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Huawei MediaPad T3 9.6" 2GB+16GB, Refurbished ,£67.99 sold by Tabretail ebay
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Good price on this tablet, even it does not have the best specs. Will suit some kids, also good to take it with you when you go away. 1 year warranty and Google Play store. “Custom… Read more

Well, I do want dirt cheap tablets for my kids, so if I didn't have a couple already I would have got this for my son. The Lenovo M10 I purchased last year is on Android 9 and while other models updated to A10, mine didn't. So some update, some don't. This post is for people like me who are OK with basic. Also for people who do not want Fire tablets. But I do prefer Lenovo rather than Huawei.


All my old Amazon Fire and Lenovo tablet get regular updates. There are security updates if not functionality updates . Not sure even if Huawei still supports it as 3-4 year old tablet , as you say. They are busy promoting their new Harmony 2.0 Operating System based on Android 10 . It's service life I guess is already finished. There are still monitors and old Android 6.0 tablets on ebay which no one wants at dirt cheap prices.


Currys website and some other websites suggest Android 8. If this is A7, it should upgrade to A8. Will definitely not get updates to android 9. This is basic and cheap, my son is on Android 7 and does nit need more. I posted this mainly for kids, or to take it away in holidays without the worry it will get smashed or stolen, at this price it probably does not matter. I appreciate you have Android 11 on your phone, I do as well, but most people don't have android 11, this just came out. Even the Lenovo M10 Plus tablet that came out last year is on 10 and it may never reach 11, I guess we can't expect an update from a 3-4 year old basic tablet. If you have Android 11 on your phone, you have a new phone, not cheap, you can't compare it with an under £70 device, I doubt it there is a device at such low price on A11.


Says Android 7 in ebay listing . I have got Android 11 on my phone. Will this get Android updates ? What is last Android update on this ?


WiFi only.

Huawei Mate pad Pro 6+128G in Midnight Grey + 2 gifts - Keyboard & Cover £449 @ Huawei
Posted 11th FebPosted 11th Feb
Huawei Mate pad Pro £50 off but also get the official HUAWEI MatePad Pro Flip Cover Grey (worth £29.99) and HUAWEI MatePad Keyboard Dark Grey (worth £129.99) with it for free. * p… Read more

But netflix wont be in HD or UHD. Loading on Netflix isnt the challenge. Though good to know you managed to get on google services.


I have Netflix on mine. Followed a youtube video and got google services and netflix


I put google play on mine. Was easy ;)


I don't have Netflix but I do have Amazon Video. Is it the same situation as Netflix, SD only?


I actually had a tab S5e, but wanted something a little bigger. Might wait for the tab S7 plus to go down in price

HUAWEI MatePad T10 Tablet + T Flip Cover - 2GB RAM / 16GB Storage - £99.99 / Add WiFi WS5200 OR Mini Speaker £9.99 Extra (£109.98) @ Huawei
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Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
Starts 5pm Today - 5th February Now Live First and foremost, I need to mention that Google Services are not integrated into this one . I figured that would be the first thin… Read more

US ban on Huawei doing business with any company trading in the US because of Huawei's links with the Chinese Government.


AIUI basically Donald Trump got in a tizzy over Huawei and banned US companies from trading with them because of their links to, well ownership by supposedly, the Chinese Communist Party and People's Liberation Army. So Google can't licence them their services, hence why it only has the open source version of Android, and no GApps - Gmail, Play Store, Google Photos etc. You can sideload GApps I presume, but I don't know if everything then works hunky dory after.


Why are Google services not integrated on this tablet. Surely cheapo tablets have this


Agreed Nw104hh. 2GB totally kills it for me. This isn't 2015....


Can you install google store on this tablet?

Huawei MediaPad T3 10 Inch IPS 2GB+16GB Tablet - Grey, £89.99 with code at Huawei
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Posted 29th JanPosted 29th Jan
Nice tablet for the money, . Display: 9.6 inch screen. Resolution 1280 x 800 pixels. IPS technology - the picture quality won't be compromised, even from a side view. Mult… Read more

Doesn’t sound like it’s currently on offer. Must be the wfh rush :/


Close to £40 on Amazon?


Yes, the price reflects that. As you say, depends what demands and expectations you have. 5 year old manages to play whatever games he wishes with it and has all his Google classroom work with it. Links to the wireless printer perfectly. Able to take photos of his work to submit. It's handy for his needs, apart from issue with the mic which we've remedied with a Bluetooth headset.


Is it me? But says free delivery but than charges £5? At checkout


I suppose it's a matter of expectations and what you've had before. If you're coming from something older but more premium it will just be the same generally speaking, but for those wanting a cheap tablet so the kids don't use the iPad, they're probably still going to go for your iPad

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Huawei MediaPad T5 10.1 Inch 3GB RAM +32GB Tablet £129.99 with code at Huawei
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Posted 29th JanPosted 29th Jan
Nice tablet on offer here. Display: 10.1 inch screen. Resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels. IPS technology - the picture quality won't be compromised, even from a side view. Mul… Read more

Android update is the the most important element, all it gives you are new features (that you might not need), hence a lot of old Android phones or tablets still works. What's important maybe is the security updates. I don't believe there's an Android 11 tablet out there at the moment, but like I've said, it's mainly new features that I can live without.


Thanks for sharing - seeing this, definitely worth the extra £10 - better cameras, speakers, fingerprint sensor, much bigger battery, USB-C...


Yes, but the Lenovo comes with 9 or 10, while this one is 8. Not only this, may be a while for the Lenovo to update, while we know for sure this one will not get an update, will stay on 8 forever.


Problem is that Lenovo is even worse when it comes to updates. Used to have tab 4 8 plus the (released on 02/2017) which stuck on android 8 (or 9, can't remember really) and security update from ages ago.


It depends of your kids age too. My son is still with Android 7 and he's fine with this. My tablet, 1 year old, on Android 9 and I'm fine with this too. My phone is Android 8, well tomorrow the new phone will be Android 11, but so far I was able to find anything I wanted on Android 8. Yes, the newer the better, but don't expect to see Android 11 on most tablet soon. Android 8 is a bit old, but 9 is not bad. If you're looking at a newer model, with the latest, or a more recent Android, you'll pay more. It may worth, for the age of my kids, this tablet is more than enough. But lack of further updates is a big issue IMO. You'll have to look at a different brand. Perhaps Lenovo M10 Plus can be an option. But some older models are better than new ones.

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 10-Inch Tablet (3+32GB) £139.99 using code @ Huawei
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Refreshed 12th FebRefreshed 12th Feb
Update 1
New code drops price to £139.99 again, live 5pm
Price starts at 5pm when using the code ALOVETOYOU2021 at checkout :) "10.1” 1080P FULL HD DISPLAY – HUAWEI Mediapad M5 lite comes with 10.1”, 1920 x 1200 IPS, 224 PPI s… Read more

Got my replacement today and it's loads better - happy I arranged an exchange instead of a return :)


Same here, it's cool.


Ordered blue version, looks the biz (y)


Received mine a couple of days ago. I've checked on a white background, looks uniform to me. Perhaps you've been unlucky enough to get a duff one, sure you'll get it sorted, I think Huawei have pretty good cs.


This one fits like a glove on mine and as auto sleep and auto wake function.