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Yale SR-320+ Smart Home Alarm Kit Plus - £199.99 delivered @ Costco
Made hot 37 m agoMade hot 37 m ago
Yale SR-320+ Smart Home Alarm Kit Plus Kit Includes: 1 x Smart Hub 1 x Siren 1 x Keypad control Panel 2 x PIR Motion Detectors 2 x Door/Window Contacts 1 x Easy Fit Keyfob … Read more

Yeah that's a good 1. The pyronix seems to come on top. Apparently bought out by hikvision a while back.


Check this one, 2 way communication https://www.alertelectrical.com/texecom-ricochet-premier-elite-64w-wireless-alarm-kit-with-wired-keypad-kit-0086.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-bypu7bL4wIVhbTtCh1RQQmtEAQYASABEgKzZfD_BwE


Having looked at this previously, my feeling was the newer sync version adds Alexa (and possibly other) support, whilst the smart version uses the Yale app only. I might be wrong. One obvious difference is that all the extra parts for the newer sync version are much more expensive (not sure whether the older parts are compatible with sync version).


Voted hot, decent price for a decent brand with a reasonable number of devices included. Shame it does not come with a camera too, but maybe it's too much to ask for.


Not sure how the smart and sync systems compare but I do know the sync from Amazon is a great product. Voted hot.

FREE Canary view camera systems WHEN 1 year PRO subscription purchased for £88.58
Made hot 17 h, 56 m agoMade hot 17 h, 56 m ago
1080p HD Camera. Wide angle lens. Powerful AI Capabilities. The Canary View is your indoor security solution. Price includes p+p Discount of £79 comes off if the PRO is being pur… Read more

This is the view NOT THE PRO version. The pro version has a siren etc. This one is rubbish


Canary Wharf view ? ...... (y)


Had the View and was good quality with good wide lens BUT couldn't turn off Night Vision via window so looked like a torch pointing at the lens (annoyed) also the app was very basic barely any device settings.


Yeah, does it work at viewing anything else?


Handy if you've got a Canary... 🐦

YI Outdoor IP Camera 1080P HD Weatherproof w/ 2 Way Audio, Night Vision, Motion Detection & more £44.79 @ Amazon / Seeverything UK
Refreshed 22nd JulRefreshed 22nd Jul
Update 1
Promo extended
Awesome price, cheapest i've seen for a long time, for a really good camera! Apply the voucher on page under price, checkout and discount will apply just before you hit that pay … Read more
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I've actually wanted to know this myself. I don't think it does. Would love if it did.


You'll need a battery, an old car battery would do and a charge controller, you can get a 10 amp charge controller from the seller I mentioned for around the £6 mark - they're cheaper from China. The more light the panel gets the more electricity it will generate - my 100w setup I can get 5-7 amps from from the panel in direct sunlight but even in dull conditions it puts out well over 1 amp, more than enough to keep a 12v lead acid battery topped up with a constant moderate load on it.


What app does this use? Any one know if it is compatible with the Xiaomi Home app?


So does the panel have a built in battery? And solar panel just needs to have light yeah, not necessarily sun light being directed on it? Or have I got that wrong? Front of the house lots of light as but the back does not get direct sunlight. But obviously still light.


If you’re looking for panel I would recommend an ebay seller called triplesolar, I use a number of their panels – good quality and they’re reasonably cheap, 80w for £64 and 100w for £74, I use one of their 100w panels in a similar setup to the old stag (sadly not as neat) previously running a camera but now provides power to my garden lights plus a couple of 12v outlets. I have my panel attached to a wooden Rowlinson patio chest (sloped roof type) I wouldn’t bother with a panel under 50w, especially during winter if you have a constant load like a camera, you’ll run the battery down in no time.

Arlo Wireless Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, Night Vision, 1 Camera Kit (VMS3130) - £92.08 - Amazon
Made hot 21st JulMade hot 21st Jul
Arlo Wireless Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, Night Vision, Indoor/Outdoor, HD Video, Wall Mount, Cloud Storage Included, 1 Camera Kit (VMS3130), White further … Read more

I have this system with 3 cameras and it's perfect, the people moaning about batteries are setting the cameras up wrong or are using inferior batteries. I have mine set up to my Amazon fire box so if I want to check on a camera I just ask Alexa to show it me. You can get better wired cameras but as I live in a rented house the wireless is perfect for me just stuck them outside my windows and away you go.


It has a pir (of course) It can be set to detect movement in a small or large area, you can decide how much. Fast or slow moving.It will send an email to an address. and automatically record for a certain time locally, wherever you decide.It is powered locally with a mains adapter, so no need for batteries.It will record to your local hard disk.If the power supply to your house is cut then your system won:t be sending its video anywhere.The OPs camera is LOW resolution. Proper HD resolution is 1920 x 1080.


Do they work with Google home? Alexa is rubbish [D'oh can answer my own question] https://www.onehoursmarthome.com/blog/does-arlo-work-with-google-home-hub


That might be a nice camera (I gave you heat for what it's worth!) and it says it does motion detection but unless it has PIR I assume it won't be much good for monitoring a front garden/drive where the plants moving in the wind would trigger the motion detection. I agree with you that I'd rather not have my footage accessible by some corporation and would prefer to store it locally or on a remote server of my choice but what else would I need to buy in addition to the camera to record up to a week's footage (based on motion detection, not constantly recording) and have it send alerts to my phone with a photo and then let me play the footage remotely? Most of the cloud cameras have SD card storage built-in which seems like a useful backup in case there's a power cut (assuming you're using something like the Argus 2 with a solar panel so it doesn't need mains power) or your recording equipment indoors malfunctions, so I'm looking for ways to keep the benefits of those cameras without the downsides


Works with alexa show You just say show, camera and it will give you a live view. Also you get a 10 second video sent to your phone when it picks up detection. You can also say to. Alexa turn cameras off. Ideal if you've installed them inside your house when you pull up to your house so it's, not filming you entering house etc... To save the battery power.... The footage Stored on the cloud free for 7 days (I think if you want longer it's £25, per year), so no cctv box for the theifs to take. You also now can buy a power lead for this camera for about £13 on amazon

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PHILIPS Hue Smart Motion Sensor - £26.99 @ Currys
Made hot 20th JulMade hot 20th Jul
Top features: - Triggers your lights when motion is detected without the need for a smart device - Day and night settings for different times of day - Portable design means … Read more



Does this code work with other HUE products? Need a tap switch to complete my whole flat setup 🤪🤪


Thanks (y) I'll keep an eye out for some deals on a smartthings hub and go from there. The instructions for adding xiaomi sensors didn't look too testing so that should save a few quid.


Yes. The only officially recommended way to use Hue devices with SmartThings is by using a Hue bridge. There are several reasons to use the bridge. - Other Integrations - Use of Hue Scenes - Not using the Bridge can mess up your zigbee network - It’s much harder to reset individual hue bulbs without the bridge, and it may require buying an additional device - You can use the “power on” setting feature for bulbs that are connected to the hue bridge - Support will only help you if you are using the bridge


One last question, if I get a smart things hub do I still need the hue hub or will my hue lights connect direct to the smart things hub?

Nest Cam Outdoor security camera £129.49 Amazon Prime Deal
Made hot 16th JulMade hot 16th Jul
Another prime deal - and available for same day delivery. From the manufacturerNest Cam Outdoor Security CameraComes with a free Nest Aware trial Nest Aware is a subscription serv… Read more
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Possibly one of the dumbest designs ever. Why anyone would have a visible wire hanging from the bottom of the camera that screams “cut me” is beyond me.


Is there any issues with Ring outdoor camera, they come with integrated flash lights too.


Hive seems cheaper and get 30 days for same costs as 5 on nest


Only thing that troubles me is the online storage cost. On that note I find Ring Floodlight Cam which offers 30 days of video recording for £2.5 a month. What does others have to add on for that.. as I need to decide among one of these today.


Doubt it, would be nice option as I'm sure the alerts would be quicker aswell

Blink XT Home Security Camera System w/3 cameras £129.99 Sold by Immedia Semiconductor, LLC - Europe and Fulfilled by Amazon - Prime Deal
Made hot 16th JulMade hot 16th Jul
Protect Your Entire Home, Inside & Out, With Blink XT Weatherproof Cameras An Affordable, Battery-Powered Outdoor Security Camera! A truly wire-free video home security camera … Read more

Saying 100 % claimed


Dunno about these but that wouldn't work with Arlo as the cameras don't connect to arbitrary WiFi networks


Are these HomeKit compatible


(shock) 100% Claimed Waitlist full


I also purchased the XT ones previously. They have worked fantastically well for me. Good picture quality and no wireless issues. The beauty of these is that they are compact and light but being wireless, I can even post them on a tree facing the front door or the garden shed facing the patio doors ! As long as you have a wireless signal, they can be positioned.

Neos SmartCam | Works with Alexa, 1080P Full HD, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio Smart Camera | UK Warranty £18.99 Amazon Prime Day Deal
Made hot 16th JulMade hot 16th Jul
24% off Neos SmartCam £18.99 = 24% off RRP of £24.99 Deal is a Amazon Prime Day Deal – exclusive to Prime Members From the Amazon webpage: Works with Alexa: ask Alexa to show you… Read more
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Having the same problem now, just tried to hook up to Echo Show and no luck


Hi could someone please advice. I've just purchased a show 5 can someone please confirm whether or not this camera works well with the show 5 as I wish to use this as a baby monitor


Yeh, I'd definitely have a second baby. tbh they are a bit of a money pit until they have left home, but they'll come in pretty handy if you ever fall down the stairs or something.


snap - worked when I first set it up - a few hours on - Echo won't connect to it grrrrr (it does connect with the Neos app tho)


Got one of these two with an Echo Show, thoroughly impressed with the quality of both the camera and the app. My Nest Indoor Cam is going on sale...

TWO Yi 1080P Home Wireless IP  Indoor Cameras with Night Version Motion Detection with Two Way Audio £40.89 @ Amazon / Seeverything UK
Refreshed 16th JulRefreshed 16th Jul
Prime offer - You get TWO cameras at this price, work out at about £20.45 per Cam. I have two of these Cameras, easy to set up, app works well and pretty clear images. Price alrea… Read more
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You can run it off a powerbank.


I would love to do the same, can you offer any advice on going about this?


quick question ive bought one for work had a play around with at home, but i cant connect it to the wifi at work but was just going to leave it recording as a standalone with a sd card. just checked the footage and it was not recording. Can it jus tbe switche don and record or does it need to connect to the wifi ?


the user manuals say 32gb. Not sure if people have had good results with using more


How does this week? does it take sd card and whats max size?

Arlo wireless smart security cameras up to 50% off @ Amazon
Made hot 15th JulMade hot 15th Jul
This is the cheapest that I have even seen these cameras. I bought some on the last deal and thought I got a bargain but this is insane. The larger kits is where you get the bett… Read more

I had this on my front camera byut then I adjusted the motion sensitivity so that it wouldnt get triggered by car passing but as a person got closer to the house or on the front drive... (ninja)


Just checked and it seems to be working okay... £109.99


Bought this more than an year ago.....and had problems ever since. If you intend to use this camera for front of the house with constant traffic then it's no good as it will drain your batteries in a week..


That was my findings too, admittedly not tried the pro version. I even had a camera stick on night vision.


I have an arlo system and it is awful. Firmware updates blockout your whole system and it wont even notify you if it goes offline which it does regularly. Absolute junk

1080P 4 HD Camera Home CCTV Kit £49.99 @ Aldi
Made hot 15th JulMade hot 15th JulLocalLocal
Home protector 1080p 4 camera CCTV kit reduced from £179.99 down to £49.99. I bought this today in my local aldi and couldn't believe the price I paid considering it was in the red… Read more
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100% get poe. But 100% you will pay a lot of dough for it. 1:it’s easier to run etc 2:it’s just better 3:look at 1 & 2


Yeah I don’t tbh but I was told this is something g I should be looking out for and therefore the question


I assume you don’t know much about cctv to be asking if something so cheap has poe


I think I got the last one in this store bit there could be stock in others


Were there any more in store?

Amazon Prime deal - Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm, (Battery), Set of 3 (2nd Generation) £224.99
Made hot 15th JulMade hot 15th Jul
Amazon Prime deal. Good price for 3 pack. Technical specifications• Three long-life AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium backup batteries • Split-Spectrum Sensor • 10 year electrochem… Read more

No worries. I was looking for this and very much tempted at this price. Might bite the bullet at this price.


Might pull the trigger on this. Thanks Casper


Why is it never the wired variant?

Up to 40% off YI Cameras - YI Dome Camera 1080p HD £27.29 / Home Camera 1080p £20.89 / Outdoor Camera 1080P £46.99 by Seeverything UK / FBA
Made hot 15th JulMade hot 15th Jul
Up to 40% off YI Security Cameras - Sold by Seeverything UK and Fulfilled by Amazon. YI Dome Camera 1080p HD £27.29 YI Home Camera 1080p £20.89 YI Outdoor IP Camera Wireless 10… Read more

Having probs setting my 1080p home camera. Will not pair with router. Set to 2.4ghz but just fails to pair for the 1st time ?


Their website. Response was very quick.


Has anyone set these up with synology surveillance station


Hi .. yes it's a Samsung S8+... I've not touched the battery saving app though..just leave Y1 running in background..If I close it I don't get any notifications ... Also have it on iPad and works ok on there on IOS even if Y1 app closed in background


Do you have a Samsung? I had to turn off their battery saving app optimiser thing for the app to stop this

Ring Stick Up Camera Battery version £89 Amazon Prime Excl
Made hot 15th JulMade hot 15th Jul
Lightning deal with 50% off.
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Well you can argue that about pretty much any installation if you try hard enough. Just like no system is any good if the thief has a mask on, eh?


This depends on where the camera is installed. Sending directly to phone is good, but only if it is in my hands and I'm being watching how the house is robbed. In all other cases remote location of DVR (well, NVR) is far more secure.


You CAN order 2 per account - it allows you to order 1 x white one and 1 x black one for the knock down price - if you need 2 :-) Dave


No, I get clips sent to my phone to keep forever. There we go. Plus they have to get ladders and a screwdriver. Good luck to them!


Think you're missing the point, if they steal the camera but its in the cloud you still have the footage, which is the only thing this camera is for. If they steal the camera and it has SD, you have 0 evidence of the theft.

Netgear Arlo VMS3130 - Wireless Smart Security System + 1 camera - £92.24 (With Code) @ Ebuyer / eBay delivered
Made hot 14th JulMade hot 14th Jul
Cheapest deal so far, using the code you get it for £92.24. Great price IMO and I do not think you will get it cheaper on Prime day. I do believe the Reolink Argus 2 is better and … Read more

Still means your cameras need to be in a fairly accessible position so you can get to them to change them


I do like the Argus 2 more, mainly because the magnetic stand, easier to move it around. Also, better in the night, but where I need it I have a motion sensor light, so the Pro should be ok. Previous cheaper prices were £75 for Pro and £85 for Argus 2, so I would leave paid £10 3xtra, but £55 vs £80 is a different story.


The Argus 2 looks worth the extra? https://youtu.be/djGpZMB30Iw Skip to about 6 mins into vid, difference in the dark.


Yeah that's what I was seeing. Still a good price so I think I'll go for it. Thanks


It is but HUKD didn't allow me to post it. £70 is good, but got it from them directly for £56, now the price is up.

Arlo Wireless Home Security Camera System - 1 Camera Kit + Free Delivery - £99.48 at Amazon
Made hot 14th JulMade hot 14th Jul
1 camera Arlo kit. Appreciate these are getting a little outdated now but thought it was a good price. Lowest ever on Amazon.

If you're interested, Reolink has a very good deal now, I think only until tomorrow, on their website for Argus Pro. I've just ordered one, reduced to £59 and with first order 5% discount, got it for £56.50. This is by far the best price I've ever came across. I wanted the Argus 2, this one was reduced too, but still over £20 more than the Pro version.


There is a 20% off voucher under the 10% saving, collect the voucher and get the Argus Pro for £70. Excellent price IMO.


Probably because Reolink does not pay its share towards them, I do not know. I've asked and got a vague and irrelevant answer. I posted Reolink deals via Amazon and were rejected. I've posted from their official website, with delivery from The UK, again, was pulled out. Instead they allowed reolink deals via Gearbest or Ali Express. Does not make any sense to me! This deal was pulled as well. Does it matter who sells it if it is via Amazon? No, because you get your money back!


cus the mods want the money.


Gone. Why does it get pulled?

Preowned Ring doorbell Grade A 2 year warranty £65 @ CEX
Made hot 14th JulMade hot 14th Jul
Yes it's used, however its Grade A and comes with 2 years warranty. Nice! Features: MOTION DETECTION - Motion sensors activate the camera and trigger instant mobile alerts when m… Read more

Has CeX reduces the price of their 2nd hand Ring doorbells? I’m sure it’s always been this price..


Wow keep your hair on take a chill pill.


Lol , can’t quite get my head round taking a door bell in to cex and trading it in (lol)


Can some just confirm if if it's stolen and damaged does the thief claim from Amazon or Google?


So dont damage it? Why are you being so obtuse? I never said this ring is replaced no matter what in the description etc. Of course cex aren't gonna replace if you damage it, why the hell would they?

Yale British Standard Nightlatches - £12 Instore @ Homebase (Stroud)
Made hot 14th JulMade hot 14th JulLocalLocal
Found in Stroud store but told by staff it’s a national clearance it’s only the brass finish that’s £12 the chrome finish is still £73 They also have 3 inch British standard sash … Read more

Brass ones reduced in mine,chrome still full price.


I’m very interested too as I’m a locksmith and I can’t get these locks anywhere near this price wholesale.


What would be better but of a similar price point in your opinion? Genuine question.


Granted not the best you can buy but very good for the price and a lot better than some people already have also Yale is still a good brand owned by Assa Abloy a lot better than the like of era which retail around the same price.


Not very good locks

Master Lock Fireproof & Waterproof Security Safe (S/M/L) Various Savings - Instore Homebase - £24
Made hot 13th JulMade hot 13th JulLocalLocal
Just been getting some of the Homebase bargains and found some Master Lock security safes in the Fareham store. I've bought the large one and its big and heavy! Assume this is nati… Read more
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Buy 3 and lock the small size safe inside the medium size safe. Then lock the medium size safe in the large size safe. Then leave it outside in the street for someone to steal. In the small safe leave a sheet of paper saying "What took you so long??"


Good deal if you can find it, safe bet ;)


Stroud branch had a couple left today around 4 o’clock


I picked this up.yesterday. The shelf sticker said the original price was £80, not £90. The smaller version that was £42 is now £12. There were at least 1 or 2 of the large ones left after I took my one and plenty of the medium and small ones in the Richmond store.


2 of the £24 left and 1 £90 left about an hour ago in Bury St Edmunds.

Vesta LED 30W Wi-Fi Camera Floodlight - Silver (Outside security lighting with wifi camera) £80 @ Homebase
Made hot 12th JulMade hot 12th Jul
A lot of outside lighting has come down in price at homebase. Plenty of stock in stores.



Thought Bunnings owners (Wesfarmers) would make a loss. When I was in Oz there was little competition for Bunnings, in fact in some towns there were only 2 major supermarket chains! They probably didn't have a clue how cuthroat it is in our economy.


I was told today by staff it's old stock from Bunnings . New owner wants to get rid apparently .


Cheers, won't bother picking up my reserved one 😄


Awful reviews of unreliable video and breakdown of unit.

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