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Huawei Watch 2 Bluetooth 4GB Black Smartwatch - £132.93 Or £127 W/A Fee Free Card @ Amazon Italy
Posted 23rd SepPosted 23rd SepShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Always great prices on Huawei watches from the EU amazon's, and this one is no different, £127 with a fee free is excellent, and one of the best I've seen for this Google wear Smar… Read more

I have this watch and like it a lot


Didn't realise that was out, looks good. I used to own a Fossil Wear OS watch before and was impressed as there was no bloatware on there.


I have one of these and the small plastic part that holds one of the ends of the watch band in place came clean off, rendering the watch useless. Several other people have had an identical issue (it's not a crack through being knocked, the same part falls off in the same way), and Huawei refuse to fix it as they claim it's wear and tear. It's a real shame because it's a great watch, but is now completely useless to me as I can't wear it.


Fossil smartwatch gen 5?


Not convinced by my Huawei wear os watch. I have a galaxy sport s3 frontier and one of those and Huawei one is probably the worst of the bunch. NFC a plus though.

HUAWEI Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch Bluetooth £137.64 @ Amazon
197° Expired
Posted 16th SepPosted 16th Sep
Sports optimized tailored training plans, reports, and suggestions with multiple exercises featured. With GPS and continuous heart rate monitor to help track your fitness. Battery … Read more

i had one of these for a year or so. i think they're fine if you're happy to use with only certain features. as something of a power user i couldnt put up with its lack of cpu power. try tracking gym activity while changing play music tracks and quickly viewing a whatsapp message and it became lag central. also, google assistant mostly leaves you standing there repeating things to the watch like a madman while people walk past, staring.


Wouldnt buy anything from them until I find out if china and usa are going to nuke each other I'n trade war. ;)


The Band Pro 4? Just realised, it's the Huawei Band Pro 3! It's about £35 on eBay from overseas but it's in English when connected to a English phone.


Can you pop a link down for the watch you mentioned, desperate to find something like you've described. But I'm only getting the honor band 4 popping up after a Google. Thanks in advance.


I would love for there to be a good wear os watch but there just isn't. Samsung is the way to go

Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch GPS Sports £137.99 / 4G Version £165.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 27th AugPosted 27th Aug
Deals of the day at amazon, 2 very very good prices for UK, especially the 4g version at £165, plus the sports at £138. HUAWEI Watch 2 4G Sport Smartwatch, Fitness and Activities … Read more

Anyone recommed a smart watch? As all these comments say this one isn't great


That almost put me off buying it but I took a gamble on a refurbished one for £68. I've given it a couple of hard knocks which it has hitherto survived.


Had mine for about 18 months now. Battery life about 2days if you want sleep tracking charge it when driving. Charging issues after about a year due to connections on back of phone getting dirty from sweat easily sorted with wipe from nail varnish remover


Just 9


Must be a phone Huawei can't work correctly with Huawei.... as I've seen a couple of threads on the forums with people having same issue. Do you have android 9.1 on Samsung?

Offer Stack 10% Off With Code + 10% Off At Checkout - Samsung Active Watch £109 | Huawei watch 2 £113 Varying Grades @ Stock Must Go/Ebay
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Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Some cracking prices, follow the link for 240 items, including computers, tablets and smart watches Watch active £109… Read more

Yep, what I 'need' is a smart watch and a Dolby Atmos system. I need them since 2 years ago:). Well, according to my wife, I should stop hanging around HUKD, as it seems I need things that I don't need:).By the time I get them, holidays on the Moon will be an usual thing, probably like going to Benidorm. And cheaper than going to Europe too, as we will not need a visa.


(lol) (lol) (lol) It'll be built into your skin by then


The Active watch is OOS now. Voted hot for the effort. By the time I will get a smart watch for small wrists (apart from the Active as it is too small and apart from the square ones) the smart watches will be obsolete:)


Of the known refurbishers/resellers on eBay, I’ve had the best experience with SMG. They constantly run 10-20% offers on their page which, if timed correctly, will stack with eBay codes. Items are almost always in much better condition than described, too. Typing this from my latest purchase from them! Pristine condition with just 10 battery cycles :)

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Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch GPS Sports £134.80/£129 Fee Free @ Amazon Italy
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Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
Not a bad price for a good watch, £129 using a starling card or such like and paying in euros. Functionality and details Quick connection: download the Huawei Health app, upda… Read more

I tried to message you, says you’ve opted out of messages? Maybe have a look in your account settings


Thanks OP, had mine for a week and I'm pleased with it. It was a bit laggy to begin with but I turned off "OK Google" detection in Settings>Personalisation which seems to have helped.


Hmm, maybe I'm being stupid but I can't see any button to message you or find you when creating a message! (confused) could you maybe drop me a message please kind sir :)


No PM yet dude let me know if you want it. Or if anyone else here does msg me


Great thank you

HUAWEI Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch, Fitness and Activities Tracker + GPS, Heart Rate, Music, Smart Notificatons, IP68 £129.99 @ Amazon (Prime)
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Refreshed 16th JulRefreshed 16th Jul
Really good reviews, good watch and a quality brand. Supports Android & iOS. HUAWEI Watch 2 Bluetooth Sport Smartwatch for Android & IOS. It's your Sport & Fitness com… Read more
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Not on my phone, The OnePlus 7 Pro. You just make sure the screen is on and that's it.


So you don't have to load up the pay screen? Which requires an unlock?


It might be more 'Electronics' than 'Watches'.


Thanks OP for psting


Decent hardware but I wouldn't trust their OS, shame it's not Android Wear.

HUAWEI Watch 2 Sport - Black £169 @ Currys/PC World
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Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
HUAWEI Watch 2 Sport - Black £169 @ Currys/PC World
£169£189.9911%Currys PC World Deals
Top features: - Built-in heart rate monitor gives you extra information about your health and fitness - Android Pay and NFC let you make contactless payments - Android Wear 2.0 … Read more
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Spot on!


£169 is the normal price everywhere, this isn't a deal


Gt is just a fitness tracker, this can make calls, change clock faces, contactless payments etc


GT has vastly better battery life, but has way less apps. The Watch 2 has access to the play store, the GT doesn't. Think of the GT as a semi-smart watch.


Does anyone know how this compares to the GT? I know this has NFC and the GT doesn't

4G Version HUAWEI Watch 2 - Android Smartwatch (Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G) Color Black (Carbon) £145.55 @ Amazon Spain
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Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
4G Version HUAWEI Watch 2 - Android Smartwatch (Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G) Color Black (Carbon) £145.55 @ Amazon Spain
£145.55£22936%Amazon Spain Deals
Paying in euros at checkout with a fee free card, revolut etc, will get you this for £140. The cheapest it's ever been for the 4G version. Functions and details GPS can be … Read more

In the end was delivered next day as it was posted from amazon uk (thats what they do example if you bought it off amazon for a friend anywhere in the world, the country of origin of final destination deals with the p+p etc), it arrived prior 11am next plug uk etc etc. I no longer have this watch as the google update huawei USA battle going on decided for a refund after using it for 12 days now have samsung galaxy 46mm much better pricey though


Did it arrive OK and is it the same as UK version? Really great deal but dubious about coming from Spain. Cheers :)


now the transcontinental ,soon be global war has begun between the USA and China,I have returned the Huawei for full refund back to amazon the watch seemed fine the 12 days I had it,now have the Samsung Galaxy 46mm which has £50 cash back offer on it




Thats just your way of saying you used to live in Spain isnt it?

HUAWEI Watch 2 4G LTE - Android Smartwatch (Bluetooth, WiFi) Color Black (Carbon) £148 (£141 With Fee Free) @ Amazon Spain
307° Expired
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
HUAWEI Watch 2 4G LTE - Android Smartwatch (Bluetooth, WiFi) Color Black (Carbon) £148 (£141 With Fee Free) @ Amazon Spain
£148£18922%Amazon Spain Deals
Lord knows how long this will stay this cheap, this is the 4g variant whereby you csn slip your/A sim inside of it. Functions and details GPS can be connected to GLONASS techno… Read more

Great find! Was interested in trying one of these as a daily driver replacement for my original Huawei Watch but the RRP was a massive put-off. No doubts the W1 is a much better looking watch but the extra functionality of this model with 4G and NFC for Google Pay makes it much more useful for day-to-day use for me. Means my W1 can be kept for special occasions (where the looks count!).


Yeah, very much so, wear os always a winner with hukders


Heat (y) This is slightly better than the Honor you posted today Mrswitch, don't you think...


I think there is issues with some batteries like yours. Mine will last over 3 days now with everything turned on.Went away for a few days monday (without charger) , fully charged it monday morning before leaving, and it lasted till i got home yesterday evening-with only the last 6 or so hours it its energy saving mode. Like ive previously posted before, the battery tends to get better with time and updates, mine was so bad at the beginning, i almost returned it. Ive now had it almost 2 years, and its better than ever.


Not sure about Huawei as a company with their "back door" spying;

Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch - Black £168.95 Amazon
-140° Expired
Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch - Black £168.95 Amazon
£168.95Amazon Deals
Was cheaper before for around 140, but still a good deal. Sports optimized tailored training plans, reports, and suggestions with multiple exercises featured. With GPS and contin… Read more
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Huawei Watch 2 4G Sport Smartwatch £189.99 Amazon
54° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Huawei Watch 2 4G Sport Smartwatch £189.99 Amazon
£189.99£319.9941%Amazon Deals
Huawei Watch 2 4G Sport Smartwatch Huawei Watch 2 4G supports a SIM card. Get calls and messages whenever you go, NFC support enables Android Pay for quick and easy payments ev… Read more
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Buy the Kospet Hope if you want a decent phone watch type thing. And it's cheaper.


Price cut is nice but there a lot of photos online about the strap breaking. This deal is only for the sports version so it's not easily replaceable and if it is broken it's at the point where the chassis is likely broken


Without 4g £139

£137/£143 Huawei Watch 2 Bluetooth - £174/£180 Huawei Watch 2 LTE Smartwatch @ Amazon Italy
226° Expired
Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
£137/£143 Huawei Watch 2 Bluetooth - £174/£180 Huawei Watch 2 LTE Smartwatch @ Amazon Italy
£143£159.9911%Amazon Italy Deals
2 brilliant price reduction on the huawei range of Smartwatches. The 2 LTE And 2 Bluetooth. Cheapest I've ever seen them, so get them whilst they are there. LTE £174 https://ww… Read more

The LTE has a sim slot so I presume so, not sure if you can have 2 sims with the same number though or if your expected to change sims between phone and watch??


Can the LTE one be used like an iwatch to receive calls and texts without your phone? If so which networks support it


The watch 2 with 4g is also available as new for £139, just received mine boxed as new.


Picture is of watch GT


Took me a while but I grew to love it. Not keen the look (very plasticy) and the battery is disappointing. Despite that I like it

Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch - Black - £179.35 - Sold by Murganos / Fulfilled by Amazon
-146° Expired
Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch - Black - £179.35 - Sold by Murganos / Fulfilled by Amazon
£179.35£279.9936%Amazon Deals
Sports optimized tailored training plans, reports, and suggestions with multiple exercises featured. With GPS and continuous heart rate monitor to help track your fitness. … Read more
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PS I am getting 2 days battery life and it charges in about an hour - when I am having morning coffee and reading here.


It's a good price. I got myHuawei last Sunday and am very impressed. Very comfortable to wear - steps, heart rate and sleep recording seem pretty accurate. Huawei health app seems OK. Notifications work fine. Google maps work. I have not tried Android pay via NFC yet (I don't want my personal details on the watch yet in case I need to return it).


Now 169 on Amazon with prime. Tempted by this as my gear S3 arms to have a common problem with step tracking


great watch i have the 4g one i rarely turn on the celluar


Yes it is - thanks - don't know if any delivery charge hough.

Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch, Wifi (Carbon Black) (£141 (£146) BT & £176 (£182) 4G Version - Using A Fee Free Card ) @ Amazon Italy
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Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch, Wifi (Carbon Black) (£141 (£146) BT & £176 (£182) 4G Version - Using A Fee Free Card ) @ Amazon Italy
Couple of good prices but to get the best pay with a fee free card, that's a starling, monzo, revolut etc. Package contents: - Clock - Charging base (USB cable included) - Power a… Read more

Not sure I've had an issue with notifications not coming through, no. It does lag though! Not unbearable, just uncomfortable sometimes


Lagging,notifications not coming through


What, specifically?


Have you experienced any of the issues mentioned in comments ?begrudgingly coming from an S2 gear purely because it won't work fully with my Huawei phone


Well it's not cold. It's either a good deal Vs RRP or not

Huawei Watch 2 Bluetooth Sport £159.99 Amazon
-103° Expired
Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
Huawei Watch 2 Bluetooth Sport £159.99 Amazon
£159.99£1695%Amazon Deals
The price seems to be trickling lower ever time I check the price. Now lowest it's been for a while. And you can split the payment too. I'm starting to get frustrated as I actua… Read more

Check the health app, it lists the compatible watches and fitness bands


Agreed - my life wouldn't be any worse without it - and I thought I would never use it - but has proven to be incredibly useful when phone rings and I am either nowhere near it, or more commonly, can't find it! :)


How do you get the pay monthly?


i got this after Christmas and love it, not sure why it's cold?! I know it has been cheaper but I think this is the cheapest at the moment.


Yeh the missing speaker on the TicWatch is an issue, but I've convinced myself that I would never use it. Only time I might is at home or in the car, and both instances I'd have Google home or Bluetooth in the car.

Huawei Watch 2 4G & Bluetooth 120141 Smart Watch refurbished £136.94 delivered at Bargain Crazy
254° Expired
Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
Huawei Watch 2 4G & Bluetooth 120141 Smart Watch refurbished £136.94 delivered at Bargain Crazy
£136.94£189.9928%Bargain Crazy Deals
Huawei Watch 2 4G & Bluetooth 120141 Smart Watch 136.94 delivered using the 30 % off anything code W30

I have received the watch yesterday and when I opened the box I found a Hauwei watch version 1 and not the latest version 2 model. Super disappointed and will be returning it. Did this happend to anyone else?


I have this watch. Its fully customisable and you can do a lot with it. One negative on all android watches is the lag. If you keep "okay Google detection" on then all android phones have a lag. Turn it off, have a button do it for you. Sorted. I love this watch


Its out of stock anyway


Better to be tracked by Facebook/Google & have your data sold to private corporations like Cambridge Analytica. :p I can see Chinese corporations tracking me & stealing my data which are already on Google servers. (embarrassed)


Yep. The Chinese really care where you personally take a sh1t every day.

Huawei P20 Lite + Huawei Watch 2 Sport Argos bundle - £339.94
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Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
Huawei P20 Lite + Huawei Watch 2 Sport Argos bundle - £339.94
£339.94£419.9419%Argos Deals
Not quite as good as the previous one that came to £299, but not a bad offer if you fancy a decent phone and a new smartwatch. P20 and old P Smart are in the offer too - think thi… Read more
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Got the watch alone only for £65 last time ot was on without the phone. Didn't like it so sold it on the bay for £144. Myhermes lost it (well one of their dodgy staff kept it as an xmas treat 😃). I was fully reimbursed the £144 plus my original postage cost last week after claiming. So no Ebay/PayPal charges as I refunded buyer. My amazefit bip do just alright, I will hold on to it till something worthy replaces it from Xioami.


Yeah, I read a technical bulletin from Huawei regarding this - after the initial complaints and the subsequent investigation, it was found that unusual pedometer activity was causing extreme processor usage and slowing the device down. Apparently it was a particular problem with devices owned by teenage boys, odd? The solution was to wear it on the other wrist.


Super meh deal. Watch is obsolete already and phone can be get elsewhere for less than 200. And I have this watch on my wrist right now. Huawei watch behaves like a Galaxy phone, with every week by it gets slower and slower.


Yes, gets you excited doesn't it? I forgot to mention that little quirk (y)


£17.95 for me to..... until I get to checkout (annoyed)

Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch - Black £139.99 @ Amazon
469° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2018Posted 26th Dec 2018
Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch - Black £139.99 @ Amazon
£139.99£159.9913%Amazon Deals
5 monthly payments of £28.00
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Expire price now £159.99


One of the worst watches I have ever come across (lol) (lol) (lol) . How do you people put up with all the glitching. I only had it few hours and already fed up with it.


I'm happy with mine. Size is fine. Handy for email and WhatsApp notifications and quick replies.


Brilliant watch, got it Nov last year 2017


It's very laggy for me at times, Google Pay does take forever. Mine only reboots if I'm doing loads of things really fast on the watch or if I'm doing something that is intensive (in terms of Wear OS anyway). When a cheap Wear OS NFC watch releases with the newer Snapdragon chip, I'm probably going to send this watch back and buy that instead.

Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch £159.99 @ amazon
296° Expired
Posted 19th Dec 2018Posted 19th Dec 2018
Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch £159.99 @ amazon
£159.99£279.9943%Amazon Deals
At this price at John Lewis but delivery is 14 days there
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That the problem with user based system. Exactly the same as other platforms like Reddit


Literally the exact same deal as I posted a couple of weeks ago which went to -57 Gotta love the HOTUKD community 🙈 (lol) Voted hot as it's a Hot deal by the way, as mine was!


The huawei watch 2 does sleep tracking, but for some strange reason (google not interested probably) its the only wear os watch that will do sleep tracking natively


check out the fossil sale/outlet section, they have various versions of the Gen 3 Q Venture either in the sale or refurbished (which is practically new with full warranty), sign up for their emails and get either 10 or 15% extra off.


Yes it is. It'll tell you who's calling and vibrate if you need it to. It'll do the same for messaging services and is completely editable via the app. The new Huawei band 3 has a colour screen too. I really like the sleep monitoring tool of the band which is excellent. The problem with the watch is that you've invariably got it on charge when you're asleep and it's also a lot more bulky. Anyway, each to their own.

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