Say hello the hotukdeals community here and get to know the community better. You can also check out all the new members here on the Introduce Yourself discussion page.
Say hello the hotukdeals community here and get to know the community better. You can also check out all the new members here on the Introduce Yourself discussion page.
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Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
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Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
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Posted 11th FebPosted 11th Feb
17 years of using HUKD and I finally signed up
Hi everyone. This has to be some kind of personal record so I needed to post! Have a nice weekend (y) Edit: I got the name wrong! (horror)
CJones's avatar CJones 19
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Posted 25th Dec 2022Posted 25th Dec 2022
Merry Christmas everyone!
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. As you celebrate Christmas, make wonderful memories and appreciate the yearly hotukdeals deals you found that will linger in your home, and may this season…
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Posted 20th Nov 2022Posted 20th Nov 2022
I do love HUKDers and this is why...
Hi, Just wanna say, love u all! We (most here) always seem to post deals and make them hot for the underdog e.g. AMD as opposed to Intel/Nvidia and LG as opposed to Samsung for TVs :) M…
jungleboy123's avatar jungleboy123 12
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Posted 4th Nov 2022Posted 4th Nov 2022
Just want to say how much I appreciate this community
Been here on and off since 2013 and although most of it has been lurking or commenting etc just couldn't imagine Hukd not existing. Mostly amazing people always willing to help and post hon…
Leonjj's avatar Leonjj 10
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Posted 16th Aug 2022Posted 16th Aug 2022
Tell My Wife I Said Hello
Hi everyone, just making my (Futurama) greeting here. I've dipped my toes into this site now and again for years and only now am I finally jumping into the pool. Jury's out on whether that w…
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Posted 5th Aug 2022Posted 5th Aug 2022
New Member.
Hi, just asking what is the best strategy for using this platform? What are the best discussions and offers to be putting alerts on for? I'm also wondering if anyone has a Student Beans 15%…
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Posted 31st Jul 2022Posted 31st Jul 2022
hi everyone noobie at this so any advice is going to be welcomed hopefully get a few decent deals
Chris82's avatar Chris82 12
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Posted 4th Jul 2022Posted 4th Jul 2022
New member. Hi everyone
Hello. I used to on the site years ago but just stopped posting / commenting and my account eventually just disapeared. I thought I wanted to join up again as the energy and fuel prices are…
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Posted 30th Jun 2022Posted 30th Jun 2022
Hello everyone!
Hi (ninja) Fresh meat from another universe ! What are the traps here? :S
nomonosmonomo's avatar nomonosmonomo 9
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Posted 11th Apr 2022Posted 11th Apr 2022
Mr Jason cunniff
I'm new on here from today I would just like any information on how it works properly as I don't have a clue things like can u order trainers and how things like the basics
JasonCunniff's avatar JasonCunniff 12
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Posted 5th Apr 2022Posted 5th Apr 2022
Hi everyone
Just joining the site. Anything I need to know or be aware of?
Colossal8008's avatar Colossal8008 18
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Posted 20th Jan 2022Posted 20th Jan 2022
I've just discovered the existence of this section XD Hope you're all doing well!
PottyBagLady's avatar PottyBagLady 7
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Posted 20th Jan 2022Posted 20th Jan 2022
Hi (ninja) I have been reading/lurking HUKD for a long time and have finally got around to joining.
Foxie's avatar Foxie 10
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Posted 20th Jan 2022Posted 20th Jan 2022
New Member
Hi 👋
Secret_Shopper's avatar Secret_Shopper 11
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Posted 29th Dec 2021Posted 29th Dec 2021
Terry’s chocolate mayonnaise
Can’t believe I was one of 200 to win. Not brave enough to taste it though.
Maggiemay66's avatar Maggiemay66 8
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Posted 29th Dec 2021Posted 29th Dec 2021
Just logged back in after a while away, completely lost :(
transit's avatar transit 12
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Posted 25th Dec 2021Posted 25th Dec 2021
Hey, new-ish to this website but long-time user on ozbargain (Australian version of this site), just moved to the uk a few months ago for a job. So far I've found this place and read a bit …
soresumakashi's avatar soresumakashi 2
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Posted 17th Dec 2021Posted 17th Dec 2021
Reindeer not saving?
Anyone else finding the reindeer aren't saving to their collection?
simon.wilkinson's avatar simon.wilkinson 5
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Posted 17th Dec 2021Posted 17th Dec 2021
Helloooo am a newbe enjoying every minute!
Hi am a newbe, Am totally addicted to spotting reindeer already (lol) spotted this fantastic deal on amazon!! Echo dot reduced from £39.99 to £17 ordered nd on its way !! [image]
ruth.brown's avatar ruth.brown 7
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Posted 28th Nov 2021Posted 28th Nov 2021
John Lewis Free Creams
Hello I would like to say hello. Hi can any one help I'm looking for the John Lewis link we're you received free creams if you spent so much money , or is there other links like that please…
Glenna_Siviter's avatar Glenna_Siviter 3
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Posted 18th Oct 2021Posted 18th Oct 2021
Hi I'm new here
I came here to figure out if this site will save me money or end up spending even more
DangoDango's avatar DangoDango 28
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Posted 3rd Jul 2021Posted 3rd Jul 2021
Hey up everyone
Am new to this. How does this work please? Nice to meet u all
pinkjessie's avatar pinkjessie 6
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Posted 12th Apr 2021Posted 12th Apr 2021
Better late than never
So I’ve been a bit of a lurker for the last few years, always looking for deals for my family (husband, grown up son and 3 daughters) and playing the Fabulous Flamedeer hunts of course! Fina…
allyshoes77's avatar allyshoes77 9
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Posted 25th Dec 2020Posted 25th Dec 2020
To all of you home alone
Happy Christmas to everyone stuck home alone (and of course everyone else!) 🎅🤶🎄🥂 I know there are lots of you out there alone today and worse, some may not e…
a666andy's avatar a666andy 78
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Posted 21st Dec 2020Posted 21st Dec 2020
Merry Christmas Folks.
I would like to wish all members & the Admins a Merry Christmas! What a year 2020 has been, #Crazy. Ill be back searching for "new prebuilts" on Boxing day, and if anyone needs any hel…
Sarden84's avatar Sarden84
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Posted 15th Dec 2020Posted 15th Dec 2020
Great app i have found so many deals over the years it has saved me and my family mega pounds, all the handy tips and comments are great also.
lydah70's avatar lydah70 2
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Posted 13th Dec 2020Posted 13th Dec 2020
Tips on posting deals
Hey I’ve been on here for a while but never known how to actually post a deal, I’m a massive deal hunter and come across them often so would like to share.
Jennag's avatar Jennag 7
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Posted 5th Dec 2020Posted 5th Dec 2020
Hi. Trying to save money by introducing myself and not looking at the deals
Hi. Never knew we could actually chat to each other here. Im not looking forward to christmas so feel free to chat to me & either agree with my grinchness or talk me out of it.
bertieboodle's avatar bertieboodle 22
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