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LG G5 Cam Plus module now 99p @ Clearance Bargains Corby
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Posted 26th Jul 2020Posted 26th Jul 2020LocalLocal
LG G5 Cam Plus module now 99p @ Clearance Bargains Corby£0.99£79.9999% offClearance Bargains (Argos) Deals
This is the Cam Plus plug in module for the LG G5 phone, adds extra battery capacity, Camera style grip and dedicated camera buttons to the G5 handset. Yes its an Offline deal and… Read more
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They are crap to charge the LG G5, but should be of decent quality for whatever they are. Nice square batteries for projects, will fit great into a project box.


If they are crap, why harvest them? seems a lot of hassle for a crap battery. I could understand it if it were an 18650, maybe it is? These have been lying dormant so long they might be useless/unchargable anyway (fallen below min voltage) - particularly if they were already crap.


I would harvest the batteries for projects... Maybe for Arduino or an IoT project...


Good for very fancy paper weight.


Niche, but still a deal.

LG G5 32GB Very Good condition UNLOCKED £96.39 @ musicmagpie eBay
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Posted 19th Apr 2019Posted 19th Apr 2019
LG G5 32GB Very Good condition UNLOCKED £96.39 @ musicmagpie eBay£96.39£109.9912% offeBay Deals
Good price for LG G5 32GB unlocked and with 12 months warranty from music magpie.

I purchased one of these batteries, for £6.99... Had it since October last year, and works great. Definitely holds it charge and lasts longer than the original LG G5 battery I got with the phone. Says it's genuine, but I'll leave you to decide that, but can confirm it works very well for me and the same seller is continuing to sell this battery, and not a seller who had made a quick buck and done a runner from the eBay platform. rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F152984364375


Hmmm be careful. Reason i went for lg was to know all the accelerators etc in it. I cycle a lot and wanted gps. Was looking at budget 50 60 pound phones that mrswitch always posts. But they were always coy about if they had gps and accelerometers and gyroscopes. So great for phone use but not necessarily for cycling sat nav. Maybe post as a discussion and see? I mean you can get an old phone like a samsung s4 for sat nav but you wont get the quick charge.


Way out of my budget. Was looking at like 25 quid or less lol.


Ahhh yes, thank you. The reviews do look like they're for a different seller! 1 for Replacebase is full stars :)


This! Lg g5 has quick charge 3.0. You can get portable battery packs with quick charge for 15 quid with about 10000mah or can get more spare batteries!

LG G5 camera module (used, like new), £4.99 delivered (not prime!) from Amazon - sold by Fone-Central
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Posted 6th Apr 2019Posted 6th Apr 2019
LG G5 camera module (used, like new), £4.99 delivered (not prime!) from Amazon - sold by Fone-Central£4.99£5.255% offAmazon Deals
I posted this deal 2 years ago @ £5.25, it's available as a damaged box for £4.99 delivered (no need for Prime!). It's still available fulfilled by Amazon Prime for £5.25. It's a v… Read more

Anyone want it? Will cost £3.00 via Royal Mail, or £2.26 via Hermes, but Hermes say they don't carry batteries through their network and if discovered, they will just destroy the parcel. No cover for the lost postage on that one. RM will cover postage if item lost. Let me know via PM.


Got one at home, unused if anyone wants to pay me the postage to send it to you. PM me.

LG G5 SE Titan 5.3 Inch 32GB 16MP 4G - Refurbished (Sim Free) £99.99 @ Argos / eBay
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Posted 5th Mar 2019Posted 5th Mar 2019
LG G5 SE Titan 5.3 Inch 32GB 16MP 4G - Refurbished (Sim Free) £99.99 @ Argos / eBay£99.99eBay Deals
Refurbished with a 12 month Argos guarantee. Wide Angle Lens: Our eyes can take in a lot, but this camera grabs even more at 135°. Capture a sprawling skyline, a packed stadium … Read more

That's fair... But they all have thier own issues that aren't usually resolved and software updates aren't much forthcoming. It's just the state of that end of the market unfortunately. I doubt LG will continue making phones in the future, they've lost a lot of money over the last two years from thier mobile division.


Well I have owned my G5 for 13 months, all of that happened to me. And if they couldn't get the premium flagship version right then I would have doubts about the budget version. Not to mention there are much better deals on better phones, the Nokias, Sonys, and Huawei P-smart that have been posted recently are all far superior.


None of that happened to me, and others in the forum's have only reported the GPS issue which was fixed. Including those who had it fixed under warranty. But none of that is relevant, this isn't a LG G5!.


Don't buy a G5. GPS doesn't work, poor signal screen ghosts retains, battery life sucks, power button and finger print scanner breaks, screen cracks fairly easily. Only good points are loud speaker, reasonable general performance, and Good quality camera but with weird fish eye effect on some pictures due to lens design.


I've got a Samsung galaxy S4 and a iPhone 4 from around the same time. My iPhone 4 stopped being anything near useful around 5-6 years ago and gathers dust. The Samsung S4 still works great on original OS and every app works fine, in fact my son's using it now. Apple is the classic case study for planned obsolescence.

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Refurbished SIM Free LG G5 SE Titan 5.3 Inch 32GB 16MP 4G Mobile Phone - Grey - £132.99 delivered from Argos on ebay
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Posted 19th Nov 2018Posted 19th Nov 2018
Refurbished SIM Free LG G5 SE Titan 5.3 Inch 32GB 16MP 4G Mobile Phone - Grey - £132.99 delivered from Argos on ebay£132.99eBay Deals
Comes with 12 month warranty and free delivery. Note that this is the "SE" version which isn't as highly spec'd as the standard G5.

Yes sorry but I have a real downer on LG now. They're one of the worst for customer service. Had the G3, G5 and G6. Issues with all 3. Never again lol


Yeah, I'm gonna expire it. No point advertising a deal that isn't value for money. ;)


So many better phones for same money, less or a little more.


Don’t, terrible phone. Had one.


Awful phone avoid. Camera was good however fingerprint scanner stopped working all of a sudden. Then slowly started falling to pieces. I am now avoiding LG after my G4 bootloop and this.

LG G5 in Titan Grey - Grade A (Pristine) Refurbished - £129.97 @ Laptops Direct
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Posted 5th Oct 2018Posted 5th Oct 2018
LG G5 in Titan Grey - Grade A (Pristine) Refurbished - £129.97 @ Laptops Direct£129.97Laptops Direct Deals
OK, I think this phone is going to be like marmite on here, and I'm testing the water before I order one, but extremely interested... Found a Grade A (Pristine Condition) Refurbis… Read more

Pretty peeved, was wondering why I wasn't getting the Oreo 8 update, contacted LG and gave them IMEI number, and confirmed my one will not be getting Oreo. Apparently these are East European ex demo phones and considered only to be used by LG staff to demo when they came out and not meant to be in Public domain. They've given me a link to LG Bridge software on the Czech website and advised "it might update". Had phone around a month not and doubt will be able to return. As Appliance Direct make no reference to be able to update them to Oreo, probably have no leg to stand on. (annoyed)


Absolutely shoddy, to get a rare fault twice!.. Try your luck on the lottery!...


I should, but I have to play by their rules. 2/2 with the same issue doesn't fill with me confidence, nor does it instil confidence in laptops direct testing process.


It's completely fair, you paid your monies fairly, you should receive a fair product!.


I looked but didn't want to chance it, especially as laptops direct couldn't/wouldn't fix it.