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Sim Free Honor 6A 16gb 4G 5" @ argos £99.95
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Refreshed 3rd May 2018Refreshed 3rd May 2018
Sim Free Honor 6A 16gb 4G 5" @ argos £99.95£99.95£99.99Argos Deals
Honor 6A Smartphone Silver. Features 5 inch HD, Metal, Touchscreen, DualSIM, microSD, Octa-Core, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 13MP rear camera, 5MP front camera, Android v7.0, and EmotionUI … Read more

Thanks, do you have the link for that as I can't find it on Google. There is a refurbished one ebay/tesco, but likely not dual sim.


Xiaomi Redmi Note5A £76.52 delivered from Europe ( so quick and no customs fee risk ) - this price is only Rose Gold though. If you are prepared to wait then you can buy from China and get other colours. It meets all your requirements 4G , dual sim plus separate microSD slot , good GPS ( Qualcom chipset ) , 5.5" screen and quality build


Totally agree...... Cheers


hI mate I even liked your comment about your deal. Dunno who deleted it. As you know nothing makes sense here. Same deals sometimes get -100 degrees and next time +500.....


E4 plus you need to format your sd card in the phone it then becomes the whole memory ,my daughters one now has 80gb of storage 64gb+16gb internal only issue is the sd card is not readable on a pc .. just use Google photos to upload your pics and then install that on the new phone to retrieve them

Huawei Honor 6X £115.06 @ Gearbest
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Made hot 24th Apr 2018Made hot 24th Apr 2018
Huawei Honor 6X £115.06 @ Gearbest£115.06GearBest Deals
I own one of these phones and paid about 190 for it a year ago. I've seen them around the 150 mark before on sites like eBuyer, but 115 is an absolute steal for this phone! I… Read more

Yep, the GearBest site is a bit pants for phone specs info these day's of late I've noticed (no idea why?, as they never used to be like that?), reminds me a bit now of AliExpress too, who too are also very thin on the ground when it comes to spelling out what's what where their phone's are concerned - which is also very bad (I've no idea if the AliExpress thing like that is only a more recent thing whereby they started to go it like that or whatever?, but that's how I've personally noticed it in the last year at least anyway ... ) Version's of such Phone's (in the UK) these day's, tend to pretty much all have NFC embedded within them ... Another phone that Network Three did last Year on both Pay & Go, and on Contract also, was the Lenovo P2 phone (which I bought last Year). But in Eastern Asia, there was also a Lenovo P2 equivalent phone out there, 'P2' the same (but different 'version' in some way?). Either way, the UK version (hand on heart) blatantly has the NFC technology built-in to it. :-) Whereas the Eastern Asia equivalents of the same phone blatantly didn't - much like that of the OP's above (which 'isn't a thing' if you don't require such anyway?). The other Lenovo P2 Eastern Asia version was posted on here last Year at some point ... Around July/August time, I'd I recall well?. The irony of it at the time was this, it has 4gb RAM, and 64gb of Internal Storage space ( + further storage capabilities via microsd). And was significantly cheaper than that of the then current UK offering of the phone (which despite being so expandable via microsd card, it only had 32gb of internal storage space, for more money in the UK). But yet, despite all that obvious, many people on that previous thread still complained ... Simply because it lacked the NFC capabilities to which they craved in a phone at the time, or whatever?. It is what it is I guess?, lol.


Thanks for all all the links - but no mention of the actual sub model versions in those reviews? This one is apparently BLL-L22




Uk version 100% has NFC, I use mine regularly on my 6x.


I am pretty sure about the UK version, but I don't know about this one coming from Asia tho

Honor 6x unlocked plus £10 credit on three payg £159.99 @ Three
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Made hot 7th Jan 2018Made hot 7th Jan 2018
Honor 6x unlocked plus £10 credit on three payg £159.99 @ Three£159.99Three Deals
Original deal has been expired when deal still on, mine has arrived now, no three bloatware just the same as one from honor direct. Plus potential £15 cashback via quidco, however … Read more

Not sure what happened there lol.


It is dual sim - positive (nerd)


Sorry I wouldn't know. The Honor phones are the first I've seen with that kind of option for them.


Is there a similar equivalent/equivalents to Firmware Finder, but for an Android powered Lenovo Phone instead? (non-rooted that is). Thanx. :-)


Hope yours does better than mine, 4g basically not existant since I upgraded using firmware finder, my suspicion is that band 20 isn't active now as its a European firmware rather than UK. Speculation though.

Honor 6X UNLOCKED on PAYG Three incl £10 topup
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Made hot 8th Dec 2017Made hot 8th Dec 2017
Honor 6X UNLOCKED on PAYG Three incl £10 topup£159.99Three Deals
New lower price for great budget phone. Possible £15 cashback from TCB/Quidco.

Huh?. I doubt that that was the answer that was required?. :-( I could be wrong ... lol.


Zero on mine.


Does the phone have any three bloatware pre loaded?


Not a single update ..mmm..hope the official upgrade comes soon.Phone came very fast but not a single email from 3, no order confirmation or anything.nice build..was able to do a nano sim swap quickly with tesco mobile.


Ok thanks still not tracked for me, think I ll cancel and reorder next week. It's a shame ao would nt match at £135 for me.

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HONOR 6X from Amazon.it for £143
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Made hot 12th Nov 2017Made hot 12th Nov 2017
HONOR 6X from Amazon.it for £143£143Amazon Italy Deals
Honor 6X Smartphone 4G LTE, Diplay 5.5 FHD, Dual SIM 32 GB ROM, 3 GB RAM, Dual Camera 12 Megapixel, Fingerprint sensor, Android Saw this phone offered at great price on Amazon.co… Read more

for a used one


There is still an amazon warehouse deal on here for £136 (€154) in case it helps anyone.


€200 now.


Agreed, for me I didn't want to take chances on delivery, support and customs from China or USA. This phone had great reviews and coming from Amazon seals it for me.


It is a great deal. I was just warning those who want NFC.

Honor 6x Argos for £189.95 (Plus £10 Argos voucher)
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Made hot 12th Nov 2017Made hot 12th Nov 2017
Honor 6x Argos for £189.95 (Plus £10 Argos voucher)£189.95Argos Deals
Great phone from what I can see from reviews and cheapest Iv found it.

This a decent phone for someone who doesn't care about always having the biggest and best?


Can't believe this has gone so hot. I posted this 6months ago at 195 on amazon. Went cold. £5 obviously makes a lot of difference.


That's OK - if you can provide curly wurlies & quavers or wotsits then you are in.


Apologies, your majesty.