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NHS staff get a free Jamie Oliver deli by Shell, baked confectionary product or chilled snack @ Participating Shell Stores
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Posted 15th FebPosted 15th FebLocalLocal
NHS staff get a free Jamie Oliver deli by Shell, baked confectionary product or chilled snack @ Participating Shell StoresFREE£0.01Shell Deals
Between 12th January and 28th February, NHS staff can get a free Jamie Oliver deli by Shell baked confectionary product or chilled snack* when they visit a participating Shell serv… Read more

Is there a link to that screenshot/info please? I can't seem to find it


coz we are human, it is in our nature ;)


Amazing how something as simple as giving something for free causes people to bitch about how it ain't good enough.


Shell should give this Deli/food to the people whom are more in needs. i.e. School lunch for kids, or homeless etc, if Shell wants to get more publicity!!


if your front line, I believe most can apply for blue card. would I prefere a free bake just for working or in same room with positive covid ppl, no. The NHS nurses, doctors and the cleaner's who are getting rid of all them paper towels and germs are putting their life more at risk , as there deffo have covid wards, of course not all NHS worker's face same dangerous,but how do we prove that, we can't have shell worker calling hospital to check where about you work,. if you want some discounts, just join the tutom nus card

Jamie Oliver Granite Pestle and Mortar, 14cm £14.95 (Prime) / £19.44 (non Prime) at Amazon
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Posted 25th Sep 2020Posted 25th Sep 2020
Jamie Oliver Granite Pestle and Mortar, 14cm £14.95 (Prime) / £19.44 (non Prime) at Amazon£9.95£38.9574% offAmazon Deals
Jamie Oliver Granite Pestle and Mortar, 14 cm

Not voting either way but this is no different then the ones you can get from any local British Asian supermarket.


Perfect for grinding the bones of Jamie Oliver




You reckon it would be as cold if it didn't say Jamie oliver on it?


showing 14.95 - how does it end up with 9.95 ?

Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients hardcover £13 (+£2.99 Non Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 2nd Aug 2020Posted 2nd Aug 2020
Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients hardcover £13 (+£2.99 Non Prime) @ Amazon£13 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
I saw recently his program on TV where he was peaching the book, and wanted to cook some of this stuff. Went to the local book store and price was 26, while on Amazon 13 with free … Read more

Find Jack Monroe books a lot better


All this hate for Jamie Oliver and not a single comment on weather the recipes are any good. I've had this book for a long while now, its not bad overall a lot of variation in the types of food. The concept of five ingredients per recipe is OK but it does assume you have a grown ups kitchen ie there's more than an old cupasoup and 12 tins of beans in yer cupboards. I'd not pay £13 quid for it, I'm sure it was only a tenner when I got it... Er Christmas maybe? And I'm pretty certain you could get it cheaper than this from the works or somewhere Imo the 15 minute meals is better if only for the lhaksa recipe.


I don't like the guy, never did. But I'll certainly refrain from using a rage inducing article from a news media to criticise him. Same applies to other individuals.


Fat lipped mockney. I recall him whinging British workers wouldn’t do an 18 hour shift like the Eastern European workers . Wonder if his twee kids will be expected to work 18 hours a day in one of his dire faketalians.


Trousered millions from his businesses when he knew they were financially on the brink of collapse in 2018 (i.e. 2 years before Covid). Then had the courtesy to sack all his staff via email with no prior notice at all. What a lovely chap!

Jamie Oliver Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml - 50p @ Poundstretcher (Middlesbrough)
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Posted 19th Jun 2020Posted 19th Jun 2020LocalLocal
Jamie Oliver Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml - 50p @ Poundstretcher (Middlesbrough)£0.50£7.5093% offPoundstretcher Deals
Just seen this in my local store (Middlesbrough) and had to buy a bottle, as it is currently £7.50 a bottle on Ocado! I asked if it is just this store and was told it is across a… Read more



Managed to get 2 from Bargain Buys. Thanks for letting me know


Having ridden the bus from Grenada up and around the north of the Sierra Nevada you can see nothing but olives for hours on the bus, it is really amazing. Go and visit beautiful Ubeda and Baeza and you can probably see about 10-20 miles maybe with the plantations gradually climbing up the mountain range and still see nothing but olives.


For reference Extra Virgin Olive Oil seems to have stayed low in price for a long time now. ie 750ml bottles from Aldi/Lidl are £1.99 now. I'm sure you can find better but is perfectly decent stuff that I've used a load of over the last year.


Bad luck. Maybe it had sold out. Plenty in Bargain Buys in Hill Street though, unless it's now OOS too

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Free Sandwich for Key Workers from Shell Service Stations (Jamie Oliver Sites) until 30th April
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Posted 21st Mar 2020Posted 21st Mar 2020LocalLocal
Free Sandwich for Key Workers from Shell Service Stations (Jamie Oliver Sites) until 30th AprilFREE£0.01Shell Deals
See the attached image Store locator

Not civil servants tho


This is getting old now. There are a number of schemes available from free car hire to free taxi rides in different areas or community volunteers offering lifts etc. There are winners and losers in all situations. Communities need to pull together to help the most vulnerable including those who have lost jobs. Keyworkers have lost out for years. Don’t begrudge them a free sandwich (confused)


My point is that a key worker getting full pay needs these freebies less than someone who's just had their livelihood collapse or greatly diminish. The only freebie an NHS worker really needs right now is a taxi ride for the price of public transport for those that don't run a car - so they're not mingling with a lot of other people on a bus or train.


Well why don't you get the free Sandwich and give your neighbour it then seen as you are so concerned?


They are part of the list defined by the Government https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-maintaining-educational-provision/guidance-for-schools-colleges-and-local-authorities-on-maintaining-educational-provision

Tefal Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Non-Stick Casserole Pan With Free Delivery £13.49 @ Groupon
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Posted 29th Feb 2020Posted 29th Feb 2020
Tefal Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Non-Stick Casserole Pan With Free Delivery £13.49 @ Groupon£13.49£26.1948% offGroupon Deals
Primary Material: Stainless Steel Lid Included: Yes Oven Safe: Yes Features Compatible with all hobs including induction Durable finish with a professional look Riveted stainless… Read more

This must be the best pan I have ever bought and the look is fabulous. We only got it out yesterday and cooked some roast chicken and it was delicious and now my partner wants another set that is smaller than this size and wants 4 or 5 pans like this shape. Where am I suppose to get one from. It's too expensive and I'm stuck now


. They'll dispatch on same lorry with your 8000 toilet roll order .. #greedy (y)


Order 3 on 29th February received one on the 9th March still waiting on the other 2 said he transit??


I finally got it too. Should have ordered more than one before I posted here. (Good present for someone) But anyway I found it by some filter error on Groupon. I was looking for some wireless earbuds and that thing appeared there😃. Didn't expect to be Jamie's salesman that morning.


Received mine today. Fantastic quality. Unbelievable deal