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Samsung UE43NU7470 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV @ Currys for £499
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
The 43", 50" and 55" models are all currently £200 off at Currys

Good price for this new 2019 model. Planning to buy one of these during this year's black friday to replace my samsung JU6500 series tv.


went into currys today and the stand is soooooo much bigger than what the picture shows


It features Samsung's 'Gaming Mode' which does a good job of turning off all the unecessary features and optimises the motion and contrast. The input lag is around 21ms which will make such a difference for gaming.


I got the 40” version of this from Richer Sounds for £349 with 2% cash back from Quidco. Very decent and gets a great picture on the Xbox One X. However it isn’t 10 bit HDR so you can’t get the best picture. I’d recommend the 43” LG set that you can get for £399


It has HDMI 2.0a - apparently Microsoft MIGHT upgrade current Xbox Ones with a firmware update to HDMI 2.0 as HDMI 2.0 allows for better image quality from the Xbox to HDMI 2.0 capable monitors. That's all I can comment about this TV. Looks night. Shame it is 43 inches and not 49/50 for the price. Edit: Will need a new HDMI 2.0 capable cable.

Finlux 65-FUC-8020 65” Smart UHD HDR TV With Free Delivery at Groupon for £529
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
Warranty 24 months Brand and model: Finlux 65-FUC-8020 Display: 65” LED Resolution: 4K UHD HDR Smart TV Energy efficiency rating: A+ Weight: 29.66kg Dimensions: 19cm (L) x 162cm (… Read more

Hi do you have funnix 65 or another brand,i have Sony hdr 43 inches that got 2 years ago for 550, this TV is really cheap,do you think this TV will handle Xbox x or ps4 pro ,I like big screan as well as big car :D at the moment I am playing my games 100 inches projector with 1080p,i need a hdr TV 55 or 65 inches can handle my consoles,what do you think about funnix?


So this is the perfect TV for Vestel Virgins?


Vestel? I've heard good things about their virgins. Never tired their crispy pancakes or electronics.


In relation to the broadcast TV vs streaming services, I wonder how many people who paid for Virgin TV have now switched to Freeview/Youview ??!!!! Virgin made you pay for channels that are free - blooming good marketing, alot of folk still fall for it.


I agree and disagree with you both @damadgeruk and @sam_of_london Plasma technology did give you a better 'movie' experience but the tech is dead in the water and expensive to run. All of the TV I watch is in 1080p at least. All main channels are now broadcast in HD. I havent watched an SD channel in years! More recently it was shown that more people actually watch netflix/amazon or other streaming services than live tv anyway so there you have plenty of 4K content. The way we consume media has completely changed. However I most certainly do not agree with buying a cheaper big TV. Buy a decent TV yes a big one is nice but a big cheap one is a waste of money and if you do buy cheap then you do buy twice!

Toshiba 65U6763DB 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV £599.99 shipped @ Costco
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Ultra HD Live and breathe the on-screen action with a Toshiba 4K UHD TV. Bringing you exhilarating life-like picture clarity, 4K UHD TVs display four times more detail than Full HD… Read more

Interestingly in America they used to also only accept Amex but now only accept Visa. I think it is based on who they have a contract with for their Costco Credit card. Currently in the Uk being Amex and America being Visa,


That is shock! Amex usually charge more than Visa or Mastercard. In USA thet accept Visa., but not in UK. I have learnt something (I am not a member).


They don’t accept most credit cards. They do however accept American Express. And all debit cards


They don't accept credit cards and they save money by not accepting PayPal I guess...



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Finlux 65-FUC-8020 65" 4K HDR TV at Groupon for £529. Possibly £465.52 With Cashback
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
Possibly £465.52, with 12% cashback, from Quidco. Thanks 'AmazonCrazy' Full details can be found on Groupon. Won't be for everyone and of course you could spend more, for a bigge… Read more

I’ve bought this and I’m very satisfied with it for the money. Didn’t get any warranty info in the box do you have to register on the finlux site ?


how do you use quidco for this offer? has anyone used it and got 12% cashback?


...and presumably at other selected times of the day




Or a Toshiba, JVC, Hitachi, Sharp, Blaupunkt, Bush, Polaroid or any of the other Vestel or UMC manufactured TVs masquerading as decent brands? The reason is they're cheap, reliability is not a concern it would seem. Long warranties are useful for these 'brands'.

Sony KD-55A1 BRAVIA OLED 4K HDR TV- Free 5 Year Sony Warranty with free wall mount and HDMI cable at hiFi Confidential for £2199
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
Seems like a good deal, best next price I could see was around the £2399 mark. Can’t say I’ve used/heard of this retailer before but very good reviews on trustpilot (9.6/10) h… Read more

Shop demo model. They run them on different settings. Every oled tv in John Lewis had some element of screen burn when I went in. Some leds also had screen burn. I’m not sure what point is to be made. Leds are less prone but can still burn. Oled more prone but again depends on viewing habits. Enjoy the picture, get a decent guarantee and pay on credit card. All bases covered in my opinion.


Offer no long available ;(


Good to know. Mine went on for 9mths and I couldn't do it anymore and threw my toys out of the pram. Accepted a newer model from them as a replacement but still had similar issues so taking a Sony break. Can't argue with the picture quality of these oled tvs though


Yeah i had the some of them issues where the yv would restart and even turn its self on but alot of those have been iron out


Until you see this

Sony KD-55XF8096BU 55" Smart 4K HDR TV with 5 Year Warranty - £569.00 Currys
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Good price for this new model + 2 free 4K movies from Google Play

what price do you buy it at? £669? mine says its 2 weeks from delivery and taking the money. so im pretty sure it should go ahead surely?


Doesn’t look like it was a genuine offer but rather a misprice - went to collect mine today and the store wouldn’t honour the price.


Must of been only on offer for a few hour's as it's back up in price. Pity the offers are not on for at least a day :/


It's showing as 949!


I think the XE90 also has direct LED backlighting rather than a row along the edge the tv where the light is reflected through the panel. If I understand it correctly this will allow better lighting control (no light bleeding, deeper blacks etc) and higher peak brightness which can be localised (which really improves HDR content). Again, based on what I’ve read and assuming I understand it correctly.

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LG 55SJ810V 55” 4K hdr tv - £599 @ Richer Sounds
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Was looking for TVs and came across this. Tv is future proof and is the best price I’ve seen! HDR, HLG and Dolby Vision. Voucher expires tonight.



Exactly. I did the same and did lots of research. The white sub pixels actually work when lighter colours are on the screen, meaning it’s not 3K, and also help produce brighter colours. Because individual pixels are so small, the only time you’ll see a difference on the 2017/2018 sets is when deliberately showing certain patterns through a P


Great tv at this price, have 49 version and it’s served well over last year


I was looking at this, an MU6400 and an MU7000 recently at a Currys and to be honest, couldn't see any difference in resolution at a distance of about 5 feet. My eyesight (so far as I'm aware!) is fine. Perhaps the human eye cannot discern between 3K and 4K at normal viewing distances? This TV certainly looks the part, and picture quality was stunning on a 4K source. LG is one of the few manufacturers who have forked out for a Dolby Vision licence, so this TV is definitely future proof (given that DV appears to be winning the HDR format wars). Heated.


RGBW, 3K :(

Sony Bravia KDL43RF453 43-Inch Full HD HDR TV with Freeview HD - Black £339 @ Amazon (Prime Day Deal)
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Description Product Description The Sony RF4 HDR TV brings you amazing picture quality from any image source. The slim design means it looks great whether it's on or off, and with … Read more

cant understand why the deal went so cold. it was a good price as its gone upto 499 now


Amazon only good at price matching


The slim design means it looks great whether it's on or off ! Oh must buy one.


Same price at Currys too.


Not a fan of that stand

Toshiba 43U5863DB 43-Inch Smart 4K Ultra-HD HDR LED TV (2018 Model) £299.99 Amazon prime
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
A 4k TV with HDR at this price seems pretty appealing to me. Specs = https://toshiba-tv.com/uk-uk/43u5863db
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Don't think you can use the student code more than once. At least I couldn't when I tried.


Seriously tempted by this still, just got a PS4 pro and looking to upgrade to a 4K TV now. Does anyone know if you can use the STUDENT15 discount more than once? Doesn't seem to work for this when I go to checkout and it's dispatched by Amazon anol.


The Toshiba advertised in OP is good, I have been using it for the past few days. It's £295.20 on amazon right now, so still a nice deal!


Keep telling myself I don't need it... This makes it hard. Problem is I'd want to upgrade my Xbox One to an X if I got this


£280 now....

Sony KD49XE8077SU 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR TV £429 w/code @ AO eBay
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Lowest new price for this Sony KD49XE8077SU 49" Smart tv - use code PLAY20 (thanks Gooner) 4K Ultra HD with upscaling - incredible picture quality HDR and the TRILUMINOUS Displ… Read more

Is this with or without YouView? Just want to check that it runs ok ish with YouView disabled seeing it’s the only solution to speed up the tv. Thanks


Did disabling YouView speed up the tv? Considering this model but put off them comments on being slow. Thanks


Tell me about it. I have it too and you need to wait a good few seconds before the tv responds to the remote


Ended up going for the Panasonic at £399.20. From what I could see theres not that much between them but the main differences that I could find are wider viewing angles on the Sony (IPS panel) at the cost of not-as-good black levels. I also had a personal preference for the Panasonic's base. And its £30 cheaper and slightly larger. Still a good deal on a good tv.


Same site as this deal, using same code brings it down to 399, I think.

Panasonic OLED TX-55EZ952B 55 Inch SMART 4K UltraHD Premium HDR TV (Refurb) £999.99 @  panasonic ebay
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
usually same as new next cheapest but new is £1498.98 from currys always more or less in stock from time to time

4 in stock today


back in stock


These 2 sets were on the outlet site for days(maybe even a week) and it takes a post on HUKD to get them sold. if looking to buy now, the LG b7/C7 at £1200 with the long warranty are probably a better buy while stocks last.


At the end of the day. LG is a better OLED TV (Dolby vision) This Panasonic is not the top model from Panasonic. I like to calibrate my screen to get a correct picture. manufacture factory calibration will remain correct for a few months maybe a year. all screens change with age so re calibration helps correct the screen. The only TV that can beat an LG OLED is Sony (OLED made by LG) because of image processing power. I'm waiting for new screen tech before I replace my plasma. (new oled / micro led whatever comes) All TVs have problems, Panasonic as a company have big problems.


Yeah I know this is streets ahead, that's why I wish I'd waited a few weeks.

Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
They claim the soundbar is worth £99 but it currently retails for £69. Still a good deal if you factor in the 5 year warranty. It's a VA panel too which is good for deep blacks an… Read more
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go on owners thread on AV forums. Long thread but lots of useful setting advice. Basically, the most important things are: 1.For Hdmi sources make sure RGB range of TV is set to match device source. I set both PS4 and tv to Limited, not Full. either is fine but they must match of blacks will look grey and white detail over blown. 2. For motion, switch all off except IFC to min, and clear motion on. This gives best compromise on judder and motion blur. (especially for 24fps movie sources). True cinema is best for natural image. or Standard, temp warm. Contrast 70, colour 60, brightness 0. sharpness 10. gamma 1.9-2.1 (depends how bright viewing room). 3. adjust tint very last to reduce yellow or pinkness on skin tones depending on other settings. 4. For HDMI sources, you can change EOTF setting to choose colour curve for HDR content. For Movies I farrrrr prefer PQ over HLG. PQ basically looks like a slightly extended version of traditional Gamma. You do need to increase contrast and Gamma to get picture right, but the tv saves independant picture settings for HDR feed vs SDR so once its set up, it switches automatically. I do switch HDR brightner to ON. HLG looks washed out and overblown, whatver I do. I have to max out contrast and the picture still looks awful. So I would steer clear of this. TV just doesnt seem able to deliver on it. hope this helps, YMMV as there is a lot of panel variation in these sets, they are a cheap TV.


not a good deal, this has been down around £500 with offers, regularly for 12 months. dont pay effectively £580 for this TV. I own this tv. With pricematch I paid £470 for it just after Easter.


What picture settings are you using please? I've gone from a 50inch LG plasma to this and can't get the picture anywhere near it. Thanks


Can buy this from Panasonic refurb store for ,£479


Nope, no Vestal in this one. I believe you have to add it as an extra on the store's product page, but it will discount it at the basket.

Samsung UE49MU7000 49" Smart Certified UHD 4K HDR TV w/5YR Warranty - RGB Direct - £499
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
***Edit - Now £509 with 6yr warranty from Richer Sounds*** RGB have stuck a cheeky £20 on the price making it £519. But if I read Richer Sounds price beater proposition right the… Read more
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Hi there what richer sounds? Thanks


Yeah I’d be in for a 55” at around the £600 mark.


Just reserved one at my local Richer Sounds for £509 including a 6 year warranty. Excellent price for a decent TV!


a deal for the 55 could tempt me but im not paying £700 for it

ASDA George - Cheap 4K Polaroid TV with HDR, 50 inch screen - £299 @ Asda
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
It was already posted few times, now you can order it online I dont know how smart functions are here, but you can buy some tv box and basically you can enjoy this TV. I dont know,… Read more

Lol these TV’s have been £300 for 3 years and still being posted as bargains.


And it's as c**p as it is cheap


Yes, motion blur detected though I'm pretty sensitive to it. I upgraded my 2004 Hitachi (from when Hitachi actually manufactured TVs) to a 2014 LG before plasma was archived, I'll keep that until it dies(then fix it). :)


Any motion blur to worry about, I'm still using a 42 panny plasma only hd ready , wondering if it is worth upgrading as the panny sd is great and apart from the occasional switch of and restart it works fine. I just don't like wasting money.


SD is better than I expected (installed 49N5500 for relative this week).

Sony kd65xf8505bu 65” 4K UHD HDR TV @ Costco instore
LocalLocalFound 24th JunFound 24th Jun
Sony kd65xf8505buFound at Costco, with 5 year warranty. I am thinking of buying this, cheapest I can find it. Any reason I shouldn’t buy it?

Kiddah bro! Sorry I missed your comment


Avoid this TV, bad review of the 55 inch and it's IPS. From what I can tell only the Sony XF90 series have VA panels this year. So basically give any Sony models with XF7 or XF8 in the model number a wide berth.


Well, you just have one of the best LCD TV on the market.


it's edge lit you'll get a better tv with local dimming and superior hdr performance by waiting for the Sony KD-65XF9005 to drop in price to around the £1500-£1600 mark.


If you look on the Samsung EU forum you will find that many people are trying to return their 2016KS models due to poor support from Samsung for HLG, HDR 10 which means you can’t watch the BBC UHD WC broadcasts and will cause problems when Sky start their HDR broadcasts. Later models are as yet unproven. Be aware. Most people are moving to the LG B7

Refurbished Sony KD-49XE8396 4K HDR TV with TRILUMINOS™ Display and 4K X-Reality™ PRO £449 @ Centres Direct
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
Step into 4K HDR and enjoy brilliant colours that come to life on a TRILUMINOS™ Display. KD49XE8396BU.A Refurbished: KD49XE8396BU.A Wide colour gamut with TRILUMINOS Display E… Read more

If it's a 'new' but stock clearence of 'opened boxes' (common to open a box so it can be sold as refurb)) then it's a good deal :)


Ordered and came like new, £449 from £699 seems good deal!


Not a great deal, especially on a refurb. Sorry

SONY KD85XF8596 85" 4K UHD LED HDR TV £3479.98 @ Costco St Helens in store
LocalLocalFound 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Seems to be £5000 everywhere else so a very good deal, had 3 left on Saturday, not sure if nationwide. Also comes with 5 year guarantee and if your an executive member you get 2% … Read more

Some of the people here saying that's impossible to have a £3k TV, they probably have the latest £1k mobile phone every 12 month on a £70/mo contract and drive a thirsty SUV. Keep your fancy phone for 3-4 years on a sim only contract (£10/mo) and drive a sensible/frugal car for 2-3 years and you'll be able to afford this in no time. Other ways of saving would be stopping gambling (way too many people waste money on betting and more surprisingly they are always convinced that they are beating the system and get profit from it....), reduce take away eating and cook more, avoid unnecessary expenses (TV packages with channels you don't watch, subscriptions, etc).


3 left in Costco Croydon today for those in the south.


Since somebody brought up smoking, a 20 a day smoker will spend more than this in a year on fags alone. How many people do you know that are 20 a day smokers? If they all put that money in a jar once a day instead of smoking it, they'd have this in under a year. Nevermind the savings from not boozing 2-3 days a week as well. This is a huge amount to spend on a TV, yes, more than I'll probably ever spend on one myself because a TV just isn't worth that much to me, but if somebody wanted to, assuming they can afford 20 cigs a day, they could save for this. People in this day and age waste a tremendous amount of money just consuming extravagantly on a daily basis. And yet that extravagant spending is somehow disparate from single purchase saved-up extravagant spending. The cognitive dissonance is real. (Although I think the guys comment was more about, anybody can be rich if they work hard which, hey, I agree with as well)


Ok so I agree with you to an extent in that some people are gifted and perhaps therefore better equipped to be successful in certain professions - some which pay handsomely (like the idiots kicking a ball around for 90 minutes I just witnessed.) However, if you can become a millionaire by being able to make a condiment like reggae reggae sauce, surely there’s hope for us normal folk?


I didn’t say anything about intelligence mate... someone stupid born into wealth stands a far better chance than someone intelligent born into poverty.

55” 4K Smart Tv - Digihome 55UHDHDR 55 Inch 4K UHD D-LED Smart HDR TV with Freeview Play £379 @ Tesco Direct
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Digihome 55UHDHDR 55 Inch 4K UHD D-LED Smart HDR TV with Freeview Play Free standard delivery within 3-6 working days Seems cheap alternative to your major brands like Samsung? … Read more
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I have the 65" and it sometimes puts its self on to a mode that makes the picture look weird, can be fixed by going to Menu (you have to put it to tv to get into menu) Picture, advanced setting, Movie Sense- turn this On then Off, then the tv will look fine. I agree the Samsung would be a lot better, I didnt want to pay £1000+ for a 65" from a good make when I got mine for £550, every person who see my tv likes the look and sound, but if I could have got a Sony/ Samsung etc for about £30 more I would have. If you plan to use the Apps dont get the digi.


having compared them side to side the Samsung is vastly superior in both sound and picture quality, so if buying the Digihome makes you feel good with its much lower quality and only slightly lower price then more fool you. The smart interface on the Samsung is better and faster too. Is the Samsung a brilliant TV? No, but it is much better than the Digihome when there is so little in the price difference. Had the Digihome been £279 then it would be different.


The Samsung 6120 is at the entry level and is a worthy comparison. The bottom line is that you have to go along with your budget. People buying this or the Samsung as a replacement for a much older television will see an improvement .


Everything about the Samsung 6120 is cheap. The panel, the cheap stand, the thick ugly black surround and a basic 60hz panel. It’s funny that someone said that only the “uninformed” would buy this digihome when that’s exactly the case with anyone who buys a 6120. If buying this makes you feel good because it has Samsung on it then more fool you. Also the “council”comment is weak too. If people don’t have a lot of money to spend on a tv that’s fine, there’s no need to be a snob about it!



Sony KD49XE8077SU 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR TV - £469.00 / LG 49UJ670V 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR - £399.00 - AO
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
I'm looking for a new telly and thought these looked like great prices for 4K sets. They're both HDR, but wether that's 10-bit is soon to be discovered. I currently have the Hisen… Read more

Im pretty clueless about tvs could someone point me in the direction of the best buy upto 700 budget, thanks


i read on here yesterday or the the day before that there was a 1080p television with hdr (shock) really suprised me that did :o


The higher resolution actually doesn’t make such an impact- some cinema screens are still 2K! UHD brings HDR which makes a big difference no matter what distance you view at and what size your screen is. But the lack of HDR content is currently a problem. If you can’t afford a TV which can cope with HDR (most of us currently can’t!) don’t blow your budget - buy a very good 1080p TV (new ones are getting harder to find, seems like a repeat of the Plasma situation) instead of an average 4K TV.


no such thing as totally independent these days, especially when theres money to be made


Bought. Ta

Samsung UE55MU7000 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - £649 @ Co-Op Electrical
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Use the voucher code CT50 at the checkout. Valid until 14 June 2018.

I agree, JL or Costco (good CS too) I have 2 Samsung KS9000’s both from JL, one 65inch one 55inch, both had issues with light bleed/clouding. Both ok now. Speaking to the engineers who did the screen swap on one of mine it’s the price we pay for these ultra thin screens. Mind you, when they are good, they are very very good.


yep 100% with the 55 inch, now i have a good one it has a great quality pic. However no chance I would buy from anywhere else but JL now, their CS is fantastic


I'm torn between this and one of the new Hisense 55 U7. How reflective is the screen on the Mu7, and how does it handle the footie? Ta


I was torn between this and the Sony Xe8596 - the deciding factor was that the Sony isn't certified for iPlayer (world cup 4k) and reading online folks had massive issues even getting the FA cup 4k stream to load... Samsung wins this time (first time not buying Sony...)


The interface is too slow on the Sony for me. Samsung is much better, but with ads (shock)

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