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SLIME Unisex's 8 Puncture Preventor Inner Tube Sealant, Green, 237ml - £5.99 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime at Amazon
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Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Don't let a flat ruin your day, let Slime's tube sealant protect your tyres and get you back on the road quickly and easily when you get a flat. Slime Tube Sealant seeks out and i… Read more

£5.39 at the time of this post (y)


Good stuff but remember it only works on Schrader valves ( i.e car type) there are a variety of work around for prestas but all a major faff with no guarantee that they will work.


Great stuff. As mentioned one bottle is good for two inner tubes. The top of the bottle doubles as a tool to remove the core from Schrader ('car style') valves to then fill with the slime. Really easy process. Saved me loads of time that would have been spent beside a track/road and/or walking home.


at ASDA regular price for this is £6.50.


Doesn't make sense.. I have an ebike and scooter.....never had a puncture. Ebike has a 1000 enduro miles on it.....both slimed......well worth it

Inner Tubes - 4 for £10 + free Click and Collect @ Halfords
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Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
£4 each or 4 for £10 from Halfords own range, which appear well reviewed. With more people cycling I thought this was a good deal as we have 5 bikes in the family and have had a f… Read more

Yes - I bought 4 tubes for £10 a couple of weeks ago, Mid-July


My comment above was based on me having picked some up in store with this offer in June, so I'd expect it's still on. Maybe call ahead to check stock and confirm first.


Still works online. Want to know if it will work in-store too.


It was in June.


Is this in-store too 4 for £10?

Maxxis Welterweight 27.5" 1.9-2.35" Schrader Inner Tube £2.99 @ Amazon (+£4.49 Non-prime)
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Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Maxxis Welterweight 27.5" x 1.9-2.35" Schrader Inner Tube Maxxis Welter Weight 27.5" inner tubes are engineered for aggressive riders who require durability in their tubes.

I saw them on wiggle too. Never used that site and didn't know if they have shipping costs.


Thank you for sharing. Ordered. Seems to be same price on Wiggle - albeit with a shipping cost attached.


I haven't got one but wondered what they were and damn that must be a lot of suspension in the tyre.


I run 4.6 maxxis minion fbf/fbr on my fatty. If you can achieve it tubeless is the way to go, those tubes weigh about half a kilo each so the rotating weight is very noticeable. If you have cut out rims you can run latex inserts called fattystrippers (be careful googling it) that can make most fat bike tyres tubeless. Not foolproof but worth it IMO.


I've never used them myself, but looks like they can range from 3-5"

Slime Puncture repair & Preventor Inner Tube Sealant 237ml - £6.50 Prime /£10.99 Non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Slime Puncture repair & Preventor Inner Tube Sealant 237ml - £6.50 Prime /£10.99 Non Prime @ Amazon
Slime sealant seeks out and instantly seals tread area punctures up to 1/8" (3mm) using Fibro-Seal technology. Instal in your bicycles, dirt bikes, wheelbarrows, riding mowers and … Read more

I used to get punctures even with marathon plus tires... With this I haven't had any major issues. It managed to patch the inner tube even after punctures that took out a small bit of rubber from the tires. With that being said keep it mind it adds about halv a kg to the bike. I use half a bottle/tire (700x38, 28x1.5). Also it does make it harder to notice tiny punctures which make your tube loose a bit of air when under hard pressure. I only noticed this while monitoring tyre pressure every few days. Between this and schwalbe marathon tires I would recommend the slime. Both combine work great, but you might not need them if you don't live in an area where people aren't idiot ls and break bottles on the pavement... Or streats are cleaned with a decent regularity.


This stuff is cack. Either change tube or just go tubeless


White sprit.


Off topic but could anyone recommend a good bike degrease product?


This stuff has got my wife home twice when she would have otherwise been stranded, I'd say that's pretty handy. Have since upgraded her to Schwalbe Marathons, hoping they help stop the puncture in the first place.

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Continental Quality Road 20-25c Inner Tube 6 Pack - £17.99 delivered @ Chain Reaction Cycles
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Continental Quality Road 20-25c Inner Tube 6 Pack - £17.99 delivered @ Chain Reaction Cycles
£17.99£41.9457% Free P&P FreeChain Reaction Cycles Deals
The Continental Quality Road 20-25c Inner Tube is designed to be a high-performance road racing tube. Featuring a lightweight construction and providing reliable performance. We ha… Read more
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cheers for checking


Just checked, they are Made in China


Could you please confirm if they are made in Germany? I bought Continental tyres for my 29er and the rubber compound is very soft (stupidly soft for a mountain bike terrain) and, no surprise....made in China. 'Continental make its bike tyres in three factories across the world – India, China, and Germany, and the ranges reflect this – Good, Better, and Best. The names and tread patterns are the same throughout so you’re still buying into the same family – think of it like buying a VW Golf – you can buy the base model and still have a Golf, or you can drive away in an all singing, all dancing Golf R with all the performance benefits of the premium product. The best range is handmade in Germany, features the BlackChili compound, Apex sidewall protection and is designed for experts, athletes and those who simply must have the best of the best. Dropping down to the tyres made in China, you get the PureGrip compound, and the range is intended for weekend warriors and those on more of a budget. You lose the Apex sidewall protection, but it’s still a tubeless ready tyre and at a much keener price point. Finally, you have the tyres made in India, which are an entry level option, and generally OE specification with a wire bead.'


Ordered yesterday, delivered today. Great deal thanks (y) 🏻

Continental Quality Road 20-25c Inner Tube 6 Pack - £19.99 @ CRC
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Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Continental Quality Road 20-25c Inner Tube 6 Pack - £19.99 @ CRC
£19.99£53.9463% Free P&P FreeChain Reaction Cycles Deals
Continental Quality Road 20-25c Inner Tube 6 Pack
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Haha I thought that puncture after 6 days with green slime tubes


Suspect it was someone who rode 3 miles as their exercise under lockdown and now has a full and comprehensive knowledge of all areas of cycling. I'm convinced that my garage eats inner tubes as I seem to be always buying the bloody things! I tend to just use them to make up minimum order values when buying stuff online, so rarely buy in bulk like this, but I can definitely understand the need. FWIW, I've been buying the lightweight ones for spares. I don't normally ride on them, but I carry them in the back pocket as spares as they are much, much less bulky than full weight ones and perfectly good enough to finish a ride after a puncture.


Am I the only one who thought it was a picture of a set of VHS tapes?!


Do you need tubeless tyres for that though?



Halfords inner tubes 4 for £10 (+£3.99 Postage) @ Halfords
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Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Halfords inner tubes 4 for £10 (+£3.99 Postage) @ Halfords
Inner tubes 4 for £10 all sizes

Yeah, they do "pop" a little, catastrophic failure I think would be the phrase. Fortunately mine wasn't slime'd.


Did it go with a bang? Because mine certainly did! Just before 7.30am, waking all the neighbours and right after I'd just put some of that green slime in so you can imagine the mess was like a Ghostbusters scene


Had about 3 go all in the same place. First two went just after inflation, and after I'd put all the kit away and the bike was sitting on the drive ( good timing ), last one went a few miles from home ( even better timing ).


Interesting, I've had one with a slow puncture whilst out and another burst shortly after inflating, both around the valve. Think you're on to something (y)


Or save a pound and do a bit for the environment and cut your old innertube up and reuse it.

SLIME Unisex's 8 Puncture Preventor Inner Tube Sealant, Green, 237 ml £6.50 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
SLIME Unisex's 8 Puncture Preventor Inner Tube Sealant, Green, 237 ml £6.50 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Slime Tube Sealant seeks out and instantly seals punctures in your tubes up to 1/8" (3mm) using Fibro-Seal Technology Use Slime Tube Sealant with an air source to prevent puncture… Read more
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Also after presta version please.


Thanks OP anyone got this to work on Presta Valve? The cap supplied with the bottle doesn't seem to be Presta friendly unless I'm being daft?


I reckon unisex means it works with both schrader and presta!


Also don't forget to check that you have a good tomato sauce? :p


Ah, right, thanks I'll have to check if I have a 2 piece presta or not

Continental Quality Road 20-25c Inner Tube 6 Pack - £19.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles
229° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Continental Quality Road 20-25c Inner Tube 6 Pack - £19.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles
Continental Quality Road 20-25c Inner Tube 6 Pack Select Colour Black Select Option 60mm Select Valve Presta Select Wheel Size 700c Select Width 20 - 25c Not b… Read more

Schwalbe do a tube that covers a huge range of widths 28-45mm


Thanks for the suggestions - I thought I'd been clear with the sizing's - this post was for 700c tyres and I said 28c+ - I figured that would be fine - I'm no cyclist, just trying to get some bits together for my lads bike I have 35c on my bike so ideally I'd want something that can cover the range from his at 28, to mine. I'm sure we had some that were 28-38 or something similar (confused) The first ones look ok, it's just the shipping that bumps the price up but at the moment, there's not many options for collection!


Any deals for 26 please?


Depends on your rims and tyre size but I've used these with no issues and they have a 25-32mm / 40mm presta option or these if you prefer branded, n.b. postage charges below a certain amount, can't remember what


Any suggestions for wider tubes? I need 28c+

Continental presta Valve Inner Tube (27.5" x 1.75/2.4) £3.49 at Amazon Prime / £7.98 Non Prime
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Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Continental presta Valve Inner Tube (27.5" x 1.75/2.4) £3.49 at Amazon Prime / £7.98 Non Prime
£3.49£4.9930% Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Title on page says schrader but these are presta valves Description the camera continental 27.5x1.75/2.40 presta 42 mm designed for mtb bikes and is compatible with the presta val… Read more
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I bought a couple, seems to be punctured already so was either already faulty or I missed something when clearing the inside of the tyre (skeptical)


Thanks, ordered - got it for £3.05 Warehouse (damaged box). The £3.99 new ones are OOS but fine to backorder.


I believe it is suitable but can anyone confirm if this is suitable for tyre size: 700 x 42C - 28 x 1 5/8 (confused)


You're welcome ;)


Thanks for letting me know ordered cancelled

Halfords Presta Inner Tube - 700c x 23-32c £4 each or 4 for £10 Halfords
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Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Halfords Presta Inner Tube - 700c x 23-32c £4 each or 4 for £10 Halfords
Basic Halfords Tubes.. Most sizes and Valves included 4 for £10 click and collect
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Best place for tubes is normally Planet X as they often have great deals on however you have to get an order up to a reasonable value to justify the postage cost. So if you need a few things it makes sense. They are decent brand tubes as well. They do have a decent track pump at £8 currently, might help you get the order up. Looks like you can get basic bike lights for 50p each at the moment. Good for emergency lights I guess. Couple of front lights and a single rear light should be pretty good. Assuming they take coin cells, poundland do packs quite cheaply. Personally I would use lights that are either rechargable or can take rechargable cells like AA or AAA.


Bought 4 conti tubes recently 1 failed at weld around valve and another on a seam within a week only running at under 80psi always thought conti to be good quality.

john_flint they have went up from £7.96 to £9.01 but all sold now


any chance of a link ?


I just bought 6 from a eBay seller of the same size for £7.98 so cold from me

2 x Road bike tyres and 4 x inner tubes - £14.97 delivered @ Planet X
368° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
2 x Road bike tyres and 4 x inner tubes - £14.97 delivered @ Planet X
Cheap training tyres from decent brand, been using these for a couple of months with no issues. Tyres are reduced to £3.99 Tubes are £0.99 Postage is £6.99with dpd. Add 2 tyres and… Read more

Looks like it, glad I grabbed a few more for the kids bikes now (cheeky) 4 x vittorria grafite 26" tyres and 8 x tubes for £40 delivered, that keep em going for the summer.


Deal expired !


They easy to get on?


Ye I bought it aswel


Hope so as just bought some , but I'm not a biker

4x 12" pushchair / pram inner tubes for £10 @ Halfords
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Posted 29th FebPosted 29th Feb
4x 12" pushchair / pram inner tubes for £10 @ Halfords
£10£1638%Halfords Deals
4x 12" pushchair / pram inner tubes for £10 (saving £6!). £4 each otherwise.
Mavic Road Inner Tubes With Valve Extenders - Pack Of 5 £11.95 @ Merlin Cycles
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Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Mavic Road Inner Tubes With Valve Extenders - Pack Of 5 £11.95 @ Merlin Cycles
£11.95£2040%Merlin Cycles Deals
Cracking deal here, especially if you spend over the £20 threshold for free delivery. 5 inner tubes for £9.95 + £2.00 delivery but also included are 5 valve extenders which are ha… Read more

Good find. wish they had in offer 700x18/25


Thanks op just in time for me too, always handy to have spares and useful for those deep section wheels with the extenders.


I saw the photo and instantly thought they were licorice swirls. It's no wonder I have a spare tyre. I need to lay off the sweets and stack up on these.


Thanks op, ordered some spares


Looks good. But don't forget to wear your helmet.

Continental GP5000 Bike Tyre x 2 + Inner Tubes £67.90 or 1 x Tubeless £36.88 @ Mantel
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Posted 23rd Nov 2019Posted 23rd Nov 2019
Continental GP5000 Bike Tyre x 2 + Inner Tubes £67.90 or 1 x Tubeless £36.88 @ Mantel
£67.90£75.8811%Mantel Deals
Clinchers: All widths 23-32mm available so plenty of choice. Option to purchase alone for £30.94 but best to chuck in an inner tube for free delivery over £35 Tubeless: Direct… Read more

Thanks. I'll stick with my GP4000 I think!


Here's a comparison of GP4000 vs GP5000 where it shows less puncture resistance on the GP5000


The tubed version in 700 x 25c is £29.99 at Merlin Cycles now


Yes I've had 3 sets of GP4000s and although a few punctures they were quite infrequent....I find most of my flats are a result of thorn penetration after hedgerow most of my cycling is is the Yorkshire countryside. Tyre selection is very much a personal choice as you usually have to sacrifice some puncture protection and tyre life if you wish the better rolling resistance.


Same experience for me unfortunately. Lucky on GP4000s for years with only occasional punctures. Switched to 5000s about 3000km ago and have had six punctures between my two wheels. Now looking at Pirelli Cinturato as a tubeless equivalent to the GP four seasons.

Continental Race 28 Inner Tube £5.98 delivered @ Planet X
96° Expired
Posted 20th Nov 2019Posted 20th Nov 2019
Continental Race 28 Inner Tube £5.98 delivered @ Planet X
£1.99 each plus £4 delivery per order. Great price, you can never have too much rubber. Limited to 10 per customer. A lightweight, supple 700c butyl inner tube from German tyre ma… Read more

Good price, but the P&P cost kills it for me. It's cheaper to buy 2 from Halfords, for example (I was looking for the 28mm version). I was going to buy a few Sram 11 speed chains for a Shimano bike. It's supposed to be compatible, but some reviews (Evans Cycles staff) say they would be noisier and slower to change gears. I'll stick with KMC for now.


I think these are rebranded from another manufacturer possibly CST still a great price though. Noticed quite a few tyres have gone up in price so possibly back down for Black Friday? the Kenda Kwest tyres were £3 but now £5.99 and other products too have gone up a bit.

Slime Presta Bike Inner Tube - £3.50 at Halfords (Free Collection)
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Posted 17th Nov 2019Posted 17th Nov 2019
Slime Presta Bike Inner Tube - £3.50 at Halfords (Free Collection)
£3.50£642%Halfords Deals
Handy inner tube at low cost, various sizes available The Slime Presta Bike Inner Tube is filled with slime green coloured sealant that'll seal and repair punctures before your t… Read more

29er is 4.99 not 3.50


Brilliant price, good find. Thanks Tacavas. Ordered and really to collect tomorrow!

Bikemate Inner Tube Puncture proof 29p, on clearance. Aldi instore
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Posted 11th Nov 2019Posted 11th Nov 2019LocalLocal
Puncture proof inner tubes normally retail for more than 10x this amount. Most likely on clearance given the season, so grab one if you can. I found it it Hounslow
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Even at £1.99 these would have been great value depending on quality so 29p absolute bargain. Are these all sizes or just the scraps left of less common sizes. Like when you go in poundland and every inner tube is for 24" wheels in some stores.


Are these slime tubes? Does anyone have any experience of these aldi versions?


Hi @Naggers thank you for sharing this instore offer (y) could you please add the Aldi store location to your opening post in case it's store or region specific :)

Slime Inner tubes £3.50 @ Halfords (free C&C)
200° Expired
Posted 3rd Nov 2019Posted 3rd Nov 2019
Slime Inner tubes £3.50 @ Halfords (free C&C)
Perfect for winter commuting, inner tubes that self heal after getting a puncture. Various sizes available at this price
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Having read a fair bit about slime, it seems it is good if you get pin prick punctures, for instance from riding over fine thistles or such, but not if you have something thicker go through like a bramble thorn. Having tried myself, I got incredibly unlucky on my first one, I somehow hit a screw on the road and got a serious puncture just days after fitting one with slime in it and it made a mess of the tyre as well when removing, I then got a puncture from a thick thorn a couple of weeks later on the replacement. I have since gone for a proper reinforced tyre on the rear (being where the weight it) and that has been great for me, front may get a reinforced tyre when it needs replacing too but so far no problems like this. It certainly can't hurt to use slime especially at this price, but consider the tyres as well if you are commuting on it.


I've used Slime in to standard inner tubes and think it works very well, apart from a massive thorn, I've not had any punctures!


Are these any good and do they actually work and prevent you getting flat tyres or do they just gunk up the inside of your tyre when anything punctures it?


It was a really weird political comment, nothing to do with the item. They were posting it in every thread this morning.


I think he was referring to used cond...

Halford Conti Race/MTB inner tubes - £2.95
299° Expired
Posted 2nd Nov 2019Posted 2nd Nov 2019
Halford Conti Race/MTB inner tubes - £2.95
£2.95£3.9926%Halfords Deals
Prices starting at 2.95 for a range of sizes, valves, types, and better than likes of Wiggle etc. Free C&C. In store prices will be matched to online prices.
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If it was 26" instead (lol) (lol)

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