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Sage Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker - £269 at John Lewis & Partners - 2 year guarantee
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Nice discount for this machine and in stock at time of writing. It is the same price at Amazon but lead times seem to be quite long there so ordered with JL. Guarantee is not as go… Read more

Can happen to any brand, nothing last forever.


My sage coffee machine broke after 2 years, mechanics and electronics so complicated and cost a fortune to repair. Not sure if this would be the same

Sage BCI600UK the Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker - Silver - £269 @ Amazon
203° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Automatically senses hardness for your choice of frozen desert Keep cool function holds your desert at your chosen hardness for up to 3 hrs, it tests hardness every 3 minutes and … Read more

I'd say so, yes. Some very high end products are made in China, but I'd still get a European made appliance over a Chinese made one for sure, provided it reviews well etc. Better for the environment Can expect better workers rights and conditions No worry of supporting the brutal, oppressive Chinese communist party by buying products that may have been manufactured by state owned Chinese companies, or those close to the Chinese communist party etc. Magimix stuff is high quality, and you can buy spare parts. They're made more like old fashioned serviceable appliances, rather than disposable high tech stuff that you get a lot of made cheaply in China. Was available from John Lewis before too. I'll watch out for a price drop on Amazon - it's sold for under £250 before, very briefly. Sage gets some poor reviews.


Is there such a big difference in made in France to made in China? I know Chinese factories can knockout some tat but there are lots of Chinese factories that produce some very high quality products too. Also Sage stuff is basically Breville Australia which shouldn’t be associated with Breville UK which are 2 completely different companies.


Really no need for the attitude. I have a Magimix steamer and chose it over the Sage one because it's the only steamer that doesn't use any plastic. It's very good. Their blender is also very good. No plastic. A heavy glass jug, relatively quiet, good modes and good motor. And I have their glass toaster. Would never get a toaster that you can't see your toast in now. Makes such a difference. Those are all made in France I believe. I haven't looked at their ice cream makers in detail. The high end one is made in Italy. I suspect it may even be a rebranded Italian Gelato maker because of that. Sage stuff is made in China. They don't sell spare parts like Magimix do. 2 year vs 3 year guarantee. I've never bought Sage products but from what I've read they're lower quality. I always decided against them after researching products, even though I liked the look of a number of their appliances. What I know for sure is the lack of spare parts vs Magimix, shorter guarantee, and that they're made in China vs Europe. Which counts for a fair bit, to me at least. And this price is nothing special. It's been this price for a year on Amazon. It jumped up in price in May, and is now back to the normal price.


Sage is just Breville in the way that Bentley is just VW. Or Lexus Toyota. Arguably overpriced perhaps. Have you heard of iPhone? Magimix did one like this. We had one. It wasn't remotely as good, and it was more expensive. This isn't really your field, is it? ;)


As for the deal, this is a normal price on Amazon if you check 3 camels or Keepa Sage is just Breville. Arguably over priced Chinese made stuff. I've got a few Magimix appliances that are rather large, less ectronic/fancy, but very nice. But they don't seem to make an equivalent appliance. They do have much cheaper options though. Actually they do make a proper ice cream maker, but it's £500! (Made in Italy though, with a 3 year guarantee)

Sage Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker £269 at Currys PC World
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Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Sage Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker £269 at Currys PC World
£269 Free P&P FreeCurrys PC World Deals
I’ve done quite a lot of online research on ice cream makers lately and this one one with a lot of bells and whistles - literally (it plays a jingle when the ice cream is ready!) g… Read more

I agree, I prefer homemade. I’ve made excellent ice cream at home.


I have a kitchenaid ice cream maker and it makes amazing ice cream - the best ice cream I've ever had by some margin is homemade ice cream that I made myself. Shop bought ice-cream is seriously awful.


In my view it’s to make homemade desserts. You can of course substitute your home made creations for buying pre-made, but if you think you are going make economic savings in the long run by doing that, I think you are likely to be mistaken.


But surely that is the whole point of buying this??


It is , just put something in too sweeten it, tried to add a picture but can't

Tristar Ice Cream Maker 0.8 litres for £28.99 delivered @ Amazon
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Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Tristar Ice Cream Maker 0.8 litres for £28.99 delivered @ Amazon
£28.99£46.9338% Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Make your own ice cream and frozen yoghurt with this ice cream maker from Tristar. Fairly cheap but it only holds 0.8 litres. That is still one and a half pints though, so just mak… Read more

You've introduced me to zero percent 3 monthly payments on all orders over £75. I hate you (embarrassed)


Just bought a vonchef one with a compressor (not bowl in the freezer job), so far it's fantastic. Pour stuff in .. turn on .. ice cream. it increased in price though, I paid £147 last week.


Ah then go for another one sorry mate


Unavailable for me.


Duronic ice cream maker- link below

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American Originals 0.6L (one pint) ice cream maker for £25.94 delivered @ Argos
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Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
American Originals 0.6L (one pint) ice cream maker for £25.94 delivered @ Argos
£25.94£28.9410%Argos Deals
You can get this click & collect for £21.99, just for your information. Whip up a delicious storm with this ice cream and frozen yoghurt maker. Just put the ingredients in, pre… Read more

As if we needed any more reasons to get fat in lockdown! (lol) Obviously still going to order one!

Global Gourmet American Style Slush Puppy Machine Slushie Maker £24.99 with code Plus Free Delivery from I Want One of Those
-31° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Global Gourmet American Style Slush Puppy Machine Slushie Maker £24.99 with code Plus Free Delivery from I Want One of Those
£24.99£26.957% Free P&P FreeI Want One of Those Deals
Whats better in hot weather than an Ice cold slush puppy and now you can have them at home with this machine. £24.99 Delivered For Free with Code SLUSHIE And as a bonus the froz… Read more

I feel a brain freeze coming on🥶🍹 (y) 🏻


You're better off with one of these(any brand) crushes ice and mixes slush with no salt, readily available in many places


The ice and the salt go in a middle container that freezes the slush mixture.the ice and salt you use never touches the drink


why does it also say to add salt? is this to melt the ice and does the ice then taste salty LOL


It says, add ice, I thought it would make it and turn it due to the fact it says “slushy maker” you may as well mash up ice with a blender and add flavour.

Cuisinart Gelato and Ice Cream Maker - Silver £189 at Amazon
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Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019
Cuisinart Gelato and Ice Cream Maker - Silver £189 at Amazon
£189£1995%Amazon Deals
normally between £200 to £250, this is cheapest ive seen in 2 years with free delivery 👌

Not been that low (£175) for 4 plus years from Amazon acc to Camels. Warehouse (Very Good cond) = £160.52, think you can take 20% off (£32) that price too (BF/CM) ?


i never seen that before 🤪 cheers


Use the Amazon link and then click where it says "new and used from £160.52. Price: £189.00 Delivery at no extra cost for Prime members Pay £189.00 £183.00: get £6 extra when you top up your account now. New & Used (17) from £160.52 FREE Delivery


Gone for it -1 left in stock (y)


Cheers thought the warehouse offer had finished (y) (y) (y) (y)

KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment - £45 Delivered @ Lakeland
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Posted 15th Nov 2019Posted 15th Nov 2019
KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment - £45 Delivered @ Lakeland
Ice cream maker attachment bowl for Kitchenaid mixer (not Kitchenaid minis) half price early Black Friday deal. Also have flexi edge beater half price. Also some magazines carrying… Read more
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Flex edge beater for cakes but other one better for pastry.


Thank you I’ll look out for one


It was inside my Sainsburys magazine as a flyer. Used mine though.


Does anyone have code for the £5 voucher please


Same price currently at Amazon

Chillfactor Colour Splash Slushy Maker £7.99 @ Lidl
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Posted 31st Jul 2019Posted 31st Jul 2019LocalLocal
Chillfactor Colour Splash Slushy Maker £7.99 @ Lidl
£9.99 on AAmazon In store if you can still find stock. Been available since the 25th Jul. Purchased one earlier this week but not yet tried it out. Maybe adults can also use… Read more

Used a crusha flavoured milk drink. You add the drink to the cup and place in the freezer for about 4 mins. Remove, squeeze a lot and voila flavoured milk slush. Didn't take a photo at the time but it worked.


Orange juice tried and success apart from leaking oj from top seal part. Maybe I over filled or didn't put it together properly. Unsure. Slush orange juice though.


Will do. I am going to try with orange juice later today. Plan on trying a cold squash drink and a cold choc milk drink in due course. I think it stated milk drinks are trickier. I will read the instructions again before making the choc milk attempt. I am also thinking to make one, scoop /pour it out and add new drink and try to slush that. With the aim to get more slush in one go.


Love the detailed review. (y) Let me know what happens when you don't use a carbonated drink.


I put it standing upright in the freezer with the lid off. Having previously taken it all apart to wash the bits by hand and put it all back together. It went in the freezer this morning. Freezer is set to - 18 degrees. It is electronically displayed on mine. It was left until I made it. Just a little before taking and posting the photos. I used cold Lidl"s version of sugar free Lilt taken out from a fridge at 3 degrees where it had been for a day or two because it was near the end of the bottle. It states the drink must be cold. Maybe this is where people go wrong; or their freezer isn't cold enough; or not left in for long enough? Drink was poured up to where the plastic seal is. Then after doing up the bottle, I screwed the lid on the cup and I just squeezed the cup all over for several seconds like I was trying to flatten the cup and make the inside come together. As I mentioned there was some liquid drink in the middle of the cup. However after consuming some slush, I gave some more squeezes and the liquid turned to slush. I thought I'd make it tonight because if it failed as mentioned; I could take it back tomorrow when I go shopping in Lidl and get a refund. That won't be needed now. Well as long as I can continue to make slush drinks successfully with it. It seems a bit pricey. Maybe a fiver is more reasonable? Everything costs more these days. Just hope it has longevity and doesn't disintegrate. Any queries, if for instance, I have missed something out: message me.

KitchenAid 5KICA0WH Ice Cream Maker - £43 at Amazon
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Posted 26th Jun 2019Posted 26th Jun 2019
KitchenAid 5KICA0WH Ice Cream Maker - £43 at Amazon
£43£54.2021%Amazon Deals
Great deal for those who bought the mixer recently

I had one which I used about 3 times over a period of 12 months and it started leaking blue liquid. I contacted kitchen aid but they didn’t want to know. It’s the most expensive ice cream ever made!


Just a heads up, It’s often around that price. Reviews are consistently bad too. There are some hacks to fix the blue liquid leak that I’ve seen on a forum somewhere tho. Wouldn’t it be better to just get an ice cream maker? There are some cheap and cheerful ones on Amazon with great reviews.


I'm tempted, the blue liquid reviews seem to be around 2015 so I wonder if they have changed the design since then?


Don't think the bowl would fit into my freezer, but would like one of these but probably would end up not being used much at all in reality. 15 hours to freeze, 30 mins to make the ice cream, I guess a few minutes to mix the ice cream mix together etc.


Plenty of the Amazon reviewers describe blue liquid leaking from the bowl.

KitchenAid 5KICA0WH Ice Cream Maker £43 @ Amazon Prime Exclusive
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Posted 1st Jun 2019Posted 1st Jun 2019
KitchenAid 5KICA0WH Ice Cream Maker £43 @ Amazon Prime Exclusive
£43£8549%Amazon Deals
Produces up to 1.9L soft consistency ice cream, sorbets or frozen treats and desserts in 20-30 minutes. Liquid within the double walls of this innovative freeze bowl provides thor… Read more

Any info on the mixer size?

DeLonghi IC8500 Gelato Ice Cream Maker now £26.69 delivered at Amazon
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Posted 27th Mar 2019Posted 27th Mar 2019
DeLonghi IC8500 Gelato Ice Cream Maker now £26.69 delivered at Amazon
Will Not work in USA & Canada, 220-240 Volts 50hz Large bowl capacity: 1.5L Stainless steel bowl The refrigerant liquid is kept between the inner bowl and the outer body. T… Read more

Anyone tried these ? Any good

Kit Kat ice cream £1.88 each / 3 for £5 @ Farmfoods
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Posted 15th Mar 2019Posted 15th Mar 2019
Kit Kat ice cream £1.88 each / 3 for £5 @ Farmfoods
Kit kat ice cream @ farmfoods. £1.88 each or 3 for £5. Can mix and match with toblerone, kit kat and a few others
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Play Doh kitchen creations swirl and scoop ice cream maker scanning at £3 B&M in store
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Posted 10th Mar 2019Posted 10th Mar 2019LocalLocal
Play Doh kitchen creations swirl and scoop ice cream maker scanning at £3 B&M in store
Scanning at £3 At B & M Wallsend. Should be national.

Taste terrible.

Play doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Swirl Ice Cream Maker Play Food Set with 8 Non-Toxic Colours - £15.49 @ Amazon (+ £4.49 non Prime)
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Posted 16th Feb 2019Posted 16th Feb 2019
Play doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Swirl Ice Cream Maker Play Food Set with 8 Non-Toxic Colours - £15.49 @ Amazon (+ £4.49 non Prime)
£15.49£31.9952%Amazon Deals
Play doh ice cream
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Cooks Professional Ice Slushy Maker £24.64 with code @ Robert Dyas - Free c&c
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Posted 9th Dec 2018Posted 9th Dec 2018
Cooks Professional Ice Slushy Maker £24.64 with code @ Robert Dyas - Free c&c
£24.64£28.9915%Robert Dyas Deals
My daughter has been asking for a slush machine for Christmas and after reading the poor reviews on the slush puppies machine, I thought this seems a good buy. Should be good for c… Read more

Got this some time ago. Very plasticcy, Very noisy and to be honest not very effective. Don't waste your money.


19.99 plus 1.99 p+p at groupon.


Reviews on Amazon for it aren’t so good!!

Lickleys Twin Cup Ice Cream Maker £19.99 + delivery @  Source 4 me /  Amazon
-23° Expired
Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
Lickleys Twin Cup Ice Cream Maker £19.99 + delivery @ Source 4 me / Amazon
I've bought from Lickleys before, I have their ice shaver (fab for home-made slush drinks without paying Slush Puppies prices!!) and just noticed they are now doing ice cream maker… Read more
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I took a gamble and picked one up anyway, at that price it is worth a shot


Each to their own, I think it's all right! Maybe you had a faulty one previously? There's always the chance of that.


Avoid this rip off garba. Would not even buy even if it was in pound shop. Colder than the ice cream it thinks it can make.

Fizz Creations Slush Puppie Slushie Maker Birthday Party Summer Drinks @ Amazon Warehouse Described As Like New £31.35  Prime
225° Expired
Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
Fizz Creations Slush Puppie Slushie Maker Birthday Party Summer Drinks @ Amazon Warehouse Described As Like New £31.35 Prime
£31.35£59.9948%Amazon Deals
just noticed these two available in used like new.many more in good and very yes i know the obvious its out of season.but i think kids would love this all year round.anywa… Read more
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The slush machine your looking at does not get good reveiws, this one gets better reveiws and is cheaper


They also didn't mention that it didn't go in the slushy mixture. If you read comments to lots of these videos around the Web, you'll see that a lot of people think the salt goes into the slushy mixture, as it appears to in videos with no explanation otherwise.


He doesn't say it goes in the slushy mixture but he's right though you have to use ALOT of salt & ice every 10 minutes to keep your slush puppy mix perfect, depending on how long you want to keep a slushy mixture available you will need about one to two trays of ice as well as loads of salt every 10 minutes. If you wanted to have it available for a few hours during a kids party for example you'd have to spend £10 on salt alone, there just not worth it.


thanks @DaveNovell seems to be the general consensus ;)


I was bought one of these, there truly useless machines. Your better off just putting a bottle of your preferred flavoured drink in the freezer & giving the bottle a good shake every hour for 7/8 hours as that will give you a bottle for slush puppy for free.

Andrew James Ice Cream Maker £17.99 delivered
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Posted 3rd Nov 2018Posted 3rd Nov 2018
Andrew James Ice Cream Maker £17.99 delivered
£17.99£29.9940%Andrew James Deals
Not very seasonal but bought as a Christmas present, well reviewed for a basic ice cream maker, still £29.99 on Amazon. If you like the idea of delicious, indulgent soft serve ice… Read more

Great machine! Had one of them for couple of years now and it does wonder. Coffee ice-cream are delicious


Love the black one but I have one from about 6 years ago. I couldn't make Greek frozen yoghurt like ice cream as the paddle is not strong enough


Make Bailey's ice cream for Christmas lol


I've had one for about 3 years and its lived all it's life in the shed after only being used twice. They do sort of work but the method of pre-freezing the mixing bowl then adding the ingredients by the time the ice cream timer is finishing its already melting.

KitchenAid Artisan Candy Red Mixer with free ice cream maker - £329 @ Harts of Stur
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Posted 1st Nov 2018Posted 1st Nov 2018
KitchenAid Artisan Candy Red Mixer with free ice cream maker - £329 @ Harts of Stur
For those who missed out on the Wayfair deal (£306 for same bundle but now out of stock) this is the next best deal I’ve been able to find
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BakeOff have replaced these with Kenwood K Mix as the KitchenAid ones kept breaking down - which is not surprising as they are made by the Whirlpool group. These are underpowered and not a patch on the Kenwood mixers. The price is laughable. Bentley? These are the Austin Princess of kitchen appliances.


I think we have “Bake Off” to thank for the popularity of these over priced machines and I wouldn’t put this in the same class as a hand built Bentley motor car either as previously mentioned. I’m not saying there not good machines but there’s plenty others that are just as good at half the price - K Mix for example.


I previously had a Kenwood chef and replaced it with a kitchenaid. I spent a long time agonising over the 2 brands and was swayed by the beautiful colours and recommendations from friends. I am however, disappointed. It does not whisk as well as the Kenwood chef. This can be seen if you add food colouring to a whisked mixture, there will be a completely uncoloured bit in the middle. I also got a free ice cream maker which was, over an 18 month period used about 3 times. It then started leaking blue liquid. Kitchenaid did not want to know but offered me a “discount” on a newice cream maker. They wanted to charge me around £500 as they do not sell the ice cream maker separately through their complaints/customer service line and therefore would only sell me a new mixer and ice cream maker together. Kitchenaid customer service are probably great in America, as if you look on the internet they replaced ice cream makers, but in the UK they are shocking. Harts of Stur however, are absolutely amazing, can’t recommend them enough.


Can't see how a mixer at this price is a y better


Are these any better than a Russel Hobbs or any other branded one. Faster? Makes cakes better? Or is it really just the name because it seems like literally every tv show, every cooking channel on YouTube has these. I’ve usually seen them for £600+ so I feel like this is a good offer.

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