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Irn bru 24 cans £6.00 Iceland
LocalLocalFound 12th DecFound 12th Dec
24 cans for £6.00 at Iceland.

Bring back REAL Irn-Bru. Boycott Barr.


Agreed, definitely the best of the offerings.


£4.99 in Food Warehouse (Iceland out of town shop)


I think the Irn Bru Xtra is really nice, you wouldn't know it's a diet drink.


You couldn't pay me to drink this stuff. But good deal op

Irn Bru 2L (Original / Sugar Free / XTRA) - Asda (instore) - £1
LocalLocalFound 6th DecFound 6th Dec
The new Barrs Irn Bru advert is now out therefore it is officially the beginning of the Scottish Christmas Season. Asda are offering 2 Litre bottles in all formats at just £1 (even… Read more

You could be correct with that, but (only) anecdotally it is definitely odd that Coke always seem to be the first to sell out even given the increase in price. I have personally abandoned all Aspartame based drinks (not that I ever really supported them before), but since the sugar tax I won't pay a single penny for one of them now. They are disgusting.


I don't know if we've got the sales figures yet. Before the tax came in Coke sales were actually down and Coke Zero sales were up 46% so it would be ironic if the sugar tax pushed classic Coke's sales up. As for Irn-Bru and the other companies who changed formulas, the lower price of sweeteners compared to sugar may mean their profits might not have fallen as far as we think.


I wonder how much they have lost by doing so though? Coke obviously preferred the 'reduced size' option as they knew they would take a bigger hit if they changed the formula. Still almost every time I look on the shelves, it is Coke that the stock is always lowest of (because people buy it like crazy).


No I saw that, that's why most companies have changed their formulations rather than increasing prices or reducing packaging sizes.


That's cos you misread the statement... Note: 'Profit' improvement NOT taste improvement (Greedy bas****s)

12 x 500ml Irn-bru in Amazon warehouse  ( Add on item ) at £4.78 a further 20% will automatically be deducted for orders over £20
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
Not sure whether old or new recipe i personally can't taste the difference but seems a deal to me if you add on to an order works out around 32p a bottle

Jamesie Roper?


Jamsie wouldnae approve of the new swallies taste, but I do!, great wee deal.


Ordered thanks for spotting. Usually goes for over £1 bottle at the lunch counters... saves few quid for us 'students' lol ;)


£20.00 worth you need to order this


Hadn't had it in years as living overseas and had actually gone right off it (I'm aff it), tried the new stuff and it's nice. Now just got to find an importer!!

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Irn bru original, sugar free or xtra case of 24 @ Lidl - £4.99
Found 8th NovFound 8th Nov
20p each
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yeah I had a can of San Pelligrino blood orange recently and wondered why it tasted funny. Checked the ingredients - artificial sweetener in it. Rank. Old Jamaica ginger beer the same.


I agree. I've got 20 cans of proper Irn-Bru and 30 cans of proper San Pellegrino lemon left. After that, my only choice is Coke or Pepsi. I do like Fentimans, but it's way beyond my budget.


Still don't know why they didn't go the coke model and give us full sugar/taste if we want to pay for it!


Must resist


Good deal at 21p a can. Irn bru is great as a mixer for spirits. There is still a quite a bit of sugar in them around 15g per can.

24 Cans of Irn Bru Xtra £6 @ Morrisons (In Store) OOS On-line
LocalLocalFound 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Just been to Morrisons and they've got a pallet load of Irn Bru Xtra 24 pack for £6, checking on line and it says out of stock

Some kept their original recipes. Those manufacturers get my custom.


Like basically alll the other soft drink manufacturers all


Caffeine might put some off


All of their branded products contain aspartame. Never buying a Barr's product again.


Never get these 'can' offers in any of my local stores :| Winsford, Chester, Nantwich, Wrexham none of them, not sure why because they are larger stores (annoyed)

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IRN-BRU Xtra Soda, 24 x 330 ml £6 at amazon pantry £2.99 delivery for first box
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
20% voucher arrived today for all the 24 packs of irn bru will list the others here also. if you can find 4 ite… Read more
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I got mine free due to Amazon being runts


no it isn't as you have to pay for prime


Sufferers of an inherited disorder must be imagining what exactly in relation to this conversation?


Sufferers of PKU must be imagining it.


But funnily enough no evidence that aspartame is dangerous

Irn Bru 48 Cans ( 24 per case ) [ irn bru original / xtra / sugar free ] Any 2 for £11.00 ( £5.50 each )
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Irn Bru 48 Cans ( 24 per case ) [ irn bru original / xtra / sugar free ] Any 2 for £11.00 ( £5.50 each )
£5.50£721%FarmFoods Deals
Irn Bru 48 Cans ( 24 per case ) [ irn bru original / xtra / sugar free ] Any 2 for £11.00 ( £5.50 each )
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they are 2x24 pks for £11 but they are £6.50 for 1x24 pack not £5.50


Sweetners 🤢😷


Fiver in Morrisons for the Xtra 24 pack


I drink the XTRA version...too much of it!


Yeah, i don't like the idea of poisoning myself either.

Irn Bru Xtra 2L 75p @ Coop Food
LocalLocalFound 30th AugFound 30th Aug
Irn Bru Xtra 2L 75p @ Coop Food
£0.75£1.9061%Co-operative Deals
Normally £1.90
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You know how they say white wine takes out red wine stains? I once convinced someone that the best way to remove Irn Bru stains was to use Diet Irn Bru!


If anyone needs to know how to get this out of their (daughter's new...) carpet, ask me. But it takes four hours and you can still see a slight reminder. :(



Thanks for that grex9101 sandstone. It's now becoming clearer why it went clear off the radar. Can't wait to see the advert now.


Everything they make now tastes rank. All of their core own brands now contain aspartame. For those of us with tastebuds, this is a bad thing.

Irn Bru Xtra 2litres  (sugar free)  75p  @ Morrisons
Found 26th AugFound 26th Aug
Irn Bru Xtra 2litres (sugar free) 75p @ Morrisons
Bought some at my local store at this price the other week but online it was still £1 now its 75p
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Guessing that's something else, more I read about what the people want the more shocked I am. Customers know what they want, it's good to see new companies growing in their place


Who cares about the tiny amount of aspartame in soft drinks when they spray much more into the atmosphere using chemtrails? (horror)


If he truly cared what the nation ate then he would be talking about the benefits and nutrition of cheap synthetic sweeteners vs sugar. Long term effects on humans can't be tested until this moment, the government fails with their manufacturer friends gleefully rubbing their hands together, no tax, easy to manufacture sweeteners and little choice for everyone... Iron bru the national drink of Scotland ruined


Don't forget Jamie Oliver's influence. He's a total sharp jab to the finger with a needle.


Let's face it, the sugar tax is just another money spinner, taking away freedoms, manufacturers refusing to reduce sugar and instead replace it with dodgy synthetic sweeteners made at a fraction of the price with health concerns paid off

Irn bru xtra 2ltr 75p @ b&m
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Irn bru xtra 2ltr 75p @ b&m
Now 75p b&m hunts cross liverpool
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I found my Morrisons had xtra for 75p However on website it said £1




I am never able to find these deals in store :(


Same price in Sainsbury's as well (y) 🏾


Same price in Sainsbury's (Altrincham). Not bad but nothing tastes as good as the original from a glass bottle.

IRN-BRU Cans, Original / Extra / Diet £2.00 8 x 330 ml @ Amazon Pantry (£2.99 Delivery fee unless you add 4)
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
IRN-BRU Cans, Original / Extra / Diet £2.00 8 x 330 ml @ Amazon Pantry (£2.99 Delivery fee unless you add 4)
Not a bad price for 8 cans, add four of these, choose from regular, diet or extra to get free delivery. I'm sure most of you know how pantry works. Obviously doesn't work out s… Read more

Pretty close to Scotland.... Cornwall! (highfive)


Now, to guess where you are from :/


My local Poundland are doing a pack of 4 for a quid too if that helps anyone


8 for £2.00, same price as my local B&M. (Original only).


8 pack for £2 at Morrisons too

Irn-Bru (& Sugar-Free) 18 Pack Only £3.35 @ Coop Bridge of Earn
LocalLocalFound 27th JulFound 27th Jul
Irn-Bru (& Sugar-Free) 18 Pack Only £3.35 @ Coop Bridge of Earn
£3.35£533%Co-operative Deals
Might Be Scotland Wide Smaller/ Medium Stores More Likely Might Depend On Whether The Store Stocks The 18pk normally or not
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I had just woken up and using my phone... I don't understand why the didn't just increase the price and give the consumer the choice. Coke managed it.


No such thing as full sugar. Its sweetened with aspartame to avoid the sugar tax.


Surely the full sugar version should be more expensive ?


Red32....must be a Rangers sponsor ;) I think you meant Red23. Personally....I really like ice-cold diet Irn Bru (as it was last year....hope they haven't meddled with that one 'tho I cannot see any reason why they would need to) (lol)


Sorry to disappointed you but a quick bit of research suggest Red32 is far from being English. Certainly wasn't supporting England at the world cup...

IRN-BRU Xtra Soda, 24 x 330 ml £4.80 (Amazon Pantry) @ Amazon (£2.99 Delivery applies)
Found 26th JulFound 26th Jul
IRN-BRU Xtra Soda, 24 x 330 ml £4.80 (Amazon Pantry) @ Amazon (£2.99 Delivery applies)
Choose the 20% off promotion tab, to get this price. Great little offer this, part of amazon pantry, add three more items to get free delivery, I currently have a free delivery c… Read more




Just ordered, Voucher works great! :D


No 20% voucher anymore, so £6 :(


Reported as not expired. Deal is back on

Irn-Bru Xtra 2L Reduced to 75p @ Sainsburys
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
Irn-Bru Xtra 2L Reduced to 75p @ Sainsburys
£0.75£1.7056%Sainsbury's Deals
Normally £1.70 but reduced to 75p at Sainsburys
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This is the only drink which is still flavoured using rusty iron bars... Amazing! Great flavour. Hot. Kindest regards


All they had to do was make the cans smaller. maybe the sugar variants will be behind a screen, in a plain white can, with pictures of rotting teeth. While you can get 4 mars bars for a £1.


Too true. I worked for Coca Cola and Britvic (Pepsi). Coke or Pepsi are the only 'fizzy' drinks i drink nowadays. With me - all the artificial sweeteners leave bad aftertaste -


Please give us a choice - given the choice of real Irn Bru at £1.50 vs this foul tasting stuff at 75p I'll choose the real stuff. There appears to be no choice anywhere - all drinks have the foul tasting reduced sugar formula.


RIP Irn Bru. Barrs must be losing a fortune

48 x 330ml cans - irn bru for £11 @ Farmfoods
LocalLocalFound 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Great price for 48 cans, 2x24.

Farmfoods are quite dear at the moment. 3 for £4 on £1 ice creams elsewhere such as asda !


24 cans are £5 in Asda


That a a lot of irn bru, but good thinking ;)


Buy 480 for £50 (use £5 voucher off £50 in the pamphlet)


24 Cans Barrs IRN BRU £5 @ Asda Livingston
LocalLocalFound 19th JunFound 19th Jun
24 Cans Barrs IRN BRU £5 @ Asda Livingston
ASDA Livingston, 24 cans for £5 right beside 8 cans for £4.. You could look at it as 16 cans for £1.. (cheeky).. Not sure if this is nationwide or as it is Irn Bru - Scotland wide… Read more
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Quick its an IRN BRU deal, time for yet another a sugar tax debate....


I got a case earlier today and it's the original recipe cans. Time to stock up before they're gone (excited) Edit: my bad, I've just checked and it is the new stuff... Bugger! I thought the new stuff had amber for sugar rather than red. :S


Ohh, which branch? All our local ones are long emptied of old stock....


Except this is Irn Bru sugar free. It always tasted like pish :p


Mmmm, horrible tasting chemical rubbish. Thanks for changing the recipie. Fools.

Irn Bru 4 Pack x 330ml Cans £1 instore @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Irn Bru 4 Pack x 330ml Cans £1 instore @ Poundland
25p a can at Poundland

This used to be the national drink of Scots... why don't the government listen to the people? Choice is needed not fall in sales, at least we can be the guinea pigs for the rest of the world with these dodgy artificial sweeteners


Can anyone confirm it is the awful dodgy stuff or the original decent stuff?


i agree tates sh##e now


Gosh ... Anti Irn Bru are back in numbers !


So many deals on 'new' Irn Bru now as they can't get rid of it. This sugar tax may help someone somewhere, but i would like the choice of a full fat, full of sugar can of Bru and i'm prepared to pay the extra for it. We're living in a nanny state, Scotland now also has the minimum pricing on alcohol - i'm just waiting to see what's next!

24 Cans of IRN-BRU 330 ml - £4.50 @ Amazon Prime Now
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
24 Cans of IRN-BRU 330 ml - £4.50 @ Amazon Prime Now
8 cans of IRN-BRU - £1.50 8 cans of IRN-BRU Extra - £2.00

Should be scorching hot. Even £5 is an excellent deal for this.




It's working because no-one is buying the reformulated drinks and drinking water instead! Some people will be switching to beer and cider though instead, and that's worse! It's a poor idea.


They didn't really refuse as both Coke and Pepsi have loads of diet drinks as well and they push them more than the originals now.


Pretty much every drink except Coca Cola Classic and original Pepsi has been reformulated and not a single one tastes better, they all taste worse.

[Rollback] Irn Bru - 8 Pack - Asda £2
LocalLocalFound 21st MayFound 21st May
[Rollback] Irn Bru - 8 Pack - Asda £2
£2£450%Asda Deals
Apparently it’s original and best. You can’t describe the taste as there is nothing like it :D

Each to their own. There are people who certainly feels strongly about this.


Well it's beggars belief. Seems like there is a lot time in hand?


That is exactly the impression I got. :/ :/


People signing petition to bring full sugar Irn Bru back. Really?


I’m trying to figure out if there was any progress between Barr and your group?

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