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Asus ROG GL752VY Gaming Laptop / I7-6700HQ / 24GB RAM / 1TB HDD / 256 GB SSD / GTX 980M £680 @ CeX
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Good price for a laptop with a 980m comes with two year cex warranty

2 year warranty makes it worth a buy I think, provided CEX's warranty is worthwhile


GPU itself will probably be fine but would expect vents to be clogged with dust as you get on high performance laptops. Whether they’ve cleaned it depends on the store as some are really good and others literally buy it off some mug for £340 and put it straight back out for £680 - sometimes with the user’s data left on it (true story)!


Could go either way, this. It's a good price for the spec but being a gaming laptop, there's a chance it's been thrashed. No amount of refurbishment is going to sort a battered GPU.


I wouldn’t risk another B-grade from CeX for laptops! I had Dell XPS 15 9550 delivered yesterday in B grade. It looked ‘off’ so I had a closer look. The hinge cover was broken, not sitting flush and the display didn’t look right, on inspection the display had deep scratches on the bottom edge and it became clear that the LCD had been replaced very badly. The bezel edging was stuck down with what looked like epoxy resin that had splurged out onto the panel itself. That was £500 which would have been a bargain but now it needs to be returned... Moral of the story, don’t buy stuff from CeX unless you can physically see it first.

Asus G11CD Core i5-7400 8GB 1TB + 256GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 G11CD-K-UK034T - £630.97 @ buyitdirectdiscounts ebay
Found 19th MayFound 19th May
SHEDDING LIGHT ON UNCOMPROMISING PERFORMANCE ASUS G11 is designed for casual gamers who want a high performance gaming platform that doesn't break the bank. You'll be in awe of … Read more
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description has been updated fromNVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10


so is it a i5 or i7 description can't make its mind up


Clock speed is Irrelevant, cross generations. 4 gig Vram is fine for 1080p. More is a waste,as Ncrappier knows. (GPU BOSS is as much use as a chocolate fireguard in every use case in history). As I did actually look earlier, this machine was shipped with gtx 950 - gtx 1080 cards. The vendor here states GTX 980, so I would expect that is what you would get. (Not like its uncheckable) Plugging GPU BOSS is like asking your 10 yr old sister to set up your electronic engine management system turbo wastegate controls. To use your language; The 980 beats out the 1060 IN EVERY GAME, but some prat might think other numbers are important. GPU boss could help daft people make more chronic mistakes in the future, if they listen to newbs.


To end the 980 vs the 1060 debate, the 980 beats out the 1060 on most areas but the 1060 has more RAM and a higher clock speed: Not that it matters as this thread has pointed out this rig probably contains a 1050 :/ still, figured plugging GPUboss could help some people in future :)


Motherboard is actually made for the pc model ( G11CD-K-UK034T) by asus, if the rest of their off the shelf gaming boxes are to be gone by. This is backed up on the site with a support list of cpu's and gpu's available as options. Which is why it can get a bit fuzzy. ( obviously the next letters refer to orderable variants.

LENOVO IdeaPad Y900 17.3" Gaming Laptop GTX 980M 8gb £999.97 at PC World
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
I've been looking around for a new 17" laptop for few months and I think this looks really good. Looks like £30 TCB as well. It's a couple of years old now but the graphics card i… Read more
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Well, there are some really nice, small desktop cases which you can fit a very powerful rig into :)


Yes, I understand there are many advantages having a desktop of some description rather than a laptop but for me there are some space issues and I quite like the portability. That said, if I could find something small and powerful, with the number of ports these laptops have I could opt for that as I already have two other laptops. However, they are both a bit old and in no way capable of gaming but they are well adequate for all my general needs. Some kind of midi is an option but it would have to be small and whilst I have largely kept abreast with laptops, I haven't had a desktop for over a decade and have no idea what's available, what is good and where to get it - although Amazon service is indeed good, as you say.


Well, my only advice to you is, if you buy, buy direct from Amazon due to their return policy & warranty. Secondly, do you NEED a laptop? As in, would a pc not suit your needs? You get a lot more for your money if it's for probability I understand just curious


I've been looking at these two and am puzzling over the best option. I'm looking at a 17" preferably, so an ASUS GL7xx model is the current prime option - it's exactly the same spec as that Cyberpower. The quandary is whether the Cyberpower is a better option in terms of cooling and possibly longevity. The ASUS also has a terrific screen and I just don't know about the Cyberpower. I know it's IPS but I can't find out anything really about how that translates into real world experience.


I use it for everything, but gaming is the main reason for wanting these particular specs

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15 nights in Orlando, flights accommodation and car hire - £930 for family of 4 @ Thomas Cook
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
flying from manchester on the 17th april till 2nd may with thomas cook staying at the Baymont Inn & Suites on international drive,,term time I know but just pay the fine for th… Read more

(lol) bless you!


Well you learned how to use the word “literally” at least. Didn’t think it’d hurt your feelings so much though.


Hahaha yip! And I'm well impressed with myself, literally.


No, that was sarcasm. As in, PC culture. Where everyone’s offended. Jokes aren’t as funny when you have to explain them. Also, did you actually just dig up a 3 week post to try and get your own back? I really struck a nerve didn’t I?



Gaming Laptop: Acer Predator 15 G9-592 £899.97 GTX 980M, i5-6300HQ £899.97 @ Saveonlaptops
Found 28th Sep 2017Found 28th Sep 2017
Quite a good deal in my opinion. Very impressive battery life for a gaming laptop too (7-8 hours), drawbacks would be that it's from the Nvidia 900 series rather than the 1000 seri… Read more
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Good review here for the same laptop apart from the CPU


It depends on the type of 1060 as well. The 3gb max Q is probably weaker then a 980m for example (although it would keep all the advantages of being a newer card). The full 3gb version vs the 980m is very close so that extra power will matter. In the end, for this laptop, I'd worry about that CPU. Laptop CPU's are still much weaker then desktop cpus.


Only 7 left in stock! Was 20 yesterday


If you decide to go for it .buy direct from Acer, 3 years extended £69, 4 years £99.


Is it worth paying for the 3 year extended warranty?

MSI GTX 980Ti Gaming £275.99 @ Novatech
Found 4th Sep 2017Found 4th Sep 2017
Says it all - GTX 1070-like performance at a bargain price
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1525MHz core and just above 1950Mhz memory. I'm really happy with it as well. Was running a R9 390 so this is quite the upgrade. Play mostly Rainbow 6 Siege on a 1080p 144hz monitor, so with the R9 390 I had to turn the graphics down to medium settings and I got an average of 120fps. Now I can almost max out the settings and I get an average 170fps.


What is it boosting to? I've had mine into the low 80's too with it being a small case. Just had to bump my fans up a little. Fantastic card. Such a bargain.


I'm running +150 on core and +400 on memory as well without increasing the voltage. Didn't try to push it to the max though, core wouldn't run stable at 175 so set it back to 150 and left it there, and memory I just set at 400 and left it there. Edit: oh and temp hitting max 81 when stress testing (mind I only have 2 case fans in a Fractal Design Define S, 1 intake and 1 outtake)


Very impressed with this card. Boosting to 1525mhz when playing Titanfall 2 and Crysis 3. Seems stable so far. Running on air in a small form factor case. +87 voltage, +400 on memory and around +150 on core. Temps around high 70's which isn't great but wont really hurt the card.


Me too. Yep and yep. Great card for the price, I should have bought 2.

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**This weekend only** @Save On Laptops -  Acer Predator 17 G9-791 - Core i7 6700HQ - 17.3" 4K Ultra HD Screen - 16BG DDR4 Ram - 512 GB SSD + 1TB 7200RPM HDD - GTX 980M 4GB - Blu-Ray Writer £1171.97 @ SaveOnLaptops
Found 19th Aug 2017Found 19th Aug 2017
Ok, so the GPU is last generation but you get 16 GB of RAM,a 512GB SSD and the real star of the show, a 4K UHD screen - covering 100% of the sRGB colour spectrum and 88% of Adobe R… Read more
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Gonna have to be a looooong weekend to shift this lot!!


4k is utterly pointless on a screen that size. It's just dumb people thinking they have to have the best stuff that buy this kind of thing


Fair enough. Got to say though, I don't see the point in comparing a laptop bought for business to one specced for design and and gaming. Different uses for different situations and all that. P.S. my last Acer lasted 8 years ;) P.P.S. my current Acer has been going 5 years :)


I seldom vote anything down, Didn't vote, it's just that I was looking at laptops for around £1200 the last 24 hours so commented on my findings. To be honest anyone gaming shouldn't be looking at less this latest processors unless they know what the need. 4K ? waste of money, DVD writer can do without it, duel HDs nothing but trouble. BIG plus is at the CPU type big negative is the brand. It is what it is decent for games for 12 months.


In business you have take a long term view but some might say it's not powerful enough. The person takes Ms Excel to the advanced levels so processor was the main thing, but it'll need more memory, I can get that a lot cheaper then direct from dell. But if you have ever bought for someone else you know that their own choices affect the decisions and she wanted slim, light. Only two choice really this one or a Asus Spectre

MSI GTX 980 Ti Twin Frozr 6G  refurbished for £296.20 (20% off for Amazon Prime day and you get £237)
Found 11th Jul 2017Found 11th Jul 2017
20% off for anything bought from Amazon Warehouse on Prime Day. Got it for £237.
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I did. Sold my 390x a week ago for £280 and bought this.


You're not wrong there, when there's only 50 quid or so in it, the 1070 is the better choice for almost everyone. When it comes to cooling solutions, the 980Ti really benefits from the AIO liquid cooling options which some board partners offered. I've got a Gigabyte Waterforce 980Ti, which I got for £350 in May last year, and unsurprisingly it's very quiet and runs nice and cool, even OC'd to 1500Mhz+. All that aside, whoever bought these MSI 980Tis for sub-£240 is getting a hell of a lot of GPU for their money!


gtx 1070 runs quiet and cool which this cards is not (gtx 980ti) I had this version (MSI) of this card and it was one of the best cooling for 980Ti (only palit jet stream is better in my opinion for gtx 980ti). But I had 1070 MSI gaming X as well and its huge difference beetwen this two cards , Gtx 980ti 70-72 C and louder compare to 60-65 C on Gtx 1070 (plus 1070 is a way quieter) . If you can get gtx 980ti for almost half price of 1070 (for today) there is not really anything bad you can say about this card and still one of the fastest cards on market ,hovewer 1070 is significantly better and worth paying 50-60 quid more (before minning times) .


Yes, if you're mining (or doing any other flat out 24/7 activity on your GPU) a ~£400 1070 might make more sense than a ~£240 980Ti due to the electricity savings. If you're just gaming non-professionally, I think you'd struggle to make your money back in just electricity. From the perspective of someone who uses their GPU for gaming, at equal cost I'd take a 1070 over a 980Ti for the lower power consumption and it being a generation newer. However, when a 980Ti is significantly cheaper, I'd take the 980Ti as the actual performance is near identical between the two GPUs.


True and I would buy this over a 1070. Still cheeky though

gaming laptop Acer Predator 15 G9-592 i5-6300hq, gtx 980m 8gb £999.97 @ Saveonlaptops
Found 27th Jun 2017Found 27th Jun 2017
Gaming laptop, top end last gen graphics card, reduced from £1399.99. The 980m out preforms the equivalent priced 1050 and 1050ti. I have been looking for a while and these seem… Read more
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i think you may regret your purchase ;)


Seriously???? i5 with GYX980M GC for £1000??? I must be living in another planet called mug! Someone please pinch me to wake me up!


There's a RPS review of another model from this range here:


Might be true for the low-end Pavilions etc but I've cewrtainly had no issues in 10 years of using them. Plus HP are a major enterprise supplier with excellent support if anything does go wrong.


And any temp can be measured in Kelvin. For example this deal would be 230degK hot!

MEDION ERAZER X7843 17.3 INCH 1920x1080 LAPTOP, GTX 980M, 6700HQ, 16GB ram, 128GB SSD. £749.99 @ Medion
Found 22nd Jun 2017Found 22nd Jun 2017
I was researching this brand after seeing a couple of people selling this brand of laptop on ebay. While doing so, I came across a pretty good deal on their website.
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I got mine today! I got the £800 one with the 256GB SSD, I didn't realise it had an M.2 SSD (I must of missed that in the description)! The only problem is... its bigger than I thought. I'm contemplating selling it, instead of my old one. BUT ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! Its by far the best laptop I've owned. People trying to shoot the build quality etc down, clearly are just jumping on reasons people can't question. I've had it apart (was going to upgrade the SSD), and not a single part of this seems cheap. It's really well made, they were probably just getting rid of them to make room for their new 1070 range. Absolute bargain. I was looking at other models they made, and found this: The one we all bought, s**ts on this. GTX980M for £800? It honestly was a steal. Thanks for posting the deal OP, even if I do decide to ultimately sell this, I will probably make a profit.


Any get theirs today? Got mine and today and feels very nice. Not your cheap crap. Very well built, good screen and nice design. Only issue I have atm is even at full volume the sound is very low.


Will they re stock this?


​GTX 980m not 980m It can run most games at Max settings.


Yep, that has a 970M, so not quite as powerful. A decent enough price, but not as good as the original deal.

MSI GT72 6QE Laptop with 6 games i7/16/980m £1069.97 instore clearance @ Currys (Pontefract)
LocalLocalFound 13th May 2017Found 13th May 2017
In clearance at pontefract curry store. Great specs but sadly last generation. They are i7 6700hq 16gb ram 256gssd and 1tb hard drive. And a wooping gtx 980m also includes Harlo w… Read more
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What the hell? In 2017 a dvd is a waste of space, if anything its a negative. I took mine out in 2011 and have never used it since. The same goes for every family member.


Decent price but unable to find this one online. Must be a store only offer which is a pan. Also just to add I'm also a MacBook Pro owner with a sad life..... :-)


Why do you need a DVD drive its 2017 ? a cheap external one can be got for £20 You can upgrade the warranty, on the dell stuff, the onsite support is excellent.


At least this model has a DVD optical drive, whilst most Dell gaming laptops do not! Still only got 1 yr warranty though, that's why I would prefer to pay a little more and get one from Scan or John Lewis which will have either 2 or 3 yrs warranty.


Better specs for less can be got from the dell outlet

ASUS ROG G752VY-GC480T 17.3 inch Gaming Laptop (Intel i7-6700HQ, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 512 GB PCIE SSD, NVIDIA GTX980M 4G GDDR5 Graphics, G-Sync Windows 10) £1199.99 @ Amazon
Found 9th Apr 2017Found 9th Apr 2017
just found this asus rog on amazon brilliant discount this is the cheapest price for this unit in the best price i found was around 1,400 sure the techs on here w… Read more
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Thanks drink


"Ice Cream"


OP I'm afraid the deal is not great for some. It's last generation specs with the 6 series processor and the 9XX series graphics card. A HP Omen posted the other day was £899, which had an i7 7700HQ and a 1050Ti which isn't far off a 980M and it came with an xbox elite controller so effectively £800. So I'd imagine you could probably get the i7 and 1060 for 1200 so why wouldn't you? Perhaps the quality isn't the same, I've not seen either in person, but if I was a betting man that'll be why this has gotten cold. Expensive laptop deals always go one way or another. Not voted either way on this


I'm not sure mate, but my guess would be the gaming nerds on here will want a 1050/1060/1080 graphics card (I don't know anything about them, I'm proud to say) for less than £1,000, even if all of the other specs and screen are crap.


cant understand why this is cold.nobody can get this machine cheaper than this anyway of course you can buy from ebay for 1,800 pounds if thats any good.this is an amazing price for a machine of this quality




I was even luckier.....bagged a couple of these GTX 980 Phantoms from a mate for £140. The only reason I'm even mentioning it here is because I'm not usually the one who gets that lucky!!


​yeah I was lucky..tbh I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen it on amazon :)


This post is obviously a non deal, but it's not like 980 Ti's are available for < £250 yet... you got VERY LUCKY! (yes, I'm jealous)


I only paid £207 from amazon warehouse for a zotac gtx 980 ti amp! a few month ago, that price is way too dear!

(USED) PNY GTX 980 4GB Pure Performance £200.62 @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 27th Jan 2017Found 27th Jan 2017
Scouring through Amazon warehouse I found this gem. Around the same price as an RX 480 which is continuously compared to the GTX 970, usually trading blows. Not much of an upgrade … Read more

You still get Amazon protection, officially up to 30 days on the website but through chat they give you 2 years.


Second user sure but plenty of gamers don't overclock and overvolt their graphics cards to within an inch of their lives. I picked up a second hand GTX 970, it's been going strong for a year now. Since I don't intend to sell it on I've been the one overclocking :P


Keep in mind you are the second user, and there are warranty implications.


i would never buy a last gen nvidia card. ever. even less time before Huang starts gimping your card.

MSI GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G Gaming Laptop £1199 @ Microsoft store (£1029.00 after cashback)
Found 20th Jan 2017Found 20th Jan 2017
Purchase price: £1199, with £170 cashback. Cheapest ever for this top spec, well reviewed laptop.… Read more

Yep, but no cashback anymore.


Price is even lower now, at £1049


so is this not a very good deal then, after a replacement machine. Toying between a fully fledged powerhouse laptop or Hybrid. This seems good price compared to scan, JL etc when googling model, no SSD is a shame but I have one in my current machine anyhow we can swap. Anyone suggest anything similar in performance for same price. Also noticed a Quidco Offer for a Lenovo Yoga 900 i7 256gb SSD VERSION, comes out at £903 after cashback and also includes an additonal £50 MS Store Gift Voucher, only issue I have is its Intel 520 Graphics. I am mainly using Photoshop and Lightroom so prefer a dedicated gpu is possible. My current Lenovo Ultrabook is getting slower so need to replace it. The screen resolution is what sides me with the Lenovo Yoga 900


i have noticed the prices in the eu on the new and older generation gaming laptops are really high without much decrease in price even over the the black friday period and boxing day sales


I'm not entirely sure why 980m based laptops haven't been put on clearance prices. I bought one last year but I can't help but feel that waiting that bit longer for a 1060 model would have ensured VR gaming. As far as I'm aware there aren't any workarounds for a 980m

Vibox Pegasus 18 Gaming PC - with Warthunder Game Bundle, Windows 10 (3.6GHz Intel i7 Quad Core Processor, Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti Graphics Card, 240GB Solid State Drive, 3TB Hard Drive, 32GB RAM, NZXT S340 (White) Case Amazon £1003.87
Found 11th Dec 2016Found 11th Dec 2016
3.6GHz (4.0GHz Turbo Speed) Super Fast Intel i7 4790 Quad 4-Core CPU Haswell Advanced Processor Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti 6GB Advanced Dedicated Graphics Card 32GB Kingston HyperX … Read more
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Where are you going to get the best processor and graphics card for around £400? When it was published that was hands down the best deal I've seen for the hardware installed! Of course it's expired so moot point now.

lundapapa is this not a better deal? you can change to the best processor and graphics card and it is still under £1000


actually a good value prebuilt - the GPU and CPU may be older but more recent equivalents have been more geared toward efficiency than outright power so you aren't losing much real-use grunt. nowt beats building your own but if you factor in the hours spent researching bits, ordering from cheapest supplier, waiting for everything to arrive bit by bit then the assembly, cable routing, fan flow tweaking, then all the windows installing and driver updating then having it show up in a nice ready-to-use package doesn't seem that bad. me i'd never give up that magic moment when you power up for the first time whether it's a naked motherboard , sat on your desk with cables running in every direction to the dissected components around it turned on by jamming a screwdriver across it's power button pins or when you finally get everything in the case with wires hidden away and the satisfaction of a job well done. after several heart-stopping moments where a new build has failed to post because i've forgot a fiddly extra 4-pin power cable or similar i would consider going the easy route though :S and for all that typing, i've checked the link and it seems to be over 2grand now anyway, expired ?


that's a sweet-looking case but seems a little steep for the privilege of having a PC with those parts pre-built for you.


Shows as over 2 grand?

£1.980 LG OLED55C6V £1980 after coupon @ pc world free delivery
Found 11th Dec 2016Found 11th Dec 2016
use code TV10 at checkout to get this price. cheapest I've found. Flexible finance available Top features: - Enjoy an immersive viewing experience with 4k Ultra HD resolution … Read more

^^ Alba and bush buyers probably.. Why pay 2k for a TV when when you can buy the same size for £19.99 in your local supermarket :{


seems a good price for the c version, not sure why the cold votes.


Bought one of these a few weeks ago, fantastic piece of technology


Thanks, that's the triplets Xmas presents sorted.

Vibox Pegasus 18 Gaming PC - with Warthunder Game Bundle, Windows 10 (3.6GHz Intel i7 Quad Core Processor, Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti Graphics Card, 240GB Solid State Drive, 3TB Hard Drive, 32GB RAM, NZXT S340 (White) Case @ Amazon
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
Product Description Size Name:32GB RAM, 3TB HDD, 240GB SSD, Windows 10 | Colour Name:NZXT S340 (White) Product Description The Vibox Pegasus really is the highest spec PC from to… Read more
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£590 for the MSI Gaming version.


How much did you pay for your 980Ti 18 months ago?


Crumbs, gamers really are the easiest people to fleece :)




Pretty much same spec as my PC which i built 18 months ago.

PC Specialist black friday deals are up! £569 GTX 1050Ti Gaming PC, £15 off voucher, reduced GTX980M gaming laptop
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Seems PC Specialist have gone live with their Black Friday deals. Black Friday £15 off code: BFPCS Gaming PC... Intel Core i3-6100 Dual Core Processor 8GB HyperX FURY DDR… Read more

Are there any good deals for gaming PC bundles under £500???? cant find any


i3. brilliant for games. NOT !!! great for tetris. maybe


this is not black friday deal its a rip off deal, i dnt now why not people search or luk around b4 they post


More cores and threads are starting to matter these days, and minimum framerates (often overlooked) especially benefit; Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 are good examples, although the latter is admittedly a poorly optimised game. i3s are good starters, but i5s should really be the aim for a truly capable (Intel) gaming rig.


That gaming laptop is awful value compared to the Argos gtx 1060 £855 laptop, trounces this

MSI NVIDIA 970 - £186.46 and 980ti - £326.81 amazon warehouse deals ! -20% promo
Found 21st Nov 2016Found 21st Nov 2016 That link for msi 980ti ! :)

​I highly doubt it. I would expect people buy these mainly for gaming


970s were about £160 with the £50 off warehouse offers a few days ago. I was tempted to get a second for SLI but I'm holding off for now, I feel like a 1080 would be the only worthwhile upgrade for me.


​was only checking anyway, I got a Zotac gtx 980ti amp!...last week from amazon for £207 :). beat that for a deal !


​a great point and one that I'd never have thought of.


I suspect these 9xx cards are keeping their value partially due to the fact they are some of the fastest cards available to use on a Mac (hackintosh) system. Mac Nvidia drivers are not currently available for the 10xx pascal cards and might never be available?

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