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Does anyone have the Hisense 55U8QFTUK, if so, would you recommend it? Specifically i’m torn between the Hisense and the LG 55NANO866NA. Any advice would be very welcomed. Than… Read more

I missed the boat on the costco offer unfortunately. If it was still £500, i’d be driving down in the morning to pick one up :) Thanks for the link, loooooads of useful info on there.


U8Q is going to be much better for Netflix and Movies. Very good for games as well. The HDR is pretty poor on the other panel as it's an IPS. Only thing to consider about the LG is if you need HDMI 2.1 ports, but even then I don't think it's a good choice. https://www.avforums.com/threads/my-best-tvs-for-next-gen-gaming-2020-21.2316098/ https://www.avforums.com/threads/new-my-best-value-tvs-2020-2021-edition.2325951 Get the U8Q. Is it still on offer at costco?


Typically use it for Netflix, movies and for playing warzone on the PS4. Ideally looking for something decent that wont break the bank.


Different kinds of panels. What do you do with the TV?

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Hisense 50U7QFTUK TV
Hi. :) I'm thinking about getting the Hisense 50U7QFTUK TV. I've never had a Hisense TV before and do not know anything about them. Please can you tell me if it is any good? Or is … Read more

My previous two tvs were panasonic and I was very happy with them


Thank you. I think, I will too. :)


Thank you. I think I'll get the Panasonic. :)


Thank you. I think I'll stick with what I know and go for the Panasonic. I don't want to do too much fiddling about. My current TV is Panasonic and I've been happy with it. It has just developed a fault though after nearly 6 years, hence why I'm getting another one. Luckily I have a 6 year warranty with Richer Sounds. :)


Panasonic I'd go for.

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TV: Hisense or Ambilight or Other
Hi all, Finally in the market for a TV and there's too much choice for me! 50/55" inch - happy to look at larger if there are any amazing deals. Mainly used for TV/Movies via … Read more

We have an LG Nano Cell , brilliant picture and overall performance. Always buy TVs from retailers offering free extended warranties , Richer Sounds (6 years) , John Lewis and Costco (5 years) , some other retailers have occasional warranty offers too.


I've got an LG smart tv never had any problems with it, alot faster than other tvs I have had


I gone from ambiligh Philips to hisense 65 7q model for bigger size and better HDR, the only issue I have is using arc, I put enhanced hdmi on to get best HDR Xbox , but when TV off and resets, the avr connect by arc seems to over ride it as it is hdmi 1.4 , so I have to put it back on standard then enchanted,


Looking closely at: 1. Hisense 55U7QFTUK 2. Philips 58PUS7805 Any advice to steer me would be greatly appreciated. If you have another (and better TV) in their price range (~£550), I would love to hear it)


Damn! seems like a decent Deal. Anyone else fancy recommending something?

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Updated 2nd MarLast updated 2nd Mar by georgeb
Hisense or Philips
So after weeks of searching I've narrowed it down to 2 tv's: Philips 50PUS8555 Hisense 50U7QFTUK Both are currently £449 and that's my limit really. I like the idea of ambilight.… Read more

Probably not much help but i ended up with a Sony after all this! Tbh i don’t think i would have noticed the difference between either set. I got so bogged down with reading reviews and worried about motion handling but then realised that the average viewer would just say either of these were great tv. Maybe the expert enthusiast would be able to Nit pick but i think both of these tvs would be fine.


Just come across this post and I'm having near enough the same dilemma. I also have narrowed it down but with the Phillips 58PUS9005 And the Hisense 55U7QF. I really love the idea of Ambilight, but are Phillips really a contender against the main TV brands now? The Hisense is FALD so will really help with black levels, but I've also heard of the poor motion handling but not sure if that has been improved with an update recently. I'm not too fussed about the built in apps as most TV apps have a shelf life of approx 3 years before they stop updating them so a decent Roku box will sort that out.


Just checked and my netflix has now been updated. Plex is still awful, being a opera based wrapper version (v3.13.14) still annoyed that a TV bought less than a year ago is still running a 2016 OS, despite VIDAA 4 being available since Q1. I wont be buying another hisense (H55B7500) The motion handling is pretty crap but that doesnt bother me as I dont watch football. The having to unplug at the mains when it locks up is getting tiresome. Used to it 10 years ago on a PC but a TV! :)


Mine was Vidaa U 4.0. one of the reasons I sent it back was the crashing and freezing, I was having to unplug it far too often. It would also randomly switch itself off needing unplugging and replugging back in before it'd switch on. Can't say for definite but I'm not sure firmware update would help much with yours.


The Philips as the option of Ambilight is awesome. Also the Philips has the P5 Picture Engine and one of those 5 Pillars is to do with Motion smoothing, and from what I've seen the HiSense has really poor motion handling. Like you say though, whichever you choose is going to be an upgrade from what you have now.

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10kg drum capacity - great for large households Speedy 15 minute quick wash programme Powerful jets give your clothes a deep clean Steam programme for intensive clean Hisense … Read more

Oh that's a shame. Unlucky.


Yes they called, not for delivery but to say they had cancelled the order


Did you receive a call from AO regarding your delivery?


2 days ago


When did you place your order?

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This is a story of regret. Hisense regret. I bought it for the toy room at home. But delivery was delayed and I impatiently installed the Samsung lounge TV in there and thought t… Read more

They wouldn't let me as we couldn't actually dictate what was wrong beyond its just a "s*** TV".


I have a hisense b7500. When i first got it was terrible. The motion judder was borderline unwatchable using inbuilt apps. Using firestick and its watchable. Would say its average at best picture, not sure i would buy another Hisense though.


What did you do, return it


Thank you for commenting. I must be a brand snob.. as the unit does feel cheap, plastic and nasty too. Just watched episode 6 of Wandavision on it.. terrible. I'll try gaming mode until the new TV arrives.


I’ve got a fairly bottom of the range Hisense in the bedroom and I’m impressed with it from the price point. I wouldn’t have it as my main tv but it does a good job playing PS5 and VOD. 4k is just a resolution dude it has no bearing on signal processing. You might need a bit of tweaking because settings out of the factory are poor