1060 for £205 after the 20%... just got to keep looking

TP-Link TD-W9970 N300 Wireless VDSL/ADSL Modem Router £29.99 @ Amazon
Found 22nd Nov 2016Found 22nd Nov 2016
Entry level xDSL Wireless Modem Router, probably the best bang for buck one available. Only 100mbps ethernet, not everyone needs Gigabit ports.
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It actually not a bad device. Mini review of low cost TP-Link W9970 VDSL2 modem/router Has a quality Broadcom chipset which is definitely better than some of the "superfast" routers that Talktalk and others give away for free. I just bought one from Flubit for £27. I'll be using it in bridge mode to connect to my gigabit netgear wifi router which does not have a VDSL2 modem built in to it.


3 Year warranty on TP Link modem routers, you have to pay postage (about £3.50 if you pack it in a jiffy bag) - decent price for a decent router that's probably as good as most ISP supplied devices. I had the 8970 ADSL and it was fine and have the 9980 VDSL and it's also been fine.


You can get around £30-£40 for your BT HH6 on ebay, plenty sold for around £40~ incl. p&p. X)


Yes you can. The TP Link is VDSL which means you don't need a separate modem for fibre.


Can I connect this to BT Infinity (directly without a separate modem)? The BT SmartHub/HomeHub6 is a piece of ****.

MSI NVIDIA 970 - £186.46 and 980ti - £326.81 amazon warehouse deals ! -20% promo
Found 21st Nov 2016Found 21st Nov 2016 That link for msi 980ti ! :)

​I highly doubt it. I would expect people buy these mainly for gaming


970s were about £160 with the £50 off warehouse offers a few days ago. I was tempted to get a second for SLI but I'm holding off for now, I feel like a 1080 would be the only worthwhile upgrade for me.


​was only checking anyway, I got a Zotac gtx 980ti amp!...last week from amazon for £207 :). beat that for a deal !


​a great point and one that I'd never have thought of.


I suspect these 9xx cards are keeping their value partially due to the fact they are some of the fastest cards available to use on a Mac (hackintosh) system. Mac Nvidia drivers are not currently available for the 10xx pascal cards and might never be available?

ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 970 Graphics Card NVIDIA £172 Currys/eBay
Found 28th Sep 2016Found 28th Sep 2016
Has been £175 but now down to £172 Overclocked version according to the model number Too long for my case :(

​i had a zotac gtx 660ti and now i have a gigabyte gtx 970 g1 and believe me its way better than gtx660ti


Also got 10% refunded, thanks for the info Making it 157.42, happy with that


Yes it's strix but not the OC version (OC is not on the box )


So it's not the asus strix version?


I got this originally from eBay currys store at £179 - when it dropped to £174 I complained as it was still in transit and they refunded difference, I had also previously asked the questions as to was this the overclocked version and they said yes, but it is not. I am not getting a further 10% parital refund @£17.40. so £156.60 - I genuinely wanted the OC version but its too late now and seems worth it at that price.

ASUS STRIX Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB Graphics Card £174.91 @ Currys / PC World
Found 23rd Sep 2016Found 23rd Sep 2016
Hurrah, a 970 back down again, everywhere seems to have had a price hike on these! I know a few 970s did drop a week or so back, but they have all gone by the looks of things. So i… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal



Is the Gears 4 code an nvidia promotion?


Yeah, it's not worth the extra £50 for the FTW's cooler, IMO. :| No deals on 1070s today, but you can still knock a Palit out for ~£350 if you sell the Gears 4 code for ~£20. Wait for the next deal, naturally! (_;)


Am looking for a GTX 1070 specifically the EVGA FTW edition but these cards are just so expensive right now.


The proper MSI TwinFrozr 6GB 1060, for £250? That's a nice enough price, just about; £20 for the good cooler. I like the 1070 more, though. £250 for something that equals the 2014 ~£300 980 (albeit 6GB versus 4GB), versus £350 for something that beats out every GPU released pre-2016, Titans included. The 1060 is nice, but the 1070 is... I believe the technical term is "unf unf".

Nvidia GTX 970 (EVGA SSC ACX or Gigabyte G1 Gaming) £174.99 Delivered @ Ebuyer
Found 15th Sep 2016Found 15th Sep 2016
EVGA (i'd pick them imo): Gigabyte (Clocked slightly higher): http://… Read more

Both out of stock ...


That's OK. When you've been looking at GPUs for more than a couple of weeks, these standards just become second nature. You'll learn in time. Again - any more questions, we're happy to help! :) What a strange way of admitting fault and apologising... You may as well have just written "I don't know what I'm talking about but I'm able to copy/paste a technical term I don't understand." X) Well, it's a lovely number that you've pulled from just one site, bro... wait, I mean, zero sites. Where are your links? Let's have two-three sites backing you up on this (after your disdain for my "one" site... although to be fair, you did provide another link proving yourself wrong, so thank you for that). Putting something in bold does not magically make it a fact. Or did you know that the 970 is over seven times faster than a 470? Wow, it's in bold, it must be true. :3 I've seen the latest drivers and their draw call efficiency improvements, and a stock 470 is still behind a stock 970, so I'm curious to see which few sites you'll choose to pull your numbers from, bro. :) Feel free to ask for help, of course - you're making many egregious errors, both technical and literal, but you're quite lucky, as I'm literally qualified to discuss this subject, and I'm also able to translate your comments into English! :{


What do you mean this isnt a dating site, i thought this was HotUKSingles?


Judging by your judging... I don't care about your opinion. ;) This ain't a dating or Social Media site, pal, but feel free to cast aspersions on little to no information. :D I actually thought my post made for a welcome tonic from the 'my d*ck has a better resolution than yours', that usually clogs these threads. As you were.


Judging by your profile, just about right for you!

MSI 970 GTX ARMOR £178.69 Delivered @ OCUK
Found 11th Sep 2016Found 11th Sep 2016
These just seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper! Not sure on the actual card , anyone got one of these. 3 years warranty - non reference design - hopefully silent when not gami… Read more
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Ridiculous mate paid £1200 for two Matrix 780 Ti's just last summer. Now look at the price of these which are equal if not better in certain games.


A lot of them don't, these days. Have a Sapphire brand RX 480 that do not spin up unless it hits 60c. Silent at idle. I have a 970 that does the same (Zotac, I believe).


It's a really tough choice between these three cards, imo. 1060 6gb, 1060 3gb, and 970 3.5+.5. I kinda feel like the prices will continue down a bit, edging the 970 down to 150, the 1060 3gb to 175, and the 1060 6gb to 200... The 480 will follow suit, but it's got a weird market issue that it has 3 cards that are in a virtual deadlock. 470 4gb, 470 8gb, 480 4gb, and 480 8gb are essentially within 5% of each other. Yet they are priced as unique price points. So, you can almost discard everything but the 470 4/8 gb cards when considering. Until prices stabilize at least.


but that 4gb will be bottle necking the card in less than a year


Strix doesn't hence hoping someone with this card can answer !

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