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Updated 31st Dec 2020Last updated 31st Dec 2020 by SavvyShopper
iPad 2020 Silver 128GB - very hard to find in stock
With standard John Lewis 2 years warranty. https://www.johnlewis.com/2020-apple-ipad-10-2-inch-a12-ipados-wi-fi-128gb/p5135268

Apple definitely haven’t confirmed anything


Where? I’m only seeing rumours and have never known Apple to confirm anything before an official launch. I think an autumn launch is more likely for the base iPad with new Pro version earlier in the year.


Not sure. I just read an article a few weeks ago about upcoming release. I'm going to wait to see. A lot of people just rushed to get them for xmas!


Glad I printed off my returns labels then (lol) On the apple site it says new stock is expected Jan 21-25...is this likely to be the new version?


Yup. Apple already confirmed

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Updated 19th Dec 2020Last updated 19th Dec 2020 by flipper118
iPad 2020 32GB (Latest iPad) - Gold / Space Grey / Silver
Sold out everywhere, be quick. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/tablets-and-ereaders/tablets/apple-10-2-ipad-2020-32-gb-gold-10214954-pdt.html

Was just about to get this, then remembered its for me so i dont really need it for xmas day...hopefully there will be a couple in the post xmas sales (strong)


They were £289 last month


Check argos too. I ordered one other day, picking up today


Had one for this price from AO last week. No deal here. As pointed out its more of a stock informer.


Not a deal, but in stock I suppose

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Updated 15th Dec 2020Last updated 15th Dec 2020 by MissyStringfellow
iPad 2020 32gb 10.2” in stock @ John Lewis
Back in stock on line at John Lewis. All colours. Be quick!

Thank you, I've just ordered one :-D


I’ve had my old iPad for ten years and it’s had no probs updating and it’s heavily used. it’s 32gb. still in use today


Is 32gb sufficient for an iPad for a couple of years? I know it will depend how it is used, probably no more than browsing and editing a few documents, using some drawing apps. I cant see it ever being used heavily, but I'm concerned about updates. I'm an iPad newb coming from a Windows 2 in 1 where it no longer updates because 32gb isn't enough.


Glad it helped. I missed it at £279 too but liked you I wanted it for xmas. :) Extra year warranty too with JL. (y) 🏻


Thankyou so much! Have been been monitoring everywhere. Called JL this morning and they were expecting stock back in on 26th Dec, looked again on their website just a couple of hours ago and nothing. I know I missed all the deals where it was cheaper and I could get it cheaper at Apple Edu, but really wanted before Xmas. It would have cost me that in petrol travelling to the nearest Argos, JL, curry’s etc if they had in stock. Thanks again!

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Ipad 2020 - stock!!
I’m looking for a 32gb Ipad 2020 (preferably in gold). Everywhere has sold out!! Any suggestions?

Seem to be back in stock in John Lewis..


I've been trying to get a gold 128gb 2020 ipad and even apple is saying delivery in January! Ita for my daughter's Xmas, cant believe nowhere has them


I’ve got hold of a 128gb from Costco - hoping they won’t cancel delivery x


Been trying for days to get one. Every place I've spoken to said it's going to be January until they have any 32GB models back in stock. If anyone comes across any then let me know! Cheers


How rude

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Ipad 2017 vs Ipad 2020 vs Android Tablet
Apple iPad Pro 2020 (11-inch, Wi-Fi, 128GB) around £760 Apple iPad Pro 2017 ( 10.5 inch wifi Cellular 256GB/512GB ) around £500 or should I go for an Android tablet? I like the … Read more

Get the best you can afford, 2020 newer chip and will be supported longer. If the money an issue get the 2017 or what about iPad Air...


2017(y) not too much of an upgrade between 2017 and 2020 according to reviews


I have a £300 Samsung tab a 10.5 as well 2019. My mrs uses it more than me . But what I hate about Android is lots of apps never work properly. Take for instance the Gopro App . Its amazing on Apples IOS and is dreadful on Android.


The sad thing for me is that I had the 512Gb and wifi cellular Ipad pro 2017 version and I decided to sell it in March-April 2018 for £600... don't know what was in my head (mad) . Now I'm after one again, but if I find an Android one "similar" but less in price, would be great. £400 it's a great price for 256GB


I have the ipad pro 2017 , 10.5 inch . 256GB from a currys deal on here . £399 I think . What a tablet for the money . The screen is top notch and another 4 years minimum of updates is perfect for me .