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Men's Karrimor Triton Light Jacket Now - £11.99 (Delivery is £4.99) @ USC
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Made hot 22nd AprMade hot 22nd Apr
Men's Karrimor Triton Light Jacket RRP £119 Now £11.99 Sizes M, L, XL, XXL Delivery is £4.99 The RRP seems a bit questionable but thought regardless of that it seems a dece… Read more

I'd rather wear a poundland jacket


Mike Ashley empire!


Reviews on the Sports Direct site all comment that this jacket is a smaller fit than expected.


USC, House of Fraser & Sport Direct are all the same company and tend to have the same prices.


Seems like this is 11.99 everywhere except directly from karrimor.

Karrimor Panther Convertible Trousers Mens beige - 28p + £4.99 Delivery @ Sports Direct
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Made hot 20th JanMade hot 20th Jan
Karrimor Panther Convertible Trousers Mens beige - 28p + £4.99 Delivery @ Sports Direct£5.27Sports Direct Deals
usual sports direct rules one order at a time. Beige only plenty of other deals if you search karrimor

Link takes you through to black trouser £17 per pair, don’t see any as cheap as op describes?


I’ve just received these trousers and was really surprised as they are a good fit and look absolutely fine to me for walking and outdoor wear. Should have ordered a few pairs at 28p (y)


Personally, I always found these convertibles to be 'scratchy' and the feeling of wearing shorts and trousers was annoying. I'm interested in any recommendations for regular walking trousers for walking the dog in this torrential rain. Many of the reviews have issues though with fit, quality, pocket size, etc. - even the 'quality' brands are getting stick for not being up to their previous quality.


He seems to think workers ought to be treated like its Victorian England


Not sure why everyone is so quick to have a pop at Mike Ashley?

Karrimor Boots mens/ladies £15 + £3.95 delivery @ The Range
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Made hot 15th Dec 2020Made hot 15th Dec 2020
Karrimor Boots mens/ladies £15 + £3.95 delivery @ The Range£18.95The Range Deals
Mens karrimor bodmin walking mid boots at the Range for £15. Not all sizes that orice but i ordered some in size 12 for that price, usually about £40. Also some ladies but again no… Read more

I don't anything about these shoes but avoid the range at all costs ...


Scarpa, Zamberland, La Sportiva


Can anyone recommend a good brand please? I am in need of a new pair of walking boots/shoes.


karrimor boots - buy cheap, buy twice brand now days and I wouldn't buy again as thin and will quickly leak. Although cheap enough solution for the occasional light wear and throw away.


I wouldn't touch Karrimot again, started using them to go to work, no major stress on them, just walking, and within a few months it would give me wet feet just by walking on wet ground. The sole had plenty of tread, it was like the sole was a sponge and sucked water off the ground.

Karrimor/GoSystem Mighty Lite Camping Gas Lantern £8.00 including delivery @ Hamilton Gas Products.
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Made hot 20th Feb 2020Made hot 20th Feb 2020
Karrimor/GoSystem Mighty Lite Camping Gas Lantern £8.00 including delivery @ Hamilton Gas Products.£8gasproducts Deals
A gas powered small camping lantern with a 50 watt output will give you proper light when you are outdoors. I think this is a great price for camping gas powered lantern. The lamp … Read more

Agree, used to do a lot of 2-3 day hiking/climbing/camping summer trips, a head torch, and the plastic bottle-mobile phone trick for lighting, a jetboil for cooking, were good enough for me...I don't know for long term camping in colder weather...if you already carrying a compatible gas cartridge for cooking, maybe there is a use for this too, at least looks cosy when on...


I'm guessing you haven't bought LEDs for a while. In fact I bet you still have old style incandescents in all your fixtures at home because "they're a better quality light".... 5 years ago maybe - times & tech move on. As for camping solutions, let's do some maths: The gas lamp from the OP - no weight given, but I'm gonna (very) generously guess it at 150g. Coleman 440g EN417 cartridge - the cheapest per-weight you can get - 596g gross weight. So that's approx 750g total (obviously going down as you use it), giving you approx 13 hours run time (using figure from product details page), and costing £6 for each refill. Obviously you could use smaller cartridges, but runtime would reduce and cost would increase. Alternatively.... The excellent Luminoodle LED string light - can be used as a lantern in its diffuser bag, or strung along a tent pole, or whatever. 118g. Anker Powercore 10000mAh. 180g. Total weight 300g (less than half the gas option). Runtime from full charge = 30 hours++ Cost to recharge - pennies. Also can use to charge whatever else, and as an excellent charger away from the campsite. Obviously more expensive initial investment but becomes the cheaper option after no more than about 50 hours runtime (and that's with the giveaway price of the OP, and assuming the user takes the cheapest possible cartridges). Plus the LED option is far more flexible, practical and safe. I know which I'd choose. edit: just saw there is a weight for the gas lamp - 172g - told you I was generous. That means that even with the lightest 100g (approx 180g gross) cartridge it's still heavier than the electric option. And that's at £4.50 per 5 hours runtime.


Nice as a novelty then really was wondering how useful it would be on a bike tour for weeks of camping but would guess this would be very expensive and unpractical, the cooking stoves I think are what would be useful on tour when using equipment that uses fuel


Led lights are poor quality lights that have no spread at all. This is a small compact light weight item & far better than any led light & MUCH lighter in weight.


I used to have a similar thing many years ago, from what I remember more than couple of hours, 3-5h I would say depending of the brightness, but yeah, pretty much obsolete nowadays with the use of led lights...the only use I can think of, is to keep warm the inside of a small tent in extreme conditions, keeping in mind the fire and carbon monoxide risk involved...

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Walking shoes - Karrimor Traveller, Men’s Traveller III - Size 6 - £8 Prime / £12.49 Non Prime at Amazon
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Made hot 14th Jan 2020Made hot 14th Jan 2020
Walking shoes - Karrimor Traveller, Men’s Traveller III - Size 6 - £8 Prime / £12.49 Non Prime at Amazon£8Amazon Deals
Free postage with prime Cheapest it has ever been at £8 Only size 6 £24+ everywhere else



Perfect, best £8 shoes ever! We'll see if they last!


….did they fit? ;-)




Me too, lasted many, many hiking trips over the same period, still going strong. Gutted the standards have lowered.

Karrimor sabre trail men’s shoes £21.79 @ Sweatshop
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Made hot 1st Jan 2020Made hot 1st Jan 2020
Karrimor sabre trail men’s shoes £21.79 @ Sweatshop£21.79sweatshop Deals
Shoe cost £21. Use code NEWYEAR to get further 20% discount then add £4.99 for postage. The Original price of £99 is inflated but they sell on amazon and other sites reduced to £49… Read more

Bought my Karrimor boots 3 years ago. Used loads including a marathon walk. Still going strong and plenty of life left in them. £24 well spent back then.


Note 20% NEWYEAR code was only valid 31 Dec and 1 Jan


Got mine in. Seem v good quality to me. Done 10k on a muddy trail yesterday and were very comfy.


Any more codes? My pair arrived today, very happy with them, comfortable and feel robust (y) 🏻 I want to order another pair but that code has expired for me (fierce) cheers


Be aware that Karrimor is not the high quality, trustworthy, brand it once was. I believe the name was bought by SportsDirect and now they churn out trash. Avoid.