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What are people's thoughts? 85p/jar? Ingredients claim to be a 'blend of non-EU honeys'. Is this a con or just LIdl's massive economies of scale outcompeting the nearest market … Read more

Taste is nothing noteworthy though that wasn't my original question.


If you want a honey treat, try some M&S Scottish Heather Honey. Its not always on the shelves and at £5 a pot isn't cheap. But it tastes the same as the honey I had as a kid straight from the producer.


I have some I got from the UAE whilst on holiday about 5 years ago. It’s potent stuff and 100% real. Absolutely nothing like what we get here. Though it wasn’t cheap.


I've bought the set honey from lidl. Same as all the others including £5 local honey I've bought


What I don't get is , go take some of lidls shelves test it and then find it's fake and slap a big fine, that sure get supermarkets in line Sure the simple answer is to buy local but honestly we all want to find the cheapest 'real' honey and that is just not possible Something I put up with is having cheap honey day to day and having local on things that are the sole flavour (tea vs yogurt)

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This offer is limited to one pack of seeds per customer. BEE-FRIENDLY SEEDS These seeds are a special bee-friendly mix. They have over 30 different types of wildflower. Each has … Read more

Thanks, I’ll give it a try :)


I just hit them in the middle but made sure the slab was stood up and not on the ground I then hit the two halves again in the middle . I broke up loads of slabs , had a large pipe and picked what ever bit would fit the next part of the wall. I didn’t break one slab then try and fit that slab into the wall if your no what I mean . Because of all the gaps ect there full of insects as the use the holes for shelter also squirrels have hid there nuts in the holes from winter haha , keep finding little mud mounds on my grass from the wall .


How did you smash up your slabs so they were all evenly sized to make the wall? I just showed this to my husband as an idea for the garden, as want to make it as big friendly etc, as possible. My husbands remark was that it’s ok if the slabs break in the right way?! So is there a right way so I can go back and suggest it to him, as am quite keen to do this!


I landscaped my garden last year and used the old patio flags smashed up to build a dry wall raised flower bed . This year bees have made a hive through one of the holes in the wall . Great to help nature out by re using something that would of gone into a land fill site Wall In front of the fire pit area


yep - pretty impossible to ‘sprinkle’ them when there’s only around 3 seeds in a pack.

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Honey by Paypal Experiences
Hi I just had an email from Paypal about adding Honey to my browser & receiving £5 bonus for a £10 spend. Really not bothered about the offer. But, wanted to know your exper… Read more

I guess if you cannot be asked to look for codes manually it is helpful, otherwise you can sometimes find better codes on your own. Which was the case for me most often.


Thanks for all the comments. I think I will give it a miss.


This is why I have never installed it. I don't feel confident that it would be able to find more codes than I could manually. I would never get to the point where I felt confident enough in its abilities that I wouldn't still look for a code manually. It would be great if it did have access to every code available.


I have had it installed for a while, it's saved a few quid but I tend to look for vouchers beforehand anyway (this is automated) I have managed to get some codes that work better (discount wise)than the ones honey supplied


It’s basically a little addon that will attempt to enter discount codes to find the cheapest price for you on certain websites

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Honey goes hard every time
Hello, every time I buy honey (Rose brand) when reaching 50% use, I notice it starts to get hard and less runny. Anyone know why and what I could do to make use of the last bit w… Read more

I thought this was a title of an old 70’s playboy film ;) (:I


my missus said that once she wasn’t lying either


Yikes, I've just microwaved it for 10 seconds, that gets it runny and it glows in the dark too.


I have the same, value or expensive Honey,standing bottle in warm water for a few hours sorts it,


I use it hard in recipes honey roast chicken, bacon, gammon....just scrape it out and it will melt whilst cooking.

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Honey finds discount codes and provides gold (cashback) Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Opera only. www.joinhoney.com 1400 Gold = £10 gift card and some retailers you can get 1% gold… Read more

We have it on the laptop with some good results and savings. Pity there isn't a mobile version as most of the buying happens on our mobile devices.


Yeah it isn't a lot but I've got 911 gold so far and have been using it for a while. I usually get 10% code at least for most sites I use


Thanks, I didn't know about the gold. I've had Honey installed for a while and most of the time the codes it tries don't work but it did find a free delivery code for me on one website which saved me £5 (the code should not have been valid with the item but worked anyway).

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Purchase reputable raw honey?
Hi, I'm looking to purchase organic raw honey. preferably from non sugar fed bees if able. even though some honey being sold online have all the claims of being raw, unadulterat… Read more

My dads, pretty randomly - (and I still don’t know why!) a beekeeper in his spare time, that’s where I get mine. There’s a fair few dotted around when you start looking. I’d put up a post on Facebook in a local page, you might be surprised how many people are near you! (If you happen to be in northern Scotland I can recommend a few, my dad included!)


used latinhoneyshop also, nice honey.


http://localhoneyfinder.org/UK.php local honey finder




Local farmers market. Get raw milk and butter as well. I am in London.