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MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD PC £34.87 with code at voidu
Found 10 h, 23 m agoFound 10 h, 23 m ago
Enter Code: SUMMER18 18% OFF ALL GAMES!!!

I'm a newcomer to the series and had mixed feelings for the first 5-8 hours. Gameplay mechanics are poorly explained, the default camera settings are horrendous and initially the UI feels inconsistent and convoluted. ...Then something clicked and I've spent a further thirty hours absolutely hooked!


Hmm tempted this is cheapest ive seen it but something is holding me back combat and combos not my style really but game in general looks fun and reviewed well... arghhh damn inclusiveness!! Haha heat for price.


Prefer this to Flamedeer hunterXD

The Lost Lands:Dinosaur Hunter (Android Game) temporarily FREE (was 59p) on Google Play
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
In all verity The Lost Lands: Dinosaur Hunter is one of the most lovely simulators of Dinosaur Hunter. You'll have to investigate the most secretive object in the world called "The… Read more

is the game any good.


Oh no,perhaps not then


Yes, when you first run an app that needs specific permissions it will pop up with a dialogue box asking for you to confirm or deny. You could deny this and see how the game runs :)


Thanks Is this upon running the program? Didn't let me in the installation.


You can deny access if it worries you. Games generally ask for file access to save games and config data.

Pepper Festival - Generic
Monster Hunter World £29.99 PSN UK Digital Copy
22/08/2018Expires on 22/08/2018Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Pretty sure this is the first time this game has been discounted on the store. Remember to mix this with CD Keys credit to get even cheaper and if you are like me, grab a friend t… Read more
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Someone can tell me if this keys are only for UG or have any region limitation? TY :)


What a weak reply. Let's leave out buying a brand new physical copy now shall we!


Then enjoy full price games on the store, or enjoy your pre owned hard copies filling up your drawers and having to change discs.


So technically everything on the PS Store is half price if you want to share.. Not everyone wants to go down that route though.


Oh, terribly sorry, forgot to add that you require friends for that price. Sorry bud...

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Monster Hunter World PC + DLC - £36.99 @ CDKeys
Found 7th AugFound 7th Aug
Includes Pre-Order Bonus Content: Origin Set The Origin Set armor is a nostalgic must-have for series fans. This full armor set (head, chest, arms, waist, and legs) comes with eno… Read more
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Not arguing about the quality of the port ... clearly not optimised, which isn't helped by Nvidia releasing drivers which take ~10% off of the performance than the previous drivers. However, your original comment telling people not to buy this and stick to a console unless you have a £3k rig is just not right ... my PC has cost ~£700 to build and I run around 55-60FPS (prob higher, but have vsync on so capped at 60), this is compared to the console version which is locked at 30FPS. I'd suggest that if you have a decent PC then the PC version offers the best experience, but as always do what you please :)


But the graphics in MHW are beyond terrible. Don't get me wrong I loved the game, for a time. But the graphics are just not good and if an older card can't crush those pixels then it just feels like a really crappy port.


The 1060 is around £170 and not £300. Very similar performance to a 970 - the link I gave says that the 970 gave an average of 45FPS (lowest dips to 40FPS) on High settings in battles and 50-60 when roaming ... sounds okay to me for an older card.


That's a £300 card in today's prices. Unless you've recently upgraded, it's a disappointing experience on lower cards. I have a GTX 970 and as you can see by your own link the performance is anything but stable, and i'm not being funny but MHW graphics aren't exactly stellar - They are pretty poor by today's standards. If my 970 can't max a game of this lower graphical quality then it's a bad port.


Sell the PS4 version and come and play MHW at 60FPS with your 970 :)

[Price raised to 42.99] Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and Builder Figure £39.99 delivered - Nintendo Switch preorder @
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
Works out as £29.99 for the game alone as the figure is worth around £9.99 or more if you decide to sell or hold on to for a collector's item. Saving £15 from the official Nintendo… Read more
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I've been defending all the Wii U ports to the hilt as they feel justified to me, but for the first Monster Hunter game on Switch to be a 3DS port is a bit of a joke IMO. It's a port mate, just with some extras and improved graphics.


Cheap Chinese made plastic figures offer little investment value and are not going to be collectible. Is better to have figures in amiibo form as at least you are getting something useful for your money. I know there hasn't been too many non Nintendo character amiibos. Shovel Knight, Sonic, Pac-Man spring to mind, I am sure others will be able to think of more than that, but there hasn't been to many right. This is down to Nintendo, not sorting this out with developers. Nintendo have the cards here and can somewhat dictate this. Nintendo have to simply do better here. The upcoming Asterix game has a version released with 3 cheap tatty plastic figures for goodness sakes. It was a missed opportunity with Wonder Boy III Dragons Trap and Toki not to have Amiibo's of those classic game characters.


It's a sequel to the 3DS version of Generations.


Does anyone know if 365games are good in terms of packaging when delivering items that are deemed collectible. It would be a shame if they deliver the item with insuficient packaging and the exterior box of the figurine arrives damaged.


Monster hunter is owned by capcom the series has previously been on PS2, PSP, 3DS, WII U, PS4, XBOXONE and Switch. Although an amiibo would be great like the monster hunter stories ones but nintendo probably wont make the decisions it would be capcom

Pre-order Monster Hunter: World PC Digital Deluxe Edition £36.93 w/code @Voidu
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
This is the cheapest I have seen the Deluxe version of the game Pre-order to receive the following bonus content NOTICE: The Activation Keys Will Be Delivered On The Day of T… Read more

Also 6.3% tcb o.o


Was £32.70 for me, I paid through Paypal.


Be aware, they charge in Euros. so if you have a fee for foreign currency on your card the discount isnt as good as it looks.My card charges £2-£2.50 for foreign currency so this ends up being £40


used paypal to get around it


cant order for some reason

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Pre-order Monster Hunter: World PC Standard Edition £31.35 w/code @ voidu
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
This is the cheapest I have seen the standard version, cost me £31.35 through Paypal. Pre-order to receive the following bonus content NOTICE: The Activation Keys Will Be Del… Read more

Weird, I get original price is £50.14 and discount makes it £41.11


Be aware, they charge in Euros. so if you have a fee for foreign currency on your card the discount isnt as good as it looks.My card charges £1-£2.50 for foreign currency so this ends up being up to £34 which is same price as cdkeys pretty much, and i'd prefer to order from there in pounds.


Yes Pre-order bonuses are included :)


Good deal, never used this site before, I’d assume we would also receive the pre-order bonuses?

7 Chris Carter novels (Robert Hunter series) on Kindle - 99p each.
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
All of the Robert Hunter series from Chris Carter are on offer for 99p at the moment, apart from the latest Gallery Of The Dead. These are all usually £4.99 a piece and while one… Read more

ideally, yes.


Just downloaded them, do they need to be read sequentially?


1 to 8 only cost me £7.92........ So buying all 9 at once is no cheaper than buying the 9th book separately. Its also likely that the £4.99 cost for book 9 will drop at some time.


Have a look here for the final one to complete your collection: you can get the whole lot for £12.91


I liked his TV show, the truth is out there. ;)

Monster Hunter: World PS4 - Includes Bonus DLC  £24.85 @ Simply Games
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
Slightly cheaper than the Game Collection PS4 deal which is now out of stock - free 1st class delivery Bonus DLC: - Armour Set - Wind Charm The latest entry in the critically … Read more
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I know :( obviously it helps to improve performance, but from what I read it isn't so prevalent on the Xbox one X or PS4 pro? Either way it went back!


It's the same on every console. That horrible blur you mentioned is actually a feature (I know right). The game itself is extremely clunky in almost all of it's aspects. For me the worst part is that terrible UI. That had my eyes actually bleeding.


If you've never played a Monster Hunter game before you might struggle at first. The game is extremely clunky and the UI is awful. The control scheme feels like it's riddled with input lag, quite similar to Dark souls only much worse. Weapon variety does change a lot, but the monsters that you 'hunt' are not the most challenging and soon become very repetitive. You can sink a good 50 hours into the game if you can deal with the awful controls, terrible UI and lack of any sort of dialogue. The main appeal of the game would be the multiplayer, it's not a game to play solo that's for sure. Can get VERY grind-y at end game.


Combat is certainly different, some says it feels clunky but its more about being precise with your movements and actions, almost like dark souls, there are animations for each move so once youve input a move you are usually committed. When you get good with a particular weapon the hits feel good i.e. if you land a charged great sword hit and cut a tail its very satisfying. So there is a learning curve but once you get over it youre fine. If you have friends that play even better, if not no biggie, theres plently of randoms that can help. Theres alot of content and theres more free dlc being added every few months. Happy to answer anything else you have in mind, I have over 200hrs and used most of the weapons.


i was thinking the same tbh, unsure if id like it so im waiting (cheeky)

Monster Hunter World PC Pre-Order - £30.59 @ Voidu with 20% Off
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
I know there's already a post on the 20% off with voidu, but it didn't mention MHW??? Best price right now... Also get 6.3% cashback with topcashback :D

Your Steam key should now be available if you log into your Voidu account (still waiting for pre-load though...).


Apparently this voucher expires at 10:00pm this evening (12:00 CEST). Could be wrong but I doubt we'll see a lower price until a few weeks after release.


don`t you also have to pay a conversion fee?


Only thing I can think of is it's incorrectly listing pounds instead of euros... I checked it again just now and it's listing the price quoted in the deal still, I purchased it yesterday and it did in fact cost around £30. Really bizarre.


Deluxe for an extra £4? I wish.

Monster Hunter World (PS4/Xbox One) £16 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang
Found 26th JulFound 26th Jul
PS4 £2 drop on this, that was my biting point. So, I am finally getting to try this. :D Pretty sure it won't be around for long but their stock level is on and off. If it was s… Read more

Ordered yesterday came today, can't moan at that!


I played quite a few of the previous iterations. Each one more clunky than the last. I forgot that opinions are banned.


Sounds like someone has never played a monhun game before


I might give this another try. I played couple hours when it first came out but couldn't get passed the cutesy anime look with that stupid cat thing


This game is 'average'. The controls, camera, UI, dialogue... Hell, everything, is clunky as hell. It's supposed to be challenging but there are obvious flaws in the difficulty of the game caused by bad balancing of weapon types and combos. There's some weapons you can beat any monster in the game just by holding down the O button (PS4). It's a game to play for a few days then sell on I think.

Monster Hunter World (PS4) New £24.95 @ The Game Collection
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
Cheapest I've seen new!

Environmental storytelling eh? Let's just compromise then, and I will amend my initial statement to say that they lack an overt narrative structure. Regardless, they are painfully boring after an hour or so, and are thus not for me. From the sound of things, neither is Monster Hunter, so I will save my money.


I can't think of any games that approach environmental storytelling as masterfully as the souls game. The way this is approached builds both the story and the lore as a whole. So yeah there is a reason for that. They're both heavily linked.


You started wih story and ended with lore. There's a reason for that.


If you think the Soulsborne story/lore is non-existent then you clearly weren't paying attention. Soulsborne lore is some of the best.


story is next to non-existent but it takes you through the games monsters and most of it's systems - that's really not the draw. the combat is a lot of fun, there is a huge amount of content and still more being added, most of the fights don't pan out the same twice and you really can play solo or multiplayer at any point - the matchmaking is usually good too. i've sank dozens of hours into it and i'll probably add as few more tonight to get the limited costumes in the summer festival. one big caveat is you should probably read a guide or have a more experienced friend explain how a lot of the game works as, though you can quite happily play solo right to the end, the game likes to let you figure things out yourself through grinding and trial and error.

Hunter Sale - upto 50% off
Found 15th JulFound 15th Jul
With winter just around the corner hunter sale is worth a look ! Hunter - upto 50% off sale £27… Read more
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Overpriced wellies for townies pretending to be Peter Bowles and margo


Not the same quality now they're made in China. More suitable for the cat walk than the dog walk nowadays


Try Le Chameau wellies. Expensive but bombproof.


Quite a few sizes sold out already. I’m not bothered, my hunters never tend to last long anyway... need something more durable

Monster hunter world PC @ cdkeys £29.99 or £28.49 with 5% FB code
Found 10th JulFound 10th Jul
Monster hunter world release date on PC was recently announced and it's at the start of August! Pre-order for a decent price :)
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1060 should be good enough to run 60+ fps on 1080p. It really does stink of poor optimization, maybe after a patch or two they will sort it out.


I’ve got a 980ti but thanks for your insight into witcher 3. Go read up on the engine and come back with your findings... and maybe the definition of ancient while you’re at it ;-)


aww 1060 user detected :( lowend card son.


What are you smoking ;-) (can i have some!)


Witcher 3 isn't a graphics intensive game? Seriously?

God of War [PS4] £33.96 // Ni No Kuni II [PS4] £24.61// Crash Bandicoot [Switch] £23.76 // State of Decay 2 [XBox] £16.96 // Monster Hunter World £23.76 // Jurassic World £36.34 @ TheGameCollection
Found 7th JulFound 7th Jul
Jurassic World Evolution £36.34 Hyrule Warriors Switch £33.96 State of Decay 2 £16.96 Monster Hunter World PS4/XBox £23.76 Crash Bandicoot Switch £23.76 Ni No K… Read more

Damn, code expired


It's absolutely silly that this is cold.


i posted the crash one for the switch & xbox one as a deal after the code was posted as those were a standout price but it didnt get moderated till after this deal which is strange but good deal for that one but there is a few meh deals too


Finally monster hunter world for PS4 I can get back into my hunting


I think a post for the code and a post for the decent deals you can get with that code is fine. I don't want to rummage through and doing mental arithmetic to work out the deals 8)

[PS4] Monster Hunter World - £25.95 - TheGameCollection
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Monster Hunter: World sees players gear up to venture on quests to battle against fearsome monsters, progressively improving their hunting abilities as they play. Loot collected fr… Read more
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Nice deal


Nice price for new, or £18.00 here pre owned Like New :)


I just picked up this game from Cex (£28 but I traded in a few older games so paid only £7) and I was nervous at first because it's my first MH title, but it's pretty easy to pick up and play. There are so many systems in play, but it doesn't feel overwhelming at all. SO MANY customisation options and weapon styles, it's unreal!


Yeah me too, I thrashed God of War end of May/begining of June for 2 weeks and put about 50/60 hours into it, but that was when the weather was dodgy I find it almost impossible to stay in a game when the weather is like this...luckily I play golf and cycle alot so i have outdoor hobbies too!


Your favourite game @BuzzDuraband ! I’ve still not picked it up, this glorious weather has ruined my gaming! (annoyed)

Outlast trinity (preowned) Xbox one £10.15 / Monster hunter world £18.39 (preowned) Xbox one / Resident evil 4 HD remake £8.71 (preowned) Xbox one @ musicMagpie £10.15
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Monster hunter world Resident evil 4
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Outlast 1 was great, 2 dragged on.


It's two games. They say it's 3 as it includes the Expansion for the first.


Loved the first one, didn't play the 2nd, never knew there was a 3rd (lol) I'm getting this, cheers mate (y)

Monster Hunter World (PS4/Xbox One) £18 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang
Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
Xbox One The latest entry in the critically acclaimed 40 million unit selling action RPG series, Monster Hunter: World introduces a living, breathing ecosystem in which players … Read more

love this game, got it about a month ago and put dozens of hours in. it does not like explaining itself so you are best partnered with an experienced player or guide to learn food, cultivation, hunter rank and damnnear everything else but at the end of the day pick a weapon you like and fight monsters till you beat 'em :)


The bows are meant be good, dual blades are fast, powerful and good for evading!! Yeh 100 hours for £35 is good, people paid that on release for The Order 1886


I recently stopped playing but I started with switch axe and eventually hit a wall at Anjanath. From then on I used a mix of gunlance, bow and hunting horn. Great game but the "endgame" of tempered and now archtempered monsters left me a bit cold. Still, took a good 100 hours or so to see the credits roll so it was well worth the £35 I paid.


Nah need it ps4 that's wat I started it on and want to get back into my previous save


Yes.....I just bought it OR... @mixmixi and I are in cahoots. We're getting a great laugh out of people trying at £18. ...have you tried adding it to the cart?

Monster Hunter World (Xbox One) £19.99 / Elite Dangerous​ (PS4) £11.99 / Recore (Xbox One) £5.98 / ​Call of Duty: WWII (PS4)​ £13.99 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang /via eBay, Amazon (More in OP)
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Far Cry 5 (Xbox One) £25,99 Elite Dangerous (PS4) £11.99 Recore (Xbox One) £5.98 Gravel (Xbox One) £13.99 Monster Hunter World (Xbox One) £19.99 L.A. N… Read more

My 4 year old bought this inadvertently through my xbox live account for 54 quid. I had to beg them to cancel it. Good story.


Can anyone vouch for the condition of games from boomerang? Always been a bit wary of ex-rentals as you have no idea how many people have touched the game or what condition it will be in.


Keep them coming mixi. Voted hot as usual.


No mate, but thanks for the heads up :D


Thats pretty much what I'm prepared to pay for Recore, thanks OP.

Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
10% OFF at The Game Collection using promotional code ' E3HANGOVER ' at checkout. The offer excludes consoles and digital codes only. ENDS MIDNIGHT MONDAY 18TH JUNE.



got it from boomerang few weeks ago for £23 and it's not left my ps4 since - must have put in dozens of hours. great game but very grindy and it does not like explaining how it works - the tutorials are useless and most features get mentioned in brief on the loading screen or not at all. personally i love it but expect to bang your head against a wall every time you face a new monster until you learn it's moves and/or grind out the gear to beat it.


Correct, still seems reasonable price for me!


Make sure you do your research before you buy this. The reviews are amazing but this game is for a very specific kind of person. It's rewarding if you're happy collecting and grinding and seeing your character grow. Me personally? The grind is too much and the combat feels kinda clunky. On top of that the story is a bit too cutesy. You might love it but make sure you know what you're getting before you buy


ordered xbox version, thanks

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