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Updated 27th AugLast updated 27th Aug by johan.steneskog
We've got a new gas bbq and I can't get the hose on the bayonet thing on either the BBQ or the regulator. It just goes about half way on which isn't enough to attach the clips. I … Read more

Worked brilliant, thanks for the advice


Looooll your welcome Agnes :D


IT WORKED....thanks again. We were lucky enough to get some of the Co-Op half price sirloin steak - we'll drink at toast to you :-)


Ha ha enjoy your BBQ :)


Ahh..great idea. Thanks I'll give that a go. Desperate to have a BBQ before the good weather ends!

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Updated 13th JulLast updated 13th Jul by andybriggs03
Not sure if the original with this hose pipe will fit?

This adaptor I got fits it mate.


Cheers mate works a treat


Does the underside of the tap unscrew where the filter is?


Maybe.. Swan neck are bigger. I was aware of those but not the sort that fits the taps in picture. Maybe report if it dose fit


The one I saw today in store was a different design similar to post 3, but not on their website . .

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Updated 1st JanLast updated 1st Jan by Kieran_Wildsmith
Hose Pipe End Connector Keeps Breaking
I bought a hose pipe reel set from Asda at the beginning of the year over the summer after using the hose pipe frequently, the end connector broke where you connect the hose gun so… Read more

It broke during the summer but will keep that in mind (y) cheers


Do you leave you equipment out in the winter I usually put attachments all bar reel and hose in shed keeps it out of the elements. They hold water and freeze and expand and crack not even hozelock will survive harsh winters!


ToolStation have a good selection


Hose lock metal range is better if not the brass


I've used the plastic ones from b&q, about 99p

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Updated 18th Oct 2020Last updated 18th Oct 2020 by slimy31
Nilfisk hose inlet connector
I have a Nilfisk C110.4 pressure washer, and the hose inlet connector has snapped. to be honest I'm surprised it lasted this long, it was a stubborn connection at the best of times… Read more

Hmm, you have a point there, perhaps that plastic part is there for a reason. I suspect the next fitting is a little more expensive (time and money) to fix.


I had the exact same failure on a Nilfisk pressure washer and replaced the original black plastic part with the brass fitting from Toolstation (as above link). Now the fitting that the new brass fitting screwed onto has failed somehow - have not yet taken the unit apart to investigate.


Aye, I should have started there as I seem to remember that's where I got my other fittings from! The only thing is that it's to go on to the pressure washer itself and I'm not sure a standard tap fitting would work.


I’m not sure what you need but Toolstation have a good selection of hose fittings, www.toolstation.com/landscaping/hose-fittings/c532

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Updated 29th Aug 2020Last updated 29th Aug 2020 by Scotland1314
Kitchen tap to hose connector?
I need to attach a hose to the kitchen mixer tap, I think I need one of these in pic, but what do I need to connect this to the hose, preferably an amazon link! Many thanks.

Your bang on wonky that’s what I’ve got works a treat no leaks brilliant (y)


As said above it depends on your tap. On the Adapter you have shown the grey end goes over the end of your tap and tightens via the black key/ jubilee clip. The yellow end then clicks into your hosepipe end (see hoselock adapters)


depends on type of tap you have there are different types of tap adaptors. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=tap+connector&crid=2BPW1QWV6HAEB&sprefix=tap+connector,aps,161&ref=nb_sb_ss_organic-diversity_1_13


Thank you


then i screw in the metal adapter, followed by screwing on the click lock attachment.

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Updated 27th Aug 2020Last updated 27th Aug 2020 by DarrenGold
20m Garden Hose with fittings on reel (I got the last one in Newtownards branch). https://www.bmstores.co.uk/offers

Can you please post he bar code so we can check stock on the app


Bought one for £20 in March. Utter rubbish None of the accessories/connectors fit, they spray water regardless of which way you install them. I bought Hozelock attachments instead for £12. Hose reel useless, just have the hose on the floor. Always paid a premium for hoze lock in the past and wish I had this time.


435 heat for one hose pipe with no proof ! The sheep are flocking to the hot button


🔥 Can't imagine there any being left if this deal is nationwide but doubt it. Nice one though!


Fabuloustic find