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Updated 11th Jun 2017Last updated 11th Jun 2017 by Rich069
HTC 10 Price Drop?
Been waiting on a HTC 10 price drop for a while now, is it likely to be sub £400 at a reputable supplier any time soon? Missed the Sainsbury's deal, nothing since then! Was hopin… Read more

​was thinking the same.


​Absolutely rubbish comment. Sure HTC aren't doing amazing but they support their phones as "well" as any other android phone maker. What features do these phones not have that you mention? Pretty much ticks all the boxes minus waterproofing and wireless charging. What you do get however is a very well built phone and an superior audio experience on the HTC 10 due to the separate Dac and headphone amp. Absolutely destroys samsung in the audio department. Polo, for advice best stick to reputable review sites and not listen to poorly informed crackpots on here


Htc are solid phones- I'm typing this from my HTC m7. Yes they are not as mainstream as Apple or Samsung but build quality is always there, with HTC u11 being said to be their best phone in 4 years


Oh definitely thank you for your appreciation.


Cheers for the insight, hope it was worth your time.

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Updated 8th May 2017Last updated 8th May 2017 by wakkaday
S7/HTC 10 price drop likely soon?
I was patiently waiting for the S8 to launch, anticipating the cheapest contracts to drop from about £560 to somewhere around £500 over 24 months but instead they have now actually… Read more
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Htc 10 and headphones is the best experience ever mobile wise


S7 is stating to drop .I got a S7e for £388 last week on Ebay "Brand New " ,the I flashed a S8 rom on my S6e .


Having owned the S8 and S7/Edge I prefer the S7. The only drawback is micro USB.


Agree. And looking at s6 edge deals they are only around £1pm less than equivalent current s7 edge deals. Personally I'm going to order s7edge on 3 essential 30gb data and unlimited calls texts. £30pm with £10 cash back so under £30 for a very good phone and pretty much unlimited data


This is the problem with people on here constantly telling people to wait for the next model to come out. My experience tells me that you have to wait a good few months before you start to see last gen prices drop, so it's not always a terrible idea to snap up a model coming up to being superseded by the next model if a good deal is found.