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Knife sharpener
Hello I have a Global G-48 Fluted Santoku Slicer, 18 cm knife that I use for everything. Iv had it a long time and it only now needs to be sharpened. Can someone tell me the corre… Read more

I just use a grinding stone to sharpen our knifes. Takes a bit of getting used to but I can now sharpen them in a few minutes each. I don’t go for ultra sharp but sharp enough to slice through paper with little effort.


I just buy cheap knives and bin. I do have globals and a global stone which I use to use. I used the stone then a steel and it would get the knifes that sharp you could shave the hair off your arm with them. It’s how we use to test the sharpness in the kitchens.. not a bad price..


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Any decent / half decent cooks able to recommend a good Chef’s knife? Thankings yous.

Yup adjust the expectations. The QC of a lot of the labelled Panasonics did drop off so if a problem arises that shouldn’t under normal use, that’s where the warranty of a global brand with a rep to protect should also play a part imo.


If I was going to buy a knife based on the brand then personally, I'd want to know it was produced along with their other items and subject to the same quality controls etc - I nearly bought a seemingly cheap Panasonic TV only to find out that they now have their budget units made elsewhere and as a result, the quality has dropped off considerably. I'm not averse to buying things made in China from seemingly random manufacturers, I just adjust my expectations accordingly. Anyway, each to their own and I hope they work out for you.


Fair play, I’m not too fussed where they put them together long as they are a good quality overall, not sure about the self sharpening ceramic tech either in the block but took a punt on the set based on the deal and after reading a few reviews. On the Zwilling Uk site the set is marked up a lot more for some reason and there it states Zwilling lifetime warranty.


Thanks. Looking at them, it looks as though they're a cheaper knife that they've had a Chinese company knock out for them which would put me off. Worth a look though.


Didn’t order from this link but from a clearance website and is oos there now:

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Kitchen knife set recommendation.
Need to change the knife set in the kitchen as the handles at peeling and falling apart. I have a budget of about £50 for a set of knives (and block if possible). Four, maybe five… Read more


Completely agree, Genware is another brand I would recommend, I personally use bread knife and still going strong been 2 years with it. See if this suits your range. Cheers


Fantastic looking knives, but £200 for one knife is a little out of my price range. Cheers.


You may find Global kitchen knife, Google it, brilliant knife but expensive


Or up the budget a bit. Was looking at the Pro Cook X50 range as we have an outlet nearby. Are they any good?

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Best budget kitchen knife set with block
Looking for a cheap kitchen knife set with block that looks nice (preferably black/silver/glass) for a holiday home. Planning to spend under £50 but want something that isn't going… Read more

These get great reviews



I bought these in July 2016 and they are still going strong. I got them for £35 which I now realise was a bargain considering how good they are and the use I’ve had out of them. Still great value at £45. They also come with a 15 year no quibble guarantee, although mine still are in perfect condition despite extensive use. Unlike many block sets, there are no wasted knives either. I use all 5 regularly.


Sebatier Judge tend to deliver reasonable blades. I had a good offer for a premium knife set earlier today from a company that I’ve used many times but the HUKD team advised that the company didn’t meet their criteria, so I’m not sure if I can link it.

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Updated 19th Dec 2019Last updated 19th Dec 2019 by Littlemunckin
Can anyone recommend decent kitchen knives?
i'm looking for some that will last, maybe up to £100 budget? i'm restricted to amazon though (gift voucher). thanks!

They sound interesting! Thank you!


hubby got a block of knives from richardson sheffield and it says laser patent on the blade. all the blades have a strange serrated cut so they are really sharp. i put them in the dishwasher so they are also dishwasher safe. he has had them for a long time and he claims that he bought them cheap but i think he is mistaken as they do not look cheap to me, unless he got them from the back of a lorry! they are very good quality and when i searched for them on amazon and rishardson sheffield website itself, i see the laser knives but the serrated pattern on the blade look different to the ones we have. may be worth having a look at them.


MynameisM: Also maybe consider the Sabatier, they are ok for your budget. I've never heard of those. Thank you!


Also maybe consider the Sabatier, they are ok for your budget.


Danze1984: Note, the bad reviews are because an older pic they had shown them in a block, which didn't come with the knives. Heard nothing but good reviews of the actual knives though. Thank you!

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Updated 28th Jul 2019Last updated 28th Jul 2019 by Mr_Gus
Best knife set?
can anyone recommend a good kitchen knife set - dont have a massive budget but my current ones are ready to bite the dust so looking to replace. thank you

Global are not cheap. I've recommended the widely available £3.99 set of 3 black handled basic kitchen knives from home bargains many times to people the Santoku is excellent especially) Dishwasher safe, good for kids & adults alike. Just need to remember to buy a sharpener & use it from time to time. Russell Hobbs fusion 3 knife set Santoku knife Utility knife paring knife Its fine to buy expensive knives but you have to know how to use them (cheap knives too) ..this Santoku has a raised (rocker end) if you aren't familiar with the style of knife look on youtube for technique then practise on some veg till it is understood, the dimples help slices slide off with less adherence to the blade )esp good for hard cheese & the like). I have both good & cheap knives & I use these (have two sets numerous times per week.


As first poster said, global are good, nice balance and easy to keep sharp. There not as heavy as the German counter parts


This has just been put on hukd minutes ago. 5* reviews



Thanks I'll take a look