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HP Envy 5010 All-in-One Printer + 2 Months of Instant Ink now £35 delivered at Amazon
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Print, scan and copy with fast speeds and keep tasks moving Save up to 70 percent on ink (HP 304 inks) with HP Instant Ink and never run out of ink; ordered by your printer, deliv… Read more
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Has two cartridges tricolour and black, so at least you can change black separately, and printing colour should use the different colour inks roughly equally. You have to do the maths I suppose, to come to a conclusion. But it seems that for everyday use, if you are printing mainly photos, the instantink service is the way to go, even at full price. There are still offers with instantink free months or credit.


This or a canon mg5750 ? Doesn't this use a tricolour cartridge, meaning if you run out of one colour (after free ink is over), you need a whole new cartridge? I've missed the instant ink deal and have no intention of deliberately adding to landfill by replacing a printer every time I need to replace cartridges.


You may be able to direct the printer to use your phone as a hotspot. I'm no expert on that. It may be different on different phones and phone operating systems. During setup when it asks for the wifi you may be able to direct to your phone's hotspot. Someone else, more technologically savvy, may know more. Regards and best of luck!


Need help- can I use my three network data to use to print wirelessly instead of WiFi?


I registered on 7th June and got 14 months free ink (party)

HP Envy 5010 Inkjet Printer (Print, scan, photocopy and fax) + 12 Months Free instant ink = £35 @ AO
Refreshed 1st JunRefreshed 1st Jun
Update 1
Price back down - no code needed.
HP Envy 5010 Inkjet Printer for £35 delivered and includes 12 months free instant ink. All in one printer, scanner, photocopier and fax. Also showing as free next day delivery. … Read more
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I would say yes. They have WiFi direct I believe. I would also say you could use phone as hotspot possibly another way of connecting.


Does anyone know if I can use my mobile data to print wirelessly without WiFi?


ok tell a lie, log onto the hp instank ink web page. go to myaccount. pick heavy use. i know it says £17.99 but just bloody click it. then you will get a green text at the top. You have 13 FREE months remaining. Billing for your plan pages will start on 2 Jul 2020. if you click on home to go back, you will see, "No charges for up to 700 pages per month during Free Trial months." i have extra month as got a referal code off amazon when initially signed up. ta da. 700 pags to print like a mad man.


it looks like you need to select the heavy use plan when subscribing for the first time with instant ink. im goign to call hp tomorrow. if not will box it back up and take back to currys


Good question.

All-in-One HP ENVY 5010 printer with 12 months free instant ink - £38 at Amazon
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
All-in-One HP printer with 12 months free instant ink + 2 months additional (2 codes). Promotion valid until 7th June 2019. 1 additional month free using promo code FREEINK Enjo… Read more

This is now £35. I contacted Amazon about the price drop and they gave me a £3 promotional credit to my account to make up for the price difference.


They've matched the AO deal with today's voucher. Just bought one for £34.20 with free delivery tomorrow with Prime thanks OP


There is now a voucher added to this item on Amazon of £3.80 (not sure for how long) making it even cheaper. Although it said delivery was free for some reason it was not giving me that option so contacted Amazon chat and they discounted the delivery too so cost me £33 and coming Thurs/Friday.


Just received my printer, all set up fairly easily, got 13 months free printing so happy with that.


No sorry it isn’t it was £10 off for using their app

30% Off HP Deskjet 2630 All-in-One Printer, Instant Ink with 2 Months Trial £34.99 Amazon
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
I found this Great deal of HP printer: Functions: Print, copy, scan Print speed: Up to 7.5 ppm ISO black (A4); Up to… Read more
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Looks like that's the way to go. Free ink situation aside, anyone know the advantage of this Deskjet over the Envy?


Get an HP Envy instead for under £50 and you get 12x months' free ink.

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HP OfficeJet 3831 All in One Wireless Inkjet Printer with Fax with Free 2 Month Instant Ink Trial £39 Ryman - free c&c
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
This HP All in One printer is a must have for your home or office. Combining the functions of print and fax the HP 3831 simplifies tasks while saving time and money. The instant … Read more

What's the better printer between this and the 5010 previously posted?


Decent printer but there are other HP options with 12 months instant ink so this is going to be cold


Auto duplex would be nice.

Upto 17months free ink with printer purchase. Buy an HP ENVY or HP ENVY Photo printer, enrol and get 12 months HP Instant Ink for FREE
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th MayLocalLocal
Buy an HP ENVY or HP ENVY Photo printer, enrol and get 12 months HP Instant Ink for FREE. With free ink shipping On printer boxes it says 15 pages per month free but when registe… Read more
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No rollover


Do you know if there's any rollover for the 15 pages per month offer . And also, is it a one time thing when you buy the printer . And does it cancel if you ever upgrade to print more pages . Thank you.


You choose when signing up for instant ink if you want 15pages per month for life or exchange that for one if there paid plans with free months upto 700 pages per month


Argos also got deals on now with free instant ink


Thanks - looking for a printer and this suits us - enough printing for those emergency group on vouchers or school letters when you can't be arsed or have the time to print it out at work - Heat added

HP Envy 5010 All In One Wireless Printer & 12 Month Instant Ink Trial £39.99 @ Argos (Extra month ink using code in description)
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
The HP Envy 5010 comes with a free trial of HP Instant Ink. Sign up to Instant Ink and save up to 70% on ink. Get affordable prints and increased versatility. Connect with a simple… Read more

Hi, Am I missing something? I only had an option for free 12 months for 15 pages per month plan?


If you need more help pm me.


You can amend the plan on the page with different plans once you change it it will reflect on your account


Ok I have just bought the printer and set it up for 300 pages. Please where do I increase it to 700 pages?, which url as there seems to be so many urls for hp. Will it be ? Thank you very much


Is anyone having problems with their printer? Mine is not printing out images, literally cuts it in quarter... I like to print pictures so this is a little annoying. Was fine at first.

HP ENVY 5010 All-in-One Wireless Printer Touch Screen, HP Instant Ink 12 Months Trial, Black - £39.99 @ John Lewis & Partners (Free C&C)
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Good All-in-One HP printer with 12 months instant ink. Comes with 2 years guarantee. *UPDATE* I can see Amazon have price matched now (angel) With the HP ENVY 5010 All-in-… Read more
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To update, I did not see the free 12 months when I tried to enroll from my smartphone via app, or from chromebook via instantink. I did not enroll from these two. 123 hp was not available on chromebook. It was only when I went to enroll from app on Win 10 PC that I immediately had access to the 12 month trial . I also purchased from AMazon post the 30 April date and still had access to the free trial. i hope this helps others. I also tried the code freeink but it did not seem to have worked.


I am also not getting the free trial. I tried to set up printer with the app, but it went wrong during setup. All done now but I cannot get any free trial at all. Going to phone HP on Monday. I have not completed the instaink registration as each time I try I get no mention of free ink. Anyone else successfully work out how to do it once it fails? I tried through the app and on chromebook through instaink as hp 123 not supported on chromebook.


I was worried like you but again I didn't had anything to loose, I could have just return it back. I would advise to set it up as soon as you can, claim a free ink because you never know what happen next. If you try it in 14 days and if it doesn't work, you can atleast return it back to seller.


i bought this printer on the 30th April. Have not switched it on yet. Hopefully this deal is definitely 7 days after turning on printer and not 7 days after purchase. Im abit worried that packaging and paperwork seem to only talk about 2 months free trial (confused)


If you have missed to enter a promo code or if you didn't see any option for free months trial then don't worry you can still claim free ink. This is what worked for me. Make sure you are connected the printer to network Login to hp ink service and enrol the printer, create new account or you can use existing acount. select a free plan and complete the process. After a moment , Go back and select 300 pages package, trial offer should automatically be picked up by the system. Atleast that's what worked for me. Good luck.

HP Envy 6230 All-in-One Photo Printer & Instant Ink Trial(£5 voucher for £50 spend) £59.99 @ Argos (Free C&C)
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
The HP Envy Photo 6230 comes with a free trial of HP Instant Ink. Sign up to Instant Ink and save up to 70% on ink. Fast. Connected. Amazing. Phone to stunning photo. Easily do it … Read more

I think the £5 voucher for £50 spend offer at Argos has ended now. Can't see any mention on their website.


The 6230 model may be slightly faster as it has 1.2 Ghz processor and the 5010/5030 have a 800Mhz processor. The 6230 has 704 black nozzles/print head and 2052 Colour nozzles (684 per colour slot) The 5010/5030 has 328 black nozzles/print head and 588 colour nozzles Although both sets of printers use the same Black/Colour ink cartridges, I am guessing the 6230 has a marginally better print quality.Feel free to correct me if I am wrong


Thanks for your help


theres also 5% Quidco idf you buy direct from HP, , brings it down a bit more


its cheaper at £44.99, so if you dont need 2 trays its better value as the print quality is the same

HP Deskjet 2622 All-in-One Printer, Instant Ink with 2 Months Trial £19 (Prime) £23.49 (Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Just under £20 for this HP Deskjet All-in-one. Also available for the same price on AO website: HP… Read more
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How come is ,£29.99 on Amazon now even though I have prime?


Instant Ink is great. I also managed to get a free referral code from ebay


My mistake its £3 topcashback with a £5+ spend mentioned here.


what does that mean buddy , £5 discount code or summing ?



HP Envy 4527 All-in-one Colour Wireless Multifunction Inkjet Printer - 12 Months Free Instant Ink Trial £39.95 / £43.93 delivered at Ebuyer
Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
Create fabulous photos with this HP Envy wireless all-in-one inkjet printer. It lets you print, scan and copy so that you have a complete solution for your office or study needs, a… Read more

Just received my first instant ink delivery; quite surprised that the packet didn't fit through my letterbox and had to be collected from the post office instead.


I suspect your home router doesn't allow connections to your printer from the internet. The IP address your phone users to communicate with the printer when you're on WiFi at home is a private IP (probably the same range used in everybody's houses), but when your are on the internet it would be a complete different address. Your router normally translates between the two, but you wouldn't normally allow your printer (or many other devices) to be internet accessible? Obviously "SMART" internet of things devices behave differently, like security cameras etc to specifically allow internet access to authorised users, but these so introduce potential internet security problems.


Is it normal that the HP Smart app can't "see" the printer when you're away from your home WiFi? The screen below shows my printer and its ink levels when I'm at home on WiFi, but not over 4g or away from home, as in the screenshot. Seems to be an odd limitation if this is true.


I’m already on a 7 months free plan. After that it’s somthing like £10/month. Is there any way can buy this printer and use the ‘voucher’ to extend my current plan or would I need to stat again using this printer?


Note that you only get 7 days from installation to set up the free trial. Been caught out with that myself

HP Envy 4527 All-in-one Colour Wireless Multifunction Inkjet Printer - 4 Months Free Instant Ink Trial W/ FREE NDD £39.95 @ eBuyer
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
HP Envy 4527 All-in-one Colour Wireless Multifunction Inkjet Printer - 4 Months Free Instant Ink Trial W/ FREE NDD £39.95 @ eBuyer
£39.95£45.5712%Ebuyer Deals
Seems to be a great price for this AIO printer, which comes with 4 months of free instant ink and free next day delivered included in the price. Wireless printing and AirPrint com… Read more

Been an Instant Ink service customer for quite some time now. Very good service IMHO. The number of initial free months can be increased with some promotion codes "out there". (not allowed to post here) Feel free to PM me with any questions about Instant Ink and I'll be happy to help.


Recently got an Envy 6234 for about the same price from currys/pcworld. Printer itself hasn't been great tbh in terms of print quality, paper jams and driver software glitches. Really cheap though considering the free ink (I never signed up to a trial just 15 pages a month).


This offer now has 12month of ink....


This printer anygood? Just need a decent one to print stuff from my phone really


Thanks this just reminded me to sign up, got 12 months free with instant ink 300 pages per month and you can cancel anytime! I got my printer from Costco yesterday. Heat added

All HP Envy printers from any retailer now includes a min of 12 Months Instant Ink -  **NO REFERRALS**
Refreshed 15th AprRefreshed 15th Apr
From 1st of March to 31st of May, all HP Envy and HP Envy Photo printers now come with a minimum of 12 months of ANY instant ink plan. You MUST sign up and register the printer wit… Read more
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Thanks for all the helpful comments. Enrolled tonight with 700 pages for 14 months.




No different cartridges


I have an ENVY 6234 and was thinking of getting HP ENVY 5020 today for 12 month ink offer. Can I put the cartridges from the 5020 into my 6234 to use for the 12 months? Thanks


Yeah, the terms on HP's site say "Valid promotion only from March 1st, 2019 until May 31st, 2019 and applicable to HP ENVY and HP ENVY Photo printers. Must complete HP Instant Ink enrolment within 7 days of setting up the printer following the setup process indicated in your printer instructions and using the HP Instant Ink ready cartridges that come with your printer." so it looks as though Curry's have got i wrong when they say "Buy an HP ENVY or HP ENVY Photo between 1st March 2019 until 7th June 2019" though the seven days appear to start from date of printer setup not date of purchase.

HP ENVY Photo 6220 Wireless All-in-One Printer with 12 month Instant Ink + £30 Cashback - £55 @ HP **NO REFERRAL CODES**
Refreshed 31st JanRefreshed 31st Jan
HP ENVY Photo 6220 Wireless All-in-One Printer with 12 month Instant Ink + £30 Cashback - £55 @ HP **NO REFERRAL CODES**
£55£99.9945%HP Shop Deals
This is a slightly better than another similar deal posted which has expired.… Read more
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I didn’t know you had to return any leftovers


Anyone know if you can use these cartridges in a different printer off-line


Had a similar deal. But you have to return any left over/ used cartridges at the end of free months. And then to buy ordinary ink cartridges unless you continue a contract with HP......


I didn't get any horizontal lines at all but I only print documents. Question when you turn it on do the rollers make squeeking sounds. Mine does can't tell if it's normal.


I've tried printing photos on a4 glossy paper, but the quality is not great and you can see lots of horizontal lines. The standard small photos don't print well either, with a big fuzzy patch, or a but where the part is printed out twice. This is printing from my phone, which I've set up with HP's software. Not bad for documents, although again an getting faint horizontal lines. Will try a head alignment and clean and see if that helps, but these are the first couple if photos from a fresh setup

HP Deskjet 2630 All-in-One Colour Ink-jet Printer/Copier/Scanner, Instant Ink with 3 Months Trial for £21.60 delivered @ HP
Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
HP Deskjet 2630 All-in-One Colour Ink-jet Printer/Copier/Scanner, Instant Ink with 3 Months Trial for £21.60 delivered @ HP
£21.60£29.9928%HP Shop Deals
HP DESKJET 2630 All-In One Perfect cheap printer/scanner/copier for HOME. Use the 10% off voucher to get this price. I use this at home and is brill, might get another one for m… Read more

Do you need to sign up to a contract as I print more than 15 pages a month or can I just buy new ink when needed?


is printer ready to use when ordered i.e it doesnt need to buy a cartridge separately?


voucher not working


Just had it delivered as priced with Quidco. Also seen it at Asda today at £49.99. Definately a bargain.


I can believe so

HP Envy Photo 6220 Wireless All-in-One Printer + £30 HP Cashback + £32 instant ink credit + 4 months instant ink trial at HP for £59
Posted 31st Dec 2018Posted 31st Dec 2018
HP Envy Photo 6220 Wireless All-in-One Printer + £30 HP Cashback + £32 instant ink credit + 4 months instant ink trial at HP for £59
£29 with Cashback. I’ve got one of these - great quality photo prints, works well wireless and handy scanner. Instant ink works like a treat, cartridges delivered before you need t… Read more

500 isn't an option when you sign up (or it wasn't for me). If all goes to plan, you get 6 months at 500 pages, 9 months at 100 pages 8) (or 8 months at 100 pages if your printer includes the 4 month free and £32 credit on arrival).


Thank you Anon, appreciate you taking the time to reply. I'll open the box and check. Are you an existing customer? ;) Why sign up with 300 then swap to 500? Why not sign up with 500? So after 6 months drop to 100 pages? So how long will I actually not be paying for ink? Thank you soooooooooo much :)


Activate the instant ink following a referral from an existing customer ;) and add FREEINK during the sign up in the promo box. That should give you 6 months free. Sign up on the 300 page plan as they are free anyway, once you have signed up immediately change to the 500 page plan. 500 pages free per month for 6 months (y) (it doesn't matter if you will use that many - it is free whether 100 or 500). Then drop down to 100 pages to use up your credit for 8 months. In all likelihood your printer will arrive with 3 months and £3.50 credit (mad) so you will have to call them and they will ask you to send a copy of your order and a photo of what was included. They will then add the extra month and send a code for £32. Once this is all received, apply both codes. So 6 months at 500 pages, 9 months at 100 8) .


could someone please explain what would be the best deal for me? My printer is coming tomorrow(ish?) and I do not print off loads. Wondering what print option I should do to maximise free ink trial. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!


awesome find, bought as my printer's cartridges are expensive (more than this printer at full cost) and hard to find. fingers crossed!

HP Envy Photo 6230 Wireless All-in-One Printer & Instant Ink Trial, £59.99 (£30 cashback from HP) at argos
Posted 11th Dec 2018Posted 11th Dec 2018
HP Envy Photo 6230 Wireless All-in-One Printer & Instant Ink Trial, £59.99 (£30 cashback from HP) at argos
£59.99£79.9925%Argos Deals
Cashback here. Compatible with PC and Mac. A4 print speed - black text: 12ppm (pages per minute). A4 print speed - colour text: 8ppm (pages per minute). Up to 1200 x 1200d… Read more

Same price in Currys (£29.99 after Cashback) at the moment including 7 months instant ink trial


This opinion is worthless. Just no because you said so. Great print quality, no problems with ink cartridges, £1.99 for 50 prints per month, more than enough for me, so I'm getting rollover every month. I have been using HP printers for 20 years. And servers. Never laptops because every HP laptop I've had broke after 1 year, so I'm using ThinkPads only.


No, had one for over a year and they are superb for everything except photos - they’re awful on photos.


I got mine couple of months ago for about £29 after cash back and 7 months free ink. I think it's perfect for home use to print couple of documents, airport tickets etc. I use it for my home business for invoices as well and it's ok to me. Much better than an expensive laser hp m176 we have at work. Believe it or not this envy is faster than the laser. But that laser is the worst printer I've ever used.


Same Printer from HP

HP Envy Photo 6234 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer with 7 months Instant Ink £49.99 at Currys plus £30 cashback
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
HP Envy Photo 6234 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer with 7 months Instant Ink £49.99 at Currys plus £30 cashback
****Do not offer / request referrals**** Even cheaper deal on the HP Envy Photo 6234. HP AIO wireless photo printer. Was £99.99, now half price at £49.99 (save £50). Then £30 ca… Read more

Yeah, ended at the end of January.


looks like the cashback offer is gone .. or am i missing something ... have to search for something else :)


Instant replacement eh? So you will kick it down your stairs in 7 months then and go get a new on for free and start your 7 months all over again.


I bought this with 3 years replacement breakdown cover (half price at £6.50). Already have new ink being shipped to me free of charge. Seems like an absolutely fantastic offer to get 300 prints free for 7 months and the quality of the pictures are impeccable. Heat from me!


no referral links allowed.

HP ENVY Photo 6220 All-in-One Printer with 12 Months of Instant Ink Included, Black - £69.99 @ Amazon
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
HP ENVY Photo 6220 All-in-One Printer with 12 Months of Instant Ink Included, Black - £69.99 @ Amazon
Effectively this printer is almost free if you are an Instant ink user. The value of the 12 month subscription that's included covers most of the cost.

I'll correct my post, thanks.


Up to 12 months of HP Instant Ink on the 100-page plan. This is for the £3.49 plan, so works out at £41.88 for the year. Pity it's not the £7.99 a month 300 page plan or I would have grabbed one. Still a good deal if you need a new printer and its showing as £64.99 on prime at the moment

HP Deskjet 2630 All-in-One Printer, Instant Ink with 3 Months Trial
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
HP Deskjet 2630 All-in-One Printer, Instant Ink with 3 Months Trial
Excellent value for money printer with 3 months ink trial (potential up to 6 months with codes) Two colour models seem to be available at this £17.99 price - blue (2630) and green… Read more

how do you get codes for additonal months- have purchased a different HP printer and would really like to know.


I got it too and thought the same... I do not want to sign up but can I use the ink that came with it without signing up? Or can I just buy my own cartridges... I didn't do enough reasearch before buying (embarrassed)


Received the printer today - having read through the lengthy T&C, thought I would point this out: It would seem that you cannot have the free 15 pages/month offer (for printer lifetime) if you take out any of the subscriptions (this includes the 3-month free trial). eg. You cannot have 3 months of the £7.99/month (300 pages) subscription for free, and then after 3 months downgrade to the £0/month 15 pages free offer. You need to make a choice. If you were going to use a subscription, then it makes sense to start off on £7.99/month (300 pages) and then downgrade to £1.99/month (50 pages) after your 3-month trial ends. Depends on your usages I guess. It does however sound like you can burn through all the ink in the starter cartridge though before choosing? Do I need to connect to the internet and sign-up to HP's portal to use the printer like this to use the starter ink? (I'm guessing there would be 50-100 pages worth in there? can anyone confirm?)


There's a free option which gets 15 pages a month.


I only have light ink usage, so usually buy a cheap printer, use for a year or two until ink runs out, dump it and buy a new one. It sounds like this only comes with small demo sized cartridges and assumes you're signing up to subscription ink so guess this wouldn't be a good choice for me ?

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