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Leffe Brune Belgian Abbey Beer Large Bottle, 6 x 750 ml £13.38 with voucher + £4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
6 bottles of Brune, what more can I say- tick the voucher of £3:12 for the discount

Ahh nice one (y)


I have to had a large number of orders successfully delivered to me that have been below the minimum price. My understanding is that the legislation only applies to orders delivered from within Scotland so I can't order from my local Tesco, for example.


That is interesting. With minimum pricing it should be £14.63. May try it and see if they dispatch the order!


No problem for me to order for an address in Scotland.


Not tried the brune, is it comparable to westmalle dubbel? Ordered one anyway

Leffe Ruby Belgian Abbey Beer Large Bottle 6 x 750 ml - £14.49 Amazon Prime Exclusive
186° Expired
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Prime day deal! Tasty stuff!

Not exactly true, but the price has gone up days before the deal. Doesn't mean it's manipulating though as price on Amazon for most thinfs does change often.


I think it's lovely, Bruin is also lovely. A different beer for a differnet day ;)


Not as good as blonde or bruin


...£2.49 a bottle in Lidl, if anyone wants to try it first (y)


I have this tracked on CCC and not had alert. Don't get me wrong Amazon are masters of price manipulation and dodgy claims.

Leffe Blonde 0.0% Alcohol Free Blonde Ale - 24 Cans, 330ml - £17.06 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Out of stock in most places and a good price, even better with S&S which brings for to £14.50 with the 15% saving

I don’t drink soft drinks very often because of the cloying sweetness mentioned above, but even if this does taste nice considering it’s alcohol free (which would be a first) the fact that they are price gouging alcohol free beers when it really should be soft drinks prices puts me off completely. Unless they come down to sensible prices I will never try one again. I’d rather just drink less of the real stuff I’m paying good money for.


I drink 0% beer mainly because I stopped drinking alcohol but still fancy the odd 'beer' occasionally.


We don't all drink beer to get drunk. Some of us drink it for the flavour of beer, the lower calorie content and the fact that it isn't full of cloying sweetness like fizzy soft drinks. Not to mention the ability to drive safely afterwards.


Agreed I don't think the extra steps to remove the alcohol add anywhere near the price of duty.


Good deal, not available for S&S for me for some reason, maybe because it's OOS. Heat added

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This is more expensive than the supermarket, isn't it? A fourpack of smaller bottles is usually £5, or two of these for £5


Wow, well done lol. Is this true of any alcohol with amazon? I had a case of wine delivered and one of the bottles was weirdly smashed. Didn't get anywhere on chat as they said they needed photoprahic evidence. Um, I don't really want wine all over my carpets and glass scattered about the house lol.


Haha, I did the same before I saw this.


Haha I've just done the same :D


They did this to me as we'll, I went on to live chat and after I explain I couldn't post it back unless they collected it which he said they couldn't do he gave me a full refund, free beer 🍺🍺


Not in Wales as we have the drake Ford tax. 6 bottles of the normal are £16.20


Thanks, great deal of £14.11 on S&S :)


I believe Ruby is delisted at Asda, it is not under the link you added and I stopped seeing it in retail couple of weeks ago ;( That would make Amazon a decent deal, as available at all - though the price is 'as usual', last time I got it from Asda it was £3.25


Await amazon to cancel the order due to a mosprice after supposedly dispatching the item then claiming they actually didn't. Happened to me with the last 2 alcohol deals I took


Thanks OP, tempted with this.After bus fare and time spent going out to fetch it (for me) this is better than ASDA.