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LEGO 31313  Mindstorms EV3 Robotics Kit £190 Amazon
63° Expired
Posted 27th SepPosted 27th Sep
Still pricey but a decent drop for this that were after this set. Apply the voucher if available and get another £10 off the price
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180 on ebay argos with code in case you havnt picked this up yet.


says £259.99 for me


Drat! Just got the Argos deal for £200. Heat!

LEGO 31313 Mindstorms EV3 Toy Robot set £200 at Argos ebay
71° Expired
Posted 25th SepPosted 25th Sep
Update: Use code 'PLEASED' on ebay for an extra 10% off - thanks to tunsci. It looks as though the Lego discounts (others listed below) are starting at Argos if you go to chec… Read more

‘PLEASED’ 10% off voucher works on this set as well making it £180. Well worth it in my opinion


Looks like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit 2, when he goes all badass (lol)

LEGO 31313 MINDSTORMS EV3 Robot Building Kit - £201.49 @ Amazon
180° Expired
Posted 25th JanPosted 25th Jan
LEGO 31313 MINDSTORMS EV3 Robot Building Kit - £201.49 @ Amazon
£201.49Amazon Deals
LEGO 31313 MINDSTORMS EV3 Robot Building Kit - £201.49 @ Amazon

Some universities use these in computer science modules to teach coding (I learnt Java programming on these many moons ago). (just in case any is wrestling with the educational value of them)


Yes EV3 very first time they came out.


Are you sure you're not thinking about EV2? I've never seen EV3 at the prices you've suggested. The lowest price on Amazon for the EV3 has been £190.


it's an amazing set!


Just bought it for me my son. I'm sure he'll enjoy opening it for his birthday before I "handle it from here" (lol)

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LEGO 31313 MINDSTORMS EV3 Robot Toy Building Kit £244.97 at Asda
70° Expired
Posted 17th Dec 2018Posted 17th Dec 2018
LEGO 31313 MINDSTORMS EV3 Robot Toy Building Kit £244.97 at Asda
Appears to be £269 elsewhere. Build and program walking, talking and thinking robot toys that do anything you can imagine! • Includes Intelligent EV3 Brick & three servo motor… Read more
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Well from when I was a kid


What do you mean "now".


Toys - Spend £40 Save 25% but this offer doesn't seem to apply to lego anymore but did last week. so Mindstorms were under 200£


The asda site says previous price is £309.97, so it is currently discounted by 20%, however, it is available in other stores for £269, therefore it shows as a smaller reduction


yes, I bought a set for £195

LEGO 31313 MINDSTORMS EV3 Robot Toy Building Kit £195.97 @ Asda George
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Posted 5th Dec 2018Posted 5th Dec 2018
LEGO 31313 MINDSTORMS EV3 Robot Toy Building Kit £195.97 @ Asda George
Haven't seen this for less than £240 (RRP is around £300), but it is on offer at George for £244.97. With the 20% off (spend over £50) automatically applied, the price at checkout… Read more

Back in stock for £244 now the 20% has finished


Still OOS 😔


It will be back in stock soon then (lol)


looks like the 20% promo is over.


I'll just keep looking

LEGO Mindstorms: MINDSTORMS (31313) £230.98 Delivered @ Zavvi
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Posted 12th Nov 2018Posted 12th Nov 2018
LEGO Mindstorms: MINDSTORMS (31313) £230.98 Delivered @ Zavvi
£230.98£259.9911%Zavvi Deals
Great price for this kit, and a serious bit of LEGO for any enthusiast out there. Build a walking talking robot, and use the app on your phone to control it. Had a quick look aroun… Read more

... and it will be again. I got mine for £149.99, but not a very good set TBH, a total rip-off.


Don’t forget to use code BIGSPENDERZ to get a further £10 off.


ebay is cheaper


buy this and build one buy another set in the past at cheaper price and bring back to the current day for a refund job done


Waiting for this to drop a little more, hopefully something will pop up during black Friday sales or one of those many sales days coming up. 99p cheaper on IWOOT if anyone's that bothered.

Lego Mindstorms 31313 EV3 £229.99 @IWOOT
-89° Expired
Posted 30th Sep 2018Posted 30th Sep 2018
Lego Mindstorms 31313 EV3 £229.99 @IWOOT
£229.99£249.998%I Want One of Those Deals
Currently the lowest price, but I hope that will be lower soon. Many times we could buy this set even cheaper, maybe closer to Christmas I will be able to post better deal ;)M
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For the last 2 years this has been almost constantly less than £220 somewhere. Forget time machines etc etc, if something is sub £220 for two years, the fact that it is now £229 is not a deal. Even Argos had it at £209 for about 6 months.


Yeah the days of getting this for £130-150 ish have gone


They used to sell time machines too. Sadly gone bust. But kidding aside cheapest ever was Tesco. Sometimes you'll catch it on 342 but realistic good deal price should be 200.


I have seen it cheaper at TRU in the past.

LEGO 31313 Mindstorms EV3 Robot Kit asda free click and collect or 2.95 delivery @ Asda
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Posted 30th Apr 2018Posted 30th Apr 2018
LEGO 31313 Mindstorms EV3 Robot Kit asda free click and collect or 2.95 delivery @ Asda
lowest uk price looks awesome.
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It was in November but TRU


where from please?


I bought one for £187 and it is very good.


People who know how good this set is for kids STEM projects would never vote cold for this set. Just need some brain understanding the set, but the front picture does puts me off to this day though


£70 off rrp so don't know why it's going cold :/ In other news someone is selling one on Ebay New for just under £200 -

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 - 31313 £229 at Amazon
44° Expired
Posted 16th Jan 2018Posted 16th Jan 2018
LEGO Mindstorms EV3 - 31313 £229 at Amazon
Not the best price it has been, but the best price I can find at the moment
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Looks like it is back in stock...


Because it has become very popular educational set for STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) Projects used widely in school and esp colleges now.


Thank you @sigma will remember for next time :-) Looks like the deal has expired, oh well, nice while it lasted :-)


Up to £279 now for me. Thanks anyway. Don't understand why this has been gradually going up in price since its release, according to camelcamelcamel


Looks decent but it's a complete lottery whether that will result in votes for your deal. Good luck.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (31313) £209.99 @ Argos
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Posted 23rd Nov 2017Posted 23rd Nov 2017
LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (31313) £209.99 @ Argos
£209.99Argos Deals
Argos have these for around the right price...

Antagonise elsewhere dude.


Got a cry baby here


Heat added. Not amazing price but the best for a while, £210 is the 'usual decent price' but it's been higher for quite a while and there are often stock issues. Funny that a year ago I posted it at £192 and went to -10 degrees :)

Lego 31313 mindstorms EV3 - £205 @ Amazon
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Posted 15th Sep 2017Posted 15th Sep 2017
Lego 31313 mindstorms EV3 - £205 @ Amazon
Lego motorised model robot kit: LEGO MINDSTORMS 2013 includes 3 interactive servo motors, remote control, improved and redesigned color sensor, redesigned touch sensor, infrar… Read more
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now expired


this chart suggests it's normally around £210-£220 so not the 33% discount we might think?


that last video is amazing!!!

jameshothothot LabVIEW (EV3, NXT) LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS (LVLM) and LabVIEW for Education (LV4E) are visual programming environments. The EV3 Software was built in LabVIEW, so LVLM provides a great next step for students who are familiar with that programming language and ready for something more powerful and versatile. Browse all LabVIEW posts on this site. RobotC (EV3, NXT, RCX) RobotC is a C-based programming language with a fully integrated software debugger that supports a range of different hardware platforms. Extensive documentation and online support is available. For more information, visit: EV3dev (EV3) Ev3dev isn’t actually a programming language, but rather a Debian Linux-based operating system that can run almost all languages that any other linux distribution can run, including C++, Node.js, and Python. For more information, see: leJOS (EV3, NXT, RCX) LeJOS (pronounced like the Spanish word “lejos” for “far”) is a tiny Java Virtual Machine that supports Java. For more information, see: OpenRoberta (EV3, NXT) Open Roberta is a free, drag and drop, cloud-based platform for programming LEGO EV3 and NXT robots. For more information, see: Open Roberta: A Review. EV3 Basic (EV3) EV3 Basic is a textual programming language. For more information, see: Introducing EV3 Basic. Scratch (EV3, NXT) Scratch is a very popular visually programming environment. Several extensions have been created to support the NXT or EV3. For more information about Scratch, see: Scratch can also be used with LEGO WeDo as described in Scratch-ing the LEGO WeDo. Enchanting (NXT) Enchanting is a programming environment for the NXT that is built on Scratch. For more information, see: ROBOLAB (NXT, RCX) ROBOLAB is a visual programming language built in LabVIEW that was developed by the Tufts CEEO. ROBOLAB was the dominant programming language for educational LEGO robotics prior to the release of the NXT Software. Browse all ROBOLAB posts on this site.


Can you get a COBOL Lego dev platform for this?

Lego mindstorms ev3 31313 £183.99 @ Tesco direct
80° Expired
Posted 29th Apr 2017Posted 29th Apr 2017
Lego mindstorms ev3 31313 £183.99 @ Tesco direct
Lego mindstorms ev3 31313. Cheapest I have found around. Also 20% off on selected lego toys. In store as well.

Expired, £229.99 now


Chanchi already posted this not exact deal, cold (just sarcasm, heat added)

Lego Mindstorm EV3 £182.97 at ASDA George
-33° Expired
Posted 13th Mar 2017Posted 13th Mar 2017
Lego Mindstorm EV3 £182.97 at ASDA George
Spotted a decent deal on the Lego Mindstorms EV3 at Asda George. The RRP is an eye-watering £300. I got my son one of these for Christmas for £185 and was quite happy at that pr… Read more

Too late! I did search on mindstorm but the search results come back on relevance, not date. Consequently missed it... ;)


​Report it and a mod will expire it properly mate otherwise the deal will sink into the freezing depths!


Expired - just noticed already posted despite having searched for it!

LEGO Mindstorms Ev3 - 31313 - £182.97 C+C @ Asda George
244° Expired
Posted 12th Mar 2017Posted 12th Mar 2017
LEGO Mindstorms Ev3 - 31313 - £182.97 C+C @ Asda George
Great Price for excellent Set

I bought it for £100 from my local Asda a couple of years ago. I'm sure it was mispriced... One and only on the shelf. Snapped it up without thinking! :-p


Great price goos spot op..thou i am sure another regular lego commentor will tell us he's found it cheaper....


Don't forget TCB or Quidco!


great price, floats around the £200 mark on amazon


Nice price, especially with staff discount too!

Lego mindstorms £192 Asda George
-9° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
Lego mindstorms £192 Asda George
A relatively modest reduction but this set is rarely reduced below £210 and often has stock issues.

Not sure why you're in the cold - this is a good price for this set.

LEGO Mindstorms Ev3 - 31313 £168 George Asda Free C&C
86° Expired
Posted 29th Sep 2016Posted 29th Sep 2016
LEGO Mindstorms Ev3 - 31313 £168 George Asda Free C&C
This is the cheapest I have ever seen the Lego Mindstorm Ev3 set, which has been hanging around the £210 mark for a moment now. Just add into your basket and the 20% is automatica… Read more
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anyone found this recently going cheap?


It's back in stock, but no 20% discount is being applied.


If it lasts as long as it's previous incarnation, it'll be Dec17 before it's replaced.


Out of stock. Expired.


Has anyone got any idea when this set is going to be revised? I'm reluctant to buy as normally revised every few yrs and is now over due. thanks

Lego set 31313 - Mindstorm EV3 - Tesco Direct - £185
152° Expired
Posted 23rd Sep 2016Posted 23rd Sep 2016
Lego set 31313 - Mindstorm EV3 - Tesco Direct - £185
Spotted a decent deal for Lego Mindstorm EV3. Listed at £210 on Tesco direct with voucher code TDX-HTNK giving £25 off spends over £150 resulting in net price of £185 (addition c… Read more

Damn this was £136 today at Tesco but sold out


​yep same as Argos home delivery meaning you're better off C&C then you can at least reject it.


Same here, they must have the same packing guy as Amazon, the tesco box used was about 5 times too big and filled with loads of bubble wrap.


I collected mine last night. Packaging was superb. Item was still in lego outer box with plastic ties and then in a Tesco box. Much better than my previous experiences!


Nice one, ordered! Was struggling to find something to spend my birthday money on. Possibly 9 quid back on TCB too.

Lego 31313 Mindstorms EV3, £185, lowest ever price on Amazon - normally a good deal when you can get it at £210
Posted 21st Sep 2016Posted 21st Sep 2016
Lego 31313 Mindstorms EV3, £185, lowest ever price on Amazon - normally a good deal when you can get it at £210
- Includes an intelligent EV3 Brick with a powerful ARM9 processor and USB port - Three interactive servo motors, remote control and three sensors (colour, touch and infrared) - … Read more

hmmm want to get this for my son for xmas. he will have turned 7 in November. i got him lego wedo last year and we enjoy playing it together and combines lego and programming.


Looks like it's been and gone again :)


Back in stock at Amazon


Same price at Tesco Direct with the eCoupon TDX-HTNK :)


Alas, yes - had several in stock wneh I posted this - guess they aren't taking back orders on it.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 £84.95 with code C+C @ Tesco Direct (LEGO Mindstorms EV3 £190 / LEGO Technic CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC 42054 £80 + more in 1st post))
562° Expired
Posted 20th Aug 2016Posted 20th Aug 2016
LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 £84.95 with code C+C @ Tesco Direct (LEGO Mindstorms EV3 £190 / LEGO Technic CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC 42054 £80 + more in 1st post))
Tesco just dropped the price on this to £94.95 to beat Amazons £94.96 & if you use code TDX-TNMP (valid until tomorrow) it will take another £10 off making it £84.95 with FREE … Read more
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Fulbit offered for £75 .. need to wait til payday, but it'll be out of time to claim iirc?


Tesco voucher no longer valid


Flubited it also £77. Now all I have to do is hide it from the little one till Christmas. 8)


Flubited it as well. Thanks WIHAD! One very happy hubby, haha!


They flubit the price from Amazon (£84.95). Grabbed one for around £77 through flubit. :-)

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