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The time when smartphones specialised in grimy, grainy photographs are long gone. Now, the best models compete with elite cameras to deliver beautiful images and special effects, and no phone comes as close as the P30 Pro from Huawei. Equipped with 4 rear cameras, this revolutionary Android phone will be the answer to photographers' prayers. Anyone who wants a premium phone and high-end camera in one can pick up a P30 Pro for less at hotukdeals. Read more
Huawei P30 Pro on EE - Unlimited Minutes + Texts, 30GB £33pm with £0 upfront using code + £100 cashback (24mo - £792) @ Buymobiles
04/09/2019Expires on 04/09/2019Posted 22nd AugPosted 22nd Aug
10GB more data a month on this for £2 more than the affordable mobiles deal recently posted, so not too shabby :) You'll need the code 33P30PRO to remove the upfront cost. EE e… Read more

Does anybody know if it comes locked? I'll be travelling in few weeks and would need to swap the sim card abroad.


Got P30 pro from EE when all this mess started, but then sent it back as it was bit scary. It was dual sim. What was annoying i would have to wait for unlock code for 6 motnhs to be able to use 2nd sim slot. Now iam desperate for dual sim from elswhere but it seems everything is single sim now and this deal is sooo good:/


It's just trump being what's he's best at. Politics. Business. It's ridiculous and even Google has urged them to allow Android on Huawei devices for lower security risks compared to using HarmonyOS. It's probably mostly Google thinking about the monies hahah. I love Huawei devices and it's an android device that has truly converted me from iOS as I tent to go back after a few months. Huawei are truly innovating.


Actualy i was the one added links to Huaweis Q&A once all this mess started. But right now iam bit shocked as somehow i missed info from few days ago. And the word of Ban lifted was Flying around while ago. Right now iam sure more than before its Just a game which must be sorted.


No the ban isn't over. They gave a 90 day reprieve extension. When this period is over there could be a deal in place or the ban could still be enforced fully. However, according to Huawei, all current devices will continue to get android and security updates including this fall's new flagships. Google have also added Huawei devices to their Android Enterprise recommended site. So Google themselves fully back Huawei for long term use. The upcoming Android Q is launching on a large number of current and previous devices and will be launching on the new flagships. Non of this idiocy have put me off the P30 Pro. Love it.

Huawei P30 pro - 24 month contract, unlimited mins & texts and 20gb data £894 at Affordable Mobiles (cashback available)
04/09/2019Expires on 04/09/2019Shipping from United Arab EmiratesShipping from United Arab EmiratesPosted 19th AugPosted 19th Aug
affordable mobiles - 150 handset price, 31 pounds per month for unlimited mins, unlimited texts and 20gb of data (10gb free bolt on) totalling 894. plus o2 priority. if bought thro… Read more
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I'm very tempted by this phone, and some great deals about - but it doesnt look like Huawei will be staying on android for much longer, so no google based apps will be supported


AM sales advisor told me all phones are single sim...


Nope. Had single sims from Vodafone. Went also to my local cex as they had single sim in stock, and i was sure they Just messed up. It was actualy single sim. If You look at cex stock You Will see that for example all Vodafone locked black are single, or breathing crystal are dual. Its lottery.


all p30 pro are dual sim in UK, mate 20 pro there are varient, p20 pro dual sim only exit in Three.


Easiest Way to make sure is to check IMEIs. There Will be either 1 or 2:)

Huawei P30 pro unlimited everything. No upfront cost vodaphone - £39 pm £936 @ uSwitch
01/09/2019Expires on 01/09/2019Posted 15th AugPosted 15th Aug
Looking for a p30 pro for weeks now. Just came across this as an exclusive on Uswitch. No cash back to worry about and no upfront costs. Vodaphone. Qualifies for £100 cashback. … Read more

Everything working on mine and updates up to now. And in 12 to 18 months it will be out of date anyway. I’ll be after the next latest thing along with everyone else


whats everyone's thoughts on Huawei, given the ongoing problems with the US (and likihood of no ongoing support and updates from google)? Really wanted this phone, but if theres no access to the google apps available, its a big blow


ordered global roaming plus unlimited download speed. Tried to get vodaphone to price match but the nearest they could get was £48.50 including a 25 credit on the account


Thanks, just got Three to price match for my wife :)

Ditto - she's got an Xaiomi A1 currently

New Huawei P30 Pro Black 128GB £689.99 @ Technolec Ebay
Posted 12th AugPosted 12th Aug
Waiting on @Elbandito to confirm whether the £100 Huawei Cashback is claimable from technolec ebay store, but as is price is £689.99 Still an excellent price for sim free if you… Read more

Just a bit deceiving as I had the price at £589.99 originally


Why expired, still a good deal from a UK source


Sorry just saw the text "10% off with code POTENTIAL. Min spend £25. Max £60 off"


Probably being an ignoramus here, but the linked listing is showing £749.99


Yeah, have since edited :(

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P30 Pro - O2 Refresh + possible £75 off (£481.50) £556.50 at O2 Shop
Posted 11th AugPosted 11th Aug
I bought the P30 Pro when it was £580 and free GT Watch. They have brought down the price of the handset again to £556.50. If you speak to them on chat and say you were offered £… Read more
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do you think could still get a watch


Their same day collection in a store is false advertising. My credit check was approved 10 minutes after order placed. But they didn't process until the next day and delivery day after. If they don't process orders until the next day then same day pick up will never happen.


Great deal, wish it was the dual sim version!


Well I tried again with the web chat instead of the whatsapp chat and got someone who offered me the £75 off. I couldn't find a way of collecting it at a store tomorrow so I'll have to wait until Tuesday


Just gone through their painful whatsapp chat and got told a big fat "nope" :( "This has never happened and isn't somtething that would ever be considered"

Huawei P30 Pro | Vodafone Unlimited data and uncapped speeds £45 pm Total £1080 + £100 guaranteed cashback + £240 by redemption @ MPD
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Unlimited data with no capped speeds. 24 months Spotify, Now TV, Sky Sports or Prime Video. Works out at £30.83 a month and Spotify is about £10 on its own. Includes manual cashba… Read more
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I can't decide between this and the recent EE essentials deal at £33 month with no redemption. I think the difference comes down to whether I'll use the red entertainment package (a little) and whether Vodafone's VeryMe is worth anything. Other than the odd free coffee and cheap odeon tickets, does VeryMe offer anything or is it more and more like Wuntu (useless)?


Most likely will be unlocked. I think it's only networks that still sell locked phones.


Does anyone know if this phone is unlocked so i can use a work SIM on another network?


I haven’t gone for this just yet but will in next few days. From when I started my current sim contract with Voda I think you get a text message when you put the sim in the phone. Not 100% sure tho


Anyone who has gone with this deal when do you chose what you want on the entertainment pack? I've just completed and it didn't give me an option. Pressume it's when the phone arrives ???

£100 Cashback + 100GB 3 Data Huawei P30 Pro £29 Upfront £38pm | Total After Huawei Cashback £841 Or £776 With Both @ Three/Topcashback
328° Expired
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Click through from topcashback to get a possible £65 cashback on this deal, once phone is received, claim your £100 via this link… Read more

Unlocked mate


Does this phone come open or locked to Three?


Does any one know if it's necessary to have a bank card for this deal? Mislaid mine and dint want to miss. Wondering if it just needs account number and sort code to set up direct debit. Also sometimes they want a token payment like £1. Is it possible to do this by bank transfer? Alternatively I am already with three so they have my details. Would it be possible to still get the the full £100 and £65 cashback if I contacted three by phone?


Google said that devices that were already on the shelves at the time of the ban went into effect will not be affected no one seems to be giving out definitive answers really I wonder what are your rights in case like this when the phone effectively stops working halfway through your contract especcially with o2 refresh where thats essentially a interst free loan


No, sorry

Huawei P30 Pro (Customer Return/Refurb) 20GB O2 Data £31pm/24 months £95.99 upfront £839.99 Total @ Mobile Phones Direct
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Not a bad deal I reckon These come as customer returns fully boxed with accessories. 20gb good chunk of data on o2 as well GENERAL PHYSICAL 73.4mm x 158mm x 8.41mm mm OS … Read more

No idea :S


Who is she? (horror) (lol)


I've just done a similar deal from the same website. Luckily it was on the very last day of the free watch deal. Plan on selling the watch to cover some of the upfront cost. I'm happy!


The customer returns are good as new. I post a lot of Huawei deals but very few on the p30 pro as they are still demanding top money, contract or SIM free. Taking that into account , this is a decent deal. Total price not much more than price of phone alone. 20GB data is more than enough for most. Heat


I think we’re missing the point that a refurbished device should be a deal for the customer and not for the seller

Huawei  P30 Pro £38 p/m for 24 months Unlim Text/Calls + 100GB Data With free watch GT on 3 @ uSwitch (Potentially £876 after Cashback)
52° Expired
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
P30 Pro deal, £38 p/m and £29 upfront but with £65 three cashback and a free Huawei watch GT. I've worked it out at £876 after the cashback, and I'd sell the watch for £100+ pote… Read more
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Trying to negotiate with Three to either match or beat this deal to upgrade my contract but having no luck so far Edit - got them to £38pm with £29 upfront 100GB data with unlimited texts and calls, but they wouldn't budge on going cheaper considering there's no GT Watch or £65 cashback included in this deal, or on the early upgrade fee they tried to flog on me which for me currently is £55. Unfortunate, I left feedback on how disappointed I was that they couldn't offer me a great deal on the day, but it's unlikely the feedback would result in anything great to be fair.


I had a Samsung S8 before and I found it was great for under water photos. Whilst I understand they may not cover for water damage my issue is with the phone not being as water resistant as the IP68 rating would suggest! That's said this is a cracking deal OP and generally a great phone (y) (y) heat added


No phone manufacturers cover water damage on waterproof phones, why would they ? You could say you just dropped it in the sink and really took it diving 3 meters down for an hour, they all say use at your own risk, although i highly recommend samsung for water use. I took my s8 and s9 in swimming pools recording under water and diving/jumping in recording it and my son did the same with his s8 and both fine, only issue was muffled speaker on a call but just had to tap phone off my leg to get water out speaker grill


Shame I missed this, no free watch anymore 😪


I think it's very misleading the way they claim to be ip68 rated but only under certain conditions. It's almost fraud isn't it (mad)

Huawei P30 Pro 128GB 8GB RAM Dual SIM (Unlocked for all UK networks) - Black £610 Wowcamera
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Great price for a great phone, was £999. BODY Dimensions 158 x 73.4 x 8.4 mm (6.22 x 2.89 x 0.33 in) Weight 192 g (6.77 oz) Build Front/back glass, aluminum frame SIM H… Read more
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I received my phone after 5 days, not bad. My only gripe is it came with a 2pin charger.


I would strongly recommend you avoid WOW CAMERA. if anything goes wrong like damage in transit or not happy they require you to post back to Hong Kong (you pay the postage). They also try to charge a restocking charge .


I've just ordered. Didn't need it, but guess I'll be getting rid of my s10+ now


612, today. It changes everyday mate


625 please update your post, this company is fast moving with it's prices

Huawei P30 Pro 128GB Unlimited Everything + Free Huawei Watch GT + TCB £42.42 for £39 a month at uSwitch
-200° Expired
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
+ UnlimitedMB UK Data + Unlimited UK Minutes + Unlimited UK Texts + free Huawei watch GT

Better deal on mobilephonesdirect but for that you get the next level up at unlimited download speeds. £35 a month after cashback and with free watch


And it doesn't surprise me that it's Vodafone doing this.


Certainly is confusing. Since I was concentrating pure on roaming, nearly all the operators also cap the data while roaming, so no point going for an unlim plan. Vodafone cap at 25gb. Also they only seem to do this speed cap on unlim plans. My friend also recently got a 1 month deal to use for holidays and this statement in the T&C's did make me giggle, that no-one actually proof read it, never mind the grammar.


Very usefull info.thanx


It really is confusing for customers and made worse by the way this 'deal' is presented with the uSwitch site advertising that Vodafone’s network has an average connection speed of 20.07Mbps. Yet when you arrive at the Mobile Phones Direct website it states a 10Mbps Download Speed limit.

Huawei P30 Pro 128GB 6GB RAM Dual SIM - Aurora £595 @ WowCamera
748° Expired
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Seems like the price had dropped further for the Aurora 2 years warranty The New Huawei P30 rewrites the rules of photography: the Leica triple camera creates breathtaking photos… Read more
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Guys Pss53 and his pseudonym are all Chinese hackers, do not buy huawei


Existing handsets including those currently on sale are not affected. 🤖


Voted hot. Wish there was 5G version of this


WowCamera is not listed as a 'qualifying retailer' for the free Watch GT offer >>> Unless one of those listed is their governing company?


That updated description might have been done by a mod, the desc is for p30 and not pro P30 PRO IS 6.4 while is 6.4 while p30 is 6.1 inch and yes its 6gb ram, there are other versions with 8gb ram

P30 Pro £37pm, £0 upfront, 30GB data - Three Retention Deal - £888 total
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th JulLocalLocal
Two different chats offered this price when I asked about upgrading my SIM only plan. £37pm with no upfront cost, unlimited texts/ minutes & 30GB data. 24 month contract so £88… Read more
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That's why there was a cancellation fee of £155 they give you 20 percent off that figure


That’s not how it works. You still have to pay off the first phone.


Another 24 months at 971 total that's why


Why would they budge if you still have 9 months left? They have to get the cost of the phone back.


I got offered the same today through three but I'm stuck between this and the galaxy s10 (annoyed)

P30 Pro 24m contract, unlimited EVERYTHING Vodafone - £45 per month / 24 months - (£35 after £240 cashback) at Mobile Phones Direct
459° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
OK, so I've been hanging on for a few months now for a deal that I would bite on. Still unsure about what to do regarding Huawei and the whole Trump debacle, and this is why I am p… Read more

The promotion has ended, which is why I've expired the deal. They throw different ones in throughout the year. Prior to this it was a free Sonos speaker. If you ordered within the time period though, you just visit


How do you get the watch?


I googled how to set it up as I didn't get a message about it. It was nice and easy to do and I've had Spotify premium since that very day.


Anyone who got this deal with the entertainment pack. When do you chose your option??? I've just completed an order but it didn't give me the choice. Is it when you set the phone up????


Seems it has expired. I'll mark the deal as finished now.

Huawei P30 Pro + Huawei Watch GT redemption  O2 12GB £29.00 per month £131.99 Upfront £827.99 Total (poss £33 quidco) @ Mobile Phones Direct
119° Expired
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Now £29pm after initial £131.99 Dont forget to claim the Free Watch and also potentially go through TCB or Quidco for more savings Rewrite the rules of photography with the Huaw… Read more

No mention of the watch ,i said I'd get back to them i never thought of the watch to be honest he started my offer at £42 a month and a£100 upfront i just pushed to see what was possible I'll see about the watch when i get back in touch on Tuesday my current contract ends then


If 5gb is enough and you get the free watch as well I would say it's a stonking deal


Just been offered the P30 Pro through Ee retention team for £30 a month no upfront cost and 5gb data allowance any good do you think or should i wait


I got this deal 2 days ago, enjoying my phone. Tried to share here, but the upfrpnt had risen to £203. Maybe it'll go down again, but you have to act fast if it does..



P30 Pro 128GB - £569 Grade A/ £659.99 New @ Smartfonestore
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Hurry though as there is only 1 available per grade.
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It's a great deal and I want to do it. Just wish I could be bothered :p


Swings and roundabouts I guess but it wasn't much effort at all. 30 minutes on chat to get the extra £75 discount, yes there's a mark on credit file but that can happen if you get a quote for car insurance. 10 minute call to O2 after phone came to cancel contract so no issue there, and the phone is unlocked already, I've tried a Three sim as well as Vodafone and all good. Bonus.. I can claim the Huawei GT Watch for free on Monday. It's a bargain for brand spanking new. :D


If I could buy it outright for £505, then yes. I have done O2 Refresh before and it's a great deal if you want to go through all of the effort, but there is extra effort. You have to go through a credit check, get the phone unlocked through O2 (if you are a non O2 customer and dont plan to stay), then wait for it to be unlocked before you call to cancel airtime etc. Don't get me wrong, I have done it before and you can get a good deal. But it was extra effort which not everyone wants to go through.


Not a great deal tbh, it's £505 brand new on O2 refresh

Huawei P30 Pro Dual Sim 128GB - 8GB Ram @ WowCamera - £615
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
So this is for the Huawei P30 Pro In Any of the Available Colours Amber, Aurora, Breathing Crystal & Black - (+£5.00 for Amber £620 total) Unlocked Dual Sim Models, 8GB r… Read more

Can't fault wowcamera tbh their communication has been great.


Gutted, hopefully you'll get yours in a couple of days


Box was sealed and exactly as I'd expect it


Still waiting, they offered a refund or replacement on Monday as DPD appear to have lost it. I have chosen a replacement and got tracking number today.


Was the box sealed?

P30 Pro *512GB*, 15GB, Unltd mins/txts, £236.99 upfront, £33 per month + Free Huawei Watch GT (rrp £179) @ Mobile Phones Direct
-42° Expired
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
This is for the 512GB version. If you are getting the 128GB version, you will need a nano memory card - which are not freely available and quite pricey, so this is a good option if… Read more
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(lol) (lol) (lol)


Another excellent deal voted cold for no reason! The 512gb is a rare beat under £1k, but you are also getting 15GB data on one of the better networks, so werid. Anyway, if it was live, I'd add heat. Unexpire and ill add heat, then you csn expire again :D I'll get it to - 36

P30 pro - 30GB 24*£30 £143.99 upfront (£863.99 total) @ Mobile Phones Direct Vodafone + Free Watch GT
184° Expired
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Sure this will divide opinion but low upfront and low payments with decent data P30 pro - 30GB 24*£30 £143.99 upfront (£863.99 total

Good deal if you're prepared to take a chance on with Huawei / honor stuff ongoing while trumps in office. I'm jumping ship and going back to sony


Did OP announce this with a slide deck at a key note or something? Must try harder to keep the room engaged, otherwise great deal (confused)


You're welcome. I don't have deal-finding skills unlike Switchmeister, your deal looks much better now (you still could add some info on phone) I wish you every deal-posting success (I did my bit with this one)


Thanks just spotted it whilst out, not up to the skills of you and @Mrswitch but wanted to share asap


I need Vodafone cos my building don't have any network unless you on Vodafone cos they got antenna outside the building

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