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Whether you are a barbecue master or just want to grill up some meat with shallots and rosemary, lamb can be a great choice of meat for it. Those who enjoy the finest cuts of lamb can save as much as possible on their grocery bills by getting it using the discount codes available on the HotUKDeals lamb listings.

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Island Delight Pattie 140g - Vegetable / Jerk Chicken (Halal) / Lamb (Halal) / Beef (Halal) - 60p @ Sainsbury's
07/06/2022Expires on 07/06/2022Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Vegetable Pattie: a selection of tender mixed vegetables cooked in a special blend of spices, baked in a shortcrust pastry. 60p Save 35p Chilli rating - spicy - 2 Authentic Jamaican recip…

Halal is the cleaner option though. It means it won't contain any blood whatsoever!


Definitely for me, as halal


Might have to switch to the farmfoods ones as they don't appear to have MSG in them.


Look good. Pity Sainsbury is so expensive otherwise


Wonderful spreading this around

Morrisons British Half Lamb Leg - 1kg for £6.49 @ Morrisons
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Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Nice offer for £6.49 per kilo Morrisons The Butcher's On Market Street British Lamb Leg Joint 100% British
Avatar idontflycathay
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Whole legs in Dover at £6.49 per kg, combined with curve and airtime cashbacks...better bone to meat ratio I guess?


Same price in Asda, but New Zealand origin. Lots of stock, and found Asda New Zealand lamb lovely the last few times we've had it.


Tried to buy the whole legs in Morrison's yesterday but zero stock (they even checked coldstore for me). Aldi had plenty of 'Britsh' lamb legs. I tend to agree with those who think Morrison's put a few out as a come-on but can't supply many at their loss leader price.


Aldi 5.99


Plenty half joints in my local store

Tesco Leg Lamb £6.50 per kilo Clubcard Price @ Tesco
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Valid 13 April till 20th April. Info added by @PD2K79 Regular price £13.00/kg. Half price ClubcardPrice £6.50/kg. The ClubcardPrice will show in your basket. Final price and weight m…
Avatar Natalie_EilataN
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Btw. 85% of all Halal slaughtered animals in UK are pre-stunned anyway.


No, definitely not, sadly. It's New Zealand, plus ambiguous marketing. Had some in my trolley, then saw British lamb and compared. Put it back.


Last week ordered the lamb leg @ £13 and they delivered a £24 leg instead. So, I sent it back.... also had 5 substitutions altogether which I sent back. They refunded me £55. None of the substitutions were remotely suitable. Delivery saver runs out end of May. Won't be renewing.


I'm off on a hunt today for a leg of lamb for Easter. I've left it a bit late so probably none left! Going to try Aldi and then Tesco. The Lidl near me has it but it's 9.99 pkg and I can't justify that! If all else fails we will be having a whole chicken instead! I suppose it's not what's on the table but who's around it but I realllllllly want lamb.


I was googling about deer slaughtering. I didn't know this bit Deer are slaughtered at one to two years of age by shooting them in the field, transporting them to a slaughterhouse, or using a specialist slaughterhouse facility onsite.

Half Leg Of Lamb 800g £8 @ Iceland
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Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Iceland have a fantastic offer on half legs of lamb reduced to £8 as part of their Easter Deals. Much cheaper than anywhere else. Available online & instore Nationwide. Enjoy.
Avatar DigitalKnight
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Lol yeah I had the same shock but when I went again the other day they all expired tomorrow argh! Im gonna go back tomorrow ta m8 (y)


They look good too mate not much fat, you should get some I got 3 cos the week before I went to get one and for the same size leg it was nearly 40 quid, nearly gave me a heart attack lol


That’s way better than mine nice one


17th but all are freezable


Maybe this is a good deal if you want to pay no more than £8. Otherwise, for about £10 you get a fresh full leg, cut it in 2 and you can cook twice. The expiry date on the fresh one is not that important, even if short dated, you freeze the other piece and you end up with the same piece as you get from Iceland.

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Lamb shoulder - £11.99 per kg @ Lidl Uxbridge Road, London
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th AprLocalLocal
Found at Lidl Uxbridge road west London Not many left
Avatar Gouyave_man

Am I reading the sell by date correctly on the photo? It looks like 5th April. If they're 90p then obvious bargain if you're in the area.


Why didn't you edit it after? I don't see 90p listed at all


Enjoy Sunday roast tomorrow!!! (lol)


I keep an eye on deals like this from 4 lamb legs for £2 each recently...2 days left on date too


At 90p a bargain but it wouldn’t last an hour tbh We don’t even like lamb much but I would have bought a couple for curries

Ashfields British Whole Leg Of Lamb - £5.95 per kg @ Aldi
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th AprLocalLocal
Great deal on Welsh lamb, ideal for Easter Maximum purchase is one per customer Weight range 1.8-3kg actual price you pay may vary between £10.71-£17.85. Info added by @PD2K79 Availabl…
Avatar dianneNE
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They are price marked at £6.95 per kilo in storebecause that is what Aldi advertised they would be about two or three weeks ago but they are scanning at the tills at the reduced price of £5.95 per kilo.


6.95 in Aldi Pitsea.


FYI, British lamb sold in supermarkets/butchers on the whole isn't 'halal'..all New Zealand 'export' lamb is Halal. In case you have ethical/religious preferences either way. Same goes for the cheap 'export' chicken they put in ready meals/processed food from places like Thailand and Brazil.


Aldi generally only sell British meat.


Can't believe the price of British lamb And we still import it from NZ Mind you the supermarkets are the biggest culprits They buy the cheapest from anywhere No alegion to the UK