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WELDTITE Puncture Management Inner Tube Sealant 250ml for £3.19 delivered (+£4.49 non prime) @ Amazon
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
I recently posted the Slime at a great price and thanks to @bonzobanana this came up. A great alternative and a better value to the Slime. (y) Reviews look good too. Produ… Read more

Using it for about a week now no problems you do actually feel the added extra weight bike feels alot heavier


Thanks for your help (y)


I think you get 2 to 3 years out of it and then it probably becomes less effective so you have the weight of it but no benefit. I suppose you can add more in, perhaps you don't have to add as much second time around. Actually quite a good question if somehow you manage to keep a inner tube for a long time.




Slime 10015 237ml Tube Sealant - Puncture Prevention for Bicycles/Electric Scooters £4.49 (+£4.49 non-prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Temporarily out of stock but can be ordered. Brilliant price for that with Prime, actually I haven't seen them below £5. Instant puncture repair and prevention for bicycles, … Read more

Cheers! I ordered that as well.Great offer. Arriving tomorrow.Will see and try. ;) (y)


The Weldtite version is currently only £3.19 and incorporates the tools to remove schrader and presta valves in the cap. Does 2 average size inner tubes so only £1.60 a wheel. Sadly I have no idea which is better, slime or weldtite but it is extremely likely they perform to a similar level. It's just a latex liquid.


+ delivery fee I suppose. Yes, but can be ordered at the moment. Just wondering why I cannot see the price on their page... (confused)


No this isn't that kind of slime. This is a bicycle tyre sealant. Look for non toxic kids slime.


Same price and in stock at wiggle right now

Slime Smart Tube Self Healing 26" x 1.75-2.125 Presta Inner Tubes (Pack of 2) - £8.58 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
nstantly seals up to 1/8" (3mm) punctures Provides flat tire protection for up to 2 years Pre-filled with environmentally-friendly Slime tube sealant Pack of 2 Tubes

not working


Great price plus there is a £10 off £25 purchase code going about at the moment on Amazon for most accounts and these are sold by Amazon (which is a requirement for use of the code). That weldtite slime stuff also integrates both presta and schrader valve removers in the plastic cap so no additional valve remover required. Each bottle will do 2 tubes or 3 small tubes (700x23, Brompton etc) or one large tube (fat bike etc) but for most tyres 2 tubes.


Leave off, That was a book trilogy right there, Crabs would have been pushing the believability too far.


I've used the 700c version and they failed on my first ride out, flat as a pancake. Decided to try them again on my MTB recently and one exploded while inflating only got to 20psi before going bang in the living room. Green slime everywhere. Never again, rubbish.


Cool story bro... but you could of ran over some crabs or dragons to spice it up

Vavert 700 x 18-25C (40mm) Presta Inner Tube 97p + £4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Made from strong durable rubber which helps to prevent punctures Lightweight material

OOS :(


Yeah, there is one where the reviewer says he pumped a 26 x 2.0" tube up to 100psi and was surprised it popped... (lol)


Amazing! Up to £1.04 but still brilliant value. Bought 3, should last me a couple of weeks.


Amazing value, it's been a while since I've seen these for under a pound! Cheers OP, cheaper than a repair kit from Poundland! (lol)


Bought two! Now to check if they fit any of our bikes...

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Vandorm MTB Cycle Inner Tubes 26" x 1.50"/2.00" With SCHRADER VALVE 2 pack - £2.88 (+ £4.49 non Prime) at Amazon
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Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Twin Pack of Mountain Bike Inner Tubes - 35mm Schrader Valves - Average Tube weight 214 grams - Made with high grade Butyl Rubber

I still see them in poundland, 26inch for £1, what better deal could you ask for


26" and tubes. How archaic.


Not for me, reviews seem negative, poor quality and failure.


They always have 20" and 24" but never 26" anymore so heat added (y)


Great post! Much better than the £4 each charged at Halfords. Poundland used to sell them and they are still listed on the website, but I cannot find them any more:

Vandorm MTB Cycle Inner Tubes 26" x 1.50"/2.00" With SCHRADER VALVE 2 pack £3.32 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
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Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
-Twin Pack of Mountain Bike Inner Tubes - 35mm Schrader Valves - Average Tube weight 214 grams - Made with high grade Butyl Rubber

Any of the big boys will do the job depending on what deals are on offer. Schwalbe, Contitube, Specialised or the Slime Smart Tubes. I have never used the Slime tubes but know people who swear by them. My solution to punctures has been using Marathon Plus tyres for some time and thus I don't (fingers crossed and touch wood) suffer punctures. (y)


Which ones do you recommend?


When it comes to inner tubes, buying cheap is a really false economy, particularly given that good quality tubes are cheap enough.


Not great reviews!