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TC Electronic Bass Rig Bundle - BH800 Amp Head & K-410 Cabinet With Stagg SSP2SS15 2m Speakon to Speakon Lead - £399 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
An exceptional price on both of these as a bundle. Totally way above what most would need, but I can't help but share, especially now it's actually in stock instead of pre-order / … Read more

Lets rock!


TC Electronics was once a fine maker of musical instruments. Then Behringer bought them out in 2015.


Great deal, well spotted!


Thanks. Not that any of it means anything to me, but a friend is in to that sort of thing, so passed on to him.


Oh, I know! I had to double check the next best price from other retailers, as I thought I'd missed something. Good reductions though. A lot of Andertons Epic deals are really strong offers usually. Not seeing so many recently, but still... I like to have a nose from time to time.

ROCKET XF 3/4 Size Electric Guitar Bundle + 6 months free online music lessons with Gigajam @ Currys PC World
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Decent little starter set for those looking to test the water / get a feel of things with a 6 string guitar bundle. Free delivery andd/or Click & Collect if that's easier for y… Read more

Cheap and nasty with poor quality accessories. As others above have said, spend the extra and get a Squier - at least it'll have some resale value if the kid decides not to keep playing. But I'd steer well clear of this. There's nothing more off-putting to a new player than a guitar that's uncomfortable to play, or that won't stay in tune.


Its a good price at the moment (normally £60) - when I got it, it was £60.80. It's such a good price - I posted it as a deal


Wow, never seen one of them before. Thanks!


Second hand boss katana ..should be about a hundred quid Or a blackstar / vox/ line 6 modeller which will be cheaper


Thought about a headphone amp - Amazon have a great price on the NUX mighty plug £47.49

Marshall MG100HFX MG Gold 100W Guitar Head Amplifier Includes Footswitch - £170 Delivered @ dv247
308° Expired
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Now £170 delivered on this, which is the best price around for brand new. The next best is £184 at Reidys and then you're looking at over £200. It's an 100W model with 4 channels, … Read more

the MG series has been around since I was a teenager, and that was a long time ago now. The guitar amp world has come a long way since then specifically solid state amps and Marshall are stuck in the mud with this one.


The MGs absolutely awful awful awful amps, avoid. Anyone who needs 100 watts of amp isn't going to be buying one of these that's for sure. Can get an orange tiny terror for less money than this and it'll sound far far better too. Don't buy this.


Yes indeed. I had an item ‘delivered’ when I was not there and a delivery advice leaflet shoved through the door. Subsequently the place it had supposedly been delivered to claimed it had not received the item and given our good relationship with the owner of the place we believed him. I contacted the company stating that I had NOT agreed to a drop off if we were absent but they flatly refused to chase the parcels whereabouts. In the end I had to involve the credit card company who gave us a full refund. I know the problem was caused by the courier being dishonest however if I pay for delivery and it is dropped elsewhere specifically against my instructions then I fail to see why I should have to become a detective to find my item; nor why I have to involve the credit card company because the seller is not upholding their obligations under distance trading laws. CAVEAT EMPTOR.


Does it go up to 11?


I wasn’t the only one then!

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Radial Engineering Tonebone Headload Guitar Amp Attenuator 4Ohm - £336 (Inc VAT) delivered @ Thomann
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th JunShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
One of the best sounding attenuators, normally over a grand (still that price at other retailers). This is better than used price on reverb. Looks like only the 4Ohm version is sti… Read more

Don't understand the need for this, surely any decent amp has separate gain and output level stages - you get the tone and distortion you want from the preamp gain and tone settings, the output stage lets you... control overall volume... seems to be a gimick to me or am I missing something?


Depends on the attenuator. This is about the best there is. It’s not the cheap resistor-based technology, it’s transformer-based reactive attenuation that takes the Fletcher Munson curves into account at the lowest volumes (highest attenuation) by allowing the user to dial in more lows/highs. Nothing beats pure valve tone, but this is the best thing for low db levels.


It's a great price but I find attenuators changing the tone in more ways than just lows or highs.


I would buy one but there is absolutely no way I would be able to explain this to my other half. It would be difficult explaining it to myself.


Good price but at the least it needs to show price including VAT in description. Just add 20%.