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Innocent Gorgeous Green Apple Smoothie 750 Ml - 60p instore @ Heron Foods
LocalLocalUpdated 6 h, 19 m agoLast updated 6 h, 19 m ago by maxeyt
This innocent smoothie is a blend of crushed fruit and vegetables.
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Sounds hideous, so probably good for you. Hot 8)


What branch was this at

Half Price Dole Tropical Gold Pineapple Chunks in Juice - 60p @ Tesco
25/09/2018Expires on 25/09/2018Updated 6 h, 33 m agoLast updated 6 h, 33 m ago by kay9
Much nicer than tinned imho, I am happy buying these at full price but for 60p excellent deal, other fruits in the range also half price

Thanks OP. Same price in Sainsbury's and there are other fruits to choose from.


Tinned fruit/custard/ etc aisle in mine.


think i will stick to fresh fruit


these make a great smoothy. bung in liquidiser/bullet and add any fruit or yoghurt and whizz! Yum easy breakfast. Whereabouts are they in-store any idea as my nearest is HUGE! ta op!


I tried it, it tasted awful ):

Brewdog Elvis Juice 330ml bottle for £1.10 at Tesco
LocalLocalUpdated 13 h, 9 m agoLast updated 13 h, 9 m ago by mattcass
Found at my local Express in Cookley, near Kidderminster. Normally £2 or part of the 3 for £5.25 deal so a pretty good deal IMO - unless you’re a Brewdog hater that is! 🤪

Fair point. But always nicer out of a bottle


Cos I bought them all 🤭


Local and none on the shelf - very cold


To be fair, the current 2 for £9 on 4x330ml cans works out not much more than this and is National :{



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8 x 330ml Brewdog Punk IPA, Dead Pony or Elvis Juice - £9 @ Tesco
Updated 21st SepLast updated 21st Sep by BobMass
2 x 4 packs of any of the afore-mentioned craft beers for £9 at Tesco. Works out at £1.13 a can, which is a better than normal price for this stuff

Elvis juice on offer in York stores. Still seems pricey to me since I got 12 for a fiver in Co-op (ninja)




Vocation Life & Death is on this offer too and is waaaay better than Punk IPA




This is a good deal if you like variety. I bought PUNK IPA, Elvis Juice, INDIE and Dead Pony. 16 x Cans for £18. I was happy with that. Elvis Juice is (highfive). Heat.

Vive Lemonade, Made with Real Fruit Juice, 2L 18p @ Aldi
Updated 20th SepLast updated 20th Sep by RobertLuvs
18p Aldi's Vive Lemonade Made with Real Fruit Juice 2L
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Great value I mail have 30p one best Lemonade I've ever tasted..


Not a massive fan. Too fruity for me. I prefer a more artificial taste.


also now do a 4pk for 69p, which makes an even better price!


I love this diet lemonade :)


best diet lemonade ive ever tasted and 18p for 2 litres :D

New Absolut Juice Edition: Apple or Strawberry Vodka £13 each online and instore @ Asda
Refreshed 19th SepRefreshed 19th SepUpdated 20th SepLast updated 20th Sep by Robert_Pierucki
Two new limited edition vodkas are now down from £16 to £13 per bottle at Asda. I haven't tried either of them, but Strawberry and Apple flavours are sure to be nice. They are 50… Read more
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At this moment asda give free absolut glass with every bottle. Not worth 5 quids in my opionion but looks amazing so took 2 :D .


Same in Tesco


Oooooooooh!! (y)


That sounds like more effort than just pouring the Vodka in though...


I don’t get all these ‘infused’ alcohols. If I want it to taste fruity... I’ll put fruit in it? (lol)

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Tropicana Pure Premium Pressed Apple Juice 1.5 Litre £1.00 @ Heron Frozen Foods
LocalLocalUpdated 19th SepLast updated 19th Sep by RainbowKiss
Tropicana Pure Premium Pressed Apple Juice 1.5 Litre £1.00 @ Heron in date till 28/9/2018 & it's 100% pure squeezed fruit. it's in Heron so it's a national thing.

Mmmm apple pie in a carton!!


Got some today in my local at Boldon Colliery, very nice too !


Seen in Corby today

Welch's White Grape Pear And Apple Juice Drink 1 Litre 65p at Tesco
25/09/2018Expires on 25/09/2018Updated 14th SepLast updated 14th Sep by tightasagnatschu
Half price, was £1.30

Purple Grape included too Heated added.


A nice light breakfast drink,i was going to say has been on offer for at least 2 weeks so hurry.But then saw the expire date,well done for that,will pick a couple more up before then.

7 Days deal of Capri-Sun Juice Drink Orange 10 x 200 ml for £1.89 @Iceland
Updated 11th SepLast updated 11th Sep by h41d3r96
Capri-Sun is a great tasting fruit juice drink packed in a fun pouch. Try original Orange our classic and most popular flavour, it's pure sunshine in a pouch. Original Capri Sun ha… Read more

Don't see it on the website mate?


Asda has the 20 packs for 3 pound at the moment :)


Wouldn’t buy it myself but B and M have this same deal for £2 if you’re not close to an Iceland - 11p more I hasten to add!


But iceland dont do very good stuff for xmas? I mean i buy my microwave chips when on sale and my icecreams and stuff, the fresh food is very bad quality and left out the fridges all day on delivery days... half of it is bad by the time it gets shelved.


A wee tip and a way to get your XMas shopping for "free" if you shop in Iceland a lot. Use your bonus card as a debit card. 1. Top up your bonus card to your average spend (I started with £15 in April). 2. When you do your shop, pay for it with your bonus card balance. 3. After your transaction completes, get your till assistant to scan your card again and top up whatever amount your shopping comes to. This literally takes seconds to do but Iceland have a savings scheme that for every £20 you put on the card, you get a free £1. It doesn't have to be £20 at a time, it can be any amount but the free money fairly adds up. It takes around 24 hours for the £1 to be added to your account but your balance can be checked online. Since April, when I started doing this I now have £49 on my card (probably £50 after todays spend). By XMas, I should easily have enough for my XMas shop. I'm going to post this as a deal but I'll wait until after XMas so I can show how much I earned last year. It's also a good time for the HUKD masses to start saving but you can start any time TBH and the soooner the better :) A second wee tip is to have a second card and do the same once a month. Anyone in your household can have a card but from time to time Iceland send you a bonus. This will be something like "Shop 6 times and spend £25 and get £15 added to your bonus card". It is however encouraging you to spend more instore than you usually do. My average spend would be £10-£15 but Iceland try and push me to spend £20-£25 each time. Each individual will be given a different target. For someone who only shops once a month, the bonus is far lower but also easily achievable. It may not be much but hey free is free isn't it :) As an Edit: To add, for me to gain £35 in bonuses my savings balance would have to be £700. Spending on the card and using it as a pre pay Debit Card keeps those £1's rolling in without having to save anything.

Juice Festival Essentials Bundle inc Bluetooth Speaker £6.25 Tesco Rochdale
LocalLocalUpdated 10th SepLast updated 10th Sep by rehmanfarid_11
Ok this was the only one in Tesco Rochdale but worth looking in your local if you are going anyway. Not a yellow sticker Bluetooth Speaker Lightning / Micro USB Charger Battery C… Read more

That’s a very good price for juice bundle… heat

Vape Juice - 7x 10ml bottles £8.55 delivered @ ebay - foxyvape
Updated 10th SepLast updated 10th Sep by BloodyJonesy
I haven't tried these so can't comment on the flavour, but if I didn't have lots of juice in the house i'd be looking this up. Many flavours to choose from. I think 70/30 mix is g… Read more
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Never tried the first. Liquid is good for the variety and if you want some basic flavors. Novavapes is good for something a bit different. Can't really go wrong either way :)


Only as hard as you make it. It's called will power!


Bore off. It's harder for some than it is others


Go vapable.com and they sell a kit with all the instructions. There is also loads of receipes online to make lots of interesting flavours. Works out about 50-60p per 10ml. Hope this helps :)


How would I start

Dole mandarins in fruit juice £1 @ Asda
Updated 8th SepLast updated 8th Sep by brooky
Recently priced at £1.99, so since fresh Satsumas season is over packaged ones have to be considered.
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...and now they have it for £2.45. Nonetheless your post was really useful. In future for all ASDA deals could you please let everyone know if Tesco have ever charged that price in their history, and for how long. Thanks.


Tesco have it at this price for the past 3 weeks




Manufacturer address is in France and country of origin is China, so the mandarins are from China and packed in France. Seems like the Chinese are world leaders in cultivating mandarins, interesting.


Heat added - Morrisons also have them on offer at this price and other varieties including fruits in jelly.

Rubicon Mango Juice "Deluxe" version 2x1L £1.50 @ Home Bargains
Updated 8th SepLast updated 8th Sep by viniteng
Now to me the ordinary stuff is a silky smooth nectar of the gods, so this should be even better!
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This is a cracking deal... not sure why he heat level is so low? Heat added by me


they call it deluxe cos it has extra sugar. lol


This is just the same old drink, before the sugar tax came and ruined everything.


This is the original rebranded. The now original is a reduced sugar version my wife hates. But is now very happy to have the original back to help the hangovers.


Shame about all the extra sugar. I'm not the sugar police but when it comes to fruit drinks I'd rather have the fruit 8)

One 450ml bottle of Naked Juice for free at WHSmith Travel stores @ WUNTU (THREE)
Updated 6th SepLast updated 6th Sep by Dynamofdh
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Same in Bristol - WHSmith Travel had none and Hotel Chocolat don't sell ice cream!


Nothing at Cardiff airport. They don't sell naked smoothies.


OOS in Liverpool Street, not surprised really. At least I got a free selector pack at Hotel Chocolat there, but that store is closing on the 8th September! :(




Popped in to WHSmith in Stansted Airport arrivals, they told me they had them in the fridge but I went and none were left (tags still remained but Innocent smoothies were in the fridge space instead). Gutted, was really looking forward to having one but Wuntu must've cleared them out!

Innocent Raspberry And Cherry Super Juice, Apple, Pear & Cucumber Wonder Green & Orange Super Juice 750Ml HALF PRICE only £1.49 Links in op @ Tesco
Updated 3rd SepLast updated 3rd Sep by MbappeFrappe
Tasty healthy products - 100% pure. No added sugar. No concentrates. No funny business. 2. Sourced sustainably - we use recycled & recyclable packaging, refuse to air freight … Read more
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haha You are so nice :3


I prepared a little table for people to understand these bottles. (nerd)


Ad blockers don't like the links. Disable ad block ublock, or whatever you're using and they work (nerd)


If you were to drink the whole bottle yourself cause let's face it you wouldn't split it into 5 servings as suggested you would have the equivalent of 18 teaspoons of sugar, I was unaware of this until my son told me and I was drinking these in the 500ml version roughly 12 teaspoons of sugar at least 3 times a week thinking I was being healthy. Ok in moderation as most things.


I have tested all links and they work what message do you get?

Donate Blood - get a free tea, coffee or juice plus a biscuit, maybe even mince pie!
Updated 2nd SepLast updated 2nd Sep by ubmaniac
It's that time of year when people like to give and what could be better than giving the gift of life by donating blood? In return, get a free cuppa and a biscuit. They even have S… Read more

The real question is .. has anyone managed to squeeze their glutes tight enough to beat the minimum predicted time of 5 minutes ?




Y does the needle have to be the size of a knitting needle?


I'd love to help but the thought of someone putting metal in my body makes me want to vomit.


This seems so generous however must leave some marks permanently doesn't it op? 48th is impressive

Juice braided lighting cable iPhone £6.99 instore / online @ Aldi (+ £2.95 Home Delivery)
Updated 31st AugLast updated 31st Aug by yahoo007
Best price I have seen on juice cables. Apple certified too. + £2.95 Home Delivery for online orders / Free wys £20+

Never trust this brand, awful customer service to deal with


Can't find anything online about that,only saw a forest one costing £35


Its cold because for 6.99 you can get a quality cable with free delivery from the forest


Agree - these all work well for me - hot


This should not be cold. It’s a quality product.

Beet It beetroot juice £2 in Sainsbury’s
Updated 30th AugLast updated 30th Aug by theman1990
Normally £2.80 in Sainsbury’s but reduced to £2. Also usually £2.50 in Tesco.


Him and his friend drank 8 cartons each the day before the marathon last year - never again!


You do know that they coat tin foil with poison so when you make a hat from it it sends you mad?


Used your juice extractor to make your own juice.....you know what's in it.


This beet is technotronic

Citrus Trees, 1 Orange and 1 Lemon with 150 g Citrus Feed (Pair) @ Amazon - £24.99
Updated 28th AugLast updated 28th Aug by calm
Looks yummy if they will grow to be these, only a small price to loose at £24.99 if not.. enjoy :) Now you really can grow fresh juicy oranges and lemons here in the UK with th… Read more

bought . thanks




Live again :) you can add some heat...


Still £24.99 The deal should be made LIVE again on HUKD.


Yep, just got my Keepa alert and ordered this morning.

Juice long weekender powerbar - £19.99 @ sainsbury's
Updated 28th AugLast updated 28th Aug by Carldiff
Available in blue : https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/all-sale/juice-long-weekender-power-bank-aqua-133739669-p Do you need power on the go? Look no further than the… Read more
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I bought mine back in May in Sainsburys for £19.99 - it's a good piece of kit but I wouldn't call it a deal.


Fair enough. I just posted this deal seeing as it was the cheapest price at this moment in time. Others may consider it a deal :)


I bought it from Currys the price was 19.99 Few months ago. Must have gone up


Standard price where? A quick google search would let you know that it retails for £29.99 at currys , thats the cheapest price i can find after the posted "deal" . Juice and Argos sell this product for £39.99!


Does about 3 charges on a Samsung galaxy s7. Also this isn't a deal. This is standard price.

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