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VonShef Ice Cream Maker With Compressor & Built In Freezer £109.99 delivered @ VonHaus
Made hot 19th JulMade hot 19th Jul
This ice cream maker has a freezer built in, so no need to remember to freeze a bowl for 24 hours before you want ice cream, just bang in some milk/cream/flavour and press go and w… Read more

each to their own but in the summer months we use ours at least once per week and i have owned ice cream machines since 2007


Yes! It is sooo easy to do. The condensed milk and cream works well with flavours like nutella, smarties, chocolate etc. Also with pick your own fruit coming along soon, you can make really delicious strawberry or blackcurrant ice creams too. Haagen daz gives their recipe for either vanilla or chocolate ice cream (I forget which) it uses eggs and cream. It tastes amazing!


For ice cream recipes I highly recommend the Ben and Jerry’s book. V good.


I honestly think these machines are better (cheaper) at creating sorbets and things that don't require lots of e.g. cream. Even just semifreezing juices would be good on a hot day and probably a lot healthier than an ice lolly. I don't think anyone should be eating ice cream multiple times a week for any reason, it's basically equal parts sugar and fat


I agree, I wanted to get one of these but the raw ingredients makes it more expensive and retreat myself to 2 tubs of B&J or Hagen Daz each week. Most people use creams but at least with Hagen Daz they usually use a mixture of fresh milk and cream.

Magimix 11047 Le Glacier Ice Cream Maker, Non-stick, 1.1 liters, White - £25.94 @ Amazon
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Made hot 22nd MayMade hot 22nd May
Magimix 11047 Le Glacier Ice Cream Maker, Non-stick, 1.1 liters, White - £25.94 @ Amazon£25.94£49.9948% offAmazon Deals
Currently £49.99 at Argos Enjoy delicious homemade ice-cream in 20-30 minutes Non-stick interior Large feed tube for adding chunky ingredients such as chocolate chips or berrie… Read more

Thanks Calum321, something to save up and look out for. Or just get a bigger freezer! ;) (y)


You’re looking at the big units with freezers. £200-300. Cuisinart, Magimix, Sage do one.


Had this machine. Whilst it was ok, some of the plastics bits are flimsy and broke with 6 months. If I was to buy another ice cream maker think I’d go with cuisinart or and inbuilt freezer one

Calum321 I'd highly recommend this one. Not the cheapest but gets much better results.

Calum321 5 mins before the end, mix in dessicated coconut chips. Having made this one a few times, as a dairy free option, I'd highly recommend it.

KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment 5KICA0WH £45 Lakeland Free click and collect
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Made hot 23rd Nov 2020Made hot 23rd Nov 2020
KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment 5KICA0WH £45 Lakeland Free click and collect£45£54.9518% off Free P&P FreeLakeland Deals
slicer and shredder £42.50 Make your own ice cream at home, for use with all Kitchenaid models. This is the best price I've seen. Other Kitchenaid items half price too: f… Read more

We made some lovely ice cream with this over the summer, the kids loved adding their own flavours. But as PP mentioned, it does take up a lot of room in the freezer.


I think the main issue I've seen with the models with built in compressors is the longevity. The reason some are more expensive is that miniaturising the motors and compressors and being energy efficient, safe and reliable is tough. That being said my research actually came out showing the time and time again only ice cream maker that makes good icecream at home every time are the old fashioned ice in a bucket with salt kind. They're just a bit too old school for tech obsessed millennial family members. Personally the old fashioned way actually appeals to me at least, all the more because it works!


Perhaps this one? Its only £139.99 at the moment, has decent reviews and if you sign up to the news letter, you get £10 off £100 spend (not sure if this will work together as it's currently on offer). Only down side is its 1.2L Capacity, but still better than having to re-freeze each time.


For the purposes of wanting an ice cream maker I assumed just buying ice cream is off the table as a comparison, personally I don't see the point in making your own when you can buy really great ice cream all over the place. That one's cheaper, but I've seen bad reviews generally for cuisanart ice cream makers although that one seems to get decent reviews on JL at least. I've been looking at them largely for a chrismas gift for someone, but coming to the conclusion it would be cheaper to buy them a freezer and fill it with ice cream.


There is also the option of purchasing ice cream pre frozen.. This one is only 5.5 times the price

Slush Puppie Slushie Maker Machine (makes one litre) for £40.49 delivered using code @ IWOOT
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Made hot 13th Oct 2020Made hot 13th Oct 2020
Slush Puppie Slushie Maker Machine (makes one litre) for £40.49 delivered using code @ IWOOT£40.49£44.9910% off Free P&P FreeIWOOT Deals
Slush Puppies, sugary iced water that make kids go insane. You can now make your own at home. Get this machine (you need to find the syrup) for £40.49 using the code SLUSH10. Del… Read more

It's not fit for either lol


They have similar but smaller ones, for £35 at the moment.


Do B&M Not have them for £25?


You mean fit for purpose, but I like fit for purchase too. (y)


These are bad, slightly better than the cup that you freeze and stir but not by much!

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American Originals 0.6L Ice Cream Maker - £21.99 (Free Click & Collect) @ Argos
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Made hot 23rd Sep 2020Made hot 23rd Sep 2020
American Originals 0.6L Ice Cream Maker - £21.99 (Free Click & Collect) @ Argos£21.99£24.9912% offArgos Deals
Nice if you or your kids love ice cream... of course they do as mine :D Now you can enjoy ice-cream whenever you want with your own ice-cream maker. Quick, fun and easy to use it… Read more

You will never want store bought again, the richness and flavour is really on a whole different level.


I had one like this before, they work okay but as said you have to freeze the bowl overnight to make the icecream and then once you make it you have to put it in the freezer again for a bit to harden up or it melts almost immediately. I used to make icescream and frozen yogurt with it, but got rid in the end, too much hassle.


This is one of those cheep ones that you have to freeze the bowl in the freezer for 12 hours before making the ice cream.


I've used a similar one to make blackberry ice cream and nutella ice cream. It's 'soft scoop' style ice cream, but you've got to be careful not to be too ambitious with the volume you try to make in one go.


Back to £24.99

Sage BCI600UK the Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker - Silver - £269 @ Amazon
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Made hot 9th Jun 2020Made hot 9th Jun 2020
Sage BCI600UK the Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker - Silver - £269 @ Amazon£269 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Automatically senses hardness for your choice of frozen desert Keep cool function holds your desert at your chosen hardness for up to 3 hrs, it tests hardness every 3 minutes and … Read more

I'd say so, yes. Some very high end products are made in China, but I'd still get a European made appliance over a Chinese made one for sure, provided it reviews well etc. Better for the environment Can expect better workers rights and conditions No worry of supporting the brutal, oppressive Chinese communist party by buying products that may have been manufactured by state owned Chinese companies, or those close to the Chinese communist party etc. Magimix stuff is high quality, and you can buy spare parts. They're made more like old fashioned serviceable appliances, rather than disposable high tech stuff that you get a lot of made cheaply in China. Was available from John Lewis before too. I'll watch out for a price drop on Amazon - it's sold for under £250 before, very briefly. Sage gets some poor reviews.


Is there such a big difference in made in France to made in China? I know Chinese factories can knockout some tat but there are lots of Chinese factories that produce some very high quality products too. Also Sage stuff is basically Breville Australia which shouldn’t be associated with Breville UK which are 2 completely different companies.


Really no need for the attitude. I have a Magimix steamer and chose it over the Sage one because it's the only steamer that doesn't use any plastic. It's very good. Their blender is also very good. No plastic. A heavy glass jug, relatively quiet, good modes and good motor. And I have their glass toaster. Would never get a toaster that you can't see your toast in now. Makes such a difference. Those are all made in France I believe. I haven't looked at their ice cream makers in detail. The high end one is made in Italy. I suspect it may even be a rebranded Italian Gelato maker because of that. Sage stuff is made in China. They don't sell spare parts like Magimix do. 2 year vs 3 year guarantee. I've never bought Sage products but from what I've read they're lower quality. I always decided against them after researching products, even though I liked the look of a number of their appliances. What I know for sure is the lack of spare parts vs Magimix, shorter guarantee, and that they're made in China vs Europe. Which counts for a fair bit, to me at least. And this price is nothing special. It's been this price for a year on Amazon. It jumped up in price in May, and is now back to the normal price.


Sage is just Breville in the way that Bentley is just VW. Or Lexus Toyota. Arguably overpriced perhaps. Have you heard of iPhone? Magimix did one like this. We had one. It wasn't remotely as good, and it was more expensive. This isn't really your field, is it? ;)


As for the deal, this is a normal price on Amazon if you check 3 camels or Keepa Sage is just Breville. Arguably over priced Chinese made stuff. I've got a few Magimix appliances that are rather large, less ectronic/fancy, but very nice. But they don't seem to make an equivalent appliance. They do have much cheaper options though. Actually they do make a proper ice cream maker, but it's £500! (Made in Italy though, with a 3 year guarantee)