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Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients hardcover £13 (+£2.99 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
I saw recently his program on TV where he was peaching the book, and wanted to cook some of this stuff. Went to the local book store and price was 26, while on Amazon 13 with free … Read more
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Find Jack Monroe books a lot better


All this hate for Jamie Oliver and not a single comment on weather the recipes are any good. I've had this book for a long while now, its not bad overall a lot of variation in the types of food. The concept of five ingredients per recipe is OK but it does assume you have a grown ups kitchen ie there's more than an old cupasoup and 12 tins of beans in yer cupboards. I'd not pay £13 quid for it, I'm sure it was only a tenner when I got it... Er Christmas maybe? And I'm pretty certain you could get it cheaper than this from the works or somewhere Imo the 15 minute meals is better if only for the lhaksa recipe.


I don't like the guy, never did. But I'll certainly refrain from using a rage inducing article from a news media to criticise him. Same applies to other individuals.


Fat lipped mockney. I recall him whinging British workers wouldn’t do an 18 hour shift like the Eastern European workers . Wonder if his twee kids will be expected to work 18 hours a day in one of his dire faketalians.


Trousered millions from his businesses when he knew they were financially on the brink of collapse in 2018 (i.e. 2 years before Covid). Then had the courtesy to sack all his staff via email with no prior notice at all. What a lovely chap!

Jamie Oliver Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml - 50p @ Poundstretcher (Middlesbrough)
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Posted 19th JunPosted 19th JunLocalLocal
Just seen this in my local store (Middlesbrough) and had to buy a bottle, as it is currently £7.50 a bottle on Ocado! I asked if it is just this store and was told it is across a… Read more
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Managed to get 2 from Bargain Buys. Thanks for letting me know


Having ridden the bus from Grenada up and around the north of the Sierra Nevada you can see nothing but olives for hours on the bus, it is really amazing. Go and visit beautiful Ubeda and Baeza and you can probably see about 10-20 miles maybe with the plantations gradually climbing up the mountain range and still see nothing but olives.


For reference Extra Virgin Olive Oil seems to have stayed low in price for a long time now. ie 750ml bottles from Aldi/Lidl are £1.99 now. I'm sure you can find better but is perfectly decent stuff that I've used a load of over the last year.


Bad luck. Maybe it had sold out. Plenty in Bargain Buys in Hill Street though, unless it's now OOS too

Free Sandwich for Key Workers from Shell Service Stations (Jamie Oliver Sites) until 30th April
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Posted 21st MarPosted 21st MarLocalLocal
See the attached image Store locator
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Not civil servants tho


This is getting old now. There are a number of schemes available from free car hire to free taxi rides in different areas or community volunteers offering lifts etc. There are winners and losers in all situations. Communities need to pull together to help the most vulnerable including those who have lost jobs. Keyworkers have lost out for years. Don’t begrudge them a free sandwich (confused)


My point is that a key worker getting full pay needs these freebies less than someone who's just had their livelihood collapse or greatly diminish. The only freebie an NHS worker really needs right now is a taxi ride for the price of public transport for those that don't run a car - so they're not mingling with a lot of other people on a bus or train.


Well why don't you get the free Sandwich and give your neighbour it then seen as you are so concerned?


They are part of the list defined by the Government https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-maintaining-educational-provision/guidance-for-schools-colleges-and-local-authorities-on-maintaining-educational-provision

Tefal Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Non-Stick Casserole Pan With Free Delivery £13.49 @ Groupon
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Posted 29th FebPosted 29th Feb
Tefal Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Non-Stick Casserole Pan With Free Delivery £13.49 @ Groupon
£13.49£26.1948%Groupon Deals
Primary Material: Stainless Steel Lid Included: Yes Oven Safe: Yes Features Compatible with all hobs including induction Durable finish with a professional look Riveted stainless… Read more

This must be the best pan I have ever bought and the look is fabulous. We only got it out yesterday and cooked some roast chicken and it was delicious and now my partner wants another set that is smaller than this size and wants 4 or 5 pans like this shape. Where am I suppose to get one from. It's too expensive and I'm stuck now


. They'll dispatch on same lorry with your 8000 toilet roll order .. #greedy (y)


Order 3 on 29th February received one on the 9th March still waiting on the other 2 said he transit??


I finally got it too. Should have ordered more than one before I posted here. (Good present for someone) But anyway I found it by some filter error on Groupon. I was looking for some wireless earbuds and that thing appeared there😃. Didn't expect to be Jamie's salesman that morning.


Received mine today. Fantastic quality. Unbelievable deal

Jamie Oliver - Veg cookbook (£3.40 with voucher + £2.95 delivery if spending under £25) @ Book People
-77° Expired
Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
Jamie Oliver - Veg cookbook (£3.40 with voucher + £2.95 delivery if spending under £25) @ Book People
I just bought this and a few other bits from The Book People. Jamie Oliver - Veg cookbook is £4.00 on the site at the moment (it is also showing as a separate listing as well for £… Read more

Why has this been voted cold... A recently published Jamie book for £2 isn't a bad price, considering it's still £12 on Amazon! Picked up a bunch of books that I've had on my list at £2-3 a pop, free delivery at £25 and 30% off at £30. Thanks for submitting.


Obviously we know nothing from Jamie Oliver will get heat for a long time to come.

Jamie Oliver 556898 Steak Knives, Acacia £12.85 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
Jamie Oliver 556898 Steak Knives, Acacia £12.85 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
This Jamie Oliver 4 piece set of vintage steak knives will ensure you appreciate that tender grill to its fullest. Offers smooth, even cutting that maintains an edge over… Read more
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His restaurants are closing left right and centre


Agreed, generally "celebrity" endorsed products are rarely decent quality


He's got a net worth of around a quarter of a billion. Not exactly struggling.


£19.85 once in basket. Weird


I wouldn't trust anything with his name on. He literally puts his name on anything because he is struggling so much. The fact they only have 1 review aswell is quite concerning.

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Jamie Oliver Pestle and Mortar £10 c&c @ Dunelm
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Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Jamie Oliver Pestle and Mortar £10 c&c @ Dunelm
£10£1429%Dunelm Deals
W 16cm x L 18cm x H 16cm (6" x 7" x 6") Crafted from granite, this pestle and mortar is part of the Jamie Oliver collection and the inner surface has been designed for maximised e… Read more

Ever been out to eat and chose the healthy option? I understand "healthy" is always open to debate so this will end up a pointless debate.


He also pretty much killed off turkey twizzlers, loved those as a kid and I can’t even have them anymore when I’m feeling nostalgic.


Which healthy items are taxed?


Thanks for sharing


Perhaps he shouldve kept his mouth shut when it came to sugary drinks. I mean what idiot campaigns for extra tax on sugary drinks? Why not campaign to reduce tax on healthy items? I'd have had some respect for him for that.

Tefal B125SA44 Four Piece (3 pans and 1 frying pan) Jamie Oliver Premium Stainless Steel cookware range £29.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
Extremely good value for long lasting kitchenware! The next best price I can find for this is £49.99 :) Product Description: In good-quality, mirror-polished stainless steel… Read more
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Le Crueset every time...


Nice one cheers


Yes, exactly the same set albeit nearly 10 times the price :)


So could someone tell me if these from amazon are the same as the ones Debenhams are selling?


It's very easy, steel needs either oil or liquid to cook. And with very little oil(half teaspoon) you can cook on slow flame. If you want to blast on high heat then this is not for you. Steel might dent but will last for years. With nonstick, it gets damage no matter how much careful you are. Its personal opinion, there is always people vouch for steel, nonstick or cast iron.

Jamie Oliver Salt and Pepper Mill Set £7 @ Robert Dyas
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Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
Jamie Oliver Salt and Pepper Mill Set £7 @ Robert Dyas
£7£14.9953%Robert Dyas Deals
Selling on Amazon for £15.62

Are these just like Jamie Oliver and grind on you?


I cant understand why wealthy celebrities agree to associate their name with such tat, or advertise the likes of "webuyanycar.com" is is Phillip Schofield?? Everyone I have spoken to about this organisation states the price is poor and when they see the car do all they can to reduce it- shameful


People really buying this Dufus’s branded goods. clearly going to end up the way which his restaurants are...


Mixed reviews on amazon with people complaining the grinding mechanism is poor and the product falls apart. Jamie's chinese junk.


Is this devalued because of brand name?

Robert Dyas - Jamie Oliver Salt and Pepper Mill Set - Free C&C £6.30 with code
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Posted 7th JanPosted 7th Jan
Robert Dyas - Jamie Oliver Salt and Pepper Mill Set - Free C&C £6.30 with code
£6.30£14.9958%Robert Dyas Deals
You can season your food easily with this great Jamie Oliver Salt and Pepper Mill Set. They are designed for a modern home with a classic shaped mill that looks great and is timel… Read more

All you need is your receipt and maybe print off the description as well. That's what Peter Jones told me when I bought the Google home nest mini. The receipt is the guarantee.


but there is nothing on the product itself - no guarantee or place to claim from


Yes, it says it at the bottom of the description.


barring the dyas site wording, has anyone found any mention of a 5 year guarantee


All lies fake news it's not rich people's fault, it's all about immigrants, and benefits scroungers taking their £50 a week thats the real loss. Once blojo puts Brexit through on 31st Jan everything will be fine.

Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook #1 Bestseller [Kindle Edition] 99p @ Amazon
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Posted 20th Dec 2019Posted 20th Dec 2019
Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook #1 Bestseller [Kindle Edition] 99p @ Amazon
£0.99£2696%Amazon Deals
Product Description Jamie Oliver has got Christmas covered with the ULTIMATE festive cookbook that you will come back to year after year. With classic recipes for every part of Ch… Read more
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That was evident, but why can't you stand him?


Because I can't stand the idiot anymore.




Would not want it if they paid me! Ok maybe a slight exaggeration there! (embarrassed)


Heat added, cheers

Jamie Oliver by Tefal Essential 4 Piece Non-stick Cookware Set Induction Pan Set £33.99 at Amazon
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Posted 20th Nov 2019Posted 20th Nov 2019
Jamie Oliver by Tefal Essential 4 Piece Non-stick Cookware Set Induction Pan Set £33.99 at Amazon
£33.99£49.7432%Amazon Deals
Great set for this cheap £8.25 per pan
Jamie Oliver 552608 Get Inspired Non-Stick, 30 cm, Stainless Steel, Beer Can BBQ Chicken Roaster £5.92 Prime / £10.41 Non Prime at Amazon
324° Expired
Posted 26th Oct 2019Posted 26th Oct 2019
Jamie Oliver 552608 Get Inspired Non-Stick, 30 cm, Stainless Steel, Beer Can BBQ Chicken Roaster £5.92 Prime / £10.41 Non Prime at Amazon
Beer can BBQ chicken roaster. A bit niche, especially at this time of year, but product receives very good reviews. Was £11.
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Saucepan, Sausage fingers that almost got caught in the fire, sizzle, money disappearing, going to work on an egg - it's all part of the jambalaya of life.


There is always plan BTC. Controversial, I know, and it has some issues of its own - but it's an alternative (one I like) -so long as you hold the keys and not an exchange or other institution. :{ ( And, from my perspective so long as you are not a trader, but in it for long term, hodl some, use some for purchases - but now we truly are going off topic - which was a saucepan if I'm not mistaken (highfive) )


Shock! Horror! Looks at these two fine upstanding gentlemen, scratching each other's backs. Now it makes sense why Kiyosaki is appearing everywhere. He sakci Trump, Trump give publicity to Kiyosaki. Kaiser Report on RT is quite a good 20 minute view when it's on. Gold standard, FIAT money is kind of the central topic and how it relates to the shenanigans of what's going on the world power stage.


It's not right, but the framework is there and will remain there for many to get usurped into thinking they're enpreteneurz interpreters entrepreneurs. "...Governments prefer this type of person (businessman) - as they apparently create jobs..." Tax write-offs - as in sir Trump of Trumpton, now a president, with the millions upon millions of write-offs now being used to camouflage other financial ventures. Just look at how many videos there are of people claiming they're now millionaires '... by following this simple yet successful formula to becoming rich' Yeah - apparently. Let's massage those figures. Mark Carney! Where are ya fella? You're good at that too! Plus that chancellor of egg-chequer in a power posing suit - Sajid Javid, and the ONS who quietly announced a mistake of £1.5billion miscalculation of public finances. After a "statistical error", the Office for National Statistics has said.


Yes the same. And it's the same tricks that - despite some of his companies going bankrupt he still makes millions and gets tax write-offs. His other companies make profit, he off sets any and all taxes he can as a business, and gets richer. Its the game of life we are not taught in school (but seems private schools do teach do this to their pupils, as do parents who know these rules). I'm not saying it's right or wrong - it is what it is, and it is not illegal. Governments prefer this type of person (businessman) - as they apparently create jobs, and these jobs are where taxes come into to government coffers, as employees pay the highest tax. I've moved on in my education, but for those getting started - his books are a good starting point. If you don't want to spend your money, his books are in libraries, and YouTube has a few of his books as audio programmes.

Jamie Oliver Keep it Simple Funky Knife Set of 3 £12.98 Sold by A Cut Above Knives and Fulfilled by Amazon Prime / £17.47 Non Prime
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Posted 10th Oct 2019Posted 10th Oct 2019
Jamie Oliver Keep it Simple Funky Knife Set of 3 £12.98 Sold by A Cut Above Knives and Fulfilled by Amazon Prime / £17.47 Non Prime
Was £25, now £12.98 with prime nice set of three knives and are well reviewed
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These knives are ok. I had this set but the colour started to chip after a few months and replaced all 3 with a victorinox pairing and tomato knife. The victorinox knives are so much sharper and cost about £5-6 each.


Very good knifes. Disappointing they get shamed so easily by irrelevant comments about Jamie Oliver.


Totally agree


Make short work of a turkey twizzler


Looks like more celeb chef endorsed junk to me. Seen these in a shop, looked tacky

Tefal Jamie Oliver 5 piece induction £99 instore @ Tefal Outlet
-106° Expired
Posted 19th Sep 2019Posted 19th Sep 2019LocalLocal
Tefal Jamie Oliver 5 piece induction £99 instore @ Tefal Outlet
£99£18546%Tefal Shop Deals
Cracking deal. Was 135 few weeks ago, back to 185 and now this price. This is at Tefal outlet stores. Closest to me were Castleford and York. Not sure of other locations Tefal Ja… Read more
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My hob is induction, these work with all hobs


No good for an induction hob though


That's good to know. I once had a set with metal handles and you couldn't touch the buggers without getting burnt (lol)


Had Jamie Oliver ones for 13 years. The only thing we had to replace was the frying pan due to using metal utensils in it heat from me


Nope, stone cold

Tefal Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Premium Series Non-Stick Wok, 30 cm @ Amazon
62° Expired
Posted 29th Aug 2019Posted 29th Aug 2019
Tefal Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Premium Series Non-Stick Wok, 30 cm @ Amazon
£23.99£51.9954%Amazon Deals
Ultra durable non-stick coating reinforced with titanium particles Thermo-spot technology - turns full red when pan has reached ideal temperature Riveted stainless steel handles … Read more
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Tefal Jamie Oliver 4 piece stainless pan set £39.99 @ Watt Brothers
55° Expired
Posted 18th Jul 2019Posted 18th Jul 2019LocalLocal
Tefal Jamie Oliver 4 piece stainless pan set £39.99 @ Watt Brothers
Picked these up in Watt Brothers Ayr reduced to £39.99. Only negative is the Jamie Oliver logo on the pan lid handles.

Purchased these for same price with Debenhams from post on here recently. Cannot fault them! Was worried about them being non-stick. No issues at all really happy with them at this price.


Wish he would cant stand him.


Nah.. he is too savvy for that JZ, its likely he will just open "Jamie's Italian 2" instead! Once the pending, delayed by 2 years, property crash, financial crash and doom & gloom set in from the 1st Nov, maybe Boris will give everyone back all the money they are going to loose, that they made under May in the first place!!! ;)


Will be interesting to see if he keeps his promise to leave the UK, when Boris takes over for May next week


Guess he will have to shift all this stuff at a quid soon! Now punting his "corn receipe" for Tesco on local radios around the UK, what happened to his multi-million £ deal with the others, since his chain went skint, not fair to take it out on him and force him to do tacky voice overs to earn a few bob (highfive) HEAT, great price for real 304 stainless and 4 of them!

Jamie Oliver Tefal stainless Steel sell pan set £35.99 @ Amazon (Prime Exclusive)
57° Expired
Posted 15th Jul 2019Posted 15th Jul 2019
Jamie Oliver Tefal stainless Steel sell pan set £35.99 @ Amazon (Prime Exclusive)
Wanted this pan set for some time as it is suitable for induction. Price is great.

Just on pantry but still a good deal.


Can you spend the £4 pantry voucher all around Amazon


Only the frying pan is non stick if anyone was wondering


Cracking deal. Plus £4 pantry voucher. Heat added.

Tefal - Black Non-Stick 'Jamie Oliver' 28cm Wok Debenhams £12
252° Expired
Posted 30th Jun 2019Posted 30th Jun 2019
Tefal - Black Non-Stick 'Jamie Oliver' 28cm Wok Debenhams £12
£12£19.9940%Debenhams Deals
Use code SH4L for free delivery Item No. 3310013428 The 'Jamie Oliver' by Tefal Non-stick wok is designed for your everyday cooking enjoyment. With non-stick interior and exterior… Read more

Anyone having trouble with the SH4L free nominated delivery day code? It says its applied but at checkout still has the £3.99 delivery listed? EDIT: Ok working now, only certian days are eligible so had to click a few to find one that worked.


Loads more here https://www.debenhams.com/sale/home/tefal?sid=-discounted_percentage


Now £10. Bought for £12


only 10 pounds......


Ordered. Paid £10 c&c

5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food by Jamie Oliver - Hardcover - £11.99 delivered @ Amazon
-65° Expired
Posted 15th May 2019Posted 15th May 2019
5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food by Jamie Oliver - Hardcover - £11.99 delivered @ Amazon
£11.99£2654%Amazon Deals
With every recipe using ONLY 5 INGREDIENTS, foodies who like to keep things simple will love Jamie's most straightforward cookbook yet. It's ideal for quick and easy meals for eve… Read more
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I think all the recipes are online.




what a

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