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Vox MV50 Rock 50W Guitar Amp HEAD £99 delivered at Amazon
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Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
The "Rock" flavour of Vox's MV50 mini-amp head with 50W of power down to £99 again. These amps use the Korg NuTube, a modern version of vacuum tube technology which is much more re… Read more

To miss-quote the song "you've only just begun". ;-) One way of dealing with the ultimatum stage is to only buy guitars in a single colour, so new instruments aren't obvious - not that I ever tried it. And guitars, especially electrics, even basses, aren't too bad - let me tell you that amps and cabs take up a lot more space. :p I'm going to start downsizing because, frankly, I don't play out that much now, and when I do I only use a couple of amps and a couple of guitars, the rest all just sitting around untouched and unplayed for years. I want my space back, at least a bit.


Instead of a MAMIL we're MAMWG - not as catchy obviously.


They’re like crack for middle-aged men. I blame the retailers for making them so readily available.


Yes. I'm at ultimatum stage (again). Got 3 electrics upstairs, 2 acoustics in the loft and my lad has a couple of electrics as well. Plus loads of pedals on a board going into an Orange Terror Stamp (split through the front and effects loop), various mini-amps and a combo. And picks absolutely everywhere. An Esquire? As in the early single pickup iteration of a Telecaster?


Also, I’ve since bought a multi-effects pedal, have a cheap expression pedal on order and bought a Fender Esquire since my last comment! I have a problem.

Big Price Cuts on Randall Guitar Amps, Heads & Modules - EG: Randall T2HL 100W Head - £249 / Randall RX-25DMi Combo £101.95 @ GuitarGuitar
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Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Just checked over on GuitarGuitar to have a nose for new offers and this popped right up. There's some cracking reductions overall, a lot of them are much more expensive even buyin… Read more

I'd be hesitant of paying £1200 for a Chinese made amplifier, although it is a lot of amp for the money.


Great deal, anyone looking for a high gain head should be biting guitarguitars hands off here


Teenage me really wanted a Randall amp. I don't really like that kind of music anymore but that RH50 looks really tempting. That 667 is a ridiculous beast of an amp for the money too.


Just wire 4 wah pedals together and cut all the mids. You too can sound like (poo)


£1200 off Kirk model Jesus

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DV Mark DV Micro 50 II 50W Guitar Amp Head - £151.95 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
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Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
The cheapest this has been by a rather large margin, as far as I can tell. The next best is GAK for £77.05 more (£229) Specs are good for the cash too, which I've listed below. £1… Read more

i got one. Great price. Thanks for the heads up. Just need to find a small speaker to pair it with


Many moons ago i bought a great big speaker for my guitar. Blow people away with the noise. When things didn't go as planned i was introduced to new words - ' Amp Head ' , as in 'That is a speaker - you need an amp head to complete it.' Heat.

Blackstar HT-20R MkII CR 20W Valve Combo Guitar Amp - £455 Delivered @ Thomann
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Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Great reduction on this Valve combo! The eagle eyed hotukdealer may have noticed that it's red :D It's likely that's where the reduction comes in, as the black isn't reduced to th… Read more

SEXY!!! cannot go wrong with blackstar amps, i got a HT5R and it does what i need, if you're in the market for an amp this will tick all the boxes.


It really depends on usage so it's hard to say. There are ways to maintain them to help them last longer (let them warm up, ensure they're properly biased etc). The amp I mentioned changing them on had been gigged most weekends for 18 months before it needed a new pre-amp tube. The amp I use for practice in the house is over 10 years old and has never needed a valve change. It's like the clutch on a car, depends how much it's abused and how much mileage it's done. In terms of cost, that varies hugely on the type of amp. They can cost as little as a couple of quid each, and if your amp only has a few it's not an expensive job to do yourself. If you're not comfortable doing it yourself there is usually a few enthusiasts around who'll do it for a few quid, asking on your local musicians page on Facebook will probably come up with some recommended people.


How often do valves typical need replacing in valve amps and how much does it cost? Thanks


Haha. I know exactly what you mean. Is it just for home use or gigging? Because both these amps are loud enough for small to medium gigs (but have power scaling for home use). The 5 watters from Harley Benton/Bugera and Blackstar are great for home use and you can get more bang for your buck feature wise.


Awesome, cheers for that. My heart says Blackstar but my wallet, and by extension my wife, says Bugera. Actually, if it was really my wife’s choice I’d be happy with a cardboard box and elastic bands.

Marshall Origin 5C Combo Valve Amp - £199 Delivered @ Thomann
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Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
An all time low on this as far as I can see. Just under £200 is a fair price for what this is. It might not be for everyone, but if it is... It's by far the cheapest around just no… Read more

doesn't go to 11


I wanted to like the Boss Katana, I really did. While it sounded good when I started noodling, it just gave me earache after a while. No matter what I did, it sounded sterlie and tinny. I think if you're going to play with lots of distortion and effects, the Katana is fine. But playing a 20 Watt Origin with some reverb, overdrive and some delay was much more enjoyable and I could play for hours. I'd take the 5 watt over a Katana any day of the week.


(y) They are very good, though not 100% perfect: The speaker needs to be broken in, the reverb (at least on the Mk I) isn't that great without some experimenting, the speaker is very directional (look up foam donut mods) and not everyone loves the Tone Studio. Also, the 50w doesn't have an effects loop, but that's no surprise at the price. It's amazing value for how much it costs, esp if you pick up a used 50w Mk I at around £140. Having said all that, I'd still love to have a play with one of these Origins! A real tube Marshall for £200 is just mental. :{


I was being a bit silly however everything I’ve heard and read about the katana is incredibly positive especially for a home set up where you can’t push the volume too much


lol, not sure if your being sarcastic or not but... I have a 30w Marshall and a Katana 50 Mk I. I got the Katana to sound exactly like the Marshall just by playing with a few settings. :{

Blackstar - HT Stage 60 MKII Valve Combo Guitar Amp - £599.99 + 5% Off Totalling £569.05 Delivered @ Musicstreet
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Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Great price on this at the moment. Spotted an ad for £599.99 and didn't expect the 5% off code to even work on it... It does :D That code is MUSICSTREET for those wondering. Onl… Read more

Great price! Wish i had the dough.


Looks to be live still on this, despite the date stating yesterday - Unexpired for now :)


I actaully saw that when it was too late! I inteneded to post. Music Street seem to have short running promos, but good ones when they're on. I'm relatively new to them, so that's only based on a few weeks worth of checking them out. Will keep an eye though


Apologies - I missed that bit in your post, so wrote my reply, then checked your post again, realised the 5% discount and (I thought) I deleted my post as it was now irrelevant, but I obviously didn't :( It's a good deal and even better at MusicStreet. I was really tempted with last week's offer of the Unity 120 (reduced from 379 to 249 I think) but there is a lack of information and reviews out there about their products, hence these offers I guess, to get products out there and people talking about them.


With the extra 5% discount code? (£569.05) Didn't see it elsewhere at this price? The code should work on anything at MusicStreet, pretty much.

Line 6 Firehawk 1500 Electric Guitar Combo Amp - £399 Delivered @ PMT
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Line 6 Firehawk 1500 Electric Guitar Combo Amp - £399 Delivered @ PMT
£399£62736% Free P&P FreePMT Online Deals
Crazy good price on such a powerful combo amp. It's not something you're going to be using for bedroom practice at 1500W, but if you're into playing solos that can be heard from th… Read more

£369 for the display model


I used to have one of these. Paid a lot more then this. It was a buggy mess. You use an app on your phone to change all the settings etc, and it never worked reliably. They’ve stopped supporting the app now and new versions of iOS and Android have basically rendered this a very large, heavy paperweight.


I was reading the summary on the main page and it stopped at "solos that can be heard from the..." and I was like "I hope it's saying 'the moon'", you delivered and I am a happy customer. (y)


Didn't know this existed, now I want one. Great.


Same manufacturer but a very different amp:

Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Guitar Amp Deal £99.99 Fair Deal Music
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Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Offer lasting 22-25th May Fair Deal Music offer its best selling bluetooth, battery powered amplifier at HALF PRICE! Blackstar Super Fly Buetooth Guitar Amp Highlights 12 Watt… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

How are these compared to a Cube Street? The price is tempting


These are great little amps ..I used to have the stereo pack .....wouldn't pay £99 quid for one though...good deal or not Got a second hand Yamaha thr10c for £120.... As good as the little blackstars are the yam totally blows it away edit. Think this is the 'bigger' version ? Can't see specs other than 3" speakers...which would make it small?


Same price in most other dealers including GAK

Yamaha A1RIITBS Tobacco Sunburst with free Yamaha THR5A acoustic Guitar Amp £569 @ GuitarGuitar
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Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Yamaha A1RIITBS Tobacco Sunburst with free Yamaha THR5A acoustic Guitar Amp £569 @ GuitarGuitar
£569 Free P&P FreeGUITARGUITAR Deals
GuitarGuitar are currently offering a free Yamaha THR5A acoustic Guitar Amp with a purchase of any acoustic guitar from their A series. I haven't played either, maybe someone else … Read more

Couple left in stock on this too


Have a link? Thx


regarding the amps...tried a couple of the normal 10's ...(new versions) out in the shop......both sounded amazing....think the main difference is the newer ones offer blutooth and a wireless option...( i use a 20 quid wireless set with mine) ended up with a second hand thr10c ...blues edition...firmware updates and pre sets are easy to do ...these are great good in fact that i've hardly touched my big fender bassbreaker 15 valve amp since i got it my one has an 'acoustic' option ..which is also sounds great with my yam


Just be careful with the model numbers. The latest version is the THR10ii (2019) but some prefer the older THR10 (launched 2011ish). The firmware was updated in 2014 and Yamaha called this the THR10v2 but you can update the firmware on the pre-v2 versions to make them v2. Other pre-2019 models include the THR10X (metal pre-set tones and is dark green) and THR10c (blues presets and is a very dark navy blue)


I'm hoping to pick up a THR10 very soon

Ashdown ABM-210H-EVO IV Compact Bass Cab - 2x10" / 300 watts - £279 @ Thomann
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Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Ashdown ABM-210H-EVO IV Compact Bass Cab - 2x10" / 300 watts - £279 @ Thomann
£279£37826% Free P&P FreeThomann Deals
Fantastic price including free delivery - It's a 300w bass cab, which may be a little hefty for most here, but either way for the money I figured there may be someone out there tha… Read more

I used to have 2 4x10 versions of this. My rig was literally heavier than me. Learn from my mangled back, get wheels/a trolley if you're going to be lugging Ashdown stuff around, quality comes at a heavy price!

Black star core id 10 guitar amp £89 @ Guitar Guitar online preorder
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Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Black star core id 10 guitar amp £89 @ Guitar Guitar online preorder
Good bedroom first amp at a decently reduced price.
Get deal*Get deal*

How does this compare to the Roland BTM 1?


Nice. Gone back to £115 everywhere else.


Looking for my first amp but I’ve read these can have hiss on them-anyone got any experience on this? What would you recommend!


Same price at musicstreet, plus you can get an additional 5% off with the code APR5


Available to OrderThis product is currently on order from our supplier, please contact us for an estimated delivery time....

VOX MV50 50W Nutube Guitar Amplifier Head - Rock £99 delivered at Amazon
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
VOX MV50 50W Nutube Guitar Amplifier Head - Rock £99 delivered at Amazon
Only 540 grams (1.1 lbs.)! An ultra-compact 50W head amp that you can easily carry in one hand. The preamp features Nutube, the new vacuum tube that utilizes vacuum fluorescent di… Read more

Same seller has it on ebay for £99


The price went up immediately after it was posted and has gone up even further so look elsewhere if you must have this.


Heat added, I’d love to get one of these, but my Mrs would go ape if I bought another amp into the house..


Really versatile sound and quite dynamic for a Class D power section, love mine! HEAT


No use for it but would look good on a shelf 😏.

Wharfdale Pro Isoline-410 Active Column PA System £199 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
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Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
Wharfdale Pro Isoline-410 Active Column PA System £199 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
£199£39950%Kennys Music Deals
A really good option for those that are gigging around that don't want to spend a total fortune. £199 Is the lowest that I have ever seen this model at, and not just by a few quid … Read more

Bargain! Mega HOT

Supro Blues King BK Combo - £499 delivered @ Thomann
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Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd FebShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Supro Blues King BK Combo - £499 delivered @ Thomann
£499£5499%Thomann Deals
This is the cheapest Iv'e seen it, apart from that one guy on Ebay that also charges postage. Brings it in line with the more generic Fender Blues Junior IV, also 499 on Thomann. … Read more

Heat for just about anything guitar related. Not the same thing but as an aside... I know Supro has the cachet but I bought the Thomann own brand (Harley Benton) 15w Valve amp with reverb/fx loop/second cab out, and its excellent for under £200. The link is here if anyone is interested.

Mesa Boogie 300W - 1x15 Traditional Powerhouse Bass Cabinet £599 Delivered Next Day @ GuitarGuitar
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Posted 20th FebPosted 20th Feb
Mesa Boogie 300W - 1x15 Traditional Powerhouse Bass Cabinet £599 Delivered Next Day @ GuitarGuitar
No Mesa-ing about here :| Excellent bass cab for the money here, I've been watching it drop over the last few weeks and under £600 is pretty awesome. It won't be for use in your … Read more

Ooo lovely, very nice find.


Check out those wheels! You could ride it to gigs 8)


Yep! Got a set this year with Curley Watts and his 299 brothers!


300W!! Where are you gigging? Glastonbury!? (lol)

Vox MV50 50W guitar amp head (High Gain or Rock) £99 at Amazon
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Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Vox MV50 50W guitar amp head (High Gain or Rock) £99 at Amazon
Mini guitar amp head from Vox using Nutube valve technology to produce very convincing sounds. Both "High Gain" and "Rock" models at this price. Presumably price-matching Gear4mus… Read more



Think you can get radio 4 on it too


Didn't this win the 3rd series of Robot Wars?


Might as well just buy a Katana 50 by the time you've paid out for a cab too. :{


4% cashback on musical instruments currently available via TCB, potentially cutting the price a little further.

TC Electronic 400W RS115 1x15" Bass Cabinet - Eminence Speaker - £259 Delivered @ Andertons
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Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
TC Electronic 400W RS115 1x15" Bass Cabinet - Eminence Speaker - £259 Delivered @ Andertons
This 400W Bass cab has finally been reduced further, now £259 delivered at Andertons. Other stores have dropped their prices too, but they're still well over the £300 mark. The o… Read more

Well, which one...? This is a rear-ported, 15" sub in a pretty "industrial" enclosure. The BK subs are a lot "prettier", and they have several sealed options which may be more suitable in domestic environments both from an aesthetic and an in-room placement point of view, plus most of the BK subs have integrated amplifiers with some tuning/control options (this does not). They're two very different propositions...


How it compare to the bk subs?


Does this go up to 11

Mesa Boogie Bass Cabinets - 4x10 Traditional Powerhouse 600W £619 / Mesa Boogie 1x15 300W £619 With Next Working Day Delivery @ GuitarGuitar
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Posted 7th JanPosted 7th Jan
Mesa Boogie Bass Cabinets - 4x10 Traditional Powerhouse 600W £619 / Mesa Boogie 1x15 300W £619 With Next Working Day Delivery @ GuitarGuitar
GuitarGuitar have a couple of different Mesa Boogie bass cabs on offer at £619 each included free next day delivery. Maybe niche here, but a really nice price for either of them. I… Read more

Slam a Kemper in there hehe fake it


Very nice!


Good find! If you find a reasonable Mark V 90 on your boogie hunt please feel to let me know!

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