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Bargain Tropicana Juice at ASDA - £1
LocalLocalFound 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Just found this this morning. Bargain.

Asda kings Heath have a few left and also have some orange with bits for £1


Saw a variety of different juices and smoothies on clearance the other day in the Leigh store. In that store they'd moved them to the reduced fridge section on the top shelf. Picked up some sort of Innocent smoothie, pinapple and coconut or something like that . That was a quid.


£1 at Asda Boldon colliery for 1.5l but only on tropical flavour


Also Asda Greenhithe Tropical and Mango&Orange


Oh whoa. Even at £2 thats lower than RRP

Juice Slim Portable Powerbank 5000mAh 99p @ ALDI
LocalLocalFound 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Juice Slim Portable Powerbank 5000mAh in Aldi Stechford
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Great spot OP thanks. Fingers crossed that I will get any of those at Norwich tomorrow


(shock) (shock) (shock) Tbh I would never pay that much


No, they were in the cage between other reduced items


Right, of course it's a Sony branded 5000mah integrated battery case for a Huawei, at less than £2 no less, sure. As for the first paragraph that you struggled with so much, let me simplify it for you and remind you of your posts: firstofficer - You won't get far with 5000 mAH and then: firstofficer - I have a 5000 mah integrated battery case too (lol) Power Banks aren't really designed to charge other power banks, being that your phone is 5000mah one would think you'd be able to figure out a 5000mah power bank would suffice. And yes, most phones are around 3000mah, from Sony, Google Pixel's, Samsung, Apple, etc, the fact that you think otherwise because you use a Huawei shows how clueless you are.

Innocent Apple & Berry   Orange or  Apple Juice £2 @ Asda
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
8 Pressed Apples (69%) , 52 Pressed White Grapes , 15 Crushed Strawberries (12%) , 77 Crushed Blackcurrants (4%) squashed into every bottle .

I wonder who counts all these fruit items per bottle? I'd be rather bored after the first couple.


Eat fresh fruit. Concentrated sugar even from fruit is not good for health. You cannot eat 10 apples in one go but can easily drink sugar of 10 apples in one go. Recently in news it says eating fibre protects from so many diseases. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/jan/10/high-fibre-diets-cut-heart-disease-risk-landmark-study-finds


Does the lost fibre mean this is not a good product or good deal? Genuine question by the way. Can you recommend an alternative product? I like fruit juice but won't drink from concentrate. Or if it has added sugars.


Lots of lost fibre which they do not mention. Eating fruits is always better than drinking juice.

Pomegreat  Pomegranate Juice Drink 1 Litre £1 Tesco
29/01/2019Expires on 29/01/2019Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Great juice. Was £1.50. Tesco

Agree, but from time to time it's not going to harm you...


Pomegranate is a fantastic fruit, and is well worth investing in, but the drinks with added sugar and sweetener should be kept away from.


artificial sweeteners


Look out for deals on Pom Wonderful which is 100% pomegranate and give it a try. Amazing stuff.


You're right. i felt something is different, but it still ok.

Beet It Beetroot Juice 1L ideal for cyclists £2 @ Waitrose & partners
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Organic. Not from concentrate.
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Actually very good at reducing blood pressure, if you can stand the taste.


Cystitis ;) I love your spelling sometimes , makes more sense than the real word xx


I thought it said cystightus


Excellent for your cardio


Same price in Sainsburys

Tropicana orange juice 1.6litre £1.75 Tesco
29/01/2019Expires on 29/01/2019Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Half price on Tropicana orange juice 1.6litre
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It applies to most, def this tropicana crap. Some freshley squeezed ranges are safe though, the stores own brand of 'freshley squeezed' tend to be better and taste completely dif from the tropicana crap. It costs atleast £2/L for the better stuff.


I read that as soon as orange juice is processed it looses its taste, and the taste has to be artificially re-applied. Put me off most juices! From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orange_juice "Commercial orange juice with a long shelf life is made by pasteurizing the juice and removing the oxygen from it. This removes much of the taste, necessitating the later addition of a flavor pack, generally made from orange products. Additionally, some juice is further processed by drying and later rehydrating the juice, or by concentrating the juice and later adding water to the concentrate." Not sure if this applies to these 'always from freshly squeezed fruits/not from concentrates' style juices.


Just stick with supermarket brands then as you won't be able to survive by keeping tabs on each and every branded product.


Not to worry, after Brexit you be able to buy 2 Pints of it instead, ......well, maybe not Orange Juice because we dont Manufacture Oranges in the UK ......but lovely Parsnip or Potato Juice instead .......assuming we haven't eaten them all in the first 6 months .....anyway, as my dear old Nan used to say, Never mind eh and another thing, durring the War


1.6 litres now... From 2 litres to 1.75! Cheeky swines!

Juice 20w 2.0 mini soundbar £20 instore @ Sainsbury's Leeds and online
LocalLocalFound 7th JanFound 7th Jan
May be store specific and but saw in Sainsbury's Leeds. Just checked and it's on their website too https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/juice-20w-20-mini-soundbar-13202… Read more
Innocent Apple Juice 1.5l £1 a bottle @ Asda instore Wembley
Refreshed 7th JanRefreshed 7th JanLocalLocal
1.5l bottle of innocent Apple juice in Asda Wembley down from 3.49 to a pound a bottle. Plenty of stock.
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Found today at Castlepoint Bournemouth - still marked as full price but scanning at £1.


Cheers OP. Purchased in Andover.


It was 99p in Newquay and Asda's speical orange juice was 98p as well


Also in Mitcham Asda but ran out before I got there


My local :D

Half price juice high output fast charger £3.49 / £6.44 delivered @ Aldi
05/02/2019Expires on 05/02/2019Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Features: • High output adapter to charge tablets and smartphones efficiently, (Samsung Galaxy Tablets will charge at a lower speed) • Charger bag • Output: 5 Volt/2100mA • Energy … Read more

All gone. Expired.


Normally at least £10. Good piece of kit. Believe this is an online deal.


Argggg stop it people....seriously! Just gone to this on the Aldis site, found myself in the sales section and I'm now £37.00 lighter....this has to stop...if only I could just hit heat and walk away!


I've got a couple of these from Aldi there twice the price in Asda.

Juice micro usb mains charger with cable £3.49 / £6.43 delivered @ Aldi Think same product in Argos is £12.99
05/02/2019Expires on 05/02/2019Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Quality mains usb micro charger. Think the same product is £12.99 at Argos

I got these for like 50p each in the Vodafone eBay store when they had an offer on. Even at that price they're not worth it.


Think it's because this comes with the lead, the fast charge is minus the lead.


Thanks, I will add heat to that, but considering even if you only need a 1A charger this is redundant due to the fast charger being backward compatible this is very poor value.


Have posted that deal if fast charge is important for you.


But that is not the product you have listed. I am basing my comment on what you have listed and linked to, not what else you *can* buy.

Frobishers Smoothies / Juice bottle - 250ml in Pineapple, Banana & Passion Fruit flavour - Home Bargains 25p
LocalLocalFound 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
As per the title. Glass bottles. Long Expiry date: June 2019 25p each

Horrible taste


They're about £1.50 a bottle in the sandwich shop across the road from where I work. They're really good quality juices, but bit pricey normally, so this is a bargain.


Nutritional panels....


Frobisher saaaayyys ....drink the juice


I'm easily pleased :D . Plus I was thirsty

Biona Tart Cherry Organic Pure Juice, 1 Litre - £4.99 @ Amazon (£2.99 delivery for Amazon Pantry box)
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Biona Tart Cherry Organic Pure Juice, 1 Litre 50% off price
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Isn't this a remedy for gout?


In defence of this ‘deal’. Cherry juice is a bit of a trendy thing amongst athletes and small amounts go for big money so this large bottle is actually comparatively a very good find


I’m sorry I’m confused? This has been 4.99 for probably the entire of 2018- and it’s not a good price even then!

Welch's Light Purple Grape Juice Drink 1 Litre 65p @ Tesco
Found 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
Half Price Was £1.30 Now 65p Offer valid for delivery from 19/12/2018 until 08/01/2019 Purple Grape Juice Drink with Sugar and Sweetener Vitamin C

Cheap mouthwash it is then (y)


Your fears are correct... Listerine comes to mind!!


I haven't had this post - sugar tax. I fear the worst. Heat for the price

Grapetiser White / Red 750Ml Appletiser  Sparkling Apple Juice 750Ml Half Price only £1.24 @ Tesco
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Grapetiser White / Red 750Ml & Appletiser Sparkling Apple Juice 750M Half Price only £1.24 @ Tesco White https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/281425603 Red http… Read more
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Yep. Also the 6 pack is more convenient especially going out or leaving in the car. Saw this deal previously but haven't been able to pop by a Tesco store.


the offer for 6x 250ml can pack in Tesco's too is a better value offer at £2 based on Quantity. For example 2 x 750ml bottles (1.5 litre) = £2.48, whereas 6x 250ml pack = 1.5 litre £2.00. Saving of 48p. Your welcome (y)


not too bad if you don't have a Heron Foods , 2 bottles of Grapetiser for £1 in there ;).

Shloer Grape Juice and Asda Own Brand Grape Juice (750ml) £1 at Asda
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
Includes: White Grape Red Grape Rose White Grape & Elderflower Light White Grape Light Red Grape Asda own includes: Red Grape White Grape Rose
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I only buy Shloer light (with sweetners) now but I had the Asda stuff last year and it's just as good,they had an Asda light version last year as well.


This is shloerly worth trying out. Will buy from Asda over the next couple of days when I can. Have some heat just because you made the effort to post and share (y)


Isn't it this price quite often throughout the year? Love the stuff at Christmas!


The Asda own make Rose grape juice is lovely. It's even nicer than the Shloer one :)

Tesco everyday value apple juice rtc £0.14 instore
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Found in the Failsworth store, probably due to rebranding

This apple juice is actually quite nice, prefer it to many big brands, teh Orange however is hit and miss...


Cheap and cheerful juice, great for adding to fruit and veg when making your own smoothies.


Juicy deal

Half Price Ocean Spray 1L Juice Drink All Flavours - 67p @ Tesco (from 14/12)
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
Half price offer available from 14/12 :) Blueberry is really nice (y) All flavours 67p from 14/12 Ocean Spray Cranberry And Raspberry Juice Drink 1 Litre Ocean Spray C… Read more
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Picked up 10 today for Christmas wry happy thank you


Blueberry is amazing!


Brilliant price 🔥🔥🔥 Just wish they brought back the Cranberry & Blackcurrant flavour! (fierce) ;( Was absolutely delicious & great as a mixer for drinks ;) Reminded me of my student days


Very tasty ;)

Ocean Spray Cranberry Nectar 1litre cartons 2 for £1 or 60p each @Heron
LocalLocalFound 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Ocean Spray Cranberry Necter 1litre cartons 2 for £1 or 60p each in Heron (y) best before ore darts is 16th March 2019
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Heat for our princess Leah. (unicorn)


Really like this- thanks op!


Thanks for sharing that too (y)


Heat. Nice find


I just saw them in Aigburth Road, Liverpool branch for the same price

Juice power bank Aldi £3.99
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Juice power bank in Aldi originally 12.99 showing at 9.99 on website scanning at 3.99 in store should be nationwide

Just popped into 2 Aldis on my way home. Both sold out, but they have plenty of bakewell slices which are pretty good for 69p.


Used to be in the cabinets but found these on the specials aisle I’d ask in store be easier


Great, will be checking my local for these. Thanks for posting :3


Did you find yours in their locked cabinets? Thanks.



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