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Jaguar Xf Sportbrake: Initial payment of £2203.09 plus 23 payments of £244.79 plus £234 doc fee £8073.28 @ Select Car Leasing
Refreshed 2nd AugRefreshed 2nd Aug
Fancy a new Jaguar Xf Sportbrake on a lease? Check out this deal from Select Car Leasing: Jaguar Xf Sportbrake 2.0i Portfolio 5dr Auto 24 months 10,000 miles a year In… Read more
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no one runs them as a company car anymore :-) take it on a personal lease and charge back the mileage :-)


On this occassion they actually said the deal was at the price I was originally quoted, just strange that it took 5 days to get back to me when normally you get called back within an hour of doing the credit application, or worst case next day. I needed a car by the end of October so had 2 or 3 other options as I was concerned about delivery times. When I didn't get a response I went elsewhere, shame as it was a decent deal for what you got.


Thats a risk you run - is this the best deal, or might there be a better one in three months time? Or will it be worse? No one can say really. I tend to take the view of getting the best price for something at the time i need it. Historic and future prices are outside of my control.


I personally would sit tight and wait a little longer before leasing one as prices will surely plummet. My brother just purchased a Jaguar XE R Sport from Lancasters of Milton Keynes, outright. Car listed at £40k new with wheel and carbon upgrades, spoiler etc, just 8 months old he got it for under £22k done just 5000 miles.


they are known for offering deals they cant do just to take enquiry and saying the price has changed , my brother ordered a BMW and the car then had metallic paint and rear privacy , he found out that there never were just Alpine white cars ! they shoudl just be upfront as he did a credit search for no reason :(

Jaguar XF Saloon: Initial payment of £2,375.89 followed by 23 payments of £263.99 plus £234 doc fee
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
In the market for a new motor? I’m seeing quite a few good deals from Select Car Leasing at the moment. For example: Jaguar XF Saloon 2.0i [250] Prestige 4dr Auto [2019] … Read more
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Where have all your comments gone? I had a notification you’d responded but there isn’t anything there.


Wow. You guys need to stop arguing about things you found on Google... not everything you read online is fact you know..


I said of everything I’ve seen I’ve not seen a land cruiser. I’ve not seen a huge amount of those climates, just some documentaries. I believe your point was you’ll never see a discovery in the outback. I showed you one quite clearly. Yep, a PR stunt. Don’t remember seeing any land cruiser PR stunts. A discovery is more capable. Greater wade depth, greater tow capacity. I’m not going to indulge that insult. Again, I don’t think you picked up on it the first time or the second time. I never said it was more prevalent. I said it was a more capable car. I’ve given you two facts. I can give you some more but I imagine you’ll just rant on as usual. Reliability and capability aren’t the same thing before you start dithering on about that. How about giving me some evidence as to why the land cruiser is a better off road vehicle. Sales mean nothing. The Toyota Corolla was the best selling car once upon a time. I can’t be bothered to check if that’s still the case. Does that mean that it’s better than the land cruiser off road and better for racing than a Bugatti veyron? (Clue: it doesn’t). Not everyone can afford a Discovery as it’s premium. So I wouldn’t expect sales to match that.


You've never seen a Land Cruiser in the outback despite the Land Cruiser been the most popular large SUV in Australia and is tested in the Outback because of the extreme conditions? Oh that is priceless! A 2017 Land Rover PR stunt that is proof-positive that Discoverys exist in the Outback. And you have the audacity to complain when I use 2017 Toyota information! It now makes complete sense why you are like Arsenal! Deluded! A Discovery is not more capable than a Land Cruiser. If it was then why isn't it used for organisations like the UN and NATO who travel to war-torn nations? Why don't you prove your evidence to suggest that a Discovery is both more prevalent in the Outback and a better off-road vehicle.


I think they put a picture of a train over 20 land cruisers all lassoed together :/

Jaguar For Men Evolution Eau de Toilette Spray For Him,100 ml  £11.95 prime / £16.44 non prime @ Amazon
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
personally not tried this fragrance. price is for 100ML
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got this for 9,99£ from TK MAXX...tried few times,not lasts...if anyone interested to buy it off me for 8,50£ (95 ml) ,let me know. (pirate)


HEAT. I loved the classic Jaguar scent that came from Amazon and which was posted on HUKD a few months back, because it was a clean scent and great value. So I'm going to give this one a try! Fragrantica makes Jaguar Evolution sound great for my nose and the scent has some top reviews:


Why Cold? Its a nice perfume as long as its a genuine one


They still have proper high streets!


I have bought a cologne in the past sold by Amazon themselves and the frangrance didnt last long after application. I picked many comments on HUKD as well that Amazon might be selling counterfeit fragrances

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Jaguar for Men EDT Spray 100ml Amazon £10 prime / £14.49 non prime
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
I've personally not smelt this fragrance, so I cannot comment. I thought £10 might be good as its for 100ml. be mindful of delivery charge, but over £20 there is none. hope its he… Read more
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The 20th Century would like it's Jaguar stereotype back when you're finished with it please! :(


Damn, I bought a bottle for your husband as a Christmas gift. I should have had more scents. I'm dying to open it now. but will probably give it as an end of term year to the Camp schoolteacher at Primary School


Very poor perfume. Smells like cheap £1 perfume from Poundshop.


The women’s version is called Cougar!


Do you get complimentary pipe and slippers with this?:/

Jaguar F-Type Electric Ride on Car £50 @ Halfords C/C
Found 6th MayFound 6th May
FREE C/C WAS £120 Jaguar F-Type Electric Ride on CarThe classy 6v Jaguar F-Type Electric Ride on Car is a smooth car that ensures a smooth ride! With forward and reverse gears y… Read more

Depends on the residuals. At least there's no annual tax on an electric vehicle.


Better to lease?


Depreciation after 3 years?


My dreams made true, bank holiday driving an F-Type, well it is an F-type.

Jaguar XE R-Sport Saloon Auto - £221.34 inc VAT per month @ Mad Sheep Leasing (£7442.88 inc fees)
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
I've used Mad Sheep for various cars for our business in the past and had no complaints. Just got a mailer saying that this is a 48 hour deal (not sure what that means entirely bu… Read more

We are due delivery on Thursday. We were one of the lucky ones to get the Alltrack deal. It has now gone back and VW were fab to deal with. This one is Lexautolease and I have heard some bad reviews about them. Any real life experience with Lex?


Anyone taken delivery yet?


Of course and will make the leasor liable.


Cant the dealer track it?


He'll apply a "correction"

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Jaguar e-pace car lease starts at Monthly Payment £233.00 inc VAT Initial Payment: £2,097.04 inc VAT 48m  5000 miles  £13,048.04 @ SelectCarLeasing
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
Jaguar new e pace * Including VAT on personal lease * Includes new government tax * check the best combination of deposit months + duration of lease that best suits you (24 /36/ 4… Read more
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Says the person who decided to personally message me on a thread not used since February and make a complaint. Because there isn't. An MOT covers the fourth year of a cars life, not months 25-36. Your lease firm has set you a rule. Not all lease firms do this. And failed. VWFS certainly don't to my knowledge but most of my leases are 24 mths. But I am not wrong. You do not have to do an MOT for a car that you are not liable for unless the T&Cs state so. You have experienced that. It is not the experience of all leasors. Yes I have. I do - check all the other HUKD lease threads... No - that would appear to be your remit. But thanks for your contribution! (y)


I am not on a rant, actually you are, you pointed out there is no MOT on a 36 month lease, to which I corrected you, this is not the terms of my lease company but also the terms of the previous two companies I have used, I would be very interested to find a lease company that does not apply this. Since I corrected you all you have done is try to back up your false information rather than holding your hand up and saying oops 'I'm wrong'. Have ever even had a 36 month lease? are you talking from experience or just trolling (aka trying to be a know it all smart ar$e).


So what was the point of your rant? You're upset that your lease company won't allow you to return early and/or force you to do a service/MOT at cost? Better choose a different company next time...


A 24 month for the lease I have is £30 a month more... Costing £720 extra. I'd rather pay £30 for an MOT


Well obviously you need to have (in theory) two services on a 36mth. Better lease a 24 month car next time...

Jaguar F-Type Electric Ride on Car was £120 then £60 now £45 Del / C+C @ Halfords
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Part of Halfords Pay Day Deals Offer, originally £120, then £60 & now down to £45 with Free Del / C+C. The classy 6v Jaguar F-Type Electric Ride on Car is a smooth car… Read more
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Whats the insurance like on this?


.... I knew that I could afford an F type Jag one day... Heat


I’d take it on a 24 month lease, with maintenance and a upfront payment of £5. Cheers. (highfive)


I don't advise getting this. The 0-60 time is atrocious and the handling is all over the place. Very bumpy ride through the sports suspension also.

JAGUAR XF 2.0i PRESTIGE auto lease pch, £163.99/month, initial £1475.93 - £5247.68 @ Select Car Leasing
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Cracking price for the entry level ‘Prestige’ variant on this 200ps saloon , price mentioned is for 5k miles but they also provide higher mileage allowances if you need it, cost ca… Read more
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Glad you are enjoying it, quality car


Had mine delivered today and have to say it is a fantastic car. Had many deals off HUKD in the past, including my last lease but this, for the price is the best thus far. Thanks all.


Anyway, time for a mass car wash on this lovely day


Yes, the dealer drove 20miles to deliver the car, trip said 40mpg. i have been driving normally city, short run up a road and averaging 30mpg. I’m OKnwith that, it’s a big comfy car after all. my 2006 golf gti was roughly the same mpg before I sold it for the XF. GTR does 22mpg, driving normally. Single digits when ‘on song


Yeah it's very nice. Hitting 30mpg currently. I'd never want to own one of these outright, unless it was a diesel. One thing to consider once the lease ends though! Diesel portfolios are way further north in costs than what we got though.

Jaguar XF R-Sport 2.0D [180] Auto @ £289 per month Lease
Found 20th Dec 2017Found 20th Dec 2017
Initial Payment:: £289 Monthly Rentals:: £289 Annual Mileage:: 5,000 Excess Mileage:: 13.08ppm Duration of Agreement:: 24 Months So my rough maths makes this... 5000 miles pe… Read more
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What's even worse is if you look at the amount of miles the younger (17 to 24) do the least at an average 4K year. Now pondering is the correlation onwards and upwards by age :(


And weirdly.based on that research 1 in 6 drivers drive less than 3000 miles. Omg


Cold deal but i gave hot on the detail you gave, miles options is really nice touch.


I'll stick to reality Bertie. You stick to arbitrary figures from White Papers.


No read above - your own advice is to use an arbitrary figure to deduce if to drive a diesel - city driving is type but not solely what you keep replicating. i.e. as above as you seem to have already forgotten: "You have seen me quote not to drive a diesel if one drives 8k or 10k or 12k miles per annum" And there we go stretching something that is not a fact. The fact is a filter has an expected lifespan on a continuous scale, this will have a mean and a deviation. The manufacturers have solely released the minimal expected lifespan this is fact. The white papers before their introduction into the viability gave £250K as the mean, that is a fact it is an individual published white paper funded by the EU and was what was published prior to their requirement in implementation. What the manufacturers have implemented themselves is not known and the only guidance the manufacturers have given is the minimal expected product life neither the mean and or the deviation. They have been very specific in doing so. The deduction to typical is from that point where you are confusing fact with individual occurrences discussed in forums without the number or deviation being available anywhere or released by the manufacturers. The only bit that is typical here is you confusing those occurrences and leaping to them being fact without the data to support it. Just says it all really doesn't it although not in your favour.

Rock Band Rivals Jaguar Bundle - £20 @ Game In-Store
LocalLocalFound 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
Was in Game earlier (Edinburgh Fort Kinnaird) for another purchase and happened to see a couple of these sitting on the floor at the side of the cash desk. Comes with the guitar, R… Read more

In the centre of the store towards the tills.


Where abouts did you spot them? Fancy getting this


Just ordered the full band rivals bundle for £110. Having regrets now given I don't really want the drums!


Teesside Park Game had about half a dozen of them on Saturday.


Great value if you can find stock in your local store. The only way to check stock however would be to ask in store or call them as the listing has long been pulled from their website.

White Ride On Kids' Jaguar £59.99 & Black Ride On Kids' Land Rover £74.99 at in store at Aldi
Found 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
White Ride On Kids' Jaguar £ 59.99 And Black Ride On Kids' Land Rover £ 74.99 Video ad'-jaguar/p/081216182249700
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Nice to see a car that's unlimited mileage and not a lease deal


"Realistic kids' replica car" (:I very realistic. Underpowered, only 6v, frame to low so it will stuck on any little bump. Seen yesterday at aldi, not impressed, COLD from me.

Jaguar Suit @ Argos - Be the envy of everyone at the office & more
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
Cheapest I could find, I think I'd look great in this. Missus may think otherwise but hey how :) Hope it helps someone out Instock for delivery for me... Tempting

Stag doo essentials


Indeed. There’s at least one group of guys I see every year at NFL Wembley wearing suits like this for the Jags game.


Next haloween sorted


Sense of humour required voted HOT


Finally there is something which will go with my favorite undies...

Jaguar Xf Saloon 2.0i R-Sport 4dr Auto [2018] 2 Year Lease deal £199.98 a month £1,736.86 inc VAT initial payment £6536.38 @ Selectcarleasing
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
£1,736.86 inc VAT initial payment then £199.98 a month for 6000 miles on a 2 year deal
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But over 10 years youd have had 5 cars worth total of about 170k? Rather than one car at 35? And after 10 years youll get what 7k if your lucky? Plus maintenance. Youre missing the point. Often said. You wanna own a car long term. Buy. You wanna change it every 2 years. Lease.look at what youve spent at the end. Vs what youve got.


I take it you saved up for your house and bought it outright? Im not about showing off as a big spender. Im about getting what i like and want.... as cheap as possible. Anyone paying more (regardless of depreciation) on principle is welcome to. Take it you'd also pay sticker price on anything as you can afford it? The intelligence in some of these posts is shocking... its funny the amount that are against leasing (losing less money) but happy to have a mortgage or a loan for a wedding or a credit card. Your principles aren't worth jack when you're dead. J


No, I meant you, not the car!


It is a Chav car


£224.99/month now on 9+23 :(

Jaguar F-Type Electric Ride on Car was £120 now £60 / Peppa Pig Kids Bike 12" Wheel / Paw Patrol Kids Bike 12" Wheel were £95 each now £54 w/code @ Halfords (Descendants Kids Bike - 16" Wheel £67.50)
Found 9th Nov 2017Found 9th Nov 2017
Part of Halford's Black Friday Countdown Deals, the link goes to the Jaguar F-Type Electric Ride on Car that was £120 & is now £60 Del / C+C, will pop the kids bikes below. Us… Read more
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You might want to edit the headline. Picture is car, price is bikes.

The New Jaguar E Pace, a baby F pace aka The Cub!!! - £28,500 @ Jaguar
Found 4th Aug 2017Found 4th Aug 2017
NOT FAIR, I HAVE EXPIRED IT!!!!! Thenew Jaguar E pace. Basically a baby F pace but you can buy one for £28500 on the road and thats without haggling and shopping around, thats dir… Read more
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Nissan Quashquai Built in UK just over 19k - Not a Deal, but there are some to be had that would knock a few quid off.


I added some extras and it comes out at £ 63,169.00 Bargain, I will have 3!


I've just laughed so hard a bit of wee came out!!!!


The only one in his thread making any sense (y) Ironically, people arguing about this being a deal probably vote hot on other "deals" when they are above RRP (NES mini, and Anker speakers are a couple I remember). Having said that, I don't think this is a good price/deal/whatever anyway :p


Why is it expired still available at the full rrp listed (lol)

Jaguar XE and XF - around 22% discount at Drive The Deal - £29200
Found 14th Jul 2017Found 14th Jul 2017
If the Focus deal posted earlier doesn't appeal, how about a Jag? Drive the Deal have a good discount on the XE and XF models, around 22% discount available across the range. Sad… Read more
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Just had the following email from drive the deal... We are emailing to advise you that our quoted discounts for Jaguar XE and Jaguar XF are only going to be available for factory ordered cars for another few days. To place a factory order for your chosen specifcation and take advantage of the discounted quote that you have seen on our website over the last two weeks, you will need to place an order before Monday 31 July, and prefereably this week in order to be certain of getting the deal. After that time, the price will be substanitally more expensive as we will be unable to place further factory orders at the current quoted discount. During August, we will then be able to offer you some stock cars at the current discounted prices, but if you do wish to choose your own specification and have your car built to order for September delivery at the current quoted price, you will need to confirm your order by Monday 31st July at the latest, and preferably this week to be certain of getting the deal. The time deadline has been imposed by the dealer who has been accepting our customers’ orders at these discounts, and we can only place further orders at these prices while the dealer will still accept them. It is possible they will run out of factory build slots this week, but we suspect they will accept an order placed over the weekend. We have sent you this email because you recently took a quote from our website for a new Jaguar XE or Jaguar XF, we hope you have found it relevant and useful. With kind regards, Broker Team If if you are thinking of ordering, best be quick...


Hi, I am in the south east of England too can you tell me the dealership please?


Beautiful car. Hate being neighbours with the guy who owns one next to me... wakes me up at 6AM with GRUUUUUUU from the exhaust. Still, lovely car.


Superb cars. I miss my XF.


Just had a look and the lease deal I got has gone, but saw this if you are really serious about this car worth considering - 66 Plate Jaguar XF R-Sport - Low Mileage Ex-Management Service Pack from £23,000.

Jaguar XE R-Sport £299 month PCH Lease, 1 x23 payments = £7174.56 @ Stratstone
Found 2nd Jun 2017Found 2nd Jun 2017
I have this car on a 4 year lease and I love it!. I'm paying slightly less per month, but had this deal been on the table I think I would've pick this instead. Mainly to avoid the … Read more
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Sorry, just saw this, via the NHS.


​What is your car worth today? What will it be worth in 24 months time (look at Auto trader for similar models of the same age, and 2 years older to get an idea). You'll find that your car is depreciating, which you need to factor in when comparing to the cost of a lease deal.


How hard was it to get guy salmon to match the deal? I've just been into my local guy salmon in Kent and they said they couldn't get anywhere near this deal.....




Did you buy your car new or was it second hand?

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