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Del Monte Gold Pineapple Juice 1L half price 67p @ Ocado
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Really good quality pineapple juice - not as watery as the supermarkets' own brands I find. Half price at Ocado, down from £1.35. I don't think it goes down to this price very of… Read more

Agree :) Bargain thank you OP :D


Sorry, you have lost me entirely, Sam.This stuff is 100% Pure Pineapple Juice from Concentrate. The ONLY sugars are naturally occurring sugars.


What about fresh pineapple or frozen one ? You cannot eat one pinneapple in one go , but can easily drink sugar of lots more . All the benefits of fibre lost as well.


You get pineapple in Syrup (Sugar) Unhealthy and pineapple Juice (Juice of the aforementioned) Healthy


Full of sugar . Better eat pineapple than drink juice . I used to like long time ago before I knew about the horrors of sugar and that juice is just concentrated natural sugar solution.

18 Pack X Rubicon Sparkling Mango Juice Drink for £5 Instore At Hayes @ ASDA
LocalLocalFound 8th NovFound 8th Nov
Check your nearby stores. Net Content 330 Millilitres Lifestyle Suitable for Vegetarians. Ingredients Carbonated Water , Mango Purée (8%) , Sugar , Acid (Malic Acid) , Stabili… Read more

Had some today... Didn't like it compared to the "still" stuff (flirt) That is all. Heat OP!


recently doesn't taste same not as sweet and more watered down something been changed


it's instore offer. :)


Clicked on the link but keeps taking me to the 2 cans for a £1🤤


Still pound a pack in poundland

Copella Apple & Blackberry Juice (1.35L) £1 @ Heron Foods
LocalLocalFound 4th NovFound 4th Nov
Also Orange And Mango (1.35L)
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Picked up the orange and mango flavour yesterday (popcorn)

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Biona organic carrot juice 500ml (Pack of 12) £6 @ Best4Deals Amazon
Found 3rd NovFound 3rd Nov
Biona Organic Carrot Pressed Juice is a lively and wonderfully sweet organic carrot Juice that is simply pressed, so more of its full flavour and natural rich goodness reaches your… Read more

On "Your Orders" list on Amazon (under tab 'Your Account' right below your name), there is an option "Leave seller feedback" just click on that and leave feedback.


Only received 1, scamming kit. Thought it was going to be easy getting a refund, like going through Amazon. Billox How do you leave feedback? There's no option on this item. 6 quid for 500ml of carrot juice (mad) (mad)


Make sure also to leave an accurate feedback on this misleading sale by Best4deals.


Yes for me as well . Most expensive carrot juice I ever bought from Best4deals fraudster. I have asked for return . Don't forget to file claim with Amazon and Trading Standards if he does not return your money.


yep. Only 1 bottle arrived (annoyed)

Tesco Everyday Value Orange Juice Drink 1.5L 37p instore
LocalLocalFound 29th OctFound 29th Oct
My local had so much on the reduced shelves so I grabbed a few crates but they had loads left! Guessing they are getting rid of it like they have done with all the other Tesco va… Read more
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The others don't have to because they are 100 percent pure orange from concentrate (correct amount of water re added). This is 50 percent pure orange from concentrate with additional water added.


I Haven't back tracked at all. My original point is that this was pure orange juice from concentrate with additional water added. Your original point was that it was orange juice concentrate with only the original water removed re added. You were wrong but won't admit it.


Only this one states 50% orange from concentrate the rest from store just say orange juice from concentrate nothing about water


Yeah. However I did find it for £0.54 in another Tesco.


(lol) back tracking much

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J2O GLITTER BERRY JUICE DRINK 4 X 275ML £1 @ Poundstretcher
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
Enjoy a J2O in a delicious limited edition flavour that contains a grape, cherry and spice flavour! Not only is it a great drink to quench your thirst with, but it truly is a spark… Read more

It's Ok if mixed with a bit of lemonade/ soda water for a sparkly drink at Christmas :)


The first year this came out it was delicious and I loved it - when they released it again the next xmas it was different and is now vile! (I think they took out the real sugar and replaced it with artificial sweeteners... Bleugh!)


From the comments, I can see why it's so cheap (embarrassed) (excited)


I hated this stuff. Try one before you stock up!!!


I got this before at this price from a corner shop.Great price, but one taste and the other 3 bottles and the rest of the first went straight down the sink.Horrible stuff,but cheers to the op.

Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice no bits 950ml BBE 1/11/18 89p @ Heron Foods
LocalLocalFound 21st OctFound 21st Oct
Cue the sugar police.... (lipstick) Moderation in all things :) Should be national.

150ml of it represents 13% of your recommended daily amount...I wouldn't worry yourself about the sugar in it


Natural or not doesn't make it good for you.


Precisely what difference does that make?


Sugar!, it should be remembered that this is 100% natural and any sugar is naturally occurring

Monster Energy Ripper Plus Juice, 4 x 500 ml - £2.95 @ amazon pantry./ £2.99 delivery for first box
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
bargain here.seems these have shot up sine the sugar tax.currently 4.00 in asda. Carbonated energy drink with caffeine Includes Ginseng and B Vitamins Great Monster taste with a… Read more
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My bad, the ban is for under 16s for most of the supermarkets, only a few originally announced it was stopping sales to under 18s. You also seem unable to understand what a peer reviewed scientific article is, or how to read them. You also seem very hostile, have you drunk too many??


Ok well, all supermarkets sell energy drinks to 16 and 17 year olds, so you can't even get that correct, let alone anything scientific, have a good day!


Go read further down through the more technical parts of that report, perhaps Table 1 will help - up means bad, down means good. BTW, two of those cans equal 400mg, and this particular version is one of the LESS decaffeinated ones; some have 800mg per can. So go add up how much you are getting a day WITHOUT these drinks. I would also point out the word "adult", 99% of the people drinking this are not "adult" by the medical definition of the word; there is a reason the WHO recommends no decaffeinated drinks for under 25's, and why many supermarkets will no longer sell them to under 18's. One of the studies I can no longer access was from a New York psychiatric hospital who were using a caffeine reduction procedure on "involuntary admissions" (dragged in by the Police), and cured around half of them just from that. One guy was on 50+ cups of filter coffee per day. It was one of the studies I referenced for my Uni paper, however I dont have any of that paperwork saved any longer.


"Based on the data reviewed, it is concluded that for the healthy adult population, moderate daily caffeine intake at a dose level up to 400 mg day1 (equivalent to 6 mg kg1 body weight day1 in a 65-kg person) is not associated with adverse effects such as general toxicity, cardiovascular effects, effects on bone status and calcium balance (with consumption of adequate calcium), changes in adult behaviour, increased incidence of cancer and effects on male fertility" Thanks for proving yourself wrong, don't talk to me about science ever again. Talking about studies that I won't understand. You have zero idea of my background or what I do, where as you are a typical blog reader who will believe anything he reads. Caffeine is one of the most studied and safest drugs in the world - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5445139/


Here you go, the fun stuff starts from "General toxicity" https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mark_Feeley/publication/10957470_Effect_of_caffeine_on_human_health/links/09e41508e60e522c2a000000.pdf Here is one describing its addictiveness https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/j.1471-4159.2007.05196.x There are plenty more, however I dont have free access to the scientific publishing houses any longer, and I am not stumping up cash just to list studies you wouldnt be able to understand anyway. Here is a less scientifically loaded version for you https://www.verywellmind.com/caffeine-addiction-4157287 If you dont want to click on a link..... Is caffeine addictive? Have you ever said that you can't function until your morning cup of coffee? Do you find yourself reaching for caffeinated coffee, tea, or soda when you are feeling lethargic? Could it be that you are addicted to caffeine? That all depends on whom you ask. Whether we consume caffeine for pleasure or purpose is a controversial topic. Those opposed to caffeine being addictive claim that we consume it for the pleasure of the product, while those who believe that it is addictive claim that we consume it for the purpose of satisfying our craving for it. Psychiatric diagnoses are categorized by a manual published by the American Psychiatric Association called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition (DSM-IV). This manual covers all mental-health disorders for both children and adults. The DSM-IV does not classify substances as addictive but instead sets the criteria for substance dependence, including: tolerance; substance-specific withdrawal syndrome; substance often taken in larger amounts or over a longer period than expected; persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control use; a great deal of time spent in activities necessary to obtain, use, or recover from the effects of the substance;important social, occupational, or recreational activities given up or reduced because of the substance; and/or use continued despite knowledge of a persistent or recurrent physical or psychological problem likely to have been caused or exacerbated by the substance. In order for a user of a substance to be considered dependent upon it, the substance needs to meet at least three of the above criteria. It is clear that people can be dependent on caffeine based on these criteria. Lifted from https://www.medicinenet.com/caffeine/article.htm [he shoots, he socres!!] EDIT, for some reason the website keeps "auto-correcting" that last word "s c o r e s" I have run into this glitch on here before, not sure what causes it.

Dole 4 packs: Fruit Salad, Peaches in Jelly, Mandarins in Jelly, Mixed fruit in Jelly & Mandarins in Juice all £1 @ Tesco
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Dole 4 pack of fruit in jelly/juice - Better than half price - Reduced from £2.45 to £1. Offer includes Fruit Salad with Cherry, Peaches in Jelly, Mandarins in Jelly, Mixed fruit … Read more
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its the red colour..wecome!


Good for when your,e on the dole.


No sadly had Carmine, Tesco pots of Jelly and fruit are, but they £1.50.


Ok thank you wouldnt have tought carmine was in the jelly and just mainly sweets and icelollys thank u so much x


some are..some are not due to carmine..no animal gelatine though!

Tesco Hiball Water / Juice Glasses £0.25p @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Found different designs of Water/ Juice glasses in Tesco Bradford Peel centre . 25 pence each. As per tesco staff its nation wide. Try your luck in nearest Store.
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rubbish quality unfortunately


50p in my local store Rotherham , did pick up some simoniz back to black tyre shine next to them for £1.25 a can knocked down from £5.


Water / juice glasses * * other cold drinks are available


Not for me


Still showing as marked for me (lol)

Tropicana Pure  Orange & Mango Juice (1.6L) £1 @ Heron Foods
LocalLocalFound 13th OctFound 13th Oct
100% pure squeezed fruit.
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I think you need to google govt policy as it changes quite, excessive sugar whether natural or not this I’m sure you will agree with. Govt say electronic cigarettes are ok as they better than normal cigarettes but doesn’t mean we all go out and start using electronic cigarettes


I think what he means to say is that having 5 fruits that your body has to digest (and burning calories as it does so) is different from having juice that needs no digestion. It may be natural sugars, but it's still sugar.


So, why do the government say minimum 5 fruits a day? Doesn't make sense to me... Kindest regards


A small glass of this (150ml) contains 15g of sugar. You say you have 3 or 4 glasses with every meal, that's 45 to 60g of sugar each time! Assuming you have 3 meals a day, that's 135 to 180g of sugar a day - even more if you are not having a small glass. Sorry, but you have been incorrectly informed if you believe that a huge amount of sugar each day (natural or otherwise) is good for you. It's actually very bad for you.


There is fructose in all fruit juices which absorbs better than normal sugar but is sugar nevertheless. Regarding consumption of fruit yes juice is good but 3-4 glasses still counts only as 1 if your 5. Vegetables are much better. Basically everything is good in moderation whether it’s juice or chocolate.

Jif lemon juice 55ml - 19p instore @ Poundstretcher
LocalLocalFound 7th OctFound 7th Oct
In Poundstretcher Craigavon
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Jif forever, cif never


200ml bottle in Aldi 35p.


Is it good for cleaning?

Beutelsbacher Demeter Organic Plum Juice 750 ml (Pack of 6) £11.99 amazon prime.subscribe and save.
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
these can be added to subscribe and save for as little as 10.19 Made from dried prunes or plums Contain many nutrients that can contribute to good health A good source of energ… Read more
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Are there not supposed to be good for constipation also (:I


https://groceries.asda.com/product/other-fruit-flavoured-juice/asda-water-extracted-prune-juice/910000421554 if this is what your on miles away.


organic not from concentrate get me some at that price please




£2 a bottle (750ml) for prune/plum juice? It's 69p a litre at ASDA.

Clamato tomato juice 946ml Save £1@ £2.50 in Sainsbury's only
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
Clamato tomato juice mixer 946ml normally £3.50 discounted to £2.50 only until 09th of Oct and only in Sainsbury's. In Ocado its £4.99 and other seller £5.51! Its amazing for Blood… Read more
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Anyone else automatically think of this when they see the product name? XD


Salty, MSG (might be ok), HFCS (not really ok), 90% water.... no thank you!


Does the Morrisons one have Clam in it? This does. Hence Clam-ato


Completes the perfect Bloody Mary.


Is this tomato juice for poor People

Tesco Everyday Value orange juice 1.5L, ONLY 34P instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
Probably not the best juice you can buy,but at 34p for 1.5L it is probably cheaper than a bottle of water. Not sure if it is national but i found the offer at the Weston-Super-Mar… Read more
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Now on mobile I see the pic can be zoomed in and everything is clear. I never thought you were hiding anything by the way :)


You do realise this stuff is mostly dihydrogen monoxide?


Nothing to do with me getting confused easily.I was actually referring to other people seeing your deal title. As others have said the photos in deal titles are too small to read, and I'm not viewing on a mobile. :D


It would seem that it can only be done on a mobile device,but to be fair the limitations of the site isn’t really my fault,at least i did upload a hi res picture taken on a Samsung galaxy Note 9,some people just upload a generic picture. This is a photo ive just taken of the photo being displayed on my phone - Thanks for the heat anyway :D


The pic cannot be enlarged and viewed in high res. At least I'm not personally aware of how to do that. I can't make out anything in the pic next to the title as it is. Just that it is a reduced to clear item. You should have really stated "juice drink"in the title to avoid any confusion. I voted hot anyway.

Dole Tropical Gold Pineapple Chunks in Juice @ Sainsburys - 60p
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Pineapple Chunks in Pineapple Juice Fridge pack 1 of your 5 a day - 80g = 1 fruit portion BPA-free packaging Join The Dole Fruit Challenge Put this handy resealable pouch int… Read more
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Well guess I was just unlucky


Sold in our Asda (Ware). Our Asda is tiny compared to Harlow or Stevenage.


Looks delicious, but the package looks like one of my washing liquid haha


Didn't sell it in my asda and it was a big asda


same price @ Asda, all varieties.

Psycho Juice Smoked Ghost Pepper (Pack of 2) amazon add on item & subscribe & save
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
can be added to subscribe and save for as little as 3.54.this is far to hot for me.i am sure there is some chilli lovers on here for it. Made with Naga Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) and … Read more
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Im working my way through the unsmoked version of this atm, its made with 70% Naga so is a damn hot sauce!


Don't know how this compares to the bottle of chilli sauce I got a couple of weeks ago, but it's chuffin hot (called Reaper 51). I am a third of thr way through the bottle now though. :D


Noworriesandyouareforgiven (cheeky)


was ready to add a few to my next S+S too :(



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