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Did u get the steelbook


How do you do that my grandson was playing it and it was all over the place. Is it in settings.


Have you looked to see if the controls are inverted


Has anyone tried this on a ps5 the direction control is the wrong way round to look up you have to pull the game trigger toward you to look right you pull to the left. Anyone know how to correct this.


I've not played it in ages but currently making my way through JC4 on Series X. From what I've read, JC4 was using a new engine compared to JC3 so maybe it's a limitation perhaps? It did feel odd there's not as much destruction as I remembered from JC3 - glad it's not just me (:I Another thing, wasn't progression of liberation done by destroying places in JC3 as opposed to having to destroy bits, get enough to form a team and then progress on the map?

[PS4] Just Cause 3: XXL Edition - £3.49 @ PlayStation Store
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Posted 29th SepPosted 29th Sep
The Just Cause 3 XXL Edition packs the critically acclaimed Just Cause 3 game as well as a great selection of extra missions, explosive weapons and vehicles to expand your experien… Read more

Jetpack is great fun!!!


The first rule of PS5 club..... DON'T TALK ABOUT PS5 CLUB


I can just see David Attenborough standing in Curry's beside a PS5 whispering 'here we have a very rare species, only 4 in the world remain and they are very hard to find, much like like the snow leopard of a Bognor Regis'.


One of the main reasons I bought my PS5 was to play last generation games with improved visuals and better FPS so the first thing I’d do before buying them is google how they look on a PS5. Don’t be salty.


🤫shhhhhhhh. We have to be quiet. PS5’s aren’t supposed to really exist in the wild.

Just Cause 4 (PS4) - £6.95 @ The Game Collection
Posted 17th SepPosted 17th Sep
REVIEWS Set in the fictional South American world of Solis, JUST CAUSE 4 takes the series incredible destruction and unique physics to a whole new level with the introduction of to… Read more

Preferred JC3. This looked horrible on my xbox one. Looking any better on a PS5?!


That's the general consensus, 3 is better than 4. Shame really, the whole tornado concept looked cool but apparently isn't utilised often/well. It's not a series that's known for polish, but 4 was lazy. Hopefully they'll put a bit more effort into 5.


Yeah definitely rushed out, the devs released like three games within five months and it really shows. But if you just wanna blow stuff up for a bit...


Extras are useful when you want to call in a drop of a stupidly OP weapon just to blitz through a mission. Then go back to putting grapple balloons on everything and sending them stratospheric.


The Reloaded Edition is £6.99 on PSN - https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/concept/229133/ . No clue if the extras are any good, but £6.95 still isnt bad for a physical edition so heat added

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Posted 18th AugPosted 18th Aug
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I'm with you on IV, hated the sailing. AC II was phenomenal but I will say Origins and Odyssey are really good, best since II.


I played in on gamepass...didn't grab me.


Doom eternal deluxe edition £19.99


The story, the gameplay (especially the sailing and fighting mechanics) , the graphics, the grind… I just disliked everything about it. I loved assassins creed 2 but everything since then just hasn’t appealed to me.


Really, what didnt you like about it?

Steam Game : Just Cause 3 at Fanatical - £1.43
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Posted 10th AugPosted 10th Aug
Steam Game : Just Cause 3 at Fanatical - £1.43£1.43£11.9988% offFanatical Deals
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