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Joie I-Base Isofix Advance Car Seat Base £29.99 @ Argos
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
Less than half price, next cheapest is £99.99 at John Lewis, Compatible with the joie i-anchor advance (Group 0+/1) and joie i-gemm car seats (Group 0+).
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Showing as 129.99! Not 29.99


The whole purpose of isofix is to provide more safety than the belt method as it connects directly to the car chassis, so it is about safety, the purpose of it isn't to look like sunshine and rainbows, some of the comments in here are mind-boggling.


It is not not about safety. It is about reusing the cradle as car seat .


Theres one in Blackpool


Ugly? I mean..what about safety? Could be ugly as hell but if is safe..I will deffo buy it!!!!

Britax Römer EVOLVA SL SICT Group 1/2/3 Child Car Seat £134.99 @ Boots
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Use code BABYTRAVEL10 Been looking for a group 123 isofix car seat for a while now and this is a great deal of a high-rated car seat and is cheapest I've found anywhere, next che… Read more

This one is cheaper and extra 5% off this weekend £66


Nice find and good first deal @BizzBozz - thanks for sharing! And welcome to HUKD :)

Recaro Isofix child seat with inbult speakers (Group 2/3) £102.60 @ Amazon
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
I've owned various cars over the years, but the best seats I ever had were Recaros in a Focus ST. These child seats are also made by Recaro, and my kids tell me they are very comf… Read more
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It hasn't popped back up again as it did the previous few times : ( I'll expire


Looks decent, Back up to £118 now tho


Agreed, cybex Pallas fix are also good seats, similar which rating. They're like these ones, if you watch carefully you can snap them up on a discount.


These are great seats I've got a pair of them and they've lasted very well and look like new. The speakers are useful if you want to prevent arguments between siblings on long trips as mine have their ipads plugged in and mind their own business.


Great deal, great seat, paid about the same a couple of months back using the eBay 20% off code. 3 3/4 year old had just hit the weight limit in her Recaro Young Expert and absolutely loves this one as its replacement. The speakers are very quiet, I imagine there's a resistor fitted inline with the jack; probably best for young ears!

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Silver cross isofix car base £9.96 C+C @ Toys R Us
Found 28th JanFound 28th Jan
Base for silver cross car seat. Next cheapest I could find was £60 second hand

Exactly i was going to jump in the car and dash over to Toys R Us if it was the Simplicity version. Shame there isnt a universal base fixture (Isofix is universal so why the adjoining base cant be i don't know)


These were cleared out of my local store months ago at half price.


Fits the cossato giggle range too


Thanks for posting


No stock

Joie Bold FX Group 1/2/3 ISOFIX Car Seat - £139.50 delivered @ (potential additional 6% cashback)
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
So, after looking for a safe, well priced stage 1-2-3 car seat, we decided on this. It's well reviewed ( madeformums , , ) and Joie are usually… Read more
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code dont work


Voucher code say ‘invalid’ now :(


My daughter was 6 when she moved out of a rear facing seat and into a hbb. It's safer to keep them rear facing as long as possible.


She’s not bored, she has a view out of the back windscreen instead of having to look at the back of the passenger seat. She has older siblings aged 12 and 9 who are forward facing so she can interact more easily with them than if she were forward facing (much like a couple going out for a meal - you don’t sit side by side do you, you sit opposite each other). We also have pop-up seats in the boot space, so on the odd occasion those seats are in use she can easily talk to whoever is sitting back there. But aside from all that, even if she were bored witless she would have to put up with being bored I’m afraid! She’s very good on climbing frames and at balancing as it happens, I’m happy to let her make her own choices and take risks in that respect, but in terms of how she sits in the car it’s a safety issue that she has no say in whatsoever!


Child car safety is a bit different than let them have fun on a climbing frame! Food old false equivalency argument there! I'd rather have a bored toddler.

Joie I-Anchor Advance Rear Facing seat plus isofix base £159.95  Online4baby
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
The i-Anchor Advance Group 0+/1 is an award winning car seat which allows children to travel in the recommended rearward facing position up to the age of 4 years old. Research has … Read more

Dammit!!! Just bought one of these for £180 from John Lewis. Great price, though we have found its VERY bulky in a hatchback and the straps are awkward...


You need to put “Joie I-Anchor Advance Rear Facing seat plus isofix base”

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Havana isofix combination car seat was £180 now £50 delivered @ Mothercare
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Mothercare Havana isofix combination car seat suitable from birth (rear facing) to 4 was £180 now £50 delivered in red only - won’t last long
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Nevermind, there is no way to pay.


I don't see anything else.


I expired as someone else posted just before me so theirs is still live


Available.....ordered one. Remember Quidco 4


Still available I have just ordered one

Cybex Juno Fix Car Seat - Pure Black ISOFIX 9 months to 4 years - £75 @ Mothercare
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
£137.39 from Amazon and £1149 from Argos.
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I don’t think you will have a problem as you’ve purchased the item before that time. They can’t just stay something is now unsafe and expect everyone to spend hundreds of pounds for new seats. It’s been safe for years and all they want you to follow is EU legislation


Urm I just bought a britax group 123 front facing seat is that just 2x as bad?


Interesting about it being safer. I have just bought a Recaro for my son, who is 11 months, 12 in a couple of weeks. My Daughter who is just 2 has a Recaro (same one I have bought my son. I always thought that rear facing ones could be safer, for the obvious reasons but the majority are front facing, for when they are older. Makes me want to get this model now really, I guess both are very good which is great, plus this one is a smaller form factor when going on holiday. :S


If you purchase before the law comes in then it’s not a problem


It's absolutely saltiness, because if you read my post, I clearly recommend the Cybex Sirona, which has a 5 point harness and I specifically mention that it's *rear facing*. I then go on to recommend the quality of the brand as a conversational point. I don't need you trying to lecture me on the value of a rear facing car seat when I've already said that I have one :p The Sirona is £250, a lot of people won't have that for a car seat. To say this seat is a "death sentence" is unhelpful hyperbole, even though a rear facing seat is obviously preferable.

Havana blue isofix car seat £80 from mothercare. 50%off.
Found 23rd Dec 2017Found 23rd Dec 2017
Isofix car seat free collection from store.

Can we do the seat on lying position if the baby is sleeping?


When I saw the picture I thought it was some sort of Pogo Seat.


If this seat is as good at sending you to sleep as the song does, then its a definite winner!


you mean they actually let you buy something from their store and dont even charge to collect it in that store?! Now thats generous....


We had the Britax version of this (Fair bit more expensive), but it was brilliant - really easy to use. Recently had someone total my car - the fire brigade couldn't get the seat out... didn't budge at all (And the car was on its side). Worth every penny if it's even half as good.

Halfords Essentials Group 1 Isofix Child Car Seat, £64 in store at Halfords
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
Have been looking for a isofix car seat with a leg that goes onto the floor as opposed to one with a top teather and found this one at Halfords. Picked it up tonight and to be fai… Read more
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I hope you have posted the same on the other deal i have been quoting as that seat says it fits from 15kg ! Also you should maybe go and tell Halfords all this,I'm simply posting a deal and yet ive got people trying to tell what's what like I'm the one selling it,and to top it off ive got people with double standards saying the deal ive posted is not that safe but the one they post is,yet it can accommodate the same WEIGHT ! Deal i have posted goes upto a WEIGHT of 18KG,ellie27's deal seat starts from 15KG,that's an overlap of 3KG. So a child of 15KG could sit in either seat according to the spec sheetsyet you give her post a thumbs up to her saying i have got it wrong and she also says herself she wouldn't recommend a front facing until over 4 years old,but then say to me it's about weight and not age,but again you agree with what she says. I would bet money on it that everyone making these comments about what is best,don't drive around in a car that is the top of it's class for safety.


Child seats are grouped by weight, so age doesn’t need to come into it really. My daughter is small for her age, at 3 years old she was well under 15kg so legally she couldn’t have used a high backed booster, even if the ‘blurb’ said it was suitable from 3 years. A high backed booster is the only choice of seat for a child 25kg plus, up to that point you can use a rear or a forward facing one. So seats that cover 9-18kg and are forward facing only should come with a warning that they are the least safe choice of seat for a child of that weight range (regardless of age). Rear facing seats are the safest choice for all collisions. In side impact situations there is usually some pre-impact braking, which for a forward facing child means them being thrown forward out of their seat and out of the side impact protection zone it offers. A rear facing child in that pre-impact situation will be pushed back into their seat and better protected. If hit from the rear the initial impact would send a rear facing child out of their seat (towards the back of the car), but the forces are a lot less than a head-on impact because both vehicles are travelling in the same direction when one is hit from behind by another. Head-on and side-impact collisions together account for about 95% of all collisions, so it makes sense to use a seat which offers the best protection in those situations.


No you have got it wrong. Who says you HAVE to buy this seat for a 9 month old ? someone might be looking for a cheap seat to see their baby for a year,from the age of 3-4. You say you don't know what my point is,we'll let me say it AGAIN. You come on my deal saying that this seat is not as good as a rear facing one,which is fair enough comment,but I then notice that you posted a deal yourself for a seat that can accommodate a 3 year old and that is forward facing,yet you don't warm people on your own deal.It is irrelevant if you THINK that people will only buy my seat for a 9 month old baby and your deal would only be bought by people wanting it for a child over 4.And that brings me to my next point,your seat you posted is from 3 years ! not 4 years as you say. So going by what you say,it's likely that people with a 3 year old would buy it to see them up until the maximum age of 12 years. Your deal here - Here is the age range on the seat you posted - Looks like 3 years to me. So please explain how the seat you posted is ok for a 3 year old but the one I posted isn't ? And you even said it yourself in your last post !


You have got it all wrong! Your seat is 9 months to 4 yrs approx, mine is age 4-12yrs approx. Most folk who would consider buying your seat have children from 9 months to 4 yrs it is highly unlikely anyone with a 4 yr old would want to buy it. Children under 4 are safer rear facing. Not sure what point you are trying to make? The seat I posted is not made for children under 4.


The group is irrelevant,the seat I posted can fit a 3-4 year old,the seat you posted can fit a 3-4 year old,my deal you are basically saying isn't very safe,yet you did not say any such thing on your own deal. How do you know that someone might see this deal and want it for their 3 year old,but your comment makes out like it's dangerous,yet you are more than happy to promote your own deal for a forward facing seat to someone who might want it for a 3 year old. I don't mind constructive criticism but at least practice what you preach and give warnings on your own deal,maybe say you wouldn't recommend the seat you posted until at least 4 years old for example.

Ickle Bubba Stomp v3 All in One Travel System with Isofix Base (All Colours) £359.10 -  KiddiCare
Found 27th Oct 2017Found 27th Oct 2017
Been searching forever for a Travel System for my soon to be new born and had been watching this a while originally at £499 it seemed like a great deal due to inclusion of Isofix b… Read more

Quality of item is good, warranty if registered with brand extended to 4 years. We had to get brand to replace an item while on warranty and it was rather simple. The retailer we got it from, on the other hand, completely useless. Brand is nice with after sales support so much that we are getting more stuff from the same brand.


Hi, The issue here is when you have the car seat attached and want to remove it. When you remove the car seat does it behave the same way as the carry cot? On mine to remove the carry cot, you press it and it clicks and kind of jumps up. I do both and comes off very easily. On the car seat it behaves differently. I have to press both and lift it up at the same time, but it doesn't click and it doesn't stay in that position if you let it go, making it very difficult to keep the seat steady. Youtubers claim that the system is the same and it should click on both but ICKLE support says otherwise.


I did get this and when we put carry cot on it was stiff to begin with until I figured out the simple click mechanism and same with the car seat. But they do come off very easily now. It's a shame if people are having issues 🙃


I am sending it back if there is no solution. My wife can’t get it off and I struggle even using all my strength.


Did you buy this ? I received mine and have the same problem, contacted iCKLe and got this reply : “ The release buttons on the car seat do act differently to those on the carrycot frame. We do appreciate that they both look exactly the same, however they are different. To remove the car seat from the chassis, you do need to press the buttons away from you and lift one side up a little at a time. As your travel system is new, all the plastic will be stiff, but after a few uses you will find it much easier to remove the car seat. The adapters are standard among car seats, and we can confirm that a few other manufactures such as Maxi Cosi and Cybex to name just a couple also use the same adapters as ourselves.

Joie child car seats 20% off all (including discounted) models at Uber Kids + free gifts. Matches Halfords but no booster required.
Found 17th Oct 2017Found 17th Oct 2017
I've just purchased and had next day delivered 2x Joie Every Stage Group 0+/1/2/3 Car Seat's.They are £160 everywhere you look currently - being priced matched down from £200. Now … Read more
Read More

Just checked and the voucher is now no longer valid. Hope you took advantage while it lasted.


TopCashBack just declined - as i thought it would.


I dont trust any company that's so lazy they cannot be bothered to put an "and" in place of an N. Cozy AND Safe, not N. Same with the 4U etc bull. :)


Still think this seat is great value at £125 from Asda,default,pd.html?cgid=D5M15G1C2 Group 1/2/3 with isofix


I wanted the Stages FX but couldnt stomach the £400 it would have cost me for the 2 :)

Hauck Varioguard isofix seat £99.99 @ preciouslittleone
Found 22nd May 2017Found 22nd May 2017
reduced from £279...... looks like a good seat for the money, can be fitted with belt too
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does it come with the isofix base?


we have this as a second car seat and have found it brilliant and always used it with the isofix base as without it doesnt rate so well in an accident


Good seat at a great price. We use ours via isofix so won't have the safety problem in a crash.


I have this and it's great. my SIL liked ours so much she bought it too. we use ours rear facing fitted with isofix. it's a superb price compared to other erf seats and my daughter at 20 months still seems to have a good while left in it. the only way I wouldn't have it fitted is ff with a seatbelt due to the safety test but if you have isofix it's perfectly safe


I'm after another car seat, i'll give this one a miss oO !

Kindercraft Car Seat with ISOFIX Base  £65 reduced from £169.99 @ Groupon free delivery
Found 27th Apr 2017Found 27th Apr 2017
Seems a good deal. Suitable for children 9-36kg in weight, this safety car seat uses a simultaneous adjustment system for the headrest and a 5-point harness.he Specifics ISOFIX sys… Read more
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can be used for children under 15 months, as long as they're ​over 9 kg. It's not an iSize seat


Yes, over 15 months, as stated


The new law doesn't supersede the old law it runs parallel to it. It is legal (though not as safe, personally I wouldn't recommend it) for a baby to travel forward facing from 9kg.


Please check your facts before making sweeping statements. If they were not legal they wouldn't be able to sell them. These are still within the guidelines for certain categories of child.


Check new laws which came into effect 1st March, before buying. Up to age 15 months, kids now have to travel in "rear farcing" seats. This only appears to be forward facing.

Britax Romer Kidfix SL SICT high back isofix grp 2/3 booster RRP£150 £90 @ Amazon - Prime Exclusive
Found 3rd Apr 2017Found 3rd Apr 2017
reduced from £150 in flame red only. I've Just bought another one of these as I'm really impressed with the first one we have. It's lightweight and not too bulky but still scores h… Read more

Erm... it does say Prime Exclusive in the title....and it's not pointless to the many who have Prime. Grouchy!


£68.00 & FREE Delivery without isofix


been this price 3 or 4 times in last 6m and now they've got this pointless prime only deal which should be in the title

Graco Snugfix Isofix Base at Smyths £39.99 from £79.99
Found 21st Mar 2017Found 21st Mar 2017
The Graco Snugfix ISOFIX Base provides maximum security and virtually eliminates installation errors. The car seat simply clicks/unclicks into the base. Load leg provides extra sta… Read more

Brilliant. Thanks for this, snapped one up in Smyths Slough. I am about to purchase a Graco Evo travel system and was astonished at how much the isofix was until I saw this. Would never have thought to go to this shop for one!

Concord Transformer Pro XT Group 1/2/3 isofix child car seat - £183.98 inc delivery or £153.98 with code @ Very
Found 2nd Mar 2017Found 2nd Mar 2017
You can also get this for £153.98 if you take up a Very store account and enter in code LA4K9. This is what I did and credit already applied (first time customers only). £230-£29… Read more

I'm sure someone with a user name like "Nitro" drives very safely at all times. X)


Yes I am. It's unlikely people would spend this much money if they only want it for a group 2/3 seat. There's plenty of very good high back boosters for less than this price.


This seat is one of the safest booster seats it caters for age 4+ too and it is suitable for up to 12 years old! You are voting it cold on the assumption people will only buy it if their kid is under 4?


Yes I'm not disagreeing and have done research when purchasing this seat. Yes rear-facing is better in some cases but I've also read evidence where is doesn't perform as well in another type of crash. Plus some families can't afford the £300+ mark for a rear-facing seat (plus then another forward facing seat possibly after 4 yo). Also why not comment on which car you must drive - must be highest NCAP rating etc. But thank you for making sure that every post about a front facing car seat gets the "if you buy this you are a bad parent" treatment


Yes it is, that's why children should be in rear facing seats until they are at least 4 years old. That's going to give them to best chance of escaping serious injury if you are in a collision.

Britax Romer duo plus with ISOfix Group 1 (9kgs - 18kgs) car seat £30 @ Smyths Instore
LocalLocalFound 22nd Feb 2017Found 22nd Feb 2017
Britax Romer Duo Plus Group 1 car seat found in Smyths Bolton for £30. Could be national Was £149 down to £30 that is a bargain (currently £230 on kiddicare)
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​it's just a strap that attaches the top of the seat to a tether point in the boot/behind seat/under parcel shelf (depending on car)


I may be dumb but what's a tether? I haven't had a problem fitting it in any of the cars I have used it in


​I was under the impression that the top tether was an additional 'optional' fitting if you had a tether point and wasn't actually required as such.


This seat requires a top tether for compatibility with most cars, check the fitting guide still a bargain but the tether must be purchased separately, smyths don't stock it.


It definitely is, I will post the receipt if you like, I got it from the Bolton store

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