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While the brand dates back to the golden age of Hollywood, JBL offers an audio selection that's right up to date, featuring affordable headphones and speakers for use at home, or on the move. Anyone who wants to refresh their audio life with a set of wireless headphones, or who needs a smart-speaker, can find the products they need at the hotukdeals JBL listings. Read more
LENOVO Tab M10 10.3" FHD IPS 330nits 4GB RAM+128GB Tablet, Sleeve & JBL Wireless Headphones Bundle, £189.05 at Currys/ebay
20/05/2021Expires on 20/05/2021Posted 5 h, 12 m agoPosted 5 h, 12 m ago
Nice bundle on offer here, 5% off with code. SpecificationBrand: LENOVO Model: Tab M10 10.3" Tablet, Sleeve & JBL Wireless Headphones Bundle - 128 GB, Grey Audio connections… Read more

Has the non HD streaming apps been resolved on these?

JBL BAR 9.1 True Wireless Surround with Dolby Atmos £749 (25% off for Students - New signups) £561.71 (plus possible 8.32% cashback) @ JBL
203° Expired
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
25% off JBL 9.1 Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Unidays code + possible 8.32% Topcashback. Unidays have a code for 25% off, and if you have a TCB account, you may be able to get 8.32%. … Read more

This could be related to the issue av receivers are seeing, which is down to a specific implementation of hdmi 2.1 spec not being interpreted properly and therefore not being implemented on hardware but it's the mode that the xbox series x is using. See Here for basic info and other examples of hardware fault. So my JBL Bar 9.1 is boxed up, ready to go back. For me, it didn't work with my room configuration and as others have mentioned, the latest firmware update knocks it for six and for me, broke my configuration and made all sound rubbish. I had to factory reset and recalibrate to get anything out of it, but it's still poor audio compared with the audio I had before buying this. So here is my tips: - this is great for a smaller (2*2 meter) square room - make sure you cna put the bar flush against the wall to get the best out of it. - make sure you have the rears the right way around! You have to take the speaker from the bar, turn it 180, then put in the slot behind your head. It seems obvious but it isn't when you have a speaker that looks almost the same either way around. - make sure you calibrate after each firmware update. You can check the current version by installing Google home and hooking the bar up to that. Then the bar will auto update over night after a few days (I could never force the update). Then once done, factory reset, calibrate at least once and you should be good. - before calibration, make sure you set the volume at 14 or above. Believe it or not, it caliurbates at the volume you start with (dumb). - there are a large number of 'hidden' menu features. See Here - be prepared for a loud 'pop' every time you switch from one dolby source to another without going to pcm etc. E.g. Changing the tv channel. This for me was the reason for sending the bar back - that pop bugged the hell out of me. - this bar does support every audio format I threw at it. However I learnt that plex app on my LG tv doesn't support atmos, where as it does on the nvidia shield. So if it's not working even via earc, it's most likely your source that is at fault. - I could never quite get the rear upfires in the right height to experience the atmos sound. One thing to note though is the rear speakers have USB ports, so you can hardwire them to a plug. - all the wall mounts are included in the box, including the rear ones. Good stuff! So yes mines going back, I can recommend for people with smaller rooms, but it's not for my bigger room that needs more power from the speaker itself to drive into the room greater at low ever volumes and not require the sound bar to be shouting to hear anything.


I`ve got no issues with my PS5. Works flawlessly with DTS:X. Only issues I had was with the Series X.


The series X is getting audio pass through in the next dashboard update which I believe is out this week.


Nope because I know what I’m doing ;)


No need to be condescending. The fact you have to know to turn off a default setting to make things sound better isnt a good thing. You also failed to mention it turns smart mode back on if you turn the bar off or put on standby. Or have you been using it with smart mode on without knowing (lol)

Student Deal - 25% off JBL site for new members - Code via Unidays
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Unidays have a 25% off code for new members. Plus - potentially an extra 8.32% off for Topcashback users. I hope this helps someone. I've just bought a JBL 9.1 for £561.75 using m… Read more

It is, been eyeing it up for some time. There's a 2 week wait though, so won't know how good it is until I plug this bad boy in 😁


Thank you! (y)


Nice spot @modjodojo thanks for sharing! (y)


Is that the 9.1 with the detachable speakers? Any good, had my eye on it for a while

JBL Bar 2.0 All-in-One Sound Bar £89 @ Amazon
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Turn your living room into your favourite entertainment destination with the JBL Bar 2.0 All-in-One speaker with an inconspicuous design, JBL sound and streaming capabilities for t… Read more

Similar experience with our JBL Bar Studio, which looks very similar. Constant sound drop outs, and poor sound quality. Admittedly when it's working it is superior to the TV speakers, but that's the very least I'd expect for a £20 sound bar, let alone a much expensive one. Getting firmware updates was also quite difficult, for ours you couldn't download them for the site, instead you needed to get in touch with them via e-mail and ask them for it. Didn't fix the problem I was having either.


Been this price in various places for a while. Currys, Richer Sounds, Very, JBL own site.


I use one of these with my PC and for that, it's great. Sounds better than a lot of PC speakers and I didn't want the clutter of a sub. I wouldn't be confident of its performance as a main TV soundbar though. Not had a single drop out connected via an optical cable.


I got this as a free gift. Would have got a refund otherwise. The sound drops for a split second when connected to TV and there's a quiet scene. Getting a Bluetooth connection with my mobile was hit and miss. Sound quality was not much better than my TV. It Stoped working after 6 months.


70Hz here so don't expect deep Bass

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JBL Tune 500BT On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Black £20 @ ElekDirect
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Return To Base warranty this only covers hardware faults and does not cover software issues or accidental damage. Batteries, chargers and peripherals are not covered by the warr… Read more

Have these came free with a Chromebook. I'm personally quite like them but I'm certainly no audiophile. Good for bass so maybe TV etc more than music


I bought these via Amazon a week ago. They are quite bass heavy, but as I used them for running I don't mind. Seems well build overall for the price.


New item covered by ebay tetur policy, free return if not...


Bad feedback or minimum feedback on those sellers Id rather buy from reputable source


On ebay £14.