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I've got 10%


Same, only 5%. Account specific


Ah I just double checked mine it’s 8% thanks


I believe that’s account specific, I’ve only got 5% (y) 🏼


If your with Halifax you get 10% cash back

15% cashback on all your grocery purchases at Morrisons for selected accounts only - £10 maximum cashback @ Halifax
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Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Earn 15% Cashback at Morrisons on all your grocery purchases until 13/04/2021, maximum total reward £10.00 Cashback. Excludes petrol stations. There's more to Morrisons than good q… Read more

Thanks. I’ll need to follow up with them then. What good is the receipt if the transaction has been paid for using the card, surely that’s enough (he says - because he’s lost the receipt (embarrassed) )


Usually at the end of the following month if it tracks. Keep the receipt until you see the transaction in your account.


I don't have the offer. Guess it's because I'm already a regular shopper there. They've probably targeted non morrisons shoppers. Good offer though so heat.


Nothing on mine, but good deal if you have it


Exactly. I'll bet they're replacing the scheme to replace it with something more marketable. The More card isn't really a marketing scheme, it's just kind of existing almost invisibly in the background. I'll bet you people actually spend greater amounts with Tesco's new Clubcard scheme because it's constantly advertising to you in all sorts of ways, even on price tags nows. People don't respond to boring discounts even if they're better off for it. Morrisons are looking to make sales pitches like others do, and I wouldn't be surprised if the discounts actually are better..

Free £100 for switching to Reward Current Account (£3 monthly fee) or Ultimate Reward Current Account (£17 monthly fee) @ Halifax Bank
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Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Get £100 for switching your current account Open a new Halifax Ultimate Reward Current Account or Reward Current account and switch and close your old account using the Current Ac… Read more

Uh oh can anyone help please. Me being silly I already downgraded my account today to regular current account in order to waive the monthly fee. Any chance I will still receive the £100. Its been about 5 days since opening account and switch to take place 11th May


Just a thanks I switched from Santander to Halifax very efficient the £100 was in my account before the switch took place which was impressive. The only downside was getting my wife onto the account that involved a trip to a Halifax and then a 1 hour phone call going over our finances


I switched to a newly opened Reward Current Account (from an exterior account) in Aug 2020 and recieved an incentive payment consequentially. Seeing this deal and having forgotten about the above action (which would make me ineligible) I: demoted my Reward Current Account to a Current Account, opened a new Reward Current Account, switched an exterior account to the newly-opened Reward Current Account. Remembered I had already had received the Aug 2020 incentive so would presumably not get one this time, got faintly annoyed at myself. Received an incentive payment. Was surprised. Ymmv


Has anyone who has received an incentive for switching since April 2020 managed to get another £100 for a switch under this offer? I could apply for an Ultimate acc, and would do so if this may be likely. Although from what I remember from many years ago, Halifax systems are on the ball with this (unlike Natwest group!)


Same here, its been like this for about 2 weeks now!

5 year fixed remortgage with no product fee - 1.46% (60% LTV) @ Halifax
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Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
This deal is for people looking for a competitive remortgage rate without fees. Halifax currently have a market leading deal of 1.46%, 60% LTV for remortgages with no product fee… Read more

Not found one that does it properly yet 1. Add the fees (or reduce the other if paying up front) That makes the starting cash position the same. 2. use the same payment to run the amortisation for the comparison period. That makes the cash flow the same See which has the lowest debt at the end. Single number comparison MSE you have to work it out and there is nothing to account for the difference in payments earning interest or reducing debt. Because the payment determines the outcome you need to use the planned payment not the one based on term. Very important if planning to overpay.


Link for best calculator spreadsheet please. Thanks


I know first tool (best buys) is not accurate as MSE first year cost is not important, it's total cost over initial fixed period. As principal amount in 2nd and further years is lower so lower interest rate wins in later years. Can you please share how the second tool is wrong . Thanks And what tool/website or formula you use ?


MSE is one of the sites that does the calculations wrong. Both those links do the calculations wrong.


Two excellent tools to use for comparison of mortgage deals. First use this one and see your best buys. moneysavingexpert.com/mortgages/best-buys/ Then ask any broker to best these if they can. Second tool is to compare your shortlisted deals, it compares only two deals, but mathematically most accurately. So use for final decision. moneysavingexpert.com/mortgages/compare-fixed-rate-mortgages/

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Papa John’s 10% cashback via Halifax everyday offers (Account specific)
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Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Use this with their 241 offer or bogof and you’ll save a good chunk. Prefer dominos myself but this could sway me. I’m with Halifax but check Lloyds group banking apps just in ca… Read more

This is on my mums Santander account. I find that offers been to somtimes go between these two banks.


Not there for me but thanks.


Great deal! I got all excited but not there for me ;( Only got a deal for Byron Burger where my nearest one is 70 miles away (lol)

Halifax 5 Year Fixed Mortgage - 1.35% (No fees) - 60% LTV - £250,000+ borrowing requirement @ Halifax
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Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
Update 1
Please note that to get the headline rate you will need to borrow £250,000+
Seems like a decent option if you are looking for a no fee option :) You also need to be borrowing at least £250,000 to get the 1.35% rate, else the rate will be 1.44%. Early r… Read more

I wouldn’t say that’s jumping through hoops! Isn’t that just good credit risk management to ensure the bank are lending many thousands of pounds in a responsible way?!


Yes they are. You still have to jump through hoops - 3 years accounts, SA302’s etc


Fairly easy to apply, despite a 90 minute telephone application, which felt more like an exam than a simple mortgage interview. They just want a single month pay slip, didn't ask for bank statements and have arranged a house valuation within a couple of days


Geez Dean, it's too early to be talking like this! My brain is toast already and it's not even 7am 😁


The average compounded annual return of the S&P 500 between 1965 and 2019 was 10%. Between 2010 and 2020 it was 13.6% per annum (so actually better than the 50yr+ average) How is it unreasonable to expect a fund to outperform the most widely quoted index on the planet unless it was needlessly conservative? I won't ask you to apologise but please don't accuse me of posting misinformation when you're clearly not informed. The very fact you're saying things like "20yrs ago" and talking about Interest Rates (largely irrelevant) and Bitcoin/Tesla is telling. I'm talking about long-term, aggregated and compounded investment gains and quoting market averages...there's no pie-in-the-sky here.