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Updated 18th FebLast updated 18th Feb by ThirteenthStep
These amps released a little while ago now. Positive Grid had big problems with shipping, most of which was due to Covid-19 by the looks of it. Some customers were waiting months a… Read more

Price has changed to £279 now and they expect stock sometime after March.


I’ve had my spark for a couple of months best home practice amp I’ve used . Honestly they are excellent amps , so versatile . any questions just ask , will give totally unbiased opinion (y)


Just ordered from guitarguitar, paid £50 deposit, just need to wait 60+ days now....


Yikes have to wait 60-65 days!


Do GuitarGuitar offer a similar deal to PG in the January sale, does anyone know? I still think £229 is good value but wouldn't mind that carry bag too. 😁

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Updated 8th May 2020Last updated 8th May 2020 by britlad
Recommend me a good guitar amp / audio interface to connect my guitar to Ableton on a Mac
I've just been using a Rocksmith cable and it's not great. what do people generally use for this ? I wouldn't need the guitar amp to be really big and loud as I'd just use it on th… Read more
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You're welcome....


Sounds good I'll check some reviews out


The Scarlett has a preamp built in, so the signal shouldn't be too quiet.


I've connected my guitar straight in with the rocksmith cable and it works but it was really quiet, so I borrowed my friends amp and I've connected the amp to the cable and that makes it a lot louder, but I'm not sure if just a better audio interface is needed maybe


Guitar can go straight in and connect to your iMac via USB. I've not used Ableton, but Garageband has preset/inbuilt amps, so I guess Ableton does too?

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Updated 28th Jun 2019Last updated 28th Jun 2019 by thebox
Best electric guitar amp for beginners
I was looking at the Fender Mustang I v2 amp (£110) as recommended by HUKers but the guitar store employee said the newer Fender LT25 (£130) is better. I've been doing some resear… Read more

(Additional information added) it's for home practice. I've only been playing for a few months so I'm a beginner. The amp I have now is from a starter guitar pack and sounds terrible. Share with WhatsAppShare with Messenger


My local second hand guitar shop has amps starting at £25. I bought one for £30, there is no software, you turn it on and play.


What are you using it for? I mean, are you gigging or is it simply for use in the home? What do you want out of your amp in terms of sounds and effects?