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HTC Desire 19+ 6.22" 4GB/64GB IPS Display Triple Camera Dual Sim Android 9.0 - £94.92 @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
HTC Desire 19+ 6.22" 4GB/64GB IPS Display Triple Camera Dual Sim Android 9.0 - £94.92 @ Amazon Germany
Available from 1st February. Launched in June 2019. Seems like a good price for a brand new model. As always a few quid less with a fee free card. Product description A trip… Read more

Now £126, gsm arena said rrp was 280€


Opened mines tonight, 1st point to note, EU charger, doesn't bother us but may annoy some. Feels a lot more than asking, better than the Moto G5 it replaces but nearly half the price. Well chuffed.


Just for mine, lol. Didn’t expect such a rapid delivery considering it came from Germany.


My handset is expected 28th January and has been dispatched.


let down by the battery

Ex-Display HTC Desire 12+ Android Phone - £98.58 @ Ebuyer
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Posted 7th Feb 2019Posted 7th Feb 2019
Ex-Display HTC Desire 12+ Android Phone - £98.58 @ Ebuyer
£98.58£199.9951%Ebuyer Deals
Android 8.0 with HTC Sense 13MP + 2MP dual camera Storage: 32GB + SD Card slot 6.0 inch, HD+ Open box/ex display Open Box/Ex-Display Product is in nearly new condition but may h… Read more
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at ebuyer "ex- display" = Returned.


Currently £122.47 on Amazon




Out of stock (flirt)


Any good this phone?

HTC Desire 12 Plus - £129.12 @
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Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
HTC Desire 12 Plus - £129.12 @
Colour: Cool Black or Warm Silver. Desire 12+ £129.12 with fee free card, or it's £133.46. HTC Desire 12+ Smartphone (15.2 cm (6 inches) HD+ IPS Display, 32GB Internal Memory an… Read more

Still got a Desire x !! Use it as a back up now and again. (y)


OMG I remember the original HTC DESIRE properly one of the best phones I had and was like a few years ahead of its time I think. Late 2009 I must of had it


Thanks for posting, but the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite is a much better phone, for only a few pounds more at Carphone Warehouse.. If you have your heart set on a HTC at this price point, grab a HTC 10 used for around £135 from Cex. I'd still stick with the Xiaomi though.

Breeze' HTC DESIRE 12 Smartphone 5.5 Inch HD + IPS Capacitive Screen, Breeze, 32GB £92 (fee free) @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 19th Nov 2018Posted 19th Nov 2018
Breeze' HTC DESIRE 12 Smartphone 5.5 Inch HD + IPS Capacitive Screen, Breeze, 32GB £92 (fee free) @ Amazon Germany
Good price for this budget fairing from HTC. Mediatek processor won't be to everyone's taste, but then this isn't a £300-£900 I guess. Pay in euros with a fee free here. 5.5 inc… Read more

Haha, that would be awesome.


The phone company’s should be paying you commission (y) Not to sound like sam of london but Non-removable Li-Ion 2730 mAh battery :(


Not foldable as well! Shame (lol)


Bloody phone HTC dont buy


haha, sam_of_london has become a meme!

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HTC Desire 12 3GB/32GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £98.99 @ Eglobal
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Posted 15th Oct 2018Posted 15th Oct 2018
HTC Desire 12 3GB/32GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £98.99 @ Eglobal
Very good price, for a phone that has been under the radar of most budget phone buyers. Excellent thing as a backup phone, with small bezels, and looks a lot more expensive than w… Read more

The Mi6 is 1080p @ 5.5", this is 720p stretched to 5.5". If you're going with 720p then get a smaller phone, so the pixels per inch number is larger.








How is it a good deal when there are objectively much better phones available for the same price? Finding a product for its cheapest price available isn't a deal. If that was the case, every single product would be on HUKD at any given time. Everything is at its cheapest somewhere.

HTC HTC Desire 12 UK SIM Free Smartphone - Cool Black @ Dispatched from and sold by Amazon exclusively for Prime members
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Posted 3rd Jul 2018Posted 3rd Jul 2018
HTC HTC Desire 12 UK SIM Free Smartphone - Cool Black @ Dispatched from and sold by Amazon exclusively for Prime members
Seems like a good phone for the price, 2730mah battery may be a sticking point. MediaTek processor maybe another. Everything else seems quite reasonable for a phone under £150. … Read more

I posted a deal last week for eglobal, and went and bought every single one of their phones that they sell, didn't pay any customs, but had to buy another house to keep them in. That was an expensive week (cheeky) (highfive)


If you don't think it is or is not great, just try and point out why for us simple folk. Is there a chance that honor will be reduced again on John Lewis?


If I need to explain why it's a mediocre phone, then you have just confirmed that both you and the switch have no clue whatsoever.. Most of switchies posts are not deals, this one for instance is £20 more expensive than egc, but switch has decided to ignore that fact. Despite him/her claiming egc are the best thing since sliced bread. . Also if you believe his posts, it would appear the he has bought every single phone ever released from every single merchant. Sorry I don't believe a word he post's. This site has a certain amount of people posting non deals on a regular basis. Why is that?


How is this a mediocre phone?? Its the latest from HTC, only £149 and has everything a normal, day to day user, even power user would want, the HD+ screen is stunning, brilliant camera, Dual sim (active not standby that works!!) cards, HTC sense and it is not even for sale yet in the UK and compared to the HTC 12+ which is brand new as well, you would be hard pushed to spot the difference in use. (nerd) As for the comparison to SFL, worlds apart!!! A lot, as in a lot of hukd members have really benefited from @Mrswitch deals, especially the phone deals, he / she has saved those that have purchased a massive amount and the Pepper group have not done bad out of the affiliate hops from them either! The reason that he / she keeps posting, is there are a few of us out there, that like a challenge finding deals for others and are not lazy (( no offence @deeky !)) enough to just get ripped off, by paying more for something worth less, that is being sold for more, to those not in the know! As an example of that, check out my Oukitel K5000 smartphone deal, £200 > £165 everyone on the planet still buying them at that price, on offer ((in fact I think they are £155 on amazon on offer now and still sell!)) they went down, with a double price discount, to £50... many benefited as the deal did not last long, but some didnt! Same as the recent 6TB WD deal, some members have been waiting a year to try and get one, at a deal price and according to their latest posts in the latest deal for it, they have got one! If anything, upper Pepper management should be looking at giving out one of their special badges things, for all his / her effort, how about it @juliet_bravo <3


Ju Just because you two don't appreciate my deals, some do. So I guess I'll take the negative with the positive (highfive)

Sim Free HTC Desire 650 Mobile Phone - Blue - £119.95 @ Argos
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Posted 15th Feb 2018Posted 15th Feb 2018
Sim Free HTC Desire 650 Mobile Phone - Blue - £119.95 @ Argos
4g enabled 5 inches 1280x720 2gb ram 16gb storage So I've been quite happy with my Cubot Rainbow as Im not gadgety n stuff but my daughter has her first phone and been sharing som… Read more
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No they do not.


So far no one has suggested buying a phone from China, they are just pointing out better value phones for a similar price. But seeing as you mention it, if the person who posted this thread is feeling brave, the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus would be a great option for around this price. But then you are buying from China! 😜


The phone is like all the top makes, it rings .text. and calls. oh and email. what more do you want!


Why is everyone obsessed with picture detail. if you are so in to detail buy a 4k camera.


Poor specs, everyone on this site loves buying high spec androids from china

HTC Desire 650 Like New - £75 at O2 Shop
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Posted 25th Jan 2018Posted 25th Jan 2018
HTC Desire 650 Like New - £75 at O2 Shop
Arctic Blue. 2Gb RAM 16Gb storage. NFC. Marshmallow. + 5 inch screen + Looks like a weedy battery at 2200 mA O2 nearly new devices are excellent in my experience
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Thanks, I'll give that a whirl.


You must check one of the tariffs to proceed to the next page (PAYG Classic is a good one to choose, same as 3's 3-2-1 these days), but final checkout page will only ask you to pay the advertised phone price, exclusive of any top-up charges. Then when the phone arrives, it will also come with a SIM card already set up for that tariff you chose but with zero balance on it. It's then entirely up to you whether you choose to top up that card (minimum £10 as you say), use any O2 or GiffGaff card you already have, or get the phone unlocked.


HTC Desire HD! That was a good afternoon coming home from phones4u, remember them?


How do you buy without a tariff? I can't seem to checkout without at least a £10 topup.


decent camera? :) but bad battery life? :( and not great screen? nice looking phone imho

HTC Desire 10 Pro D10i 64GB 4GB 20MP Cam - £155.99 delivered from eglobalcentral
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Posted 18th Jan 2018Posted 18th Jan 2018
HTC Desire 10 Pro D10i 64GB 4GB 20MP Cam - £155.99 delivered from eglobalcentral
A mid-range phone with a good camera - this seems to tick all the boxes and comes in cheaper than its competitors for a phone with plenty of on-board storage and a decent processor… Read more
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Now £149.99 (before discounts)


Is this based in China etc? Any risk of import charge etc? Thanks


how long will last this deals?....on this phone for example? (shock)


not everyone would appreciate GPU Mali-T860MP2 but good finding tho! :{ (y)


2% quidco as well. Been looking at 2nd hand S6's on Ebay and most going at this price even though, scratched screens and well used. Decided after reading a couple of reviews this is a better option for me. Thanks OP

Xbox One S 1TB Assassin's Creed Origins Bonus Bundle £229.99 Argos
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Posted 15th Dec 2017Posted 15th Dec 2017
Xbox One S 1TB Assassin's Creed Origins Bonus Bundle £229.99 Argos
£229.99Argos Deals
Limited Stores for collection now...

Why is this cold?




They had this deal in asda too


Thanks op😁


You can also get this with Fallout 4 for free - check the special offers :)

[Android] TouchRemove 2018 - FREE (Usually 89p) - Google Play
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Posted 9th Dec 2017Posted 9th Dec 2017
[Android] TouchRemove 2018 - FREE (Usually 89p) - Google Play
I've got some nice images of me and this lass I used to go out with. She left me because I play video games. I'm still here. Sadly, so is she, in most of the images where I look pr… Read more
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Offer has expired




Says 89p


It's back to 89p Expired


Thanks. I will have a try. Heat added.

HTC Desire 530 -  £79 (if you dont have giffgaff sim then £10 extra) @ giffgaff
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Posted 29th Sep 2017Posted 29th Sep 2017
HTC Desire 530 - £79 (if you dont have giffgaff sim then £10 extra) @ giffgaff
Internal memory: 16GB, expandable up to 2TB Size: 146.9mm x 70.9mm x 8.3mm Weight: 140g Display: 5" Super LCD capacitive touchscreen Battery: 2200 mAh Chipset: Qual… Read more

Bought this new last year. Lasted 6 months. Terrible phone if I'm honest.


"The HTC Desire 530 is a sluggish, entry-level Android phone that simply cuts too many corners to be worth considering."Source: phone was bad at launch so now it's even worse.


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

Ok thanks for the replies. I'm looking to upgrade but unsure. I would like better camera but same or better performance


I love how HTC's phone names all sound like condoms... Desire, Touch, Sensation...

HTC Desire 10 Pro D10i 64GB 4G 4GB Ram - White - £160.99 from
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Posted 22nd Sep 2017Posted 22nd Sep 2017
HTC Desire 10 Pro D10i 64GB 4G 4GB Ram - White - £160.99 from
- 64Gb, 4GB RAM, microSD - 5.5" IPS LCD,1920 x 1080 pixels, 400 ppi - 20 Mpixels Rear Camera - 13 Mpixels Front Camera - Bluetooth: 4.2 - Wifi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n - 3000 mAh

Just to update that the phone turned up Thursday, no issues with customs etc. Sealed unit all ok and must say very happy with the phone and my son is even happier seeing as it's his now!


Free shipping other costs are Insurance but pay with a CC then no issues for claim. TCB 2.1% Well timed op thanks for posting


May cost up to £70 to return an item? £20 shipping fee plus £50 restocking fee?


What a coincidence. Tobydeals are based there too.


Read the comments on this thread:

HTC Desire 10 Pro D10i 64GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED 4G 4GB Ram - White CODE: CMOBHTC00213 £169.99 EGLOBAL UK
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Posted 6th Sep 2017Posted 6th Sep 2017
HTC Desire 10 Pro D10i 64GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED 4G 4GB Ram - White CODE: CMOBHTC00213 £169.99 EGLOBAL UK
£ 164.99 with EGLOBAL BACK TO SCHOOL DISCOUNT £ 5 which is applied by default GSMARENA says it has NFC but not mentioned in specs - MediaTek® Helio™ P10 - 64Gb, 4GB RAM,… Read more
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You're obsessed. Give it a break with the band 20.


Actually p2a42 is a global version, available in UK. Has B20 and works on 4G just fine. Battery size is a killer feature in my experience. If you want a killer camera, buy a camera. These megapixel counts mean very little so don't expect Stella photos from either phone. But 12h of heavy usage screen on time and a charge every 2 days is pretty unbeatable in this price point. Maybe you are an htc fanboy, but there really are better phones than this for similar money. Your concern about band20 is a little obsessive...


I don't like to use the term 'LOL' because I'm not 12, but I am actually laughing out loud.


Who said the photo is a lie . Even if it was fake,I have no way to verify. All I know is you need carrier aggregation to get fast speeds . And for carrier aggregation to work, you need more bands . That is how EE proved their network is capable of Gigabit internet speed in Wembley Stadium using the Sony Xperia Premium which has Cat 16 LTE and B20 band . Other than that lower frequency bands like 800/B20 are better for mobile as they can penetrate hard to reach places. In America they use the 700 band for 4G for the same reason .


The photograph doesn't lie, my friend.

HTC desire 10 Pro 5.5inch  4Gb ram 20MP 64GB black or white colour unlocked dual sim £173.99 delivered eGlobal central uk
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Posted 23rd Aug 2017Posted 23rd Aug 2017
HTC desire 10 Pro 5.5inch 4Gb ram 20MP 64GB black or white colour unlocked dual sim £173.99 delivered eGlobal central uk
I think this is a good deal for your money Spec is good aswell Also £5.99 coupon might get a bit lower 5.5inch ips screen 1080p 4gb ram 64gb storage plus sd slot 20mp laser a… Read more

I said I would rather have one, I don't need my OH questioning if she could do better, she could!


I'd probably recommend a Sony Xperia XZ - one of the most underrated handsets in the last year, nearly stock UI, great display and camera, fast performance and a reasonably flat display so you can actually use a tempered glass protector on it.


I'd rather have a sony than an s8 for sure! ANY SONY even a w660


You get a thumbs up for making me laugh out loud. I mostly agree with that, though Sony have provided more updates than some, most of the X series are on Android 7 as are the later Z series. Samsung stopped at Android 5.0.2 for modern devices like the Tab S2, I think this has only just got Android 6? Personally and objectively speaking I do think Samsung are worse than Sony unless you have a bleeding edge handset (e.g. S8).


oh thank god, someone who realises some of the things I say are as little tongue in cheek. Ok Sony aren't that bad but I do stand by that they just aren't that exceptional either. I mostly object to them as a security thing, updates are so delayed or don't materialise on so many android phones, of the offenders Sony is one of the worst big brands. Honestly if I had my way I would still be using a Lumia but Microsoft started removing apps from their own OS and started making them available on competitors stores. Lumia had everything, more open than iOS more secure than Android. it was the perfect balance... it just never got the user base to attract app devs and never got the app library to attract users, a total catch 22. And yes, 100% right I have too much time, I sent the woman to the spa, she needs a chill day as she has to deal with me daily.

HTC DESIRE 650 on o2 PAYG - £89.99
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Posted 9th Aug 2017Posted 9th Aug 2017
HTC DESIRE 650 on o2 PAYG - £89.99
Summer Sale, £60 off, no topup needed, unlocking codes from £1.35 via ebay 2GB/16GB Version, single SIM Dimensions 146.9 x 70.9 x 8.4 mm (5.78 x 2.79 x 0.33 in) Weight 140 g (4.… Read more

Wotsits999 is it that they can't unlock the phone because your phone has a specific IMEI number .... it's in a IMEI number range that they can't unlock ??


Has anyone managed to get this phone unlocked? I've tried a couple of sites on ebay but nobody seems to be able to get the the unlock code? Any ideas?


CPWH were trying to flog my lad an M7 32GB red handset for £87.50 the other day. Lots of old stock knocking around apparently..


You buy online, choose 10£ bundle tariff( it s just tariff name, you don't have to pay for top-up) and opt for home delivery


Totally agree, something like the HTC M7 will blitz this.

HTC Desire 530 Like New O2 Refresh - £57.99
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Posted 26th Mar 2017Posted 26th Mar 2017
HTC Desire 530 Like New O2 Refresh - £57.99
HTC Desire 530 Like New O2 Refresh Go for the 500MB deal with £9.99 upfront and £13 monthly Airtime - £11 Device plan - £2 The phone element of contract is £2/month x 24 = £48 plu… Read more
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69.99 on pay as u go


They haven't had these for months. They advertise it but it's OOS




Big risk for such a cheap phone....


says "out of stock"

HTC Desire 626 Like New £79.99 from O2.
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Posted 10th Jan 2017Posted 10th Jan 2017
HTC Desire 626 Like New £79.99 from O2.
HTC Desire 626 Like New 79.99£ from O2. nice smart phone descent price.

​I've never even heard of the Sensation, not a flagship phone I take it?


LOL by all means believe what you want to believe. I once read an article someone, who used to work in the internal design department of a phone manufacturer, open up some phones from major player in the market including HTC, checking how the small components, wires etc are put together, from an expert aspect of view. Unfortunately compared to Samsung which is still the best android phone maker and iphone, the best phone maker hardware-wise, the way how HTC put together a phone barely seems like a professional manufacturer.


I had an HTC Sensation XE once. The battery would constantly overheat and the handset would switch itself off. Sent it away for repair but it didn't fix the problem. I ended up replacing it with something else in the end. It may have been a couple of years ago but it was the most expensive phone I've bought and turned out to be a right let down. So regretted not getting the S2 at the time. In conclusion it was a bad experience with a very unreliable phone.


Terrible unreliable comment. They only make good phones.


Never again I had the HTC One Mini worst phone I've ever owned. Laggy and kept freezing. Loved my previous phone though the HTC Evo 3D though

HTC Desire 530 Refurb Grade A £59.99 @ o2
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Posted 13th Dec 2016Posted 13th Dec 2016
HTC Desire 530 Refurb Grade A £59.99 @ o2
Good budget phone at a bargain price. No top up needed. On Argos and very for £149.99.… Read more
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very slow, poor screen quality.


Purchased the phone and its perfect for standard everyday use. A little slow to respond at times but nothing to pull your hair out about! Very happy....



Its slower than the Moto G 3rd in general operation. Apps open slower and web pages can take a long time to complete.


This will be fine - GiffGaff SIMs work in O2 network-locked phones.

HTC desire 626 £89.99 PAYG @ O2
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Posted 9th Dec 2016Posted 9th Dec 2016
HTC desire 626 £89.99 PAYG @ O2
Only ever had one HTC mobile...the awful 510 which sort of puts me off going for another HTC. However this looks a decent price for anyone about to buy the 626. I'm guessing it'… Read more

Where do you buy pants with pockets? I want some! :D


They will be locked but a quick search on eBay would suggest its easy. Sainsbury's phone shop have them for £99 on three


Are these locked to o2, if so are they easy to unlock.


My unlocked version got the marshmallow update earlier this year. One issue I had was flex in the frame, it looks mostly plastic and I cracked the screen when I had the phone in my pants pocket and the frame bent. For £90 though it's not a bad phone.


I can find a few mentions but no concrete proof. Was hoping someone could confirm.

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