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Apple’s iPhone range is world famous for its reliability, advanced capabilities and smart design features. Launched in 2014, the iPhone 6 Plus was an instant hit, offering phone users more power and graphical capabilities than ever before, along with the trademark iPhone elegance. This buyer’s guide looks at whether the iPhone 6 Plus remains the right phone for today’s smartphone users and the HotUKDeals listings collect all the iPhone 6 Pluss offers on one page. Read more
'As New' Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Smartphone - Silver/Gold/Grey - £107.99 Delivered @ Stock Must Go Ebay
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Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Just over 100 quid for an as new fully boxed 6 Plus, seems like a win to me, but then again, I'm hungover and may be still a little drunk :D 10% auto applies at checkout people … Read more

Is there a new code coming anytime soon?


Didnt see that new code, is there still one available?


Nice.. thanks switchy...got this with a code on Sunday night coming in at 97.99...to everyone out there banging on...once it's hacked it blows any Android out of the water at that price level. Also a decent company to deal with.


From today at 10 am there a new code that will work, I'll update post at 10


Does the 10% still come off at checkout? Cause it didnt here

3 free months of Apple Music
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Posted 29th Jan 2019Posted 29th Jan 2019
3 free months of Apple Music
Listen to your favourite music on all your devices, online or off. Start streaming today ad-free – with a 3-month trial of Apple Music. There’s no commitment – you can cancel anyti… Read more

You do feel Apple's heart isn't in the Android version...


I can only speak from experience. Installed the app, chose a track, clicked play... silence. Chose another track... silence. Spotify plays fine. Apple Music is just worthless by comparison. I am on Android, btw, rather than iOS.


Long time Apple music user and never have an issue with it playing music both downloaded or streamed including streaming whilst on my Three mobile data when out and about. Works absolutely fine for me and i suspect most folk as there would be complete uproar if lots of folk had the same issue of a music service not playing music.


Apple Music, the slick music app that does everything you'd expect from a music app really well.. except actually play music. Click play on a track and... silence. Waste of time. Like so many Apple products, style over substance. Cashback didn't track either.


I didn’t mean it to be rude, sorry. I’m just off down the gym now, my membership expired last month but I’m sure they’ll be fine with me turning up and using their equipment

Apple iPhone 6 Plus o2 - 16GB Silver / Space Grey / Gold /Good £151.99 @ Music magpie / ebay
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Posted 19th Jun 2018Posted 19th Jun 2018
Apple iPhone 6 Plus o2 - 16GB Silver / Space Grey / Gold /Good £151.99 @ Music magpie / ebay
£151.99eBay Deals
Might help somebody out. Using code Don't forget cashback if its available. Refurbished Good – This product will show moderate signs of wear and tear, the item has been fully … Read more

Nothing if you are on O2 or have a friend who is - the process: make a few seconds call, wait 24 hours, request unlock from O2 using their online form. Done it a few times with my personal O2 contract for phones we’ve traded in at work. As to this phone (doesn’t matter now anyway), I wouldn’t recommend a 6 Plus, stretch to the 6s Plus if you can, that 2GB RAM is more important today and it is more refined than the 6 Plus (also bend resistant).


I got an EE locked "good" iPhone 6s Plus 16gb from them and it was mint. EE charges 9 quid for unlock so cost £160 all in. This is standard price for just a 6 really


How much would it cost to buy say an o2 locked phone from Musicmagpie and then get it unlocked to use on another network, rather than get an unlocked iPhone from them?


No, really? Jeez, if only I had known. ;) (fierce) (flirt)


They increase price when there is promo code

Save up to £120 - Apple Watch Series 2 (38mm & 42mm Space Grey) + Free Delivery @ BT Shop [BLACK FRIDAY DEAL]
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Posted 23rd Nov 2017Posted 23rd Nov 2017
Save up to £120 - Apple Watch Series 2 (38mm & 42mm Space Grey) + Free Delivery @ BT Shop [BLACK FRIDAY DEAL]
£189£28935%BT Shop Deals
Update: Looks like the 42mm is sold out :D To everyone that got one, well done! I love fast burners :p Update 2: Looks like the 38mm is sold out too (excited) Apple Watch… Read more
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Loving mine so far! Who else got one? What do you think of it? Anyone tried swimming yet?


Hey message me if you still have it!


Parcelforce left mine with a neighbour on Saturday. Unfortunately they have not told me which neighbour, so it had not reappeared. Parcelforce are useless!!


Mine has arrived. Glad I missed the 42mm and got the 38mm. Size looks better on my wrist.


Agreed. Not welcome here. Shocking behaviour. If he's that desperate for the cash and to fleece someone, he should just go to eBay.

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iphone 6 plus 16gb silver vodafone refurbished £179 @ Sainsbury's phone shop
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Posted 19th May 2017Posted 19th May 2017
iphone 6 plus 16gb silver vodafone refurbished £179 @ Sainsbury's phone shop
Vodaphone, but Sainsburys refurbished tend to be of decent quality. The Grade A Standard When you purchase your Apple iPhone 6 Plus, you will be getting a Grade A refurbished han… Read more
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why do people bother ordering anything from Saintsbury's phoneshop?


I'd agree with this. I bought the iphone 6 deal - a "very good" for £193. It came in a right state, filthy and with more gashes/dents than expected. The phone battery shows as 75% on one app and 80% on another app and is classed as "bad". I know from reading MM's reviews that they reject phones as faulty if the phone shows a battery capacity at less than 80%. Paying extra for "very good" I thought it would actually be in a good condition. Also I am too scared to ask for a refund because after reading the reviews of how they treat people selling their phones to them - they seem to treat the phones badly effectively wrecking phones during the testing period and then claim the seller sent it like that and then the seller only gets a couple of quid for the phone they sent in a decent condition. Last thing I want is to send it back and not get a refund so stuck with a phone with a crap battery. Would rather have done the o2 thing instead. The phones I've got refurbed from them have only every had a few charge cycles on them and the cases/phone really was "like new" with just a single mark or small gash or scratch on the case.


Sounds ok to me.


They had the Harrier Mini available for ages, at least before the £15, last few, price.


​That doesn't sound particularly bad!

iPhone 6 Plus 16GB refurbuished £199 Sainsburys phoneshop
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Posted 18th May 2017Posted 18th May 2017
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB refurbuished £199 Sainsburys phoneshop
Looks to be a good deal to me, only 16GB, but may be enough for some people.

Phone received in security sealed Apple certified refurbished box, looks brand new! 12 month Apple warranty. Needless to say I'm happy. Thanks OP




Dear andrew, Thank you for your order from Phone shop by Sainsbury's. We're delighted to tell you that your order has been despatched. You can check the progress of your delivery by clicking on the tracking number below or by logging in to my account. You can see your shipping confirmation below. Thank you again for your order. If you have any questions you can email us here or


I'll never trust Sainsburys again after the Jamie Oliver fiasco


The ones who ordered, Wait for the cancellation emails - lol

Apple iPhone 6 Plus unlocked silver 128GB for only £539 at secretsales.com
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Posted 28th Nov 2016Posted 28th Nov 2016
Apple iPhone 6 Plus unlocked silver 128GB for only £539 at secretsales.com
Please note you need to register to buy. This Apple certified pre-owned iPhone 6 Plus 128GB, has been extensively tested by qualified mobile phone engineers to ensure full/perfect … Read more


BLACK FRIDAY IPHONE 6 PLUS (refurb) £249.99 envirofone
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Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
BLACK FRIDAY IPHONE 6 PLUS (refurb) £249.99 envirofone
Black Friday only £100 off iPhone 6 Plus bringing them down to £249.99 from £349.99 Refurbished and with 12 months warranty Lots of other great phone offers there aswell



A good deal spoilt by poor description


number of reasons, 1 its an iphone you need to be lucky with any apple deal, 2 its "refurbed", 3 its from a recycler


Why is it cold for?


Why is it cold for?

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16gb Silver VODAFONE £229.59 (refurbished grade c) @ Music magpie
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Posted 21st Nov 2016Posted 21st Nov 2016
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16gb Silver VODAFONE £229.59 (refurbished grade c) @ Music magpie
A great price on an IPhone 6 plus phablet. Grade C refurbished. Includes free delivery and 12 month warranty. Price includes a 20% discount that's automatically applied at check ou… Read more
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Yeah, I decided to keep my iPhone 6s as well. The screen was originally "grubby" (ie it had finger prints and was greasy), but once I cleaned it up, the phone itself looked kind of brand new. Haven't seen any deals on new iPhone 6s 128GB phones, and given that I was able to lower my monthly tariff to £10 a month (unlimited calls and texts, 4GB data), I worked out that I will be paying £700 over the two years. Happy with that, as I've saved myself at least £300 (more like £350+) as opposed to opting for a similar package on the iPhone 7 (including storage).


Happy with it. The edges/corners are a bit scratched with the odd chip here and there, but the screen has obviously had a protector on from new and is totally scratch free. The back has the odd scratch but nothing major.


How did your purchase turn out?


My Grade A 128GB iPhone 6s came through the post... It's pretty neat, and comes with the official iPhone packaging too (albeit a tad scuffed). Pretty happy with my purchase. Now I just need to decide as to whether I should power it on or wait until Black Friday / Cyber Monday to see if there are going to be any better deals.


Seems to be sold out now.

Iphone 6 plus 64 GB good condition £299 Giffgaff
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Posted 18th Nov 2016Posted 18th Nov 2016
Iphone 6 plus 64 GB good condition £299 Giffgaff
It seems good considering you a have a reputable company to deal with if anything goes wrong

It's actually still in stock....in case anyone wanted one.


press expire button!


How am I changing the topic? I've voted it cold and now it's OOS. End of story.. Regards


So, just cause your wrong you change topic?


The temp of this thread speaks for itself. Mods, please expire this. OOS. Many thanks

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Like New at O2 for £293.99
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Posted 4th Aug 2016Posted 4th Aug 2016
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Like New at O2 for £293.99
Sort tariff by "Monthly Cost (High to Low)" and choose the 20GB data plan with the 29.99 down-payment. o2.co.uk - rodman

:( :( Have ordered this on 5th Aug and that have been lost at UKmail end.


Ok, just found you may be able to do it for free - from this PCAdvisor article on page 2: "O2's website claims that Pay & Go customers will have to wait for 12 months before they can unlock their iPhone, and that it'll cost them £15, but we spoke to an O2 representative who claims that O2 will now unlock all iPhones for free [ok you tried this, so follow the instructions below]. That representative also said that, if you're not an O2 customer, you can simply put a non-O2 SIM card into your iPhone and then plug it into your computer and open iTunes to unlock the iPhone. We've yet to be able to test this, but we'll update this article as soon as we can confirm. If it does work, it's possible that this will work on your iPhone even if you are an O2 customer, so it could be worth a try before filling in O2's form." Do let us know how it goes, as it will be helpful to others.


​I see, the situation has become a lot clearer (as you've now revealed all that has been done or not, as the case may be). So, if the EE sim didn't work, it looks like it's still locked & to O2. But, as you've cancelled the original O2 sim, you are not on contract any more, but defaulted to O2 PAYG. In this case they are right to offer to do it for £15, as those are their rules for unlocking phones on PAYG. So, looks like the cheapest way to unlock it now is to follow minhp's advice & do it via eBay (unless you can finder a cheaper way).


Or simply pay £10 to unlock on eBay to avoid all the hassle (make sure which network your iPhone locked to before do that).


Is your phone unlocked now? Maximum time to unlock iPhone on O2 according to their CS representatives is 72 hours. Even if you request unlock before cancelling, it should be fine providing that the first ever SIM you inserted to activate the iPhone is O2 of the phone contract. Or else, your unlock request cannot be completed - I experienced that before. O2 seems to insert the O2 SIM in and out before they dispatch them now as another the 6 Plus my in-law get last Monday this week already locked to O2. What was the first SIM you insert in to activate the phone? You would have to call that SIM network to unlock it be it EE, Vodafone etc. If it's locked to O2 and they suggested you get an O2 payg, sign up to their SIM Only tablet £5/mth 30 days contract. Put it in the phone, wait 24 hours then requesting unlock using that number. Cancel it once done ;-)

IPHONE 6 PLUS-£415 secretsales
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Posted 30th Jul 2016Posted 30th Jul 2016
IPHONE 6 PLUS-£415 secretsales
Iphone 6 plus 16gb sim free/ unlocked All colours limited time only £415 refer a friend and get £20 8% cashback via quidco and topcashback
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Here's a helpful comment for you. There was a deal a few days ago to get the iphone 6 16gb unlocked for £190 which may explain some cold votes


phones for sheep



iPhone 6 plus nearly perfect on o2 - £293.99
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Posted 21st Jul 2016Posted 21st Jul 2016
iPhone 6 plus nearly perfect on o2 - £293.99
iPhone 6 plus nearly perfect gold 16gb in 299.93 on o2, choose the above phone and tarrif is 41,£ month upfront is 29.99 . cancel the airtime and pay the device price that is 29… Read more

how do I cancel the airtime?


Wasn't this posted last week ?


Also the iPhone 6s Plus is £404 here


There's a link to the team for you Neo :) 6+ link The plan referred to is the 20gb data at £41 a month plus £30 upfront The phone itself is £11 a month hope this helps


16gb, super cold

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Smartphone Gold - Apple Certified Refurbished with 1 year Apple Warrantee £499 sold & despatch by Amazon
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Posted 20th May 2016Posted 20th May 2016
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Smartphone Gold - Apple Certified Refurbished with 1 year Apple Warrantee £499 sold & despatch by Amazon
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Smartphone Gold - Apple Certified Refurbished with 1 year Apple Warrantee. sold and despatched by Amazon for £499. what else? free shipping... :) lol
Get deal*Get deal*

I cannot understand why this deal is cold!! Heat from me op. An excellent buy.


What u mean "????" ? Just look at what I was replying too. You'll be shocked too




And iPhone 6s 64gb goes for more than this!!


LIE LIE LIE!!!! Biggest lie I've ever seen!! Liar liar pants on :) you should be ashamed!

Iphone 6 plus 64g (refurbished grade B, 12 month warranty)
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Posted 1st May 2016Posted 1st May 2016
Iphone 6 plus 64g (refurbished grade B, 12 month warranty)
s 64g (refurbished grade B) 12 month warranty. £388.99 then use code MAYDAY20 TO GET 20% OFF AND ALSO 6% TOPCASHBACK
Get deal*Get deal*

Sorry, it ​looks like they've sold out ... obviously a few others thought it was a good deal despite it being voted cold! other phones available though and all with 20% off listed price using the code + 6% tcb. Good luck, hope you find something. ☺


link please OP only one I can find is Grade C128GB at £358 http://store.musicmagpie.co.uk/category/mobile-phones/apple/iphone-6/ EliTom


​not Android?


why cold?


sorry, first post ... topcashback discount bring it down to £294.88

iPhone 6 plus 128GB Silver [Sim Free / Unlocked]  - £568.97 / iPhone 6 128GB £499.97 @ Currys  / PC World (Poss £30 off £400 spend via O2 Priority)
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Posted 14th Apr 2016Posted 14th Apr 2016
iPhone 6 plus 128GB Silver [Sim Free / Unlocked] - £568.97 / iPhone 6 128GB £499.97 @ Currys / PC World (Poss £30 off £400 spend via O2 Priority)
Usually don't post that many deals for Apple, but this is a super price for 128GB model. Also APPLE iPhone 6 - 128 GB £499.97. poss £30 off a £400 spend via O2 Priority (Thanks … Read more

can't see it anymore, is it now expired?? Tx


iPads are ok?


According to customer service agent spoke to earlier, no stores have stock of the above iPhones. You'll have to order via the internet for home delivery (£3.95 charge). Asked about how to use O2 Priority discount code but she knew nothing about such a thing. So, not much help really. It is a very limited offer and as soon as stock has sold out at these reduced prices that will be the end of the offer she said.


Of course you tested his IQ personally didn't you


But the person that didn't notice the person who was joking is clearly mentally impaired. You just lowered yourself to that level by acknowledging them like they made a valid point. However, no were here, the world that doesn't work for pennies is actually doing the Chinese, Taiwanese, Indians, etc a favour because we pave the way for changes like these. Soon poor Apple will have to accept a lower profit or price themselves out of the market. Until then just go on about your life.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus, 5.5", 4G LTE, SIM Free, 64GB, Gold - £569 @ John Lewis
-246° Expired
Posted 27th Mar 2016Posted 27th Mar 2016
Apple iPhone 6 Plus, 5.5", 4G LTE, SIM Free, 64GB, Gold - £569 @ John Lewis
Save £50 until 01.04.2016 (saving already applied to price) Gold only for this price

The reason everyone is voting cold https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/apple-iphone-6s-plus-5-5-display-4g-lte-sim-free-64gb-colours-john-lewis-online-2420849


Agreed; and a bit of a joke on John Lewis' part by saying only until 1st April when the 6s plus in the same colour and 64GB is available for that £50 more that you're supposed to be saving with the 6!: http://www.johnlewis.com/apple-iphone-6s-plus-ios-5-5-4g-lte-sim-free-64gb/p2185426?sku=234770225&kpid=234770225&s_kenid=4c10dd8b-ba95-4c0e-8803-c1e6d2b5b8ef&s_kwcid=402x1408137&tmad=c&tmcampid=73


That's a 6 plus not 6s plus, too expensive.

BZ Wrist waterproof for iPhone 6 Plus 5S 4S Samsung S5 S6 Note 4 HTC Android Phone Smart phone Christmas Gift for Friends (black) £34.29 Sold by Biaozhuo and Fulfilled by Amazon
-139° Expired
Posted 11th Mar 2016Posted 11th Mar 2016
BZ Wrist waterproof for iPhone 6 Plus 5S 4S Samsung S5 S6 Note 4 HTC Android Phone Smart phone Christmas Gift for Friends (black) £34.29 Sold by Biaozhuo and Fulfilled by Amazon
Ok I know that this is not an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch but this only costs £34.29 now when using code: K86IZ46I and you get a free selfie stick with it as well. I… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

The listing price is £48.99. There's a code you can use to have a 30% discount. It's in the description.


gone up now £48.99


The £18.99 mentioned in the comment was for a cheaper model. Not the one on here...


this is the same innards as the watches that cost £6 or £7 quid. same functionality throughout so certainly not worth the price.


just read the comments and they say it's good for the price they paid £18.99 I think I'll pass at this price

Xbox One Console With FIFA 16 & Forza 6 Plus a 3 Month's NOW TV Entertainment Pass - £259.99 - eBay/Shopto
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Posted 3rd Mar 2016Posted 3rd Mar 2016
Xbox One Console With FIFA 16 & Forza 6 Plus a 3 Month's NOW TV Entertainment Pass - £259.99 - eBay/Shopto
£259.99eBay Deals
I appreciate the Quantum Break pack from Microsoft maybe a better deal for some. But an extra game and a Now TV 3 month's Entertainment Pass for +£10 seems decent. Xbox One 500GB … Read more
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Thats a good price, need to get fifa too as well though, and GTA :)


This is a deal :) https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xbox-one-console-500gb-tom-clancy-s-division-now-tv-entertainment-3-month-234-99-2410552


Now £289 :( looking for a deal


Keep any eye on Amazon Germany or France. Bagged the 1TB Tomb Raider deal in November for £220. Delivery took 3 days (shipped from Scotland) and got £35 for the games.


still holding out. .. I'd take the console itself for £199

IPhone 6 Plus 16GB at Expansys for £459
-191° Expired
Posted 26th Feb 2016Posted 26th Feb 2016
IPhone 6 Plus 16GB at Expansys for £459
Seems to be a good price Appreciate 16GB is not for everyone and neither are Apple, but for those that are interested hope this helps

At least you admit you're a muppet who votes without thinking.


i cant believe we have an apple thread with little to no ridiculous fanboy nonsense lol.it drives me mad when your quoted ex amount of hard drive,only two find out its not at all.its should be the quoted amount of space AFTER everything has been installed.i wouldnt say this was a great deal,and thats only because of the hard drive size to be honest.but it doesnt deserve to go sub zero.voted hot.


I have an iPhone 6S (though I really want a nexus 6P) and although I see your point, I can't fathom why people would drop equivalent amounts to an iPhone on android flagships that are barely supported for 12 months. The Galaxy S6 is only just seeing Marshmallow OTAs now, around 4 months after it was pushed. That will probably be their last update. Meanwhile the iPhone 4S is still being updated 4.5 years after its release. I realise there are pros and cons to each OS but you can't deny that most OEMs grudge supporting anything that isn't their latest flagship. May I ask what your phone of choice is, as an android nut?


16GB iOS device potentially one of the worst decisions you'll make with a piece of technology.


You end up with about 12gb. I stream from Spotify and Netflix and have my photos in the cloud as well so I don't often hit the storage limit but for a big phone you could (almost) use as a tablet 16gb isn't a lot.

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