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H1Z1: Bandit Pack (PS4) Free @ PlayStation Network (PS Plus Required)
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Posted 21st Feb 2019Posted 21st Feb 2019
H1Z1: Bandit Pack (PS4) Free @ PlayStation Network (PS Plus Required)FREE£0.01Playstation Store Deals
Released today, 21 Feb 2019. Exclusively free for PS Plus subscribers. H1Z1 is also a F2P game and can be downloaded here . If you’re a PlayStation®Plus member, you can downloa… Read more

Same here.


Downloaded this ages ago. Never played (excited) ! But will pick these up anyway haha. Thanks OP


Thanks @mixmixi and @BubaMan - Will nab both :)


Blueshift pack also free :)


No you are not confused. :) https://www.polygon.com/2017/8/15/16151314/h1z1-just-survive-name-change-new-map

H1Z1: Battle Royale PS4 Free @ PS Store
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Posted 22nd May 2018Posted 22nd May 2018
H1Z1: Battle Royale PS4 Free @ PS StorePlaystation Store Deals
H1Z1: Battle Royale is a pure, fast-paced battle royale shooter re-imagined and built for console. Drop in to a massive map in search of weapons, ammo, vehicles and air drops to ge… Read more

I don't get it...?


me again last 48hrs cant get on


Still can't the game to actually load for me yet...


Perplexed, that's a strong word. Games can come out and buck the trend, eg zelda transformed the open world genre, the copy and paste comment refers to a battle royale game being made and many companies making a game or converting a game to make it fit, a la blops 4.


I had a go on ps4 I thought it was not bad, a bit easier than pubg. H1Z1 is now free to play on steam as well now

H1Z1 PC + DLC Steam Key only £1.49 @ cdkeys.com
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Posted 16th May 2018Posted 16th May 2018
H1Z1 PC + DLC Steam Key only £1.49 @ cdkeys.com£1.49CDKeys Deals
Includes: Base Game (F2P) H1Z1 Appreciation Pack Appreciaton Pack Includes: 10,000 Skulls 10 Victory Crates Gasrunner Hoodie Bloom Survivor T-Shirt Splinter Camo ARV H1Z1 is a fa… Read more

TeosGame (Teo) is another amazing Fortnite (and others) streamer: https://www.twitch.tv/teosgame Well worth a look :-) Heat added - thanks OP.


Should check out Dakotaz playing Fortnite on twitch , amazing sniper. Learn to build then kills come easy 😁


I enjoy watching StoneMountain64 play Fortnight, but I can't play it to save my life! I'm loads better at PUBG. Total respect for anyone that gets a kill on Fortnight, I seriously fail to at it! Good price on this though, can't go wrong really.


Preferred this over PUBG but nothing beats Fortnite at the moment


Saw this and thought it a waste of time since the game went free to play and assumed it was cdkeys trying to flog old keys like they did with the DOOM dlc when that went free. Did not know about the extra in game items. Got to be worth £1.50 if you’re in to the game. Heat added.

H1Z1 Battle Royale (closed beta sign up) PS4
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Refreshed 30th Apr 2018Refreshed 30th Apr 2018
H1Z1 Battle Royale (closed beta sign up) PS4Freebies - Post Here Deals
Coming May 22nd PS4

Too bad it's awful


4 years later and the proper h1z1 still not on PS4 yet now they're releasing this crappy battle royale mode from it, great eh!


Yer I don't understand this mentality either, if a game is good I will play it.


It's never to late, if it's a great game then it will be popular if it sucks it won't.


Lol, way way wayyyy too late. This was promised for PS4 years ago but they couldnt be bothered to follow through. Now they are clearly crying at the popularity of Fortnite and PUBG. Nope.

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PC Game : H1Z1 going FREE to play later today! At roughly 18:00 GMT 6pm at STEAM
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Posted 8th Mar 2018Posted 8th Mar 2018
PC Game : H1Z1 going FREE to play later today! At roughly 18:00 GMT 6pm at STEAMSteam Store Deals
http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/h1z1-free-to-play-3415560 Daybreak Games has announced that H1Z1 is going free-to-play later today as it launches a new competitive league. … Read more

Always wanted to purchase this game but felt it wasn't worth the price compared to AAA titles. Finally it's free, happy days.


Why not !


Finally get to see what all the fuss is about.


great find (pirate)


thanks OP. (pirate)

H1Z1 £4.49 @ CDKeys - Much Cheaper Than Steam
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Posted 17th Jan 2018Posted 17th Jan 2018
H1Z1 £4.49 @ CDKeys - Much Cheaper Than Steam£4.49£19.9978% offCDKeys Deals
Early access price, but I still think worth the price

A lot of negativity here. Meh I like it, I paid 3.74 on steam sale and haven't refunded. I haven't played PUBG so can't say how this compares, very fast paced though, more arcadey than sim which I like. Definitely not a dead game, I always find a server within seconds with 140+ players. I wouldn't pay full price for it but it's worth it at this price.


You might want to try survive the nights footage looks good and the idea behind is also sounds good but it’s really early access might be worth hanging on for abit


It’s ok pretty frustrating at first having to find your way around using land marks. But I suppose in a real zombie apocalypse I doubt you’d have an interactive map ha


Do people still play this game. I thought that everyone switched to PUBG.


Average player count over the last 30 days has been just under 16,000. I would hardly say it's a dead game. But it's certainly a poor one. My experience is based on the 'Free Week' a while back and it was an unreliable buggy mess. I swiftly uninstalled. This could be an unfair impression though as I'm sure the servers were probably inundated during the free week. Either way it has put me off for life. I would recommend holding out for the £3.74 price on Steam again, at least that way you'll be able to get your money back 8)