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Intel i3 i5 i7?
My old core 2 quad 3.0ghz has served me well but I'm looking to build a new system before too long. Apologies if this is too general a question but I'm a bit out of the loop gear … Read more

Thank you, I'll look into that (y)


I don't completely understand it if I am being totally honest, just remember what I learnt when building a gaming/video ripping PC about 5-6 years ago and an i7 would have been a pointless upgrade for me. From memory though, I think hyperthreading ability depends on the software being used - ie not all software is written to benefit from it so it may be worth checking with the software you are using as an i7 could be pointless if not but I may be incorrect on that! (lol) I'd say you'd probably want more than 8GB of RAM though although I guess this depends on the size/quality of the samples you are using and the size/quality of your output files. Definitely get at least one SSD in there though as it is about the best performance upgrade you can do to a PC - even if you just put one in your current set-up you would notice huge performance increases with your current set-up and you can always switch the SSD into your new build when you go down that route in the future. You may find a SSD upgrade right now will give enough performance increase on it's own to keep you happy for a bit longer to save you rushing into a new purchase.


Agreed the i9 are way too expensive for the average user. The i7 8700k looks a good balance of power/price/TDP. Thanks for the info everyone, it's given me a much better idea of the differences.


I’ve got an intel i7 8700k, I don’t regret it!


I think he means 3 cylinder

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Filament for Prusa i3 3D Printer?
Hello, Can anyone recommend any filament to get started with. About to buy my first 3D printer and wanted to know if anyone can recommend a supplier and type to just get me started… Read more

Brettman123, I'm curious on the drone in your picture.. is that like a diy thing we can get off the net? I've seen a few off google, but yours looks quite neat with a good space and a few batteries in your pack. Would be grateful for any links or pointers, thanks.


Thats really good thanks. will check it out and see how it goes. Which printer do you have please


The filament comes out nice and strong


I've been using this one from Amazon Pla 1.75mm I've had great Prints come out with mine.


To copy and paste my reply from about 2 weeks ago on pretty I've been out of the game for a while now, but your best asking on specific forums. Cheap filament tends to have more variance in width as well as having more chance of not being circular which means the prints are less accurate. You also have issues with moisture seeping into them which needs to be dried out first. Last time I bought filament it was from Faberdashery, it's not cheap, but it's about the best quality you can get, is UK based and they have lots of colours.

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Vote now and win an Intel Core i3 laptop @ The Guardian
Britain's 11 and 12-year-olds want tomorrow's classrooms to be sophisticated, sustainable and, importantly, comfortable! These are the key themes to emerge from the Guardian/Intel … Read more







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WIN one DELL XPS-L502x Laptop Intel i3-370M(2.4GHz) @ Dell Outlet
The prize is one XPS-L502x Laptop Intel i3-370M(2.4GHz) Mobile CPU, 250GB Serial ATA (7200 RPM)HD, 2048MB (1x2048) 1333MHz DDR3 Dual Channel, Display 15.6" HD WLED True-Life (1366x… Read more



Nice one, Thanks






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